Friday, October 31, 2008

Tag You're It Challenge - Week 31

A great response to the Christmas Tree challenge last week and fabulous creations from everybody....what a talented lot you are and it would great to see you all again this's gonna be fun.
The challenge this week on Tag You're It

a great opportunity to go all scary and spooky just in time for Halloween.....we don't have any small children in our street anymore so we miss out on all the fun of them calling at the door dressed up in their Halloween masks and costumes. I remember quite a number of years ago....our last Golden Retriever Ben got the fright of his life when I opened the door to 3 small children dressed as ghosts....he gave a loud woof and almost did a somersault to get back into the house....mind you...don't know who got the biggest fright.... I ended up with one quivering dog and 3 sobbing children.
  • Papers: Basic Grey Ambrosia Collection
  • Stamp: Stamps Away...Little Tree
  • Ghosts: Quickutz Die
  • Alphabets: Basic Grey Ambrosia
  • Gems and fibres from my stash
Can't wait to see all your ghosties and ghoulies and long legged beasties.
Love Kath xxxxx

Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 Sketches 4 You - Bonus Sketch

The bonus sketch this week on 2 Sketches 4 You is from Joke and what a fabulous sketch....the minute I saw it I knew that I wanted to use my latest parcel of goodies from Basic Grey.....their collections just get better and better and this time they have excelled themselves with "WASSAIL".......I love it.
I am a big fan of Joke's creations and her blog is well worth a visit...full of inspiration and a truly lovely lady......pop will not be disappointed.

These papers are just so gorgeous that I kept it fairly simple and uncluttered adding some rub-ons, alphabet stickers, ribbon and a little bit of inking and doodling......maybe the mojo is beginning to return.
I am finding it hard working in my little the warm weather it was lovely working with the door and window I need the heater on and after a while it gets stuffy and too warm...turn the heater off and then it gets cold again.......have to have the lights on too most of the day and me thinks I am definitely a summer gal....don't like the "dark at 4pm" time of year at all.... enough of the moaning Mrs and get on with the family birthday cards.
Catch up with you all later....Love Kath xxxxxxxx

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 Sketches 4 You Challenge

The challenge this week on 2 Sketches4You has been set by Kazan and gorgeous cards from Kazan and the Design Team as always...this is the last week for the Fall Design Team and they have been brilliant...bringing us gorgeous cards and loads of inspiration week after week but I'm sure they will still be sending in their fabulous entries every we aren't going to miss out. I did manage the challenge last week but wasn't able to comment on many of your wonderful cards before I left...but I promise to be a better 2 Sketcher this week and pay you a visit.

Well I've had my walk in the forest with "The Budster" and lovely home made soup...but I fear that 4 days playing at the SECC have taken their mojo has taken off and left me....perhaps I should call their lost property dept. ....perhaps I left it there.....perhaps someone handed it in.
I love these papers from the lastest download from Funky Hand called "Salt and Pepper".....I was determined to have a play with them but they are the only things that I like about this card....I flipped the sketch and am still not happy with it or the photo to be honest.....there is very little natural light today..
Sorry to be such a Moaning's been one of those days.
It is Brodie's 4th birthday on Saturday and Grandma still hasn't made his fact we have 4 family birthdays in November all within days of each other and I haven't made any of don't have time to start all over again.
I have also done my card for the bonus sketch set by Joke but the light has gone now so will have to wait until morning for photo.
  • Papers: Funky Hand download....Salt and Pepper
  • Border: Martha Stewart Lace Doily Edge Punch
  • Swirl...Rubon and Ribbon from My Creative Scrapbook September Kit
  • Gems: from my stash
Will try to be a happier bunny tomorrow.....catch you all later.....Love Kath xxxxxx

Sneaky Peeks

I am struggling today to get back into work team stuff to complete......some personal birthday cards to do and basically I am not getting out of the bit...the snow has gone and although it's brass monkey is lovely and bright so I think a nice long walk in the forest with "The Budster" will hopefully blow away all the cobwebs and kick start the mojo again.
A couple of sneaky peeks to share with you today...maybe some proper cards later......fingers crossed.

Tag You're It Challenge on Friday

Penny Black Saturday Challenge
Off to wrap up warm and cosy and set off........and then home to a nice hot bowl of home made Tattie Soup ( you non-scotties) with warm crusty bread....yummy......
Catch up with you all later......Love Kath xxxxxxx

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A wee challenge and Blog Candy

Well folks you know me....I love a wee challenge and like everyone else am partial to a bit of blog candy.
My lovely Tag You're It Team Mate and mega talented bloggy buddy DAWN has recently hit 20,000 hits on her surprise there....her work is fabulous and full of inspiration..... here's the deal.....DAWN wants to see our craft rooms...with or without us in them and if you have a furry friend include them too....and the winner will receive delicious blog candy. Well blog candy or not...I am not venturing outdoors tonight....even if my crafty cubbyhole is just a hop step and jump from the back door and no use asking Buddy....he is fast asleep snoring on the sofa..... it's blowing a gale out there and snowing tomorrow I may not be able to find my cubbyhole never mind photograph it....and I think I have scared enough folk for one week with piccies of I have used some pics from earlier in the year when the weather was gorgeous......just a memory now.

and my sleeping partner...just having a wee break
So get yourselves off to take a piccie of your crafty it on your blog and leave a comment on DAWN's blog to be in with a chance of winning the goodies.

Back to work tomorrow after my two days of lazing around....fat chance.....doing a bit of cobweb chasing and Buddy brushing....he is losing a billion hairs a second at the moment.....the poor Dyson has lost the will to live and tidying up the general mayhem of not being at the helm for 4 days....Men...what are they like..the word useless springs to mind.....
Catch up with you all tomorrow......Love Kath xxxxxx's snowing

You never quite believe the weather forecast when they say "heavy snow for the North East" but they got it right this time....woke up this morning to this gorgeous scene.....I love snow but only for ski-ing on and certainly not for driving on......have places to go this morning....collect some cardstock I ordered a few weeks back and need minute and the roads will be chaos.   What is it about this country...we get snow every year but yet when it comes....drivers go into panic mode....pity the poor commuters who have to get to work....there will be tailbacks everywhere.

Off to have a nice cuppy...look out my boots and take Buddy for his walk.....he loves the snow.
Hope to be back later with some stuff to share....that is if I don't get stuck in a snowdrift somewhere.
Hope the weather is kinder where you are....and for all my fellow North Easters...take care driving this morning.    Love Kath xxxxxxx

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fiskars Fun at the SECC

I'm back...don't yet know if my body is all in one piece, my feet may never be the same again but oh boy did we have a ball, so make yourself a cuppa and get comfy this is going to be a mega post today. I have lots of thank yous to do but let's get the scary bit out of the way first. I took lots of photos but they are all rubbish, lots of red eyes from the bright spotlights on the stand or just plain blurry, this is the best of the bunch which I am showing in B & to all concerned.

Dave, myself and the gorgeous Severine from Fiskars France all set for the off on Thursday morning

Alison and I early on Day 1, Alison looks all set for some crafty shopping, I have that demented look, you can imagine what I look like now.
It was great to meet up with some of my bloggy buddies, all lovely sweet girls and I apologise in advance if I missed anybody out, Gayle, Alison, Cass, Allison (my Funky Hand Team Mate) Phyllis, Kimberley, Elaine and the 2 lovely ladies from Aberdeen (I'm sorry your names have escaped from my brain) but you know who you are. It was great to meet you all and put faces to names and I just wish I'd had more time to grab a coffee and a chat with you all but showtime is manic and it's a case of grabbing short breaks when you can.
I must also say a big big thank you to my Fiskars Buddies on the stand, Reena, Dave, Severine, Alan and Archie, a great team and what a fun bunch, I loved working with you all. Shows are really hard work but it's great fun sharing your passion for papercrafting and Fiskars great products with all the lovely folk out there and I loved the banter and chat with you all but there is a downside, I am now speaking in a rather hoarse whisper and I bet poor Dave is wishing it had happened sooner. I could tell by the look on his face he was thinking does this woman ever stop talking, sorry Dave, just think yourself fortunate you don't live with me 24/7. He gave me lots of stick about my "Ferret Coat" cosy winter padded coat with big hood trimmed with fur but hey who got the last laugh as we wandered around the city centre at night in the lashing rain and driving wind. They came totally unprepared for the monsoon conditions in Glasgow over the weekend while I was toasty warm and cuddled up cosy with my "Ferret".
End of Day One and as the show starts to wind down and customers are leaving, suddenly you realise that your feet have come out on a major protest, will I ever walk again but back to the hotel, a blistering hot shower, change of duds, throw on a bit of slap and off for a nice meal and a few glasses of the old vino and suddenly the pain has gone, home to bed, a good sleep (which was impossible in my room positioned right above one of the busiest roads in Glasgow with taxis, buses and cars passing by all night) and then it's time to do it all over again.
Day 2 - Friday and this was a special day for bestest Fiskars Buddie Ann who had major surgery at the beginning of last week came all the way from Fife to see me along with her lovely hubby Stewart, possibly to do a bit of crafty shopping as well and it was great to see them and spend some time with them. She is recovering well from her op and is one very brave lady. She brought me a little pressie and I love her sweet wicked sense of humour, just a little something in case the anti-wrinkle cream ain't working......
And then on Friday night, I took a trip out to Motherwell to catch up with my other bestest Fiskars Buddie Lorraine...a big thank you to her Mum and Eric for taking the time to pick me up from the hotel and drive me there, buy me a gorgeous fish supper and we had a great evening catching up on all the news. It was great to see that she too is recovering well from her op. Now old Mither Hen Kath is a happy lady.
Reena our Brand Manager very kindly let me make up a "From Fiskars With Love" Goody Bag for both Ann and Lorraine and I went a little bit wild, a gorgeous Heidi Grace Papers and Embellishment Kit which was selling on the stand for an absolute song and us Fiskars Fillies do love our Heidi Grace and lots of other bits and pieces and I couldn't miss out on the Fiskars Love either.....I had to have one too. Not a lot of time for me to crafty shop but I had to dash off on Thursday morning and get the new Sugar Nellie Soft Creations and some gorgeous Me and My Ideas Papers from Craftwork Cards and one or two other bits and pieces, well maybe 3 or 4. Although the rest of the team work in the craft industry they aren't crafty nutters like you and me and I'm sure they were a tad bemused by my excitement over all my purchases but they were well and truly gobsmacked by the two ladies from Aberdeen. I met these two lovelies years ago travelling down to the SECC and they attend twice a year every year without kinda gals.
They had spent all day at the show on Thursday and I spotted them throughout the day with their ever growing mountain of bags but even I was surprised when they suddenly appeared again early on Friday morning......"what are you 2 doing back" I asked. She leaned forward and in a whispered voice she said "You will never guess how much we spent yesterday counted it up when we got back to the hotel last night" and wait for it....£1200.....jaws hit the floor including mine but it didn't end there. They had bought a suitcase that morning to take everything home and it wasn't full so they were back to get more stuff. The look on Dave's face was a picture and he said "Well the credit crunch hasn't reached Aberdeen yet then". "This has to last me until the next show in March" was her reply, absolutely priceless.
Hard work but great great fun and the bonus is - paid to play for 4 days, the best job in the world.
A sad end to my fabulous four days, I left the show early to catch my train and as I was waiting in the taxi rank I got speaking to these 2 ladies from Mallaig laden down with shopping.
They too were going to the station so we decided to share and they offered to go halves....""....I said..."I am putting the fare on my expenses" so you are welcome to come along. "Great" they said. We arrived at the station, I paid the fare and we bundled out with our mountains of luggage. Off they went, no thank you or goodbye and then I heard one say to the other....."let's go get a coffee" and they took off without a backward glance. Now me, I would have been saying.....let us buy you a coffee but no, how ungrateful. I don't imagine for one minute they read my blog but if you do, shame on you and thank goodness everyone else I met was wonderful.
Well I am having a lazy slouching around day today catching up with what you have all been doing and then it's back to the Christmas Card Orders. I am so far behind now and will be working 24/7 me thinks. It's great to be back, I missed you all so much and boy was my big lump of cuddles....Buddy pleased to see me too. I slept like a log last night with Buddy's head on my feet......not a bus or taxi within miles. The weather is awful today with heavy snow forecast over the next few days so it's perfect crafting weather.
Catch up with you all soon.......Lots of Love Kath xxxxxxx answer Alison's comment.....the slippers in question bought from Asda burst on the first day and ended up in the rubbish bin on the stand when I left at 4.30pm on Sunday.....the moral of the story being DON'T BUY SLIPPERS FROM ASDA....THEY'RE CRAP.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Penny Black Saturday Challenge 20

Yet another fabulous reponse to the ATC challenge and I sure did learn lots from all you talented's out there.
The challenge this week on Penny Black Saturday is


just in time for Halloween. Lots of ghosty, ghoulie....scary things to feature on your creation.....I was a little bit stuck with this one as I have no Penny Black Halloween stamps and then I remembered this little fella....doesn't he look as though he has just awakened from a nightmare and is hugging his favourite blanket for reassurance....sweet.
Drew some cobwebs in the corners...not nearly as artistic as the real thing and distressed the paper edges with my trusty Fiskars Scissors - don't have one of those fancy gadgety things.
While you are reading this I will be hard at work at the SECC...on the Fiskars Stand.....well that's not strictly's not's great FUN meeting lots of fabby folk and getting to play for 4 days with great products.. and I get paid too...don't tell FISKARS but I would do it for the atmosphere...the humour and of course, the chance to do a bit of shopping.
Papers: Basic Grey...Ambrosia
Sentiment: Basic Grey Ambrosia Alphabet Stickers
Adorn-it Tiny Etched Alphabet Stickers
Image: Penny Black:....don't know the name of this one but I'm sure someone will help me out.
Ghosts: Quickutz Die
I just have the feeling that you are going to love this challenge...back on Sunday so will catch up with all your spooky creations the meantime happy crafting....
Love Kath xxx
P.S. What did I Fiskars bestest buddy Ann has e-mailed me to say the image is called "Pacifying"......thanks for that Ann.....I am trying to persuade Ann to get a blog....and I am used to getting my own way so watch this space....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tag You're It Challenge - Week 30

Great response to last week's colour challenge and fabulous tags from everybody using the three colours.
The challenge this week on Tag You're It has been set by the lovely and very talented Sarah and is

 "Oh Christmas Tree"...
and there is a fantastic prize for one lucky person....a tag book kit kindly donated by Sarah...shucks how can I sneek my name into the draw......

Here is my tag made with these scrummylicious papers from the fabulous "Funky Hand" CD....Funky Little this pink and lime combo and it's so on trend this year.
Papers: Funky Hand "Funky Little Christmas"
Stamp: Hero Arts Snowflake Rosette
Trees: Toppers from Funky Little Christmas
Ribbon: American Crafts
Sentiment generated on the computer
Fibres and gems from my stash
As usual the Design Team have come up with fabulous creations...why don't you pop over to their blogs for lots more inspiration......have fun with the challenge and I will be catching up with you all when I come home on Sunday.......Love Kath xxxxxx

Thursday, October 23, 2008

SECC Samples

Well by the time you read this I will be at the SECC for 4 days of fun with Fiskars and if you can't come along and see them in the are some of the cards I will be making using.......

Shapecutter and Templates.....and the fab Ribbon Slot samples have to be fairly simple....folks don't want to stand for half an hour wasting valuable spending time while you make a card.

Stamp Press and New Christmas Clear Stamps
and my favourite from earlier in the week
Catch up with you all on Sunday evening if I am not too whacked......Love Kath xxxxx

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SECC - Here I Come

SECC here I they know what they are letting themselves in for ...leaving this afternoon to travel down to Glasgow...lots of last minute things to do....look out all the things I need to pack....duds ain't a trousers, black top and my Fiskars Black Apron....gee I shall be a vision in Black...let's hope there are no power cuts....nobody will find me and it's just as well I am a big fan of black.....Hair and nails got a bit of a sort out yesterday ..all that glue and inks play havoc with the old nails.... but... the big problem is shoes.   9 hours on your feet for 4 days and believe me, the old feet feel like puddings and there is no way my trusty old Timberlands can go to Glasgow......although they are mega comfy..and feel as though you are wearing gloves on your feet .....they are just too tatty now.   I bought them in Macy's in NYC 4 years ago....the bargain of the century ..£50 in this country.....25 dollars in the US but they were reduced by 50% in Macy's Thanksgiving Sale....the rate of exchange was 2 dollars to the £ they cost me £12.50.....why didn't I buy 4 pairs... oh that wonderful thing....hindsight.
I am toying with the idea of just wearing my slippers...I will be behind a stand....nobody will see my feet and who cares....if my feet are happy SO AM I.  So if you are coming to the show and you see an old bird in black shuffling along in her slippers going to get a coffee.........THAT'S ME.....
Some crafty stuff to pack, my trusty pokey tool (can't craft without it);  my Fiskars scissors...oh I know I will be surrounded by Fiskars scissors but isn't it strange how you get used to your own...although they will need a good clean before I leave (another job to do).....anything I have forgotten I can buy after all I am going to a craft show ..and of course, you can't go to a craft show and not buy anything!!! 
Apparently Sugar Nellies are going to be there.....and they will have their brand new stamps.."Soft Centres" and they are gorgeous....hoping to snaffle some before the show opens on Thursday but we have a team brief at 9.00am... well in my book brief means SHORT so keep it short and sweet folks and leave me time to go get my Sugar Nellies.....because I just know they are going to fly.
I have scheduled a post for tomorrow with some more SECC samples naughty am I making you wait and of course, my DT stuff for Tag You're It on Friday and Penny Black on Saturday.   This blogging is becoming a bit of an addiction and I know that I will be missing you all and can't wait to get back and catch up with all your bloggy news.
Well ta..ra...for now....if I don't see you at the show....I will be back on Sunday with lots of news and hopefully some piccies to show.   Love Kath xxxxxx

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 Sketches 4 You Sketch 11

It's Laura's turn for the sketch this week on 2 Sketches 4 You and you know me I don't like to miss out on this one....and because I can't stop playing with this gorgeous kit  from My Creative was just the excuse I needed....but sadly my last challenge for this week.

I love these Basic Grey Ambrosia papers so much.....aren't they just yummy and they go perfectly with the crystal flourishes and those wicked black glitter alphabets.... and again with this one I think there is something missing but don't know what.
I love pop-up cards but that wasn't an much still to do and so little time.......I am a bit of a "LIST" girl ....well with a memory like mine..I have to be and it's now getting to the stage that I need a list to remember to take the's a worry...go to the bank. do a bit of shopping so that OH doesn't starve when I am away.....a pile of ironing...why can't I be organised and iron each day instead of leaving it until I have no clothes to wear...well enough wittering on from to get started on the list....see ya later.
Love Kath xxxxxxx

2 Sketches 4 You - Bonus Sketch

The bonus sketch this week on 2 Sketches 4 You has been set by Lisette ...pop over to her blog and check out her beautiful creations...... you will not be disappointed....I don't know why but I struggled with this one...not entirely happy with it...something ain't right but I can't for the life of me think what....and don't have time today to start again....
Everything on the card is from the October Kit from My Creative Scrapbook and aren't those butterflies gorgeous...cut from one sheet of the Ambrosia paper.    One more challenge card to post today and then I need to get organising for tomorrow.    Love Kath xxxxxxx

Monday, October 20, 2008

Woweee.....postman's been

Wowee the postman's been again this morning and my monthly kit from My Creative Scrapbook has arrived....and guess what the papers are Basic Grey Ambrosia.....yummy ...with lots of other scrummylicious glitter chipboard letters... gorgeous black crystal flourishes... a whole book of alphabet rub-ons..gorgeous ribbon and those fab flowers.

I am off to have a little bit of a play and who knows I may manage to get my cards done for the challenge this week at 2 Sketches 4 You......see ya later......Love Kath xxxxxxxxx

More cards to share

Have I been a busy bunny and have almost finished my SECC samples which I will share with you's been a welcome change from Christmas cards but my crafty cubby hole looks like a bomb has hit it.....

The Christmas Card stuff is taking up quite a bit of space so where do I put everything.....the only empty space left.....the floor.....
Here are the last of the men's cards....  this one is for a guy who has just moved into his first flat.....had to be modern but not flowery....
and lastly one of my SECC samples....I think this is maybe my favourite but will share the rest with you later in the week
Well off to tidy up the crafty cubbyhole...walk the dog and catch up with a little bit of cobweb zapping and dust busting in the thinks I need to find a little lady to help out once a week in exchange for grub and as much coffee as you can drink and a little scrummy stash parcel.......any offers...... dog lovers only......
catch up with you all later....Love Kath xxxxxxx

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Basic Grey Challenge 7

Yippeee...I have actually managed to get a challenge done today.....I am so missing all my usual challenges....Arty Girlz...House Mouse....DCM but at the moment I just don't have the time....after the Chrissy Card Orders are completed.....I will be in challenge I haven't deserted you folks...will be back. In the meantime will be doing them as and when I can.....
The challenge this week on Basic Grey is to use stitching on your card....faux or the real thing....I went for the real thing but had to hand stitch it as I haven't had time to play with my new toy yet. I am apologising in advance for the piccies...the light is so bad today.....after our summer day's now winter....very cold wind and raining.

  • Papers: Basic Grey Ambrosia Collection
  • Embellishments: Basic Grey Ambrosia Stickers
  • Gems: Kaiser Black Rhinestones
  • Love......Vinyl Rub-on
  • Sentiment: Adorn-it Tiny Etched
Off to make a start on tonight's meal...and maybe feet up for a little while and relax with the Sunday papers.
Catch up with you all tomorrow.....Love Kath xxxxxxxx

No Secrets in Bloggyland

I have just discovered there are no secrets in bloggyland well not if you are part of the "FUNKY HAND" Design Team and one very naughty young lady is apparently organising a little bit of a surprise for my up and coming "I AM NOW OFFICIALLY OLD" birthday.....sssshhh...I am not supposed to know...but once you get to this have eyes in the back of your head and an inkling when something is afoot....and this nosey mare was bound to find out......well ...I won't tell the secret's out  if you don't....but I am touched by the thought and kindness behind it and will just pretend I don't know....don't want to spoil the big surprise.
The plot thickens..... I have heard on the grapevine....they are thinking of having a whip round and getting me Sir Tim...the one and only...king of idol....Holtz for the day...well I can't contain my excitement.....who cares about secrets now....this is serious when the collecting can comes around PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pop in your 20p....or on second thoughts....I have expensive unless you want to be called cheapskates....make it 50p for two days.
This is what I love about's all great fun and I can't believe the lovely folk I have met since I started my blog and that reminds me.....I can't believe it's over 40,000 hits now.....surely time for blog candy.......I hear you say.....well  OK but give the old gal a break....let's leave it until after Christmas when I have more time to look out some fabulous stash or think of some fab prize.....perhaps I could arrange for you to spend the day with Tim and myself and here's another thought....gee I am full of thoughts this morning .....40,000 folk have visited......well let's do the math....40,000 x 50p.....hey that's easily enough surely for Tim for 2 days or maybe even a week......yee....ha..
Ok if you have read this's only fair that I share a couple of cards both made with Basic Grey Ambrosia Collection...both simple but classy if I say so myself....and both just my style.

That's all for now ...I think it's time for a cuppa but hey I might find time to do a challenge today. Catch up with you all later.
Love Kath xxxxxx
P.S. What did I say about the weather's not snowing but chucking it down with rain.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Award Time Again

Daa...raa....cue drum roll....... It's award time again...a chance to look out the posh frock and the high heels.
This was given to me by my lovely bloggy friend and DT mate....Dawn who also lives in the North East of Scotland ...thanks a lot Dawn it is very much appreciated. Dawn decided to give this award to 3 Scots who know what it's like to live in the wilds of Scotland with Autumn here and Winter fast approaching...but today was like Summer. I set off to take Buddy on our favourite forest walk with a sweatshirt and fleece on and about half way round was absolutely cooking....mind you on saying that...the way the weather is at the could be snowing tomorrow. I do love Autumn and the changing colour of leaves. And a little reminder and I think I have it right this time......the Clocks change a week tomorrow....Sunday 26th .....back an hour....yippee an extra hour in bed which will be very last day at the SECC and by then the old body is beginning to protest and needs a good talking to.....but the thought of home to my own kip on the Sunday night....with my Buddy hot water bottle keeping my feet toasty......heaven.

Now comes the difficult part...who do I award this too.....I have to choose ......oh I hate this bit...I am going to give this award to 3 people who are true artists of colour in every sense of the word.....
but you know that I love you please consider yourselves awarded and display it on your blog if you wish.
Off to put my feet up and just for a change relax and watch a bit of TV.....Hubby has gone for a pint with a friend so I am in sole charge of the remote control....what's ya bet....there ain't nothing decent on.
Catch up with you all tomorrow. Love Kath xxxxxxx

Penny Black Saturday Challenge 19

Another great response to last week's challenge and you all came up with fabulous cards for the "Thanks a Bunch" theme....well done everyone.
The challenge this week on Penny Black Saturday is to make an

"ATC" (Artist Trading Card)
a little work or art to be traded with fellow artists or given away but never sold
dimensions 31/2" x 2.1/2" portrait or landscape
I have been dreading this challenge and I struggled big time because I have never made an ATC in my life....such a small space to work on ...what was I going to do....well I decided to do a set of three ...basically so I could fit everything on......hope this is allowed and I don't get my legs slapped by the rest of the DT.

I went for a doggie theme and how true this sentiment is......Buddy has been chancing his luck big time since he returned from his holidays...digging in the garden and coming back into the house with the muckiest of paws...then yesterday he ran upstairs and jumped up onto my pale cream duvet cover......well even he didn't anticipate the explosion that occurred...he jumped off the bed and stood looking at the latest designer bed linen..."Cream with Muddy Paw Prints" ...with his big brown eyed innocent look....."Gee Mum....who did that?" He got the mother of all talking to's ...pull another stunt like that my lad and it's DOG be honest it went in one ear and out the other......1 minute later he's fast asleep with not a care in the world.....never mind.... IT'S A GREAT's certainly A DOG's LIFE.
  • Image from Penny Black Critter Party
  • Pawprints.....stamped through a punched image
  • Eyelets set with Crop-a-dile
  • Sentiment: Adorn-it Tiny Etched Alphabet Stickers
  • Bones: drawn roughly, cut out and inked
Can't wait to see what you all create this week and I just know I am going to get a lesson or two in how to make fabulous ATC's.....happy crafting everyone......Love Kath xxxxxx

Friday, October 17, 2008

The bare necessities

Another parcel this morning full of crafting necessities....well you could say all my craft purchases are necessities...but there are the scrummylicious necessities and then the downright boring necessities..and envelopes and self-seal bags come into the second category.  Just when I thought that the mass Christmas Card production department at Chez Kath was getting to be a tad try putting 500 envelopes into self seal bags....I am only half way through the A5 size and already I have lost the will to live.....but unless I can train Buddy to do's just another job on the long list for Mrs Dogsbody.

If you make cards to sell and are looking for great quality envelopes and self seal bags....pop over to the Craft Creations website... great prices too and delivery within 3 or 4 days.
Tight schedule this week.....all November card orders done and dusted so tomorrow I am getting stuck into some samples for the SECC....just my style.....cutting it a bit fine and sailing close to the wind.....will be sharing some with you hopefully.... that is if I ever get to the bottom of  this stack of envelopes......
Before I go....a little mystery....when I came onto my blog yesterday I had a new follower (wow still can't believe that any of you are interested in me rabbiting on about everything and nothing) but this morning she has gone.....oops.... was it something I said.... maybe she just pressed the follow button by mistake in the first place....realised her mistake..crept back under cover of darkness and deleted me from her life.....c'est la vie.
Catch up with you all later.....Love Kath xxxxxx

Tag You're It Challenge - Week 29

Well I did enjoy visiting you all last week and what great tags you all came up with for the Autumn theme...well done everybody.
The challenge this week on Tag You're It is a colour challenge....PINK..BROWN and GREEN...some of my favourite colours ..I don't always use the three together but I do like the effect and may use this colour combo more often.

  • Papers: Basic Grey....Sultry 6 x 6 Pad
  • Button: Basic Grey Sultry Collection
  • Ribbon: American Crafts
  • Sentiment: American Crafts Foam Thickers
  • Flower: Poppicrafts
Hope you have lots of fun with this challenge and can't wait to see what you all create.....happy crafting.
Love Kath xxxxxxx