Friday, February 29, 2008

Do I Never Learn

It's cold and wet out today so I am thinking a perfect day for clearing out my stash cupboard. The last time I decided to do this it took me 3 days because I kept finding things I had forgotten about. Why if they were so "must-have" when I bought them have they never been used. That's CRAFTING for you!! And the other thing, after my last clear out I couldn't find anything for weeks - I think I was just born to be an untidy CRAFTER. Perhaps I'll just go and make a coffee snuggle up on the sofa with the dog and think about it.


  1. You untidy , I don't believe that for a minute.
    Here's an invitation to visit a really untidy room, MINE !!!

    As for Mothers Day , I am sure you are right, I thought it was around my mothers birthday , and that's the 20th.
    Hope all is well with you, and lovely to hear your news.
    Love Pat xx

  2. The slide show looks wonderful - you did an amazing job and the cards,well,outstanding as always! But I am thinking...with all the work you are putting into this new BLOG, with all the card making and non-stop orders rolling the family getting any meals these days or are they having to fend for themselves? And by the way....I've seen your work rooms before and they are extremely TIDY!! Wonder what your "untidy" really looks like! Keep on having fun dear friend! Love you. XXX Nancy


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