Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sneaky Peeks

I am struggling today to get back into work team stuff to complete......some personal birthday cards to do and basically I am not getting out of the bit...the snow has gone and although it's brass monkey is lovely and bright so I think a nice long walk in the forest with "The Budster" will hopefully blow away all the cobwebs and kick start the mojo again.
A couple of sneaky peeks to share with you today...maybe some proper cards later......fingers crossed.

Tag You're It Challenge on Friday

Penny Black Saturday Challenge
Off to wrap up warm and cosy and set off........and then home to a nice hot bowl of home made Tattie Soup ( you non-scotties) with warm crusty bread....yummy......
Catch up with you all later......Love Kath xxxxxxx


  1. I'll be there soon for some soup- hope it's home made!

  2. Oh Kath,send me a bowl of soup down this way please.It sounds yummy.Bitter cold here today too although I'm just back from a Body Combat class which warmed me up nicely.Hope you have a lovely walk with Buddy,and I'm sure your mojo isn't far away.

    Cass xxx

  3. OOh Tattie Soup haven't had that in years - my Nan used to make that a lot!

    I'm not really a soupy person!! LOL but there are certain ones I love!!

    EEEK - I still haven't done my tag either - you'd think I had no spare time LOL!
    Thank goodness the snow didn't come to much - it was far tooo early for that!