Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cards for Maggie's Centre

The appeal for cards for Maggie's Centre is now closed...can I just say I am overwhelmed by the response and the generosity of everybody who has sent cards...I have already delivered over 80 cards to my friend and have about another 80 sitting here.....thank you so much and let's hope that we raise lots of money for this worthwhile cause...they are run entirely from donations and receive no Government aid whatsoever. As there are still some cards on their way, I will leave the post on the sidebar for  another few weeks and then I will choose a name out of the hat to receive a goody bag....THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Another Busy Day

Another busy day..I am beginning to think that there aren't any other kind at the moment but......lots of card orders finished today and me thinks I may have earned a day off tomorrow....a bit of retail therapy perhaps or just out and about if the weather is still nice.
I thought I would share these two with you... both made with downloads from
Nitwit Collections......great papers and images and hey great for making quick cards.

  • Papers and Images from Nitwit Collections.....Little Men

  • Papers and Images from Nitwit Collections - Kindergarten

Well off to have a bite of lunch....outdoors today as the weather is great and then back to it.....hope the weather is kind where you are and you're having a great day.......kath xxxxxx

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2 Sketches 4 You

The sketch this week on 2 Sketches 4 You has been set by Laura....I so love this sketch challenge that I fear I may be and a hundred and odd other looking at everybody's creations and it's great inspiration.

I decided to do a more traditional style card but went completely wild with the flower... stamped 4 times onto the Laura Ashley paper with Versamark and embossed with Black. Cut each flower out and then ripped, distressed and tattered the edges before layering like this effect so you may see more of it. It felt strange working with black and gold today when the sun has got his hat on again.
  • Papers: Laura Ashley Traditional 6" x 6" Paper Pack
  • Stamp: Stampendous - Fresh Bloom
  • Black Border: Fiskars Border Punch
  • Wording: American Crafts Chipboard Alphabet
  • Brads: from my stash
  • Ribbon: American Crafts


It's been a week of nose to the grind with DT stuff, card orders and projects so I thought it's only fair that I should have a little reward.....a little treat....well that's my excuse that means something for my crafty hoard.... CAN YOU GUESS WHAT I BOUGHT.....
I thought we might have a little competition here....I was meaning to do a Blog Candy Give-away when I reached 20,000 hits, but hey I must have blinked because it's way past that now so here's the deal....
YOU TRY AND GUESS WHAT I HAVE BOUGHT.....LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR ANSWER AND THE CORRECT ANSWER WILL GET A BUNDLE OF GOODIES....if there is a will be a "names in the hat" job. Now I can't post a piccie because part of the Blog Candy has something to do with this item.
A few is one item, a real must have...lucky to get one and because it won't arrive for about 2 weeks...and that is a bit of a clue as well... I will leave a post at the top of my blog until the item arrives. Well what are you waiting for get guessing and GOOD LUCK.
P.S. There is one little lady (and you know who you are..who can't enter for this...'cos she knows what I have as a little thank you for keeping stume..I will be sending you a little something.....thanks mate.

What ya doin THURSDAY

Well can I suggest around about lunchtime....12 noon to be precise.... you put the kettle on.....make yourself a nice cuppa......switch on the telly...put your feet up and watch FUNKY HAND on Create & Craft..that's what I'll be doing..if you don't have can also watch online.  The show features "Now That's Funky" CD and who knows you may get to see some of my card'll know WHICH ONES  when you hear me yelling "THAT'S ONE OF MINE". 
Tomorrow is also the last day to leave your comment on FUNKY HAND'S blog to be in with a chance of winning some fabby blog candy....if you haven't already visited.....get on over there....what are you waiting for.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back in Business

Well I'm back...two days of nose to the grindstone and I am almost caught up.....maybe now I will find some time to play and get some challenges done...I have been suffering serious challenge thinks I am ADDICTED...OH NO....ADDICTED to crafting.....ADDICTED to blog hopping and NOW ADDICTED to challenges...I fear there is NO CURE. Some of you seem to think that I took some time off to jet off and meet Mr TH himself (you know who you are...shame on you) and oh how I wish that were true..but just to prove that it ain't true here are some of the fruits of my labours....

Some card orders.............

little mantoo tweet 

Brag Book for a 60th Birthday Gift.................

brag book brag book 2

Have you heard that saying "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR".   After a week of hot humid nights, tossing and turning and it certainly doesn't help when my bed fellow is a great big lump of Golden Retriever who loves to sleep on my feet...I got my's COLD and it's RAINING.....well you know who to blame... and the guilty party will be back tomorrow to catch up on some serious blog doubt you have all been busy making fabby things for me to oogle over.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I am apologising in advance because I am going to be a VERY BAD.....BLOGGER over the next few at the moment is so deadline after another and I have fallen so far behind...why...because basically I have been enjoying the great weather here and not working...NAUGHTY..NAUGHTY...well life is too short and we don't often get great weather and that's my excuse. If I don't manage to pay you a visit please don't think that I have been abducted by aliens, run away with a tall dark stranger (in my dreams) or been spirited away to Tim Holtz's crafty place...oooh I wish.
And talking of the great man himself....I visit his blog every day but he's been missing in action too ..he was off at the CHA show in Chicago showcasing lots of his new products. But he's back blogging and he's got the most fabulous BLOG CANDY to give away...all the new products from the show....leave a comment for 3 how I would love to win...but guess how many comments there are thinks I have more chance of winning the old lottery. I have never met Tim but I know folks who have and he is the most down to earth humble guy...and I can believe it. A few months ago he featured a product on his blog which is like gold dust in the US and gave the info on where you could buy it....I duly ordered it and when the goodies arrived I e-mailed him to thank him for the info....well knock me over with a feather within 15 minutes back came a reply......drool...drool.....I have had an e-mail from TH. In fact and how sad is this it is still in my mailbox......I can't bring myself to delete it......Well enough blabbing woman....WORK TO BE DONE......will catch up with you all later in the week. Kath xxxxxxx

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Penny Black Saturday Challenge 7

Another week of feasting my eyes on all your fab creations featuring snow....well done everyone....and I can't believe it's time for the next challenge.....where does the week go.
The challenge this week on Penny Black Saturday "DOWN ON THE FARM" featuring something you would find down on the farm...well I chose a "MOO" cow...a name that my children used to use and it's sort of stuck.
I love COWS...they have such gorgeous big soft eyes and eyelashes that any girl would die for... I love the way that they can lick their noses with their big slubbery need for tissues there then ..just a pity they don't have the same self cleaning mechanism for the other end. Did you know that our loony government is debating at the moment how best to solve a rather delicate problem....well apparently all these cows releasing gas into the atmosphere (or farting to you and me) is affecting the ozone layer.....PLEEEEASE.... GIMME A BREAK......haven't you anything better to do with your time....whatever forced to have Porta Coo Loos in their fields or cows wearing Pampers... I am often stopped in my car by a herd of cows ambling back to their field after milking hurrying these girls ...they are coming through regardless and they are certainly no respecters of wing mirrors...they love to be up close and personal with the car and if perchance you happen to have the window open you are liable to get a big smackaroonie of a lick from a gorgeous bovine.....well I don't have any issues with your gas emissions our bard Rabbie Burns said "LET WIND BE FREE WHERE ERE YE BE". They haven't thought of taxing that yet but watch this space.....the nanny state brigade are probably working on it as we speak!!! Have a great weekend folks.....Kath xxxxxx
  • Papers: Basic Grey Sultry
  • Image: Penny Black "Bundle of Wishes"
  • Ribbon: Dovecraft
  • Rub-ons: Doodlebug - All Mixed Up

Friday, July 25, 2008

Two more Awards

Opened my mailbox this morning to discover I have been nominated for two more awards.......
this one from Amanda my kinda girl...with a blog name AJ-Insanity Center...well you just have to pay a visit and thanks so much Amanda for thinking about me.. I have already received this one and I know that I am supposed to pass this on but I think that most of you have got this already but if you haven't please feel free to take it for your trophy cabinet

and this one from Dawn a fellow North East of Scotland crafter...and Dawny P two of the kindest, loveliest folk and super talented a visit to their blogs you won't be disappointed.
Wylde Women Award
Here are the rules:
1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number inbetween - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.
2. Link back to this blogsite (http:// (so I can go visit all these wonderful women.
Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgement to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.
Thought for the day: What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other? George Eliot
Who do I choose for this award....there are so many folk out there who brighten my day and make me has a habit of jumping up and biting us on the bum from time to time and I am humbled by the wonderful people I have met along the way since I started my blog about 5 months ago...have never met most of you but consider you all as friends.... Wylde Woman...the name intrigued me.....well I suppose I was in my younger days...but as they say "I've seen the day but now it's night" but that's a whole other story...perhaps for another day.
I am going to nominate 2 very special people.......
Kirsty Wiseman......who kick starts my day in the most wonderful way and anybody who you can make me giggle at 6.00 in the morning, boy you definitely have a special talent. FH DT mate who has had Breast Cancer twice and kicked that son of a bitch's ass and come out the other side. She has a wonderful caring personality and a wicked sense of humour.
and Everyone......who takes the time to visit my blog...if you leave me a comment then I can pay you a visit...I am just an old nosey bird who loves to see what you have all been creating.
The weather ain't so nice today so perhaps I may get some crafting done.
Happy Friday to you all.......kath xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fan.tabby..tastic blog candy from FUNKY HAND need to get yourselves over to FUNKY HAND THOUGHTS pronto....right this the be in with a chance of winning the most
fan..tabby..tastic BLOG CANDY ever.... to celebrate Funky Hand's 2nd Birthday.

"Everything that is in the picture, which contains some fab giant felt flowers from Prima, a couple of packets of fancy brads, a chipboard alphabet, two chip board hearts, a set of ribbons and A small packet of Doodlebug all mixed up letter rub ons in Bubblegum.
But that's not all.... as well as what's in the picture I'm also going to offer the winner a choice of TWO of my Funky Hand CD paper collections, and give them free access to TWO of any of the Funky Hand download collections available on my website.If you win you chose which you want"

There is definitely a theme of 2 going on here, don't you think.
To be in a chance of winning, you need to leave a comment on FHT blog..the draw will take place on Thursday 31st July and if you put a link to the blog candy on your own will have 2 chances of winning. So what are you waiting for get your skates on folks...GO...GO....GO....

We're having a Heatwave

And not before time..........summer has arrived in the North East of Scotland....three days in a row...that must be a world record. I've been having a little potter in the garden this morning and the plants are sure enjoying the sunshine too...take a peep at these little beauties.....the wonders of nature never fail to amaze me. I can't believe the clematis never usually flowers until mid August and already it's laden with blooms and hundreds of buds.

I had the laziest of days yesterday....just couldn't get my motivation going....not good enough Mrs.....lots of projects and DT stuff to catch up my crafting partner on the case?...I fear not......caught napping on the job......well I think a verbal warning may have to be issued....don't you realise Buddy we have deadlines to meet......the least he could do is lick up all the little sticky bud papers littering the floor....YEAH..YEAH..MUM...I'M LISTENING.
Hope the weather is great where you are and enjoy the rest of your week....Kath xxxxxxx

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2 Sketches 4 You Challenge

The sketch this week on 2 Sketches 4 You has been set by Kazan.
Now regular visitors to my blog will know that my card making style is fairly simple and I like nice clean lines...well I don't know if the sun is affecting my brain or the fact that I have working with the fabulous new downloads from Funky Hand has anything to do with you it....but hold onto your hats folks....because KATH has gone FUNKY in a big way....way out of my comfort zone but I quite like you can see I am head over heels in love with the papers from the new downloads and can't stop playing with them.. lots of inking and doodling and a bit of ripping and distressing...a technique that Kerry does beautifully....I think I have a way to go before I master it but it was fun.

It's another gorgeous day here and I am usually so disciplined about my working day but it's hard when you work from home and the patio area is just outside my little work space..the sun is shining, the birds are singing ...can't help but pop out every so often for a relax and another coffee to keep the caffeine levels up to speed..and it is so difficult to force myself back to the's just as well that we don't get this weather all year round.....card production levels would be virtually nil.

  • Papers: "Funky Little Christmas"downoad - Funky Hand
  • Stamp: Snowflake Rosette - Hero Arts
  • Alphabet: Thickers - American Crafts
  • Ribbon: American Crafts
  • Rub-ons: All Mixed Up - Doodlebug
  • Ampersand: Cut with Cricut George & Basic Shapes at 2" Shadow

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Funky Little Christmas

What I hear you say...did she mention Christmas..well let's face it girls it ain't that far away so you needs to be starting your Chrissie cards soon and I have the perfect solution for you..... What a great job I have being on the Design Team for the fabulous Funky Hand and I have had great fun this week because........Anice has just released 2 new downloads...FUNKY LITTLE CHRISTMAS and FUNKY CHRISTMAS TIME ......both available to download from the website for just...£3.49 and take it from won't be disappointed.
These cards are made with papers from Funky Little Christmas and I fell in love with them the minute I saw them...the yummy Fuschia Pink and the oh so.....delicious Lime Green....not your traditional Christmas colours....but oh so... modern and on trend.  20 Papers in Pink, Brown and Green with a matching alphabet and a page of Funky Toppers.  I have used one of the toppers on the second card  and there are extra trees on the page for you to decoupage if you wish. They even have faux stitching added....thanks Anice what a great idea...job done if you aren't happy with your own doodling.
Will be back soon with some more samples to show you from Funky Christmas Time.

Absolutely Pooped

Well Brodie and Oliver have gone home and I am absolutely pooped.... not that they are any trouble but we have had an absolute heatwave today and we were all flagging...lucky Oliver got an afternoon jealous was Grandma but the cot isn't big enough for two. Even Brodie ran out of steam this afternoon and just wanted to snuggle on the sofa and watch Jungle Book. I love the songs from that film but just didn't have the energy to get up and do my usual silly dancing which Brodie thinks is hilarious. It's now nearly 5pm and it's cooking....still 28 this Summer at last? Lots of work to catch up on but hey it will have to wait until it is off to have a flop on the sofa and catch a few zzzzz's.
Before I go must say a big thank you to Holly, Vicky and Lainy for giving me an award...thanks for thinking of me and I am supposed to pass this on but quite honestly how can I choose out of all the fabulous card makers out consider yourselves all awarded and if you wish to take the award for your's my pleasure.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday "FUNKY HAND"

It's an exciting week at Funky Hand...we have a birthday to will be 2 years on Thursday that Anice sold her first copy of The Funky One CD so to mark the occasion of..... FUNKY HAND'S OFFICIAL 2ND BIRTHDAY... there will be the launch of a giant blog candy prize (and it will be worth entering) on FUNKY HAND'S BLOG. And....there is more EXCITING NEWS.....Anice has been working very hard to produce two brand new downloads which will be released later this lips are sealed on pain of a terrible punishment (and that is something that doesn't happen very often) but I can tell you that they are absolutely gorgeous...I just know that you are going to love them....I have had such fun playing with the papers and can't wait to share with you what I have been creating. I was very honoured when Anice asked me to join her new Design Team and what a fabulous bunch they are...all nutters but hey the loveliest bunch of nutters you could ever meet....and I suppose it takes one to know one...we have great fun on the team blog....where the topics of conversation range from the sex life of Carol's hedgehogs to the trials and tribulations of being female and the best place to buy all the latest crafty goodies. Joking aside I am truly in awe of their talent and pop over to their blogs later in the week (you will find a link to all their blogs under Funky Hand Gang Mates on my blog roll) to see their fabulous creations from the new downloads. And in the time honoured fashion let me propose a toast..Great company, great products, great boss and great team mates..what more could a girl ask for..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY...FUNKY's to many more.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Too Tweet

Yes it's Sunday, the weather is horrendous - very windy, chilly and what's new........
team Kath is working away in her little workshop (cubby hole really) but workshop sounds posher...finishing off some card orders.....Brodie and Oliver will be here on Monday and Tuesday so no crafty time for me and probably no posts on my blog either. I am really into "birdie" cards at the moment so I thought I would share this little cutie with you.
  • Papers: Dotty Paper - Little Fleurs Collection - Pink Petticoat
  • Image: Two Tweet Download - Pink Petticoat
  • Circle: cut with 3" Scalloped Punch
  • Ribbon: Dovecraft
  • Stamp: "Hey Little Birdie" clear stamp set - Hero Arts

Hope the weather is kinder where you are and enjoy what's left of the weekend ...Kath xxx

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Penny Black Saturday Challenge 6

Great response again last week to Tracy's sketch and I loved visiting you all to see your fabulous takes on the challenge and you sure do love your Penny Black stamps.
The challenge this week on Penny Black Saturday is ....Christmas..."Snow Much Fun" to incorporate snow on your card in some way. Let me tell you the weather we have been having here it wasn't hard to imagine's been freezing..more like November than June. I always think that snow on a card has to have glitter on it and boy oh boy try getting a piccie of anything with glitter on wouldn't believe how many shots I took of this card before I got one that was half decent and you didn't need sunglasses for the glare.
I do so love snowmen images and look away now if you are of a nervous disposition but a few years ago when stamping sort of went a little bit out of fashion...I sold off loads of my Christmas stamps including some gorgeous Penny Black snowmen.....I know what you're thinking..shock horror... "HOW COULD YOU?" well it's a decision I regretted almost as soon as I had done due to the lack of PB Christmas stamps in my stash..something I will have to rectify...I have used a Stickeroo image.......IS THAT ME OFF THE CHRISTMAS CARD LIST OR AM I FORGIVEN!!!
  • Paper: Sandylion "Snowy Night
  • Snowman & Blue Snowflakes: Penny Black Stickeroos..Every Christmas
  • Snowflakes: Quickutz Die
  • Sentiment: Cut with Cricut George & Basic Shapes
  • Rub-on's: Doodlebug Simply Sweet & All Mixed Up

I created the snow effect by applying PVA Glue quite thickly and sprinkling with glitter.Finished off by doodling some snowflakes onto the wording to match the snowflakes around the image.

Friday, July 18, 2008

DCM Challenge

The challenge this week from Daring Cardmakers has been set by Rhi and is to use a journalling it stamped, premade, handcut, digital or doodled, to frame your handwritten message on your card......really enjoyed making this card...just my style....plain and simple..with a bit of doodling. Love this new range of paper from Crate Paper and the bird die cut frame both from Craftwork Cards....the inner part of the frame was plain so I cut out a smaller frame from the reverse side of the blue paper and also paper pieced the bird and leaves. Cut out a flower from the same stripey paper and added my journalling spot. The die cut frame is already doodled so I doodled on the outside edge of the card to match......can't seem to make a card at the moment without a bit of doodling....

A big congratulations to the new members of the Daring Cardmakers team, Rein, Vanessa and my FH team mate Jozza..... a mega talented lady and I can't wait to see her DT creations every week...I think we are in for a real treat and lots of inspiration.

  • Paper: Crate Paper Sweet Branch Collection
  • Frame: Judith's Die Cut Frame - Bird

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Fun Day

A real fun day today - Brodie and Oliver came to spend the day with Grandma and Grandad and in the afternoon Mr Sunshine paid a visit....Grandad and Buddy set off to the forest for their walk... Oliver went down for his after lunch snooze so Grandma and Brodie had fun with a little bit of crafting. He loved playing with my punches but the only ones he could operate all by himself were the Fiskars Squeeze punches.....well the patio steps are now covered in small daisies, hearts, dots in all colours of the rainbow. Maybe in a year or two he will be joining Team Kath as my junior crafting partner.
Oliver was quite happy just having a snuggle with Grandad before they left to go home. It's gone all quiet again and Buddy is catching up on some snooze time and me well the fun crafting is over and it's back to work tonight......need to catch up on those card orders again and do a bit of serious blog hopping just to check up on what you've all been doing.......I leave you alone for a day and what do I've all been crafting like crazy and I need to catch up on all your fab creations.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Arty Girlz Challenge 43

The challenge this week on Arty Girlz is Male/Men...well aren't they just the most difficult of cards to make.. but let's face it girls they can be just difficult full stop a species I mean. There is, of course, one exception.......and that is ......the scrummy scrummy gorgeous Colin Firth (don't find him difficult at all) and I was in seventh heaven last night when I went to see MAMMA MIA...the movie....with my sis and niece. Heard lots of mixed reviews about this film.....not as good as the musical lots of folk have said.....well I would disagree....OK there isn't the same hand clapping, foot stomping, up on your feet dancing and singing 'til you're hoarse atmosphere that there was with the musical but it's hilarious....loved Meryl Streep and Julie Walters and of course, the dishy Mr Firth but what planet was the Casting Director from...must have been a woman in her right mind would cast the delicious Mr Firth as a gay man. Mr Blogger (another male) has been giving me the run around today.....been trying to post this for ages....wouldn't let me upload my piccies.....well I did say they are difficult.....MEN..
  • Papers: Memory Stor
  • Sentiment: Circle Stamp from Stamps Away
  • Brads: from my stash
  • Alphabet Stamp: Docrafts

Monday, July 14, 2008

Can't resist a challenge

This was a sketch that Chris featured in a post on the Fiskarettes blog pointing out the benefts of using sketches in Cardmaking and Scrapbooking. I love working with a sketch - a great source of inspiration and and let's face it we all suffer from the dreaded "Crafter's Block" from time to time. I must admit I am thoroughly addicted to sketch challenges and when Chriss - one of my Fiskarettes buddies left the following comment "well i do love a crafty challenge…is anyone else going to join me and have a go" well say no more my name was in the hat - never been a girl to duck a challenge....but surely we can do better than that so I challenged all the other Fiskarettes to get creative....can't wait to see how everyone else interprets the sketch.
I turned the sketch around to make my first card and then the old mojo went into overdrive and I made a further two cards.....each one different.
  • Papers: Shabby Saturday available as a download ....Funky Hand
  • Flourish: Clear Stamp Set....HOTP
  • Brackets: Thickers....American Crafts
  • Sentiment: Alphabet Stickers....American Crafts and Clear Stamp Set....HOTP
  • Papers: American Stor
  • Cardstock: Craftwork Cards
  • Ribbon: Poppicrafts
  • Flourish: Autumn Leaves - Rhona Farrer
  • Sentiment & Image: Hero Arts - Sparkle Clear "Hello Birdie
  • Papers: Cardmakers Floral Ultimate Pack...HOTP
  • Flowers: Cuttlebug Asterisks Die
  • Ribbon: American Crafts
  • Buttons: Basic Grey Sultry Collection

Monday Morning

What a great start to a Monday morning award.. and the sun is back.
I have just been given an award from a very special little friend Holly...thanks so much for thinking of me...this is Holly's last week at nursery and then in September she will be going off to school.
Holly loves to make cards with her Mum ...pop over to her blog for a lookie..... if this is what she can create at 4 years old....hang on to your hats gals we are in for some serious competition in the future. I now have to pass this award onto 3 people...well how do you pick 3 out of all the mega talented folkies out there..impossible for me I am always amazed by what you create with bits of paper, a stamp perhaps or a few all of you talented folk out there consider yourselves awarded.
Mr Sunshine has returned to the North East of Scotland and not before time.....last week was freezing and wet...more like November than July. Buddy and I so enjoyed our walk this morning....even the birds were happy...singing their little hearts out. Some crafty stuff to finish off today before Brodie and Oliver arrive tomorrow for a couple of days...yippee some fun playmates for Buddy instead of Mum who's always making things and Dad who watches TV or is making a noise with his latest DIY project.
Hope the weather is good where you are and enjoy the rest of your week.
Love Kath xxxx

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Penny Black Saturday Challenge 5

Another tremendous response to last week's challenge  - great creations from everyone who entered and can you believe we are on challenge number 5 already.
The challenge this week on
Penny Black Saturday is based on a sketch....interpret it however you want, twist it... turn it...have fun.  I love working with sketches and for this one I chose one of my favourite colour combinations black..white and  I paper pieced the dress, shawl and handbag, added some punched circles, faux stitching, black dots to the flower with a Sharpie marker and a little bit of glitter here and there for a bit of pizazz.
A great prize on offer this week from Craftykrafts.  Look forward to seeing what you create with the sketch created by Tracy.
  • Papers: Little Fleurs Collection from Pink Petticoat
  • Image: Penny Black "Light the Night"
  • Sentiment: All Mixed up Rub-ons from Doodlebug
  • Flower: Poppicrafts

Friday, July 11, 2008


Wow I am absolutely chuffed and had to share this with you.....I am a finalist in Pink Petticoat's
"Lots of Dots" competition... can't believe it.. Congrats to Sara and Stephanie - the 2 winners and to all the other finalists for their fab creations - the standard was so high that I must say a big THANK YOU to Liz for choosing my entry. I am a big big fan of everything that Liz creates from fab papers to gorgeous images - pop over and have a look at all the competition cards HERE and while you are there check out all the goodies for sale.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Arty Girlz Challenge # 42

The challenge this week on Arty Girlz is based on a sketch.

I love working with sketches - a great source of inspiration and for a bit of fun I have twisted this one and decided to use some of my favourite papers from Basic Grey All card orders for this week are almost up to date and it has been quite a hectic week with one thing and another so it was play time this afternoon and another challenge ticked off. Off on a bit of a jaunt tomorrow and on the way home popping in to deliver the pile of cards you have sent for Maggie's Centre to my friend (and what a pile of gorgeous, gorgeous cards). Apologies for being a bit of a naughty blogger this week and neglecting you all - will be back on Friday and try to catch up with what you have all been doing - creating fabulous things no doubt.
  • Papers: Basic Grey 6 x 6 Sultry Pad
  • Stamp: Hero Arts Friends Background stamped onto tag and flower
  • Ribbon: American Crafts
  • Flower: Poppicrafts
  • Sentiment: Rub-on Junkitz Expressionz

Monday, July 7, 2008

2 Sketches 4 You Sketch Challenge

The sketch this week on 2 Sketches 4 You has been set by Kazan.
I've got a really busy week ahead cardmaking and babysitting my two grandchildren - supergran I am not - can't do them all at the same time so thought I had better get this challenge done pretty quickly or before you know where you are it's the weekend again.

  • Cardstock - DCVW Self Adhesive Turquoise & Chocolate
  • Paper - Enchanted Collection from Craftwork Cards
  • Chipboard Flower - Woodware Chippies covered with Enchanted Paper
  • Flower Sentiment - Circle Sentiment from Craftwork Cards
  • Pin - RAK from Penny
  • Chipboard Alphabet and Stickers - American Crafts
  • Ribbon - from a box of choccies long since enjoyed.

Pop over to Penny's blog where she has these gorgeous pins in many different colours for sale.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Daring Cardmakers Challenge

The challenge this week from Daring Cardmakers is set by Keryn who lives in New Zealand and in the Southern Hemisphere, of course it is their Winter.... "use images, colour, embellishments that make you feel cold and remind you of winter...well here in Scotland it's doesn't have to be winter to feel cold....but not today...lovely and warm and would you believe it SUNNY!!!
I love this paper - it is heavily embossed with distressed snowflakes which I cut out to 3D and lightly covered in glitter. The scallop border was cut with Fiskars Shapecutter using the edge of one of the templates.

  • Paper: Sandylion Designs "Snowflakes"
  • Sentiment: Vellum Sticker from the same collection
  • Gems & Ribbon: from my stash

I have been busy today with card orders after my "no crafting" day yesterday but hey all work and no play makes Jill a dull just had to fit in one challenge.

Penny Black Saturday Challenge 4

Another fabulous response to last week's challenge and thank you all for sharing your beautiful creations and inspiration with us.
The challenge this week on Penny Black Saturday is sponsored by "Funky Hand" and is to use buttons and brads. I am so lucky to be on the DT for Funky Hand and get to play with all the gorgeous designs created by Anice. The papers I have used are from "Shabby Saturday" which is available as a download from the Funky Hand website and I know I say this everytime Anice releases a new collection...but this is my absolute favourite...just love the soft muted colours. All the CD's and downloads are jam packed with loads of papers, alphabets and extra pop over and have a look.
The flower brads were pink...but oh so not the right pink so I inked them with a Versamark ink pad, dipped them in White Embossing Powder and heated - result gorgeous white flowers brads.
  • Papers: Shabby Saturday.....Funky Hand
  • Image: Teddy in Basket.....Penny Black
  • Alphabet: Shabby Saturday..Funky Hand & Thickers...American Crafts
  • Buttons, Brads & Ribbon: from my stash
  • Rub-ons: Doodlebug All Mixed Up
  • Gems: Hero Arts

Friday, July 4, 2008

A real fun day

There will be no cardmaking today - Brodie and Oliver arrived this morning to spend the day with Grandma and Grandad. Grandad was replacing the dining room window today and as soon as Brodie found out he packed up all his tools this morning and arrived ready for work with his hard hat, hammer, saw and jigsaw.

And it looks like Oliver was given the job of catering for the workers.
A real fun day but boy will Grandma sleep tonight. Sure is harder than crafting.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life's Too Short for

I have copied this from HEATHER (my FH mate's) blog tonight.... and good on you gal for voicing what lots of us feel and I couldn't agree more.....

"This is an appeal on behalf of busy bloggers. Please spare a thought for the poor bloggers who work so hard at getting round as many blogs as possible to leave sprinkles of pixie dust and good vibes wherever they go. The terrible proliferation of this awful plague of word verification is a blight on their efforts to make Blogland a cheerier place. So PLEASE (see.. it's a pretty please! lol)... Cancel word verification on your blogs! Have blog owner approval by all means, but word verification is a pain in the proverbial (insert appropriate noun here)!!!I know it is supposed to prevent spam, but I got rid of it on my blog some time ago, and I have only ever had to reject one single spam message.OK.. rant over. Thank you for putting up with it, and ~ obviously ~ do what you wish on your blogs, but I had to say SOMETHING!! I love to get around and leave comments, but this is driving me scatty!"

So come on folks....give it a really does make life easier for all of us who love to pay you a visit and leave a comment.

It's been a Funky Hand Day

I've been busy working on some Funky Hand samples today for an up and coming show on Create and Craft. The papers are from the "It's Funky Too" CD and I just love this Red's a beautiful red and so vibrant.Well it's been a good and a bad day..good because I get the chance to play around and try to be creative with these gorgeous papers but the bad is that sometimes you can have an idea for a card in your head and when you translate it onto paper it just doesn't work....wasted so much time trying to make it work and where is it the win some, you lose some.

The designs are fairly simple because the samples are intended to showcase the papers and the secret is don't be tempted to over-embellish. Maybe I should listen to my own advice sometimes and then no need to throw one in the bin.

Wow what can I say I am totally overwhelmed by the generosity of you all....Mr Postman is too....."hey you are popular..lots of parcels for you today again". I cannot thank you enough for all the cards for Maggie's Centre....may have to hire a lorry at this rate and go and deliver them personally. Big hugs to you all. If your name isn't highlighted above it's because I don't have your blog address, please e-mail me if you have a blog so that I can link to you.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Arty Girlz Challenge 41

The challenge this week on Arty Girlz is "Favourite Song" - the challenge here wasn't making the card it was choosing the song. I have a very varied taste in music from Andrea Bocelli... Elton John...Leona Lewis...Take That....Luis Miquel, Annie Lennox ...Michael Buble...I could go on....and now that I am a Grandma..we could add Postman Pat and the Wheels on the Bus. Being a real romantic at heart..I've finally gone for "The Power of Love" by Jennifer Rush...makes my skin go all goose bumpy every time I hear it.

  • Papers: Pink Petticoat
  • Swirl: Rhona Farrer Clear Stamp Flourishes
  • Hearts: Woodware chippies
  • Sentiment: American Craft Stickers
  • Charm & Ribbon: from my stash

Logged on to check the new challenge yesterday morning and surprise...surprise I have been randomly chosen for the fabulous prize from Crafty Individuals. Yahoo.....more stuff to play with.

2 Sketches 4 You Challenge

The sketch this week on 2 Sketches 4 You has been set by Laura.
Don't know why but I struggled with this one - some days it works and some days it don't and this was a real don't day......
I 've got a real thing for these little inchy pictures at the moment and hey I have discovered a great way to hold down your 1" squares until you stamp and do your colour work.....use an old Cricut mat - works has a grid to get your squares perfectly lined up and if you mask around with post-it notes it saves getting the ink on the mat and you could use it time and time more faffing around with bits of low tack tape.
  • Paper: Little Fleurs Collection .... Pink Petticoat
  • Image: from Home Tweet Home....Pink Petticoat
  • Ribbon and Flower: Poppicrafts
  • Alphabet and Accent Dots: Thickers - American Crafts
  • Rub-ons: Doodlebug All Mixed Up
  • Cardstock: Black Bazzil