Monday, November 17, 2008

Back in Bloggyland

Hi Folks.......
It's Tuesday morning and life has returned to normal.....well as normal as it ever is here....and I can't believe how much you have to catch up on after three days away from blogging....first some news .....Mrs.Wonka's cat Arthur has returned home safe and sound...and where has he been for the last 12 days....11 nights.....well he ain't telling but I bet the dirty little stop out is getting lots of chocolately cuddles right now.
Big hugs and congratulations to my crafty friend Gayle who will be running the new Sugar Nellie Blog coming to your screens soon folks.

Received this in the post at the end of last week and I know it was a little bit late for the big birthday but when you receive a card from such a special lady....what's a few days between friends....I spotted this card on her blog and loved it so....not knowing for one minute it would be winging it's way to me....isn't it beautiful and from the crafting queen herself....the one and only Terrie B......big hugs you loads .....another one to treasure with all my gorgeous birthday thinks I have to make a Memory Book in the New Year to keep them all safe and sound and then I can take it out every so often and drool over them all.
And big congratulations to my lovely Funky Hand DT mate...the uber talented Jozza who has been published in Crafts Beautiful this month.....two pages and....A CARD ON THE FRONT COVER....the title of the post on her blog is "Toot" ...excuse me should be Drum Roll.."TOOTEROOTAROOOO."
Well done Joz.....big hugs....hope you have come down off the ceiling now.
I went to pop on to the lovely Alison's blog last crafty friend from the SECC and lo and behold.....the blog has been removed ....why.....has she changed her blog she OK.......please contact me by e-mail if you know.......Alison if you are reading this....please get in touch....
Will be trying to pay you all a visit during the week but hey if I don't get to you....I'm can slap my legs later.
Love Kath xxxxxx
P.S.  Panic over...Alison has been found safe and well at her new blog.......thanks to the lovely Debby for e-mailing me the info this morning....what would I do without my lovely bloggy buddies.....well all's well that ends well.


  1. Hi Kath
    I think you will find Alison here
    She had me worried for a while too.

  2. Huge congrats to both Gayle & Jozza on their new successess... well done girls...

    Boy Kath are you a lucky lady to receive this gorgeous card from Terrie B or what... her cards are always a delight to see just like your own...

    Big hugs honey
    Lorraine xxx

  3. I am loving your blog, your cards are fab!!!!

  4. Hello Kath, I'm sooo pleased I've found your blog! I love your style and especially the work for Pink Petticoat and the Happy Bird-day cards are GORGEOUS.
    Love Karen x

  5. Hi Kath...
    Many thanks for the mention...
    Waht a beautiful card from Terrie B...
    I do believe that Karen moved, I panicked too, but I believe that this is her new site
    Do let me know...
    Gayle x

  6. I have been a bit busy lately and no time to leave comments when I visit your crafty corner! Hope you're well!

    Huge congrats to both Gayle & Jozza on their new successess... well done girls...

    Kath are you a lucky lady to receive this gorgeous card from Terrie B...

  7. Coooeeeee Hi Kath, jings I'm so sorry I thought I had let you know wilz yi forgive me this time :) I have still been visiting you when I can, things have calmed down abit now, so i have a bit more time on me hands. Thanks you for caring jings I've gone all red now. APB in blogland lol you do make me giggle.

  8. Gorgeous card you received Kath.Glad you found Alison safe and well on her new blog.

    Cass xxx

  9. Hello Gorgeous Lady...Well `thankyou` sooooo much for that you make me blush!!!!coming from you makes me sooo `proud`..:):):)I loves ya!!!loads....
    `Congrats` on your friends success!!!Yaah way to go..and glad you found Alison I noticed she dissapeared !!!was a little worried there!!!
    Have a lovely Wednesday.....Big (((hugs))))
    and `Thankyou` to those who left a `sweet` comment on your blog I am `blessed` to be amongst the most wonderful bloggie people...~X~

  10. Great card from Terrie, glad to know that things are returning to 'normal' up there!
    Good news about the cat....i wonder where he's been? :)

    Big Hugs
    Carol x

  11. Hiya Kath... glad to see you back :D
    Aren't you the lucky girl receiving one of Terrie's cards too...they are always gorgeous:D
    Congrats to Gayle and Jozza too whooohoooo...way to go!!
    Glad you found Alison and ooooh nearly forgot I managed to do a tag for your challenge ;-D Have been going to join in for ages but I'm so bad at keeping up with things lately. No excuses now... need tags for my Chrissy pressies don't I. 'twill be on my blog later today xxx
    Chris xx

  12. Such a BEAUTIFUL card -- the butterfly is gorgeous and I love the color combo! ;)
    Take care

  13. Aw thanks for the toot on your blog too Kath. Bless you :o) I have only just come down off the ceiling but I am going into town in the morning so no doubt I'll have the urge to hover in Smiths by the craft mags hahahahaaaaaaaaaa

    What a gorgeous card you received! Handmade cards are so special aren't they? xx

    PS. Congrats to your friend on the Sugar nellie job :o)


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