Sunday, July 27, 2008


I am apologising in advance because I am going to be a VERY BAD.....BLOGGER over the next few at the moment is so deadline after another and I have fallen so far behind...why...because basically I have been enjoying the great weather here and not working...NAUGHTY..NAUGHTY...well life is too short and we don't often get great weather and that's my excuse. If I don't manage to pay you a visit please don't think that I have been abducted by aliens, run away with a tall dark stranger (in my dreams) or been spirited away to Tim Holtz's crafty place...oooh I wish.
And talking of the great man himself....I visit his blog every day but he's been missing in action too ..he was off at the CHA show in Chicago showcasing lots of his new products. But he's back blogging and he's got the most fabulous BLOG CANDY to give away...all the new products from the show....leave a comment for 3 how I would love to win...but guess how many comments there are thinks I have more chance of winning the old lottery. I have never met Tim but I know folks who have and he is the most down to earth humble guy...and I can believe it. A few months ago he featured a product on his blog which is like gold dust in the US and gave the info on where you could buy it....I duly ordered it and when the goodies arrived I e-mailed him to thank him for the info....well knock me over with a feather within 15 minutes back came a reply......drool...drool.....I have had an e-mail from TH. In fact and how sad is this it is still in my mailbox......I can't bring myself to delete it......Well enough blabbing woman....WORK TO BE DONE......will catch up with you all later in the week. Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Mailbox be hanged.. I'd frame it (with a pic of the man himself)!! ;o)

    Will miss you, Kath. Hurry back.

    (Hehe!! She's going to be sooooo busy, she'll miss my rude comment about her on my blog!! Haha!!)

    Heather xx

  2. Oh Kath..lucky lucky !!!!you then!!!bet your off to board a plane and go meet him (Tim) I mean!!!!lol....secretly really arnt ya!!!!!
    Hey I get best Award for the worst possible
    Have a wonderful Evening:):):)x

  3. Have a nice time playing catch up - I hate doing it so wish you the very best in doing it!!

  4. We may miss you for a few days honey but my do we look forward to seeing your new creations when you get back to blogland...

    Keep smiling..

    Lorraine xxx

  5. hurry and catch up- bet you can't stay away too long! wow no wonder you can't delete the email from TH don't think I would either

  6. wish I was having good weather up here Kath - it's dull grey and foggy!
    Wow and an E-mail from the man himself!! I would've been on the floor...
    Don't eork too hard.


  7. :0( Miss you Kath!
    I know you're really going to have a fling with T!m H. Hee-Hee! :0)
    Can't wait until you come back.
    Take care,