Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Very Last One...honestly

Now I know I said the Chrissy Card Orders were done and dusted...but I had a call from a special customer...she had forgotten to put a card on her list......well how could I refuse..(can't say of my faults or so I'm told) way am I going to be the one to spoil Rory's first Christmas and she had the best excuse...he wasn't in my Christmas Card Book because he wasn't born last Christmas.

I love this little reindeer stamp and can you guess which one is's the one with the red blob on his's actually a red sparkly pom pom...and it does look OK in the flesh..just looks weird in the pic.        I will glitter the snowflakes and the snow background but it's bad enough getting pics at the moment without the camera throwing it's toys out of the pram because there's glitter around.
  • Papers: Nitwit Collections...Homespun Holidays....Blue Dots
  • Image: Stamps Away Reindeer stamped onto the Brown Dots paper, cut out head body and hooves and then fixed with 3D foam pads
  • Snowflakes: Quickutz Die
  • Name: Cut from red cardstock with Cricut George & Basic Shapes
  • Sentiment: Computer Generated
  • Gems: from my stash
I promise definitely.....absolutely....NO MORE....Christmas Cards.  Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of December...holy mackerel....I haven't even started thinking about pressies or any of the usual Christmas preparations.....gotta find time this week to make my Christmas Cakes.....yummy.....yummy.
Catch up with you all later....Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Penny Black Saturday Challenge - Week 25

Well you certainly enjoyed last week's challenge and I loved seeing all your Funky Christmas you may not be quite so happy this week....I found it hard too....but hey that is why they are called challenges...don't you think.

The challenge this week on Penny Black Saturday is....

No Patterned Paper
shock horror.....I knew it.....I can hear the sharp intakes of breath from here....we all love our patterned papers and just like me you probably have mountains of the stuff in your stash .....some I use all the time.....others are just too gorgeous to use and some don't know why I bought them in the first place and will probably never use them but us crafters can't throw anything away. I kept my card very simple this week....well didn't have an option did I.......but you know what.....I rather like it.....and this gorgeous hedgie image doesn't need fancy papers to fuss it all up...

Cardstock: Bazzill
Image: Penny Black...Royal Mail
Ribbon: American Crafts
Holly: Sizzix Die
Pom poms: from my stash
And the prize this week for one lucky winner chosen at random
is this scrummylicious Embellishment Kit from Poppicrafts
donated by Tracie
Can't wait to see what you all come up with this week...I just know that you will rise to the challenge and be your usual creative selves.......will be popping over to have a look.....Hugs Kath xxxxxxxx

Friday, November 28, 2008

Aw shucks......

I was so moved to get this gorgeous award from one of the loveliest..most huggable and kindest bloggy buds in blogland..the mega talented Queen of Craft and all things delish..the one and only DawnyP....thank you so much my bestest bloggy means a lot xxxx
I love Dawn's blog so much.....always chocca with beautiful cards and she tickles my sense of humour with her funny's the way she tells em.
Now in time honoured fashion I have to pass this award on to my 5 bestest bloggy buddies...c'mon are you being can I choose 5 out of all the wonderful bloggy buddies I have made since I started my blog.....all the lovely folk who helped me celebrate my special birthday.....all the lovely folk who sent me get well soon e-mails......all my followers....especially the ones who join me early in the morning to read the latest gossip from Chez Kath.....admittedly there ain't been a lot of gossip recently but normal service shall be resumed I am chickening out of this one folks and am sending it to all my bloggy buddies with all my love......Hugs Kath xxxxxx
P.S. I can't believe that 2 little antibiotic pills could make such a difference...I am almost feeling human again.

Stinky Cold Update

I am apologising in advance....I know I have been a bad blogger this week but this stinky cold has really got me down....after a week of dosing myself up on Neurofen and steamy inhalations every couple of hours....there was no sign of it leaving the premises....I suspected that my sinuses were infected....the green gunge from my nose and the pain in my gods even my teeth were sore....confirmed that....but last night was the last straw....I woke at 3.00am and never slept again......the pain was unbearable.....up several times during the night having yet another inhalation....I must have the cleanest face on the planet.....but only getting relief for a short this morning drastic action was called for......called the doctor's surgery.
Now don't know about you...but I was thinking next appointment available.....Thursday next week and that is me all ready to do battle ...but no.....they have a cancellation at 9.30am....boy I haven't moved so quickly for years.....had to have a shower, wash my hair which had taken on the look of Marie Antoinette without the ringlets and just made it by the skin of my teeth.
Not my usual doc but I am so desperate I ain't caring.....lovely Irish lady and right away she said the magic words......"You have an infection in your sinuses and definitely need ANTIBIOTICS to clear that up"... So I am home.....have taken the magic pills and hopefully can now get my life back to some sort of normality after 4 weeks of misery. I so hate being ill and detest myself for being such a ratty old bag. It may take a few days for your happy nutty bloggy buddy to get back up to speed and then look out......challenges here I come. Catch up with you all later.......Hugs Kath xxxxxxx

Tag You're It Challenge - Week 35

Morning's Friday again and time for making tags.
What a great response to Anne's sketch last week and we did enjoy paying you a visit to look at all your fabulous work.
The challenge this week on Tag You're It is very seasonal and is......

well we had plenty last week but it disappeared again as soon as it arrived and everything is now left looking a little drab. You wouldn't believe how many pics I took of this little old tag before I got a reasonably decent one.....what is it about cameras and glitter and bling....they just don't get on together.
Papers: Nitwit Collections: Blue Dots from "Homespun Holidays"
Cardstock: Black Bazzill
Images: Stamps Away....Little Tree
Hero Arts: Little Snowflakes
Sentiment: Stamps Away: Circular Message
Gems: from my stash
Glitter: Glamour Dust
Ribbon: American Crafts
This is one of my twinchie technique tags.....cut 6....2" them onto an old Cricut Cutting Mat butting up to each other......stamp all your images and then fix them onto cardstock leaving a gap between each. So with no more ado folks.....get rummaging in that scrap box and start creating your snowy tags...I'm sure you will have lots of fun with this one and can't wait to see what you all create.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxxx

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all our friends from across the pond
a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.
Enjoy this special time with your family and friends
and don't eat too much...
oh poppycock....feast yourselves silly
it's only once a year
Love Kath

Oops Nearly Forgot

Oops I nearly's Sneaky Peek Thursday....a quick little peep of my tag for tomorrow

Hope to see you all joining in tomorrow at Tag You're It.
And some more news......I have just noticed that this is my 402nd post....can't quite believe since the end of February I have bored you all to tears with my wittering on and a smidgen of pics thrown in for good measure and you keep coming back for more and....hey another milestone looms.....just a kick in the teeth away from 50,000 hits...well really you all need to get out more....seriously I have loved every minute of it and still can't believe that any of you are interested enough to tune in to my daily ramblings....joyful or otherwise...but I am so pleased that you do otherwise the old girl would be talking to herself and that's quite serious at my age.   My thoughts are to have a big Blog Candy Blow Out......but I need some time to think over what I am going to do...has to be something extra special and with a little what I'm thinking is.......
I'm off to London next weekend for a late birthday treat with my little Sis and my niece and then the following week...... MORE CELEBRATIONS AT CHEZ if you can be patient and bear with me...all will be revealed......and we will have the Blog Candy Blowout of all time.
Well off to get these commission cards finished and then hopefully from here on's PLAYTIME.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx

Happy Birthday Allison

Well it's time for Birthday No 3
Cue Music.....
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Allison
Happy Birthday to You

Sending bloggy hugs and lots of bloggy birthday wishes to my Funky Hand Team Mate...the lovely and talented Allison......enjoy your special so deserve it.
Lots of Love Kath xxxxx
I think I was a tad premature thinking that the cold was going....apparently not...I spent the most part of yesterday holed up in bed again......managed to make a couple of cards and then I was exhausted.....can't remember ever having a cold like this before and I am not the best of the moment I am just a ratty old bag.
But there is always some sunshine comes into your life and I received this in the post this morning from my bloggy buddy Amanda.....MacBeth's new MUM.......
Isn't this just fabulous......the detail is stunning and the work involved has just blown me away...I have never tried Parchment Craft and to be honest I don't think I have the patience or the eyesight anymore......thank you so much Amanda...I will treasure this forever and it helped to put a smile on the ratty old bag's face.
And one of the cards that I managed to make yesterday......
A graduation card made using papers from the latest CD from Funky Hand......Funky Daze  and aren't they fabulous......I love the Cream Brown and Turquoise together.
Catch up with you all later..from your getting a little better everyday bloggy buddie....Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a difference a day makes

What a difference a day makes....24 little the words of the song and I slept for most of them yesterday.... I now feel almost back to normal but shock horror when I looked in the mirror this hair looks like a bird's nest....well actually that is mega insulting to any bird's nest making looks like it's been through a wind tunnel and then pulled through a hedge backwards and my nose could give Rudolph a run for his money but what about the cold...well after spending a mint on so called remedies....decongestant this and cough that ...none of which were shifting this stinker....I used my little bit of medical knowledge and smattering of anatomy and worked out that the problem was in my boiled up the kettle, out came the bowl and I submerged myself in a world of steamy heaven...OK it took a good few goes before I could feel it working but woke up this morning feeling almost human again  so I will keep it up today and here's hoping by tomorrow I will be firing on full power again.
And DA..RA.. the news you have all been waiting for-  in true Victor Meldrew style.I DO NOT BEELIEVE   IT.....the CHRISTMAS CARD ORDERS ARE FINALLY FINISHED  and will be winging their way out of my life on Thursday......yippety doo dah....yippety oh my what a wonderful day... and the way I feel right now....I will be (cover your ears now if you are of a nervous disposition)  buying my personal cards this year.....don't think I can face making another Christmas card.
I have my DT stuff to do for this week and then maybe.....just maybe....I will get a challenge or two there may now be some pics to show you instead of listening to the saga of Moaning Minnie and the Stinky Cold.    Off to have a nice long hot shower....wallow in the steaminess....sort out the hair and catch up with yesterday's work......catch you all later.....   Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Anice

It's time to celebrate Birthday Number 2......

Cue Music.......Maestro..........
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Anice
Happy Birthday to You
Are you fortunate that you don't have Sounda Vision....singing ain't one of my talents.
A very Happy 40th Birthday to my fabby..funky...boss at Funky Hand...the very talented and lovely Anice.
Have a lovely day Anice.....enjoy every minute and remember it ain't everyday that you are kick up your heels and have FUN.
Lots of Love Kath xxxxxxx
And more good news Funky Hand has launched their latest CD ..."Funky Daze"......and once again Anice has worked her's fabulous.  Something extra special this time......templates to make word books and you are not restricted to certain words.....
I just know you are going to love pop over to the website and check it out.   I know I haven't had time to make any samples from this latest luscious offering from Anice but I hope to get to it next watch this space and in the meantime you can check out the gallery at Funky Hand for loads of inspiration or visit the Design Team blogs.
Woke up this morning bathed in sweat and shivering.....enough is back to bed...gotta to get rid of head eyes gods even my teeth hurt.....from your "on her last legs" bloggy buddy.....catch up with you all later.....Hugs....Kath xxxxx

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Monday And a NEW WEEK

It's Monday Morning Folks and I am hoping that this week is better than last....a strange week of incredible HIGHS....which I can't share with you yet and lots of LOWS...mostly this stinking "won't go away" cold and the monotony of making the same card over and over again. Your bloggy buddy has had her "OH WOE IS ME" hat on  and was feeling rather sorry for herself and that ain't like me at all.    To be honest I ain't much good at doing miserable and usually find something to lift my spirits and make me smile....and what was the magic potion I hear you ask.

Went off to bed early last night with a book that my sister gave me for my birthday " At my Mother's Knee and other low joints" by Paul O'Grady aka Lily you either love him or loathe him but I have always admired his quick wit and ability to come up with that stunning one liner just at the right time.    So I snuggled down....watching the blizzard outside...Buddy was fast asleep and snoring.....and started to read.....let me tell you I couldn't wait to get to the next was just like sitting in a comfy armchair in front of a roaring fire and someone telling you their life story and I could even hear his voice as I soaked up each word....absolutely rivetting and very funny.
Glanced at the bedside's 2.30am....and I am at the stage I need to go in search of matchsticks....can't wait to continue the rest of the story tonight.....but I must share with you one little anecdote that had me rocking with laughter.
He makes no secret of the fact that's he's GAY and when he first moved to London as a young man about 19....he started to frequent GAY CLUBS.....where the old queens would buy the young guys drinks and the unspoken rule was that they would expect  "you know what" in return.   Paul was unaware of this and had been gaily accepting drinks all evening but as he was particular old queen shouted out..."Hey I bought you a owe me a  *****" and here was the reply

Paul.....Hey mate it would take more than a half of cider.
Queen.....What would it take then....ten bob.
Paul....No matey....more like a frigging general anaethestic......

Cold no better this morning...need to go to pharmacy and get some stuff to relief this stuffed up head feels like it is gonna burst but I am soldiering on......the cards are finished and I am just completing the inserts and personalisation now......nearly there and then I am gonna sleep for a week....catch up with you all later.....Hugs   Kath xxxxxxxx
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Birthday Time.......'s time to celebrate some's gonna be a real busy Birthday Week for the Design Team at Funky Hand and first is ENFYS.......

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Enfys
Happy Birthday to You

Enjoy your Special Day Lovely Lady

Silly Old Moi was in such a panic about posting the special lady's card...well it does have a long way to go..all the way across the pond to Florida....that I forgot to take a piccie.....hope it arrives safely.
This got me thinking....November is a really busy birthday month for me....Brodie on the 1st.....Me on the's OK I don't make myself a son on the 8th and my nephew on the 9th and then my 3 Funky Hand lovelies.....I wonder.......a group of butterflies is a KALEIDOSCOPE.....a group of giraffes is a TOWER...wonder what you call a group of birthdays.......Any suggestions !!!!
Would you believe that this dreaded cold has gone and gotten nasty was me treating it nicely with lots of hot drinks....keeping it warm and snug and just when I think it's thinking of's back with a vengeance.....the nose this time...think he was feeling a bit left out.....honestly I am ready to stick my head in a gas oven and put myself out of my misery......DO NOT FRET....DON'T HAVE A GAS OVEN....but honestly give a gal a break and go bother somebody else. 
I am having a bit of a relaxing day today....feet up on the sofa with the Sunday papers..heavy snowfalls not going anywhere today and yes tomorrow it's back to the card orders again....nearly finished now and I don't want to tempt fate but......middle of the week..should do it....Yippee.    Catch up with you all tomorrow......Hugs kath xxxxxxxx

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Penny Black Saturday Challenge - Week 24

You sure did enjoy last week's challenge and all the entries were fabulous....some going with the Black & White option and others choosing a colour....great work once again everybody.

The challenge this week on Penny Black Saturday is.......and I'm sure you will love this one....


And a fabulous prize for one lucky winner this week kindly donated by
Donna at Crafty Krafts

Papers: Pink Petticoat...Simply Christmas Papers Collection
Image: Penny Black Clear Stamps.....Christmas Critters
Wording:  Scrapworks - "Upper West Side" Color Rubz.
The little red dots on the trees are just the full stops from this fabulous book of rub-ons.
I have a confession to make...couldn't be bothered looking out stamps to do the rest of the just doodled them...but I'm sure the school report would have said "Sloppy Work...must try harder".
Ok this is maybe not entirely what you might call FUNKY but it's about as funky as I can muster at the moment....I'm sure you will all let your imaginations run wild and have great fun.....can't wait to see what you all create....Have lots of fun with this one folks.....GET INTO THE GROOVE AND GET FUNKY.
Love Kath xxxxxx

Friday, November 21, 2008

An Award

I received this beautiful award from my bloggy buddy and TYI team mate...the super talented and thoroughly sweet lady......Dawn and my bloggy buddies Alison; Pauline; Beth; Debbie and Suzanne.   I love the sentiment behind this and thank you all so much for thinking of me.
This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships!These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.
I have to pass this on to 8 other bloggers who are true to the sentiment of the award...normally I shy away from choosing folk for these things because I think you are all wonderful but on this occasion I am choosing my "Funky Hand" DT buddies because they are the bestest bloggy buddies a girl could wish for.

This is for you girls....just to say thank you for all the laughs....thank you for listening when I have on my Minnie Moany Hat and thank you for just being you loads.....Kath xxxxx's snowing

The North Wind doth blow and we shall have SNOW
and boy do we have snow....woke up this morning....looked out and saw this
and for once the weather forecasters got it right.
Got one or two errands to do this morning and that means using the car.....well of course as per usual the Roads Department have been found wanting.......this was forecast at the beginning of the week....have the roads been per usual NO......but what do you bet they will be out in force gritting tomorrow and's the weekend folks and that means OVERTIME.  Our street is always a nightmare...a slippy sliding journey until you reach the main roads.....well coat, hat and boots on and off I go.
Catch up with you all later......Hugs Kath xxxxxxxx

Tag You're It Challenge.....Week 33

It's Friday again folks and time for tags.
Can I just get the not so nice news out of the way first.....the lovely Sam has decided to have a bit of a break from blogging and to stand down from the team for the moment.....I wish her all the best whatever she decides to do....but I am going to miss her wonderful creations and inspiration. What a great response to my challenge last week and big thanks to everyone who entered....the tags were absolutely fantastic....great work from everyone....and what a talented lot of taggers you turned out to be.

The challenge this week on Tag You're a sketch from the lovely Anne.
I am such a fan of working from sketches....more often than not it kick starts the inspiration and is a great reference for layouts....I have a file of sketches that I refer to when the old mojo deserts me.....which seems to be more often than not at the moment.
Papers..Embellishments and Alphabet all from the Basic Grey Sugared Collection
Images: Hero Arts Sparkle Clear Stamp Set..."Hello Birdie"
Well let's see what you all come up with this week....will be waiting to visit get the scraps box out and get tagmaking.....Love Kath xxxxxx

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sneeky Peek Thursday

Morning Folks.....this is exciting ain't's sneeky peek Thursday and this time it's my DT card for the Penny Black Saturday you can hardly contain your excitement.

It's OK...don't worry...your bloggy buddy isn't losing the plot....just trying to keep my spirits up while I finish off the last 66 cards.....yes.....nearly there.   But just when I think I am focused on the job in hand.....the postie arrives.......with my monthly kit from My Creative Scrapbook and this one is an absolute beauty.. gorgeous papers from Fancy Pants......and lots of scrummy embellies, ribbon etc...rub-ons and feast your eyes on that sheet of fabulous black words.....ooooh....this isn't fair......

NO... I am NOT...NOT... going to be being very restrained and it has been put away with the rest of the stuff I can't play with.....I did think I might have a temper tantrum and stamp my feet a little but there ain't anybody here to impress so I'll just have a little sulk instead.
Another day at the office as they say......see you all tomorrow on Tag You're have only one day left to get your tag made to be in with a chance of winning the fab give-away from Heidi Grace.....believe me you don't want to miss can make shed loads of card with this kit.  Will be announcing the winner around 9...ish on Friday morning.
A little puzzle for you it SNEEKY......or  SNEAKY.....I'm sure there will be somebody out there in bloggyland with brains who can enlighten us all.....I always think they both look right and never know which one to use......  Love Kath xxxxxx

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Sneaky Peek Wednesday

Hi Folks
It's sneaky peek Wednesday and this could be as exciting as it gets for the next few slowly getting through the orders....but boy oh boy am I cheesed off with all the Christmas stuff...decided to break loose from the shackles....get out some more interesting stash and do my DT stuff for this week.

A little peek at my tag for "TAG YOU'RE IT" this week.
Then onto the old 'puter for a bit of bloghopping and catching up with all my bloggy chums.....BUT
MR BLOGGER definitely had other ideas.....WAS he on a go slow last night....what is it with this guy....everytime I find a bit of time to play catch up.....he just has to throw a spanner in the works.
But then.....just when I thought all was lost ......I came across something which seriously tickled my sense of humour and I think hubby thought I had finally lost the plot.....a comment on a post about some people don't do ironing....(oops she must have seen my ironing it's not that I don't do's that I only do it when I am running out of clothes to wear) and how some folk are so obsessed with ironing....that they even iron their knickers.....WHAT... ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH.....HOW CAN ANYBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND.....IRON KNICKERS......there is something seriously missing in your life when you have time to iron your undies....I barely have time to iron the stuff that is on show to the outside world and call me a slob if you like...but I don't really give two hoots if my knickers are creased or not and besides the size of my M&S Big Knickers....well let's not take this conversation any further.
Well you've guessed to walk the Budster who by the way is still in big trouble after his little escapade yesterday morning...took off after another dog and left me wandering around for half an hour whistling, calling before he finally returned with that innocent look on his face....."SORRY MUM"......I'll sorry Mum" that's an expression that rings a bell from my childhood days.......and then back home for a nice warming cuppa and back to the "YOU KNOW WHATS".   Still can't shake this cold and my voice is getting huskier and more sexy by the day.    Chances are tomorrow will be "SNEAKY PEEK" Thursday....I really don't know how you manage to contain your excitement and please don't all rush at once...we don't want Mr Blogger to crash do we!!!!
Love Kath xxxxx

Monday, November 17, 2008

Back in Bloggyland

Hi Folks.......
It's Tuesday morning and life has returned to normal.....well as normal as it ever is here....and I can't believe how much you have to catch up on after three days away from blogging....first some news .....Mrs.Wonka's cat Arthur has returned home safe and sound...and where has he been for the last 12 days....11 nights.....well he ain't telling but I bet the dirty little stop out is getting lots of chocolately cuddles right now.
Big hugs and congratulations to my crafty friend Gayle who will be running the new Sugar Nellie Blog coming to your screens soon folks.

Received this in the post at the end of last week and I know it was a little bit late for the big birthday but when you receive a card from such a special lady....what's a few days between friends....I spotted this card on her blog and loved it so....not knowing for one minute it would be winging it's way to me....isn't it beautiful and from the crafting queen herself....the one and only Terrie B......big hugs you loads .....another one to treasure with all my gorgeous birthday thinks I have to make a Memory Book in the New Year to keep them all safe and sound and then I can take it out every so often and drool over them all.
And big congratulations to my lovely Funky Hand DT mate...the uber talented Jozza who has been published in Crafts Beautiful this month.....two pages and....A CARD ON THE FRONT COVER....the title of the post on her blog is "Toot" ...excuse me should be Drum Roll.."TOOTEROOTAROOOO."
Well done Joz.....big hugs....hope you have come down off the ceiling now.
I went to pop on to the lovely Alison's blog last crafty friend from the SECC and lo and behold.....the blog has been removed ....why.....has she changed her blog she OK.......please contact me by e-mail if you know.......Alison if you are reading this....please get in touch....
Will be trying to pay you all a visit during the week but hey if I don't get to you....I'm can slap my legs later.
Love Kath xxxxxx
P.S.  Panic over...Alison has been found safe and well at her new blog.......thanks to the lovely Debby for e-mailing me the info this morning....what would I do without my lovely bloggy buddies.....well all's well that ends well.

I'm Back

Hi Folks.....

I'm back in bloggyland once again but to be honest not quite sure if I am still in one piece....
Oliver was welcoming in some new teeth and let's say that it wasn't exactly a fun filled weekend.....but he has gone home now and peace is restored to Chez Kath.
Will be catching up with you all tonight and hope to be back in the swing again over the next few days....did manage to get some cards made in the evenings so am now on the homeward straight with the orders.  I promise you that all the flags will be flying when they are done.
Love Kath xxxxxx

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Penny Black Saturday Challenge - Week 22

Great response to last week's "Sentiment Only" got your thinking caps on and came up with fabulous creations...I am always amazed at all the talent there is out there....well done everybody.

The challenge this week on Penny Black Saturday is.......

I decided to work totally outside my comfort zone.....use a colour that I often use but not on its own...usually with pale blue or pink....and that's BROWN ....decided to use the stamped images I received earlier in the week from Jozza and do a MAN'S CARD.....gee whizz....I am living dangerously aren't I.
I know what you are thinking...the dog isn't BROWN...well I am claiming artistic licence here...he is actually TAN...which is a sort of BROWN...that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.  I love these Washed Out Collection papers from Pink Petticoat....they have a shabby look to them which doesn't really show up in the piccie...a little bit of distressed edges..inking  and doodling to finish off.
And a great prize this week for one lucky winner.....
from our sponsor Sir Stampalot
Papers: Pink Petticoat...Washed Collection 
                                     Littlest Dots.....Mocha
Image: Penny Black "All Dressed Up"
Eyelets: WeR Memory Keepers
Ribbon: American Crafts
Alphabet:  American Craft Foam Thickers 
                Adorn-It Natural Tiny Etched Alphabet

Can't wait to see what you all create this week...will be popping over to visit you all later
Love Kath xxxxxx

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tag You're It Challenge - Week 32

Well it's Friday folks....and it's my turn to set this week's challenge on Tag You're It...and I've chosen  a colour challenge...

Red and Green
well you must excuse me but at the moment...I have these colours coming outta my ears....and they just happen to be my fave Christmas colours.....BUT that doesn't mean to say that your tag has to have a Christmas theme..... any theme as long as you use the colours Red and Green.   I am so into Christmas mode at the moment that my mojo for anything else seems to have gone out the it had to be a Christmas Tag from me I'm afraid....using some delicious Heidi Grace chipboard alphabets...stickers and holly border rub-on's from the "Jolly & Bright" collection.

And there is a  prize this week for one lucky winner ..Heidi Grace papers which are flocked and glittered and absolutely gorgeous.....rub-on alphabets....chipboard borders and stickers, cardstock and of course.....some bling.  These were some of the goodies I managed to "what is the word I am looking for"...NO..... I didn't steal them..... WENT DOWN ON BENDED KNEE AND BEGGED is more like it ....from the Fiskars Stand at the SECC and there is so much stuff in the kit.....I just had to share some of it with would be very selfish of me not to.

You may not have had a go at making tags before but it is great fun and a perfect way to use up all those small left over bits of papers and have a rummage around in your scrap box.....and come and join in the fun at "Tag You're It" and to be need to show support here folks...can't have your bloggy buddy looking a twit with no entries in her colour challenge....CAN YOU!!!!
Love Kath xxxxxx

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 Sketches 4 You Sketch 13

Yes I am still alive and feel much better today...Ok I still have the cold but maybe it's because I am so doped up on medication that I don't care or am truly on the mend.....either way....I got the urge to do a little bit of crafting last night and what better way to get back into the swing....with my favourite challenge.....
The sketch this week on 2 Sketches4You  is from Kazan and you must go check out the fabulous cards from the "Winter Design Team"......and going by the standard on their first week.....we can expect lots of treats over the coming months.....

I think maybe that my cold was a blessing in gave me 2 whole days off from the Christmas Card Orders and the proverbial kick up the butt....I can almost see the wood for the trees am on a mission to get them done and dusted....oh what am I gonna do with my time once they are finished......well let me
I have fallen in love with these gorgeous papers from My Minds Eye.....they are just so vibrant and so on trend.....I had to close my eyes before I could bring myself to cut them and I know that I just have to get more.
Papers: MME...Dreamy 2 Collection....Crazy Daisy....
                                                            Sweet Life Paper....
                                                            Cherry Blossoms....
Tree and Bird cut from Brown Coredinations Cardstock and lightly sanded
Image: Imaginisce...Snag'em Stamps...Fairest of Them All - Bird
Sentiment: computer generated.

Well I am skipping with a happy heart off to my crafty cubbyhole to get started on you know what.....if you believe that you will believe anything.....gritting my teeth and getting on with it more like.....catch up with you all tomorrow for the Tag You're It Challenge and it's ME setting the challenge this week......please come and join in the fun because there is a little stash of goodies up for grabs......Love Kath xxxxxx

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank You

Thank you all for your good wishes...I am feeling much better tonight...the voice is still a bit of a whisper...but haven't had too many complaints about that yet and hopefully after a good night's sleep .....I will be running on full power again.
I loved reading all your cold remedies and and how most of them involved alcohol...well I gave them a try and shees ya all tomorra........hic....hic.....with my 4Sketchers2You or is it 2SketchesforU....can't remember....Night...Night...Sleep Tight.....excuse the pun.
Love Kath xxxxxx

I'M OK....I think.....

Just to let you know I am OK...I won't be posting anything today and I know there are a small group who pay me a visit in the morning.....don't want anybody getting the wrong idea....and rumours circulating in bloggyland......No....I haven't run off to craft with TH....No I haven't been abducted by aliens....I've got a stinker of a chest cold.
Woke up yesterday morning with a throat like a badger's backside and a hacking cough which seems to come from my feet up and is very painful...needless to say the card production line has virtually come to a standstill and I spent the day dosing myself up with blackcurrant drinks and Benolyn...don't really feel any better but don't feel any worse....and survived the night.....that's a off to have a nice hot steamy bath and snuggle back into bed with my hot water bottle....a good book and my favourite bedtime companion....the Budster......poor Buddy has been sadly neglected on the walkies front....but he seems to realise I am not well and is quite happy sleeping at my feet.
Got to get myself well before Friday when Brodie and Oliver are coming to stay over for three nights....Grandma will need all the energy she can muster for these live if you have any tips on how to get me well before Friday......I will be your bloggy friend forever.
Will catch up with you all later and if I find a miracle cure....will be back Thursday. Love Kath xxxxx

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Real Fun Day

I had a real fun day yesterday and got lots of stuff done.....some personal Birthday Cards which I can't share with you yet....they are for 3 very special ladies and me thinks they may frequent this blog from time to will just have to be patient on that one.... my DT stuff done and dusted for this week and OK just a little sneeky peek......

I made a bit of a mind blowing discovery last night...why didn't I think of this before.   Needed to take lots of pics for posting  later and it was so dark and dismal even in the early afternoon......thought I would try under the cabinet lights in the kitchen....they are small downlighters and very bright but the light is concentrated in just the right set up a little photographic studio.....sounds posh was basically just two sheets of white card and it worked if anyone is struggling....give that a try.
Just one more sneeky peek .....I am spoiling you now.....
Off to get back to the ....."YOU KNOW WHAT"....scoring and folding...matting and layering.....I hate that bit but once's it's done....Apologies again for neglecting you all lately...I will try and catch up with what you have all been up to throughout the week.  Gee this must have been my shortest post ever.
Love Kath xxxxxx

Monday, November 10, 2008

Well worth the wait

Another birthday card arrived this morning and it was well worth the wait....from my lovely Funky Hand DT mate....Jozza...she has been worried that it got lost in the post but obviously it was only Royal Mail doing their snail mail thing as usual. Thank you so much's beautiful love the image and those gorgeous Prima flowers....and thanks too for the stamped images...I think the Glitter Pot now has this stamp back in stock but I am resisting the urge because I can't just go online and buy one thing and the new stash is becoming a bit of a food this will keep me happy in the meantime.

The weather here today is Arctic and blowing a it's nice to be indoors and crafting.....decided I am having a day off from card orders.....need to help MacBeth pack his suitcase for his journey to Amanda.....get some DT stuff done and maybe my personal birthday cards.....the nearest I'm gonna get to playing......catch up with you all later....Love Kath xxxxxx

Back to Reality...with a BUMP

Had a real fun day on Saturday with Brodie and Oliver....a scrummy lunch and back to Chez Kath for the yummy chocolate birthday cake......this was Oliver's reaction when Grandma said "SMILE".....isn't he cute...

But all good things come to an end and yesterday was a mega day of Christmas Card Orders....these are all done and dusted and going off today....
but the downside is......still have 161 cards to make before the end of November... that's 20 days minus the 4... for this weekend .....Brodie and Oliver are coming to that's down to 16...well by my maths that's 10 cards a day....not a great deal when you're churning out lots of the same but life just has a habit of getting in the way....I have some personal birthday cards to make...a baby card to make and present to buy and all the other little things that crop up on a daily basis  AND there  is this flu thing that seems to be going the me thinks I have to shut myself away in my little contact with the outside world and strict quarantine restrictions are gonna have to apply to anyone coming to call.....was thinking of wearing one of those DIY face masks but the poor postie gets enough of a shock when I open the door in the morning in my dressy maybe not.  Well no time to stand here to make a cuppy and get stuck in to work..... catch up with you all later.
Bloggy hugs from your paranoid bloggy buddy.......Kath xxxxxxx
P.S.  A few queries about the card bags...NO....I didn't make them as Dawny P suggested....are you having a laugh....I bought them...4 in a pack from Aldi.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

MacBeth is Leaving for Pastures New

The winner of the SUGAR NELLIE GIVE-AWAY has been decided...but  it's a little bit of a sad day at Chez Kath....we have all had a long chat and a big group hug......

and  MacBeth  has decided that he will be the one to come and live with you ...venturing out to pastures new...isn't he brave and aptly named after the mighty Scottish King..... And his new owner chosen at random using 30

send me an e-mail with your address and I will have him winging his way to you this week

Please look after him and love him as though he was one of your own.   I have stamped out lots of images of all his chums so that he won't be too lonely.   Have great fun playing with these gorgeous images and send me a link so I can see what you have created with them.
Enjoy what left's of the weekend folks and catch up with you all later...from your 60 years and 2 days old mad bloggy friend.....Love Kath xxxxxxxx

You are in for a real treat

This is going to be the post of all I will give you a couple of minutes...go switch the kettle on....make yourself a cuppa and snuggle into the are in for a real treat.
Let's start off with me jumping to the wrong conclusions....when I received my e-mail from you know who...the Legend himself....and piccie below just in case you think she has totally gone doolally....and has lost the plot....imagined the whole thing....I automatically assumed it was all arranged by my lovely Funky Hand DT mate....Chris....but apparently I got the wrong end of the stick and  it was the lovely Paula's idea to contact Tim and this was his reply ""I would be honored. please email me her info and I will mark it on my calendar. thanks!"
HE WOULD BE HONOURED....the honour is all mine Your Royal Highness...Sir.

Now you know why I love this guy so much...he has so much talent but he is so humble and unaffected by his celebrity status and just comes across as a regular guy and I know I am a silly old moo...but this was the icing on the wonderful birthday cake.

But there is more...ooh the excitement....the morning started off with the postie (that's a Scottish word for postman) "are you collecting cards again for your friend" he asked as he handed me a mountain of cards and let me tell you I was totally overwhelmed by each and every one....absolutely beautiful...the silly old moo bit again....ended up choked with emotion and blood shot eyes ain't the best look for a birthday girl.    As a cardmaker I appreciate all the hard work that went into making these stunning cards and this looks like a gallery of the Top 20 cards in a Cardmaking Competition.

Allison.....Dawny P......Tina
Carol......Gina bestest Fiskars Buddy
and this one from my Funky Hand DT Mate Ruth had me laughing through the tears
And that's not all.......some lovely parcels of scrummylicious goodies and big hugs to Dawn from Buddy for his treats....he is your friend forever now.
Later in the afternoon....feet up relaxing....that's all the excitement over I thought......when the doorbell rang and this is for me......from the lovely delicious bestest of crafty buddies.....the lovely Dawny P.
Can I just say how lucky I am to have such lovely bloggy friends and each and every one of you is special to me......Love you have made my birthday so extra special and one more thing...I know you are probably thinking is this never gonna end....but this sums it all up......a gift from Dawn....
Will leave you now to have a lie down in a darkened room and recover from the ramblings of a mad old woman....enjoy the rest of your weekend and apologies for the has been so dark and grey and today it is blowing a gale...need to wrap up cosy for our walk back later with the winner of the Sugar Nellie Give-Away.
Bloggy Hugs.....Kath xxxxxxxx