Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Blog Candy Fest Give-Away No 6

P.S.  What a numptie I am.....I set 3 questions originally and of would just be a case of everybody copying the answers so change of plan and don't worry if you have already answered the 3 will still we now just have ONE QUESTION.

Morning folks....well here we go with the biggie.....


Before I go into details of what the candy is....let me explain the rules.

  1. All the names from the previous 5 Give-Aways are already in my Big Blog Candy bowl
  2. Only folks with an active blog can enter.
  3. Leave a comment on this post only with a link to the candy on your blog.
  4. And...just so it is not too easy......can you answer the following QUESTION......

I am giving my family room a bit of a make-over.

All the names will be put in the draw regardless of whether you give the correct answer or's just a bit of fun and if you have left a comment on all the previous give-aways.....
then you will have 6 chances of winning the Big Blog Candy Fest Give-Away.
The draw will be open for 2 weeks and will close at midnight GMT
9th February.....the winner will be announced on Wednesday 11th February.
Good luck everyone
So here we go.........
and apologies in advance for the pics
Lots of......12 x 12 Patterned Paper
12 x 12 Matching Card Stock
Cosmo Cricket Mini Book with rings
8 x 8 Double Sided Papers
Chipboard Alphabet
2 x Alphabet Stickers
Chipboard Shapes
Word Album Templates
2 x Pks Funky Hand Backing Papers
3 x Paper Pads 6 x 6
Plum Pudding..Winter Wonderland...Tutti Frutti
1 x Pk Shaped Cards & Envelopes
Alphabets & loads of embellishments
2 x Rolls Double Sided Tape
2 x Pks 3D Foam
1 x Poky Tool
loads of stamped images which I haven't done yet
to include Penny Black and Sugar Nellies to name a few
and that is not all.........
to put everything in...... your very own
 and it's P I N
Well that's all for today folks..........need to go and have a sit down with a nice cuppa before I make a start on the Chez Kath Make-Over......rubbing down paintwork and walls.....oh dear will probably look like the Abominable Snowman by the time hubby comes home.

And remember to tune in to Ideal World tomorrow.....Freeview 22...Sky 671 or online
between 11.00am - 12.00pm where Anice from Funky Hand is premiering her
 latest CD "Funky Daze".....lots of fabulous samples from the Design Team
 and who knows you may spot some of the old gal's cards.
Catch up with you all later......Hugs Kath XXXXXXX


  1. Lovely candy Kath, how generous are you!!

    answers to your questions
    1. the cubby hole
    2. the Budster
    3. Gotta be Tim Holtz!! LOL

    Ive linked you on my blog HERE (well I will have ina few minutes!!)

    Good luck with the makeover, sounds like fun!!

  2. Wow Kath what a giveaway!
    Answers I think are as follows
    1.My crafty cubby hole
    2.The Budster
    3.Probably Tim Holtz(isn't he everyone's hero?)
    Linking you to my blog now.
    Ali xx

  3. morning Kath - God I hate Mondays!!, but you've brightened my day already, what an amount of stuff you're giving away.
    What do I call my craft room? The cubby hole
    My dog's name is Buddy but what do I call him? The Budster
    Who is my crafting hero? Tim Holz

  4. oops, forgot - here's my link

  5. OOOOOOOHHH Kath what a load of candy, what a generous crafter you are :o)

    answers to your questions.....

    your craft room is the cubbyhole, Buddy is known as the Budster and your hero is of course the one and only Tim Holtz.

    have linked you here


    Amanda xxx

  6. Well Kath - it is obvious that your new sofas are either violet or deep blue - you are royalty after all!!!

    I have linked you in my GUILT FREE BLOG CANDY ;)
    This way please, Ma'am

    Have a great day!!

  7. Hi Kath :)
    Sorry if this submits twice - silly interent went crackers!!

    My guess for your new sofa colour is violet or deep blue as you are Blogging royalty - of course!!!

    I have linked you in my GUILT FREE CANDY STORE
    This way please, Ma'am

    Have a lovely day!!

  8. Morning Kaaaaath!!
    Well what colour would they be - have you hinted anywhere - had a look but couldn't find any hints - probably i'm blind as a bat though so I'll say Green of some kind!!!
    Oooh your candy is amazing!!!!


  9. Oooh scrummy candy Kath - will link to you in my side bar. :)

    Now the question - what colour is your sofa? Mmmmmmmm....I think it is a cream/biege tone. :)


  10. In answer to your one and only question -- I think your new sofas will be either 'Buddy' or 'Muddy' coloured; after all I'm sure you're nothing if not practical!
    Ali xx

  11. Oh my word! What a great finale! And PINK!!! Yippee!

    Ugh, the sofas...Well I believe that you went with the cream color~~~~I think.

    I've still got you on my giveaway post, and on my sidebar as well!

  12. Great blog candy and wonderful blog. I am guessing a royalty color as well and since I love Purple then I choose Purple for your sofa.

  13. Fab candy - you really have pulled out all the stops for this one!
    I think your new sofas will be brown leather...after many years of owning Goldies, my Mum has discovered that the only way to keep the dogs off the sofa was to get a leather one...they just don't like it! lol
    Off to pop a piccie and a link on my blog...
    Helen x

  14. Well, I think there are a number of colours you might go for (yes, I've had a quick look at the M&S colours lol!)

    It could be Espresso, Berry, Fudge, Charcoal or Mink........I think you'd love all these colours........Mink & Fudge might blend with the Budster's hair lol!.......But Berry is a lovely warm colour!.........Oh, I really don't know!

    I've decided.........My choice for you is Berry!....but it could be any of the others mentioned lol! (used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure lol!)

    Please could you enter me in your final Give-Away!

    I'm putting the link on now!

    Suze x

  15. Wow we should call you Mrs Clause... what a super giveaway...

    Lorraine xxx

  16. I think your new Sofa's are a mixture of soft blues , greens and beige's or maybe rose and beige ! I have posted a link to your candy on my sidebar post at the top of my sidebar called THE CANDY DISH .

  17. I think you have fushia pink sofas. You like pink! Or I would go for red if not pink. Mind you I haven't seen your family room!

  18. Scottish lady like yourself would have Lindsay Tartan sofas, of course! ;o)

    I love reading your blog, Kath - you crack me up! I've linked you up in my CandyBar on the right side of my blog.

  19. hi kath! wow...thats some blog candy!

    my 3 answers are:
    the cubby hole
    the Budster (awww...too cute)
    and none other than Tim Holtz (who doesnt count him as their

    i'd guess that youre introducing green tones with the sofas with your family room makeover..

    running now to list your blog candy extravaganza on my blog right now!!

  20. Hi Kath what a fab end to your blog candy fest!!! you have already been so generous and now this.....!!!!
    well i think your new sofas will be a chocolaty brown lol...

    thanks again and I have linked your candy finale on my blog..

    Emma xxx

  21. Definatley Lindsay Tartan!

    What a super giveaway!

    x x x x

  22. hi again, have tagged you on my blog too - take a lookie

  23. Hi Mrs!
    Of course I had to have a punt didn't I?
    Well I reckon a teal shade. I would have gone cream, but I factored the budster in and reckoned you wouldn't be that silly! Unlike myself, with a three year old and cream carpet!
    Gayle x

  24. Amazing candy Kath, wow, thank you so much for the chance of winning. Ok now let me see, I think your sofa will be wine and cream, don't know why lol. I'm off to leave a link on my blog now. Donna x

  25. Beige. Only because, statistically speaking, that's the most likely answer. (*MY* sofa is purple!) :)

  26. hmmm, what colour sofa ??? I think I'll go with light tan !!
    Fabulous blog candy :-)
    will post a pic link on my blog later , just off to get me roots done ha ha

  27. What a great giveaway!!! I would think a brown leather just because of buddy, I have two dogs and we rather decided for leather:))
    I put your link on my sidebar, Greetings from Lucia:))

  28. Another great giveaway! Thanks for the chance. I linked you here. I think your went a bit bold and bought a red sofa. :)
    x Natasha x

  29. Wow, Kath, some candy offer is this! I have enjoyed reading your banter and that of your followers. And, I have read your back post looking for the "colour". But, will have to guess - I think its plummy - that will go nicely with your white walls and of course it will show up Buddy, hairs and all. I have linked you on my awards sidebard, Thanks ikki

  30. OMG Kath, this candy is sooo fabulous and I would love to win. I'm guessing your new sofas will be red.

    Liza x

  31. Thanks for the chance! I guess your new sofa will be Maroon! Have linked your blog in my sidebar! *Ü*

  32. Hi Kath, guess waht...? Febraury 11th is my birthday, so I'll pray for get the most fabulous gift ever! Well here's the link

  33. Well that is the million dollar question. I think that you have chosen a "BROWN" set of sofas. fingers crossed and good luck everyone. Fabulous candy Kath and very generous too.

  34. I think your new sofà is purple..(?!)Or may I hope so.. ^_^
    I linked your candy in may "candy box" on my blog!Thanks!!

  35. Thanks for the chance to win your FABULOUS candy! Now I have had a little think and I think your sofas will be a "reddish" colour! Now off to leave a link on my blog. x

  36. Thanks for offering this amazing blog candy.
    I reckon that your sofas will be chocolate brown colour. x

  37. hello! my guess for the sofa color would hafta be a deep navy blue or eggplant :) you look like you would pick those :) ALSO! HOLY SCRAP! lovin the blog candy!!! hope i get lucky this time! :)
    i linked ya on my blog :)

  38. I think that your sofas will be whatever color you want them to be. I would guess a green or mauve because those are the colors I like. I love your blog and you are posted on mine.

  39. Well...they get covered in dog's hairs whatever colour they are.....but maybe beige would help a bit!!!

  40. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing blog candy!
    I have a feeling that your sofas will be red, with a hint of orange maybe?

    Your blog has been linked and can be found on my blog's sidebar.

    - Rhynah

  41. I have no clue to color, maybe green? I'll list your candy on my blog:
    I have a small corner of my guest room as my craft area -teeny-tiny space - and my inspiration is Dawn Griffith. She's so funny and talented too!

  42. Hi Kath : )

    Lovely candy! Thank you for the chance to win!

    I think the sofas will be a 'neutral'. Fawn, beige etc
    Off now to put a link for you on my blog

    Teri xx

  43. Hmmmm, I think that your new sofas will be red with yellow cushions!! Like mine! Have added your candy link to my blog side bar.

  44. I think it is a cream/biege tone
    I want participate from spain.

  45. I want participate
    I think its cream

  46. Nice candy!
    Well... colour of your sofa.... i think it will be beige.


  47. i think your sofa will be cream )))

    gingerous candy! thank for a chance to win.
    i put your candy to my left side as gadget.


  48. Great candy, love to win it! I linked you on my blog! I love blue sofa, but red is also gorgeous! Hugs, Moni

  49. Hy,
    beautiful candy,
    please let the sofa be kiwi green ;-)


  50. Thanks for the chance to win such yummy candy.

    I have no decorating sense at all(just painted my bathroom turquoise and my bedroom red)so I asked my very stylish mum and she thinks chocolate colour. :o)

  51. Your blog candy looks delicious, you are so generous! Come by my blog to enter my giveaway on OWOH too

  52. Hi, thanks for the chance to win your wonderful candy!! it's amazing....
    Now my answers to your question:
    1. My crafty cubby hole
    2. The Budster
    3. Tim Holtz

    I've left a link on my candy box!
    hugs elisabetta

  53. Hi Kath, and everyone else drooling for some of your candy. I'll bet the sofas pink. You are a pink pearl. So thats my guess its a shot in the dark, but I'm sticking to it. You have been posted on my fingers and toes are crossed.....Diane

  54. are a blast!! I have been by once before and added you to my favs. Came back again to peek around! I am a Canadian Scot LOL my maiden name is Fraser. I have really enjoyed your Blog!! What a wonderfully busy woman you are. I think a nice rich mocha/coffee would be your color of choice!! I love your dog...I think he needs a new sofa too hehehe.n thanks for sharing your talents, your life and your puppy wth us! Cheers from Canada Colleen

  55. WOW, this ISSSSSS some blog candy fest!! I already linked you to my blog, too... As for sofa colour... CHOCOLATE BROWN, it is so popular and I think it might be 'you'.

    thanks for the chance to win!
    Hoosier Hugs and Blessings, Nicole

  56. Thanks for the chance to win such fantastic candy. I think your new sofas will be chocolate brown or soft cream. Off to post a link.
    Hugs Sue x

  57. Hello from Maine. I found your blog by hopping around. I think your sofa would be brown. Thanks for the chance to win your fabulous give-away.
    :) :) OH Happy Day!

  58. I will add your blog to my list on my blog. Thanks for the chance to win your prize give-away. :)

  59. Hi Kath, thanks for offering such an amazing blog candy stash - I've added you to my candy list on my blog. My guess for your new sofas - pink, just because it's my favourite! Nicki, xx.

  60. Hi there!
    Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful giveaway! I think your new couches will be a soft green like mine :)
    I have linked you on my blog, feel free to pop by and check it out if you have the chance.

  61. Thanks for chance to win some fabulous blog candy! I think your couches are going to be beige or brown. Linked you on sidebar of my blog here.

  62. Now that is some great blog candy! I think that your sofas are deep brown. Thanks for the chance to win, I am putting you on my blog here.

  63. Great blog - I have linked you on my side bar with fingers crossed as great giveaways.
    The cubby hole
    the budster
    Tim Holtz

  64. I think you like green so your sofas are probably green with complimentary colors.

    I blogged about your candy, too.

    Wish me luck. (*wink)

  65. Fab candy Kath, I have posted it in my side bar.
    I think your sofa have got to be Buddy coloured so the hairs won't show!! So I am going for a tan/cream colour!
    Have a great weekend,
    Cathy xx

  66. Hiya,
    Thanks for the chance to win some lovely goodies. I am going to go for brown as I really want/need (??) a new sofa and that is what I would pick!!
    Hope you are having a good weekend!
    Judy xx

  67. I am posting this comment for Karen as she is having 'puter problems...

    "Hi Mrs, I've posted your blog onto my site, I think your new sofa is going to be greeny/blue, as it will be young, fresh and welcoming, just like you :-)
    Hope to see you real soon, Karen"

  68. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    First of all, I'm guessing your new sofa is brown!
    I've linked you up in my candy-sidebar, and keep my fingers crossed for these goodies!

  69. I'm thinking that they might be brown and leather! Don't know why exactly, nice colour, practical for having buddy. Hope you are well! Lainy xx

  70. Hi Kath, well I'm guessing your new sofa is going to be cream colored as it's so light and airy and goes with any color. Great blog candy you're giving away. Have put a link in my sidebar for you.

  71. ohhhhhhhh brilliant candy Kath, I'm drooling at the thought of it lol
    As for your sofas I think you just might go for black leather for the sake of the Budster
    I'll leave a link on my side bar for you

  72. Delicious candy, woohoo,
    Now about the sofa -erm -light brown.


  73. Great blog and Great candy!
    Thanks for the chance!
    I think, that your new sofas beige are a style and classics.
    I'll leave a link on my side bar for you

  74. Great Blog candy Kath thanks for the chance to win , I have linked your candy to my blog
    I think your new sofas are deep cherry red
    Love Susie xx

  75. I think the sofas will be a brown :)
    Great blogcandy. Thanks for the chance to win!
    I became a follower and posted a link on my blog

  76. Ohhh now let me see. I reckon it is probably going to be a neutral tone, so oatmeal, tan or cream. Ohh is that 3 guesses? Is that allowed? Apols if I broke the rules Mrs but I had to have a go cos that candy is so delish xxxxxx

  77. Hi Kath i think your new sofa's will be brown? Thank's for this great chance to win off to link you on my blog now sorry for the late entry but ive been unwell.
    Paula xxxx

  78. I reckon you lovely new sofas will either be a cream/beige or something nice and warming like red.
    I've linked you into my blog candy sidebar.

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Hi Kath just found your blog wow what am I missing but hey only been blogging 2wks, think your sofas will be earthy colours mocha/beige, off to link you in my side bar thanks for the chance of winning your brill candy.

    Christine xx

  81. hi kath
    what a super blog, please add me to your blogger list,
    i think you should go for cream sofa's
    and thanks for a chance of winning your blog candy hugs fran x

  82. I thought I'd left a comment, but I don't see it! You have popped over to my Blog today so maybe it's in the ether somewhere!....
    never mind. I have a link on my Blog and I think your sofas would be a lovely creamy colour!

  83. what a lovely candy and is pink .
    I think the sofas would be a Brown colour
    I'm off to put a link on my Blog

  84. Wow great candy. I think your sofas color would be a creamy off white.



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