Monday, May 31, 2010

What Time of Day is This?

Hi's your gorgeous furry boy here and I know what you are thinking what time of day is this to be posting.....well Mum is rather busy busy today.....and Oliver has been I took him out to the garden for some fun...and it's been so hot....boy was I cooking with this furry coat....and it doesn't have a zip so I am stuck with it.
After a couple of games of football we took out the play tent.....

and if he moves over....there will be room for me too

It's a bit tiring being a it was time to get out of the sun....chill out and have some much needed zzz's

Grandad has set off to take Oliver home....Mum is still shut in the cubbyhole....something about her card for the Get Funky Challenge tomorrow....oh yes once again....she is chasing her tail and running at the last minute.
In the meantime....I am off to have a serious snooze.....that little rascal has run me ragged.
Big Hugs & Snuggles


Anonymous said...

So hot for Buddy, mine have had there summer clip, they're like shorn sheep!

Barb said...

Hi Buddy! Sounds like you had quite a tiring day with Oliver! Tell your mum that I'm looking forward to her card for the Get Funky Challenge! Have a nice, long nap! :)

Lorraine said...

Hi buddy my name is Blade my mum said i could use her blog name and have a little chat with you to say hi so HI BUDDY i can sympathise with the whole coat thing i have a black coat but i have much shorter hair than you you can see me on my mums blog here ( been at the craft table with her brag book again steeling all of my pictures.Looks like you had an amazing time in the garden have a lovely sleep buddy and i hope our mums let us chat again soon say hi to mummy Kath for me
Blade xx

Crafting Queen said...

Hi Buddy was thinking we had not heard from you for a while. Glad to see you back in blogland. Looks like you had a great time with your great weather and a playmate. Take it easy. Hugs Anesha

Macpurp said...

what a clever babysitter you are Buddy!
shame you are so hot in your fuzzy coat!
love Poppy & Bella. xx

ginny c said...

not such a hot day here buddy, my girls have a had hair cut ready for summer when it decides to appear, there are no ends to your talents, babysitter, blogger, hot water bottle for mums feet, well love to you and kath xx

ursula Uphof said...

Good to hear from you again Buddy. Sounds like you had a good exciting, but hot day. Well enjoy the rest and hope to hear from you soon. Looking forward to seeing your Mum's card tomorrow.

Debs said...

Hey Budster your work is never done is it?! lol

Kat said...

Poor Buddy you have had a hot and hectic day today. Maddy knows how you feel cos she has a big thick Labrador coat. She's just glad I've been at work all day and she could stay indoors and relax. Yesterday she went to the park in Crieff with Poppy and Oliver and got very hot!!

Kat xx

Anne said...

Hi Buddy , tell mum I've had serious tinternet probs !!!! and be in touch asap 'cos desperate to invade the cubbyhole ------ and give you the yummy bickies (woof variety ) in my bag !!!!! --
Anne xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Buddy,
My mum just told me how sweet you were to keep Oliver company. You are the best(besides me,heehee)
I feel sorry for you getting so hot.Glad you're snoozing right now. that's what I ahve been doing today. My mum sits on the couch with her laptop and I ahve my favorite spot right by her.
By the way, I'm her baby -a little 7lb. ,7 yr old Maltese.I try to be a real good boy for her,always by her side.
You have such a special mum who makes so many people happy with reading her blog everyday. She loves you so much. It sounds like to have a very nice daddy ,too. Take good care of them and yourself, Buddy.
Love from Franklin

Rufus said...

Buddy, I know that it's hard work being responsible for all the little rascals that come visit. You do a bang up job of it! Hope that you enjoyed your nap!