Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Mrs Mucky Pup with a sneaky peek

Hi Everybody....harken at "Mr Becoming Too Big for His Boots"....don't know what all the fuss was about...half an hour is all it took and we are now back to mega tidy cubbyhole....pristine and sparkling but oh so boring....and you know what they say..."never trust anyone with a tidy desk"

and it's all down to this over-worked Dyson.....who never complains about picking up the odd bit of card and paper or the billions of hairs that the furry boy releases into the atmosphere landing on the carpets...sofas and my clothes...and as for the inky fingers...wee.heee for shampoo...fairly does the trick...but he is such a cheeky beggar.... a bit like the pot calling the kettle black....I don't go rolling around in deer do dah or launch myself into the muddiest pool of water in the forest and need hosed down before I can come in the house.

and look what arrived in the post this morning.....a gorgeous card from our lovely bloggy buddy Helene
in Sweden
and he lit up like the National Grid when I read out the sentiment.....oh dear Helene what have you done....he already thinks he's the bees stopping him now....
this is for me.....isn't it fabulous....our very own Golden Retriever stamp....blimey the furry boy will be able to make his very own personal cards.....and he had better not make a mess.
so a big thank you Helene from The Budster and me....what a lovely kind thought
and just time for a sneaky peek

and the reason for the inky fingers....a little project I am working on...and I am jumping in the car and heading off to "you know where" to get some fabric for another little project....

Catch up with you all tomorrow for another fabby challenge over at Penny Black Saturday....some sad news..some happy news and some wooo.hoooo news.
Hugs Kath xxx


Suzanne said...

You do make me laugh Kath - you and Buddy
Suzanne x

Sue said...

Hello Kath, Wow firstly what a nice tidy craft room!! I see Sir Tim has his very own..."Pedestal"... shall we say! I see you have lablled those inks too, you have been busy. Where have you hidden all your stamps???it there another room for those? hee hee! Now what a fab tribute to that gorgeous bud too! Now I'm thinking inky paws to go with that stamp? personalied by himself??? it does mean more cleaning for you though!! Happy Crafting, Sue xx

mckinkle said...

Wow Kath what an amazing crafting space you have! It reminded me of the teachers store room cupboard that we weren't allowed in! Shelves of lovely goodies all neatly tidied away.

Super image of your darling budster, look forward to seeing some cards from you of him! Oh he will be charmed when he sees the first card made Im sure!

Clearly you are very healthy Kath, 3 x hours daily walks are far more then some top athletes manage so perhaps you are being a little too hard on yourself? Maybe it's just natures way of helping you deal with the extended winter that youve had?!

Keryn x

thanks for sharing snapshots of your crafting life and Buddy!

Anesha said...

What to come over and tidy my room? lol Love your workspace. What a lovely card and stamp you got, can't wait to see Buddy's first card! Have a great day. Anesha :)

ursula Uphof said...

Must say it looks very good, just ready for lots of lovely creativity. Wow Buddy, famous with your own stamp. Hope to see a card soon.

Carole said...

Lovely tidy workspace! Won't last I'm sure!!! Looking forward to seeing the whole thing of you sneak peeks! Think yourself lucky that it's only deer do dah Buddy rolls in, it could be a whole lot worse - like foxy do dah for example! My two have been known to try that, or even my cocker spaniel head to tail in cowpat - bleh!
Carole x

HoneyB said...

Hi Kath
Was great to finally meet you today. Stayed way too long at the shop but thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to see you soon when Anne and I can arrange a visit to see your lovely tidy cubbyhole
Lyn x

Anonymous said...

Fab post Miss Kath..
way to go `dyson cleaners`:)xHave a fab evening xxx

Barb said...

Oh, how I love your blog, Kath! The cubbyhole looks wonderful!! And you are making me drool with those sneaky peeks!! Can't wait for more! :)

Kelly Massman said...

Those cards are just gorgeous! The purple one that Helene sent you is so beautiful! I gave you an award on my blog!

coops said...

hiya kath, wow what a craft room!!! i would love to be let loose for an hour or 2 and then buddy really would have a mess to complain your sneak peeks and the buddy stamp is fab.luv

Anonymous said...

Your craft room looks great, so organised. The stamp is great, I look forward to seeing how you use it.

Lynda said...

You should write a book Kath!! Isn't it lovely to have a nice clean space to mess up again!

Love Lynda xxx

HazelQ said...

Ohh Kath! I love your craftspace, it is soo organized and big :) I can't wait to see what you create with that stamp.

Rufus said...

What a marvelous cubby hole! So clean and tidy and full of yummy things! What a sweet stamp, can't wait to see what you and the bundle of golden deliciousness create with it!

Jessica said...

How sweet! What a great stamp! Congrats Kath...oh and buddy too! TFS0


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