Monday, May 31, 2010

What Time of Day is This?

Hi's your gorgeous furry boy here and I know what you are thinking what time of day is this to be posting.....well Mum is rather busy busy today.....and Oliver has been I took him out to the garden for some fun...and it's been so hot....boy was I cooking with this furry coat....and it doesn't have a zip so I am stuck with it.
After a couple of games of football we took out the play tent.....

and if he moves over....there will be room for me too

It's a bit tiring being a it was time to get out of the sun....chill out and have some much needed zzz's

Grandad has set off to take Oliver home....Mum is still shut in the cubbyhole....something about her card for the Get Funky Challenge tomorrow....oh yes once again....she is chasing her tail and running at the last minute.
In the meantime....I am off to have a serious snooze.....that little rascal has run me ragged.
Big Hugs & Snuggles

Sunday, May 30, 2010

All Partied Out

Morning folks.....from a bleary eyed and a bit of a sore headed crafter......oh boy did we all have a fun day yesterday at the birthday party.......first the promised pic of the card

and it all started off with afternoon tea at one of Aberdeen's POSH hotels....very civilised...and very yummy

and then it was back to Sis's house and not content with already being stuffed with gorgeous delicacies.....we got stuck into wine and nibbles followed by a finger buffet.....and this is my downfall because I just can't resist finger licking good food.
Time for The Budster and I to partake of our morning stroll... it's dull dreich and raining....that'll clear the head somewhat and after my mega fun day's pay back time......need to catch up on the crafty workload.   Catch up with you all later.
Hugs Kath xxx

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Penny Black Saturday Challenge Week 103

Morning folks and I am still recovering from my mega stress day yesterday....but more about that's Saturday...time to look out your Penny Blacks for another challenge over at Penny Black Saturday.
A fabulous response to last week's challenge and boy did you all rock the "Lots of Dots" challenge...I apologise if I didn't get around to visiting you all towards the end of the week due to broadband going AWOL.
Sadly we are saying goodbye this week to our lovely guest designer for the month of May....the mega talented's been a pleasure having Janiel on the team and like me I'm sure you have enjoyed all the gorgeous inspiration she shared with us all.
And the last challenge for the month of May is......

I bet you have all been spending lots of time recently in the garden
and hope the weather where you are is still summery.....we are now in monsoon season here I think...but you may need your shades to view my card this week....I have gone all bright and sunny

Papers: Prima Rusted "Laguna Beach"
Image: Penny Black....Gifts For You
Flowers: TH Alterations...Tattered Flowers overstamped with Hero Arts Tiny Jubilee Dots
Sentiment: Letraset Rub-on Alphabet
Velvet Ribbon....American Crafts

and we have another fabulous prize for one lucky winner
15% lifetime discount voucher from
where you will find a huge selection of our beloved Penny Blacks

Now onto the broadband saga....well believe me folks this card will not be sent to BT....they certainly didn't fill my day with sunshine.     Just as I was getting ready to upload this week's my post and the one for Penny Black Saturday....I discovered I had no broadband connection.....according to my computer....everything was OK but the only light showing on the hub was the power light.    So I started doing some checking.....restarted the go....checked the phone line and all extensions..all working...checked the ASDL's....all it was time to brace myself and call Broadband Help.   And of course....they treat you like a 2 year old.....crawl under your desk...unplug this that and the other.....well I was having none of it....didn't have time to spend hours on the phone whilst I had a 3 year old running riot around the house.
Explained that I had already done all these checks and although I am by no means a computer expert....I ain't no numptie either...and I suspected that there was a fault with the line.   Off he went to check and called back 15 minutes later.....yes I was right...he would pass it on to the Network Connection team.....they would investigate and have me reconnected within 48 hours......well that was like a red rag to a way Jose....I am paying a princely sum each month for my broadband connection and I am not waiting 48 hours to be it was time to use the ploy that worked so well last time....if it isn't back on by tonight...I will be moving my account.....and hey presto back in business by take note folks....if you ever have to do battle with BT...the money trick works every time.
And a big thank you to my lovely teamie Jacqui for doing today's post and saving me from a stress induced heart attack.....boy oh boy I was in major panic mode.   But all's well that ends well and I could then enjoy the rest of the day singing and dancing along with Oliver while watching our favourite film...Jungle Book.  Can't wait to see what you all create this week and will be popping over to pay you all a visit.
Today is a rather special little Sis has just joined the ranks of us Senior Citizens.....or the Old Farts Club...whichever way you want to put it.....can't post her card I know she creeps across here sometimes for a read.....but will share tomorrow and if you are reading this Sis......HAPPY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY...LOVE YOU LOADS and will see you later today for a big birthday hug.
Happy Crafting
Hugs Kath xxx

Friday, May 28, 2010

Down to Earth with a Bump

Morning folks....yesterday was intended to be a non crafty day....but as always in the cubbyhole...things rarely go according to plan and it turned into a bit of a crafting frenzy all because of a late morning phone call..."can Oliver come and stay with Grandma on Friday" and that was Friday's plans out the it was skates on and get those crafty fingers working. Penny Black Saturday DT card to make...sample and workshop stuff to do and try and catch up on my commenting over at Penny Black and before you know the day is gone but I had to have a little break when I saw the postie arriving with this......

my parcel of goodies from Hero Arts

and would you believe I had forgotten what I had chosen for my prize so there was a bit of a Christmas moment...couldn't wait to see what goodies lay inside
Off to have a quick tango round with Mr Dyson before Oliver arrives...don't know why I bother because the minute he arrives the toy box is emptied all over the family room floor and bedlam reigns until he goes home but it's Grandad's job to tidy up. I suspect that the garden will be a no go area today...if the weather is anything like yesterday. I took a quick trip into town and in the space of  a 20 minute drive experienced all four seasons...hail....sleet...rain that even the wipers on fast couldn't cope with and then brilliant sunshine.
Will catch up with you all tomorrow for another fabulous challenge over at Penny Black Saturday.
Hugs Kath xxx

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm back

Morning folks.....I'm back but the burning question I in one piece.....we had a real fun trip away...but it sure has taken its toll on the old don't know if there will be any crafting done today.
And it didn't quite start off on a good note....I had booked a Friends and Family ticket which allows up to 4 people to travel with Scotrail at a hugely discounted sis and 2 friends were joining the train at the next station down the line from Aberdeen...which is Stonehaven...15 minutes into the journey but when I tried to go through the barrier at Aberdeen....the machine protested and then Mr Jobs Worth came marching over....."where are the other 3" he asked....I explained.   I had just made this guy's day and he launched into the rules and regulations....not allowed...we all had to get on the train at the same station and with minutes to spare he told me I would have to go and get a ticket for myself from Aberdeen to Stonehaven.....normally I would have argued the toss with this officious little twat but no I sprinted to the ticket office and just made it back before the train left.
We reach Stonehaven and the other 3 join the train....minutes into the journey....little Sis discovers she has left her purse with cash and credit cards on the kitchen this time....I am convinced the trip is we just get off at the next station and walk home.
Oh old girls aren't phased by a few minor hiccups.....Mrs Banker Kath comes to the rescue by raiding her cashline account and we set off for M&S in Argyle Street for some retail therapy.
From then on in.....we had a ball......and boy oh boy did Westlife rock the SECC.....from the minute they came on stage....the whole place was rocking and I mean literally....9000 all are dancing whether you want to or not...but all too soon it's over and we are making our way back to the was such a lovely evening so we decided to join the throng of happy youngsters making their way home along the river all singing their favourite Westlife songs.....then it was back to the hotel bar for a few drinkies and some mega chatting before hitting the sack in the wee small hours....and the gluttons for punishment that we are.....up  bright and early the next morning...fuelled by a massive breakfast...we are soon hitting the pavements again for more retail therapy.
No photos to share I'm afraid....I did manage to suss out the camera on my mobile phone....but cameras and strobe lighting don't make for good piccies and I haven't yet worked out how to get them from my mobile phone onto the computer you just have to take my word for it....that we had a ROCKIN' GOOD TIME  in Glasgow.    We met such wonderful warm friendly people.....I love the Glaswegian sense of humour and must give a little mention to the two gorgeous KLM pilots that we met at the hotel......ooohhh I can feel some freebie flights coming my way.
So from a foot sore and slightly deaf's ta ta for now....catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxx

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Greetings from Glasgow

Morning folks....I scheduled this post before I left....and hopefully Mr Blogger will be a good lad and have done as he was told...well you didn't think I would leave you all in the lurch with nothing to read the time you are reading this I will probably be tucking into a hearty English Breakfast....I do love hotels that do that whole buffet thing and then I wonder why I have a spare tyre that wouldn't look amiss on the back of a 4x4....and the strangest thing is when I'm at home....I just have coffee and don't eat until about 10ish.
As promised the reason for the mad frantic card making day on Monday......

 for a gentleman who will be 75 years young and loves black labradors...shooting and his Mitsubishi Warrior

and a lady who will soon be celebrating her 80th birthday.....who loves and bingo
and look what arrived in the post for Buddy and me.....a lovely sweet card from Andrea...just to say thank you for her blog candy
thank you so much Andrea for the lovely kind thought and I love those beautiful tulips

If you are a Hero Arts Nut like need to pop over to the Hero Club Blog for some sneaky peeks of their brand new Summer Arts & Crafts catalogue to be launched on 1st June.....absolutely delish....will I be able to resist....what do you think.     Stand by with the order book Jacqui.
I will be back in the cubbyhole bright and early doubt one of us girlies will get up to some mischief while we are away and hopefully will have some pics to show...if I can figure out how the camera on my mobile phone works.  See you soon.
Hugs Kath xxx

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Off on a Jolly

Morning folks...phew....after early mornings and late nights...everything is done and dusted...and it's time to's been a busy old year so far in the cubbyhole and all work and no play is a tad it's time for this old crafty girl to cut loose the shackles and let her hair down....and where am I off to......away for two days to little treat for my Sis who will be celebrating a biggy birthday soon.....I will let you into a secret if you don't spread it around....the big 60.  The birthday girl...2 friends and yours truly are off to hit the high spots....a night in a luxury hotel... an evening's entertainment at the SECC with the gorgeous guys from Westlife and no doubt a bit of retail therapy thrown in for good measure.

And I have just discovered who the support act will be....oh no it's the Macdonald Brothers....from the X Factor 2006...Scotland's answer to Jedward.....not quite as dire but pretty close....that sounds like an extra hour in the bar.
We are only away for 2 days....but Mrs Organised Knickers here as per usual has to make a mountain out of a molehill.....big decision time....what to wear and what to pack.....something for all seasons might be an idea....the weather here has turned a tad cooler but it could still be cooking in Glasgow....will it be dry....will it be raining.....if I take a cosy jacket....I don't want to end up carrying it around if the sun decides to go ballistic but on the other hand....can't wander around in short sleeves if the arctic weather decides to come back....and after much pondering I think I may have turned over a new leaf...have decided I am going with the flow and if the worst comes to the worst....I can always nip into M&S and buy a vest or an umbrella.
By the time you are reading this....I will be on my way to the station....really looking forward to what I know will be a fun filled...laugh a minute girlie get-away....and I know what you are thinking...I have plenty spare knickers...perhaps I should have packed the Tena Ladies just in case.    It's great to spend some fun time with special friends....and brace yourselves Glasgow we're on our way.  Catch up with you all tomorrow with the reason for the mad manic last minute..middle of the night crafting session.
Hugs Kath xxx

Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday...and Allsorts

Morning folks....Monday morning and I've been up since 5.00am and got a couple of crafty hours in...blimey I hear you all say...has she completely lost the plot.....and the reason for being up and about at that ungodly's going to be a running about like a cat on a hot tin roof kind of a day....I am skiving off for two days this week on a little jolly and with still lots of stuff to do it's going to be nose to the grindstone and all hands to the pump......but I did manage to get a challenge card done amid all the mayhem.
The challenge this week over at Allsorts is......


Hero Arts: Old Letter Writing
Friends Background
Wildflower Garden
Gems..button and String from stash
Sentiment: My Little Shoebox Tiny Alphas
HOTP Sentiment Stamps

I have just had a bit of a rare brain activity moment and made a huge momentous discovery....I have been struggling with the large acrylic block needed for the Hero Arts Large Cling's heavy..cumbersome and quite difficult to hold until I saw a Hero Arts video over on Twitter and they were using this

blimey how could I be so dumb....being a Fiskars Demonstrator I have several of the Fiskars Stamp Press lurking somewhere at the bottom of my Demo Kit.....and I can't believe how easy it is and works if you too are struggling with large acrylic or cling stamps....get one of these....they come in 2 sizes....this is the larger one but the clings would fit perfectly on the smaller too.
And how did the car boot go....didn't exactly break the bank...lots of folks milling around but not too interested in buying our old tat...we did manage to get rid of some of the clutter but it was so hot and humid by the time I got home I felt a bit like a greasy plook (that translates as a greasy spot) and my feet were like puddings.....but what better way to finish off the day and cheer a girl up...snuggled up on the sofa for an hour and 15 minutes of sheer bliss... An Audience with Michael Buble......I trotted off to bed one very happy bunny.  It's time for our morning stroll and then it's WORK WORK WORK...tomorrow I will let you into the secret of my little jolly away...time for this old crafter to let her hair down with some girlie friends.
Hugs Kath xxx
To answer a couple of questions from my lovely bloggy buds....the two Tinas.....yes I did stamp the Friends Background from Hero Arts onto a plain flower.    The Wildflower Garden Stamp was inked with 2 colours of Distress Inks and then spritzed with water with Tim's fabulous Mini Mister....I love the watercolour effect this gives and if you add a little Perfect Pearls to the get an amazing shimmery effect.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Off to the Car Boot

Morning's another lovely sunny morning in the North East of Scotland and how am I spending my day...tres exciting...little Sis and I are off to our local Car Boot with 2 cars jam packed with all our old tat and by the time you are reading this we will be unloading and setting out our wares for's amazing the stuff  you hoard thinking it will come in handy some day and it never fails to amaze me what I think is utter someone else's must have item so fingers crossed we manage to get rid of most of it.
Yesterday I took the momentous decision to declutter my wardrobe...lots of stuff that doesn't fit anymore and all those bygone era clothes that will never come back into fashion no matter how long I keep them...time to be ruthless. All chucked in the washing machine for a freshen up and I spent the rest of the day doing this...not my most favourite of jobs...whatever gave you the impression it was all fun and games at the cubbyhole....

and the promised pics of our new totally decluttered boudoir...I do suspect that while I was toiling away with the smoothing iron...the furry boy was having a little snooze...the wrinkled dent in the duvet gives it away every time.

If only I could have the same ruthless streak when it comes to decluttering the cubbyhole
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: To answer Jessica's question....the tape measure and sentiment strips are from a company called East of India....I did find a website but it would appear that they only sell wholesale....I got mine from the haberdashery department of my local John Lewis....but Jessica is in the US...don't think John Lewis have ventured stateside yet.   And I forget that folks outside the UK are reading my "coo's tail" translates as the "cow's tail".....which means I am always late and running behind.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Penny Black Saturday Challenge...Week 102

Morning's Saturday...another glorious sunny morning and time for another challenge over at Penny Black Saturday.....a great response to last week's obviously all love your flowers and a big thank you to you all for joining in the fun.   I really enjoyed visiting you all and feasting my eyes on your gorgeous floral creations.
And this week's challenge is......

and I must confess I love anything with dots and spots

Image: Penny Black "Hugs"
Papers & Sentiment...WeRMK
Ribbon: American Crafts
Flowers: Prima

and we have a fabulous prize for one lucky winner this week
kindly donated by our lovely teamie Pauline

We have 2 unclaimed prizes from Week 100 Challenge Blog Hop....they have now been pop on over to Penny Black Saturday and check out if you are a lucky winner.
Well that's it's your turn now....get those spotty dotty papers and embellies looked out....your Penny Blacks inked up...I can't wait to see what you all create this week and will be popping over to visit.
We had a cracking thunder and lightning storm last night...and scaredy custard that I am....I had to switch off the computer half way through my Penny Black posts....well after all that finger tapping and photo uploading I would not have been a happy bunny if I had lost the whole lot and had to start all over again or worse still....the whole system I was finishing it all off in the "wee sma" hours.... translated as anytime after midnight.  And just to add to the fun....I published this post instead of scheduling any night owls out there may just have got more than a sneaky peek.
And what am I up to today....let's just of my most favourite jobs...NOT...but will be back tomorrow to share the excitement with you all.
Happy crafting.
Hugs Kath xxx

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Allsorts right enough

Morning folks....another beautiful morning here in the far north and it's definitely an Allsorts kinda of a day..I know it's a bit coo's tail....but I had to join in the birthday celebrations this week over at of my favourite challenges....happy birthday girls and here's to many more years of fab challenges...just disappointed I didn't get time to join in the fun of the blog hop.

Hero Arts Wild Flower Garden
Artistic Grasses
Paper Tape Measure & Sentiment Strip from East of India
Sewing background stamp....don't know who makes it
Tim Holtz Alterations...Tattered Florals
Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Back Canvas
Sentiment: Penny Black....Hugs
Pearls...Hobby House
Buttons from stash

I have fallen deeply in love with these tape measure and sentiment strips and how sad when you feel the need to wax lyrical about string....but it too is fabulous all from a company called East of India available at John Lewis....OK their stuff is a tad expensive but such good quality and just my style

And just time for a little sneaky peek before we dash off for our morning stroll

I know that I promised I would take some pics of the new boudoir....but the battery died on my camera yesterday and by the time I charged it up the daylight had will get them done and post on Sunday.....catch up with you all tomorrow for another fun challenge over at Penny Black Saturday.  Have a great day whatever you are doing.
Hugs Kath xxx

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back to work with Papertake Weekly

Morning folks..up with the lark this morning...sitting outside enjoying the first coffee of the day with only The Budster and my birdie friends for company....definitely the best time of the day...and it looks as though it's going to be another glorious day...the Met Office are predicting 4 months of beautiful weather....well you know what that means....they have definitely put the scuppers on Summer now...whatever they say....the weather usually decides to do the opposite....but if just for once they are right.....oh dear I can see the crafty conveyor belt grinding to a halt.
I must admit I have been feeling a bit guilty having so much time lazing in the sun last night I dragged myself into the cubbyhole and got those crafty fingers a heap of stuff done but nothing I can share at the moment....but surprise surprise....I did manage to get a challenge card done.
The challenge this week over at Papertake Weekly is

normally I would make a beeline for my Primas
but Mr Mojo seems stuck with Hero Arts and Tim Holtz at the moment....and who am I to argue

Hero Arts Clings...Wildflower Garden stamped with Versamark
and embossed with Detail White
Background created with Distress Ink Weathered Wood
overstamped with Hero Arts Clings.. Antique Brocade...Weathered Wood
Hero Arts... Old Letter Writing....Brushed Corduroy
Ribbon..buttons and string from stash
Sentiment...Hero Arts..Thinking Of You
Woo.....hoo...this card just got a mention over at Hero Arts Twitter
I should have waited until last night to do "What's On My Workdesk Wednesday"....oh boy that would have been a shocker for was a bomb site....and when I finally finished at 10.30pm....I was so tempted to just close the door and head for bed but I know what a "Mrs Grumpy Knickers" I am if I come down in the morning to a trashed it was time to put the kettle chocolate and a bit of cracking the whip did the trick...all ship shape ready for another crafty day of ticking things off the never ending list.
Catch up with you all tomorrow for sneaky peek Friday....and I must remember to get some pics of the new boudoir
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: went over to link my card and guess what Mr Linky has gone he off on his hols or just late for work...need to check back later and I notice he's also missing over at Penny Black Saturday....what is it with these guys constantly taking the mick....if it's not Mr's that other good for nothing....Mr Blogger.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday

Morning folks and it's time to share what's on my workdesk over at WOYWW...and as you can see NIL..NOTHING...NADA..ZILCH

 BUT I do have a pile of stuff I should be working on...

who knows how long the gorgeous weather will I am taking advantage of one more day out in the garden...a bit of tidying up and no doubt...quite a few breaks for coffee and a seat here....
and tomorrow I will have to drag myself back into the cubbyhole....kicking and screaming probably and get stuck in.....but for today I am going to enjoy......hope you are enjoying the sunshine too wherever you are.
We had a real fun day yesterday with the gorgeous Oliver......he built a house with his workbench and cooked lunch for Grandma and Granda on his cooker....while His Nibs lay and snoozed in the shade.
Catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxx

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Summer?

Morning's summer....we've had 3 gorgeous days on the trot but just in case it turns out like last week in May....I am taking full advantage....the cubbyhole has been deserted and it turns out Mr Mojo has had the same idea....he's off on a jolly point in getting myself in a I am skipping off work for a few days and spending my days in the garden and today Oliver is coming to keep us company....he is a bit young to be let loose in the cubbyhole so it's definitely going to be a no crafty kinda day so even more reason to bunk off.
And I was all set to introduce you to my new best friend or so I thought.....

but it turns out it is going to be a brief acquaintance.   Now forgive me...silly old moo that I am....for thinking if I bought a sewing machine it would actually sew...I will admit it is tres cute and dinky...very lightweight and looked ultra chic in the cubbyhole but it couldn't sew for amount of twiddling the tension knob made any difference....and after mountains of wasted card and's packed back in the box and will be returning to whence it came.  So down from the depths of a cupboard upstairs came my trusty old Singer....35 years old if it's a day....a little dust down and a bit of tension adjustment and off it went....sewing just like it should... even through 300gsm cardstock.....and after thousand of miles of stitching over the years...there is life in the old girl yet.
Off to walk my gorgeous hooligan....have a quick flick round with Mr Dyson before my other gorgeous hooligan arrives....and fingers crossed the weather holds and they can both be out in the garden letting off steam while I put my feet up and watch the flowers grow.
Hugs Kath xxx

Monday, May 17, 2010

What have I been doing?

Morning folks and what have I been up to?  Well to start off....hosing down that naughty pupster....oh yes how naughty was he on Friday morning.....taking off at full tilt when he saw his lady love...the gorgeous Miss Ruby....right through a peat bog...they do say love is blind....but in his case stupid also comes to mind.   He spent the whole morning in the kitchen....wet..honking and thoroughly in disgrace.    Has he learned his lesson...somehow I don't think so but it may be some time before he is spouting off about messy crafters.
And just to cheer him up....because he definitely looked a bit hang dog....two of his lovely bloggy buds sent us an award.....
from the lovely Kelly
and I love her blog title....Uniquely Me..Imperfections and All
well now that is "The Budster" to a T
We are supposed to pass this on to 12 other bloggers.....but you know way could we choose out of all the lovely folks who come to are awarding it to all crafty bloggers wherever you are...
and from the lovely Ramona from Create With Joy

Always Look on the Bright Side....well with a crafty partner like "The Budster" I don't have any option.
Thank you girls for making our was so kind and we appreciate it.

And then I took off to my favourite crafty haven of all things delicious Simply Create where I spent the rest of the morning with the lovely Anne and Lyn....had a great time...drinking coffee...crafty chatting and of course picking up some gorgeous bits and pieces.   Remember girls....the cubbyhole has ample supplies of coffee and choccy give me a call.
The sun had definitely got his hat on Saturday I decided to get out the power washer and get rid of all that winter grime from the patio and paths.....not such a good idea....ended up splattered in muck and by evening I could hardly walk....oh those old bones were sure aching...but it's all looking clean and sparkly now and I'm sure I'll recover before it's time to do it all again.
Sunday was party gorgeous Grandson Oliver was celebrating his No 3 birthday....where does the time we took off for an afternoon of pressie opening and cake.

and before you know it's Monday morning and a beautiful sunny one at that....has summer eventually arrived...I do hope so.     Time to cut the chat and get back to the crafty job.
Catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxx

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well...who got the last laugh

Morning folks.....this post comes with a Government Health not view whilst holding hot liquids....if you are of a certain age it might be a good idea to spend a penny first...and please look away now if you are thinking of getting a Goldie Pup or are of a nervous explanation necessary.....a picture paints a thousand words don't you think....

Hugs Kath xxx
And if you can stop laughing for long enough....pop over to Penny Black Saturday I have just posted the winners of the Blog Hop Week 100 Challenge.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Penny Black Saturday Challenge...Week 101

Morning folks and where has this week gone...already it's Saturday and of course that means Penny Black Time.   What a fabulous response to last week's blog hop and I had great fun hopping around looking at all your fabulous takes on the sketch....hope you enjoyed it too.
And the winner of my goodie give-away is.....


and the winner of Buddy's goodie give-away for one lucky commenter is.....

he hasn't decided what is in his parcel yet..he is having a bit of a sulk....will explain why tomorrow.
if you e-mail me with your addies girls...we will get your parcels off in the post 

Lots of news for you this week.....sadly our lovely teamie Jackie is standing down from the team...going to miss you Jackie and your wonderful inspiration......the good news....our lovely teamie Domi is getting married today and I wish her and her new hubby lots of love and happiness for the future.
But the bestest news of all......we have 4 wonderful cardmakers joining our happy little pop on over to Penny Black Saturday and welcome our gorgeous new teamies....

The challenge this week over at Penny Black Saturday is.....

a real easy peasy one this week.....because we know how you all love your why did mine turn into a bit of a marathon
I am definitely addicted to the old rubber and very rarely use stickers on my cards but when I spied these gorgeous stickeroos I just had to have some......and once I had got my crafty mitts on them...the inspiration flew out of the window...and to begin with I wasn't impressed but once it was all finished....I rather like it...and all made with the humble and sometimes overlooked....Stickeroo and one of my new Distress Ink Pads...Wild Honey

Background created with Distress Inks...Antique Linen...Brushed Corduroy...Faded Jeans and Wild Honey
Hero Arts: Old Letter Writing
Image: Stickeroos....
Ribbon: Stampin Up
Pearls: Hobby House
Sentiment: Craftwork Cards

and we have a fabulous prize this week for one lucky winner
donated by our lovely teamie Carole

Can't wait to see what you all create this week and will be popping over to pay you all a visit.    The prizes from our very generous sponsors for last week's challenge will be announced over at Penny Black Saturday the meantime happy crafting.
Pop over to tomorrow when I will be revealing the truth...the whole truth about the "not so gorgeous" furry boy....and this one comes with a Government Health Warning folks.....a real shocker....please don't be holding any hot liquid when you log on.
Hugs Kath xxx