Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SECC - Here I Come

SECC here I they know what they are letting themselves in for ...leaving this afternoon to travel down to Glasgow...lots of last minute things to do....look out all the things I need to pack....duds ain't a trousers, black top and my Fiskars Black Apron....gee I shall be a vision in Black...let's hope there are no power cuts....nobody will find me and it's just as well I am a big fan of black.....Hair and nails got a bit of a sort out yesterday ..all that glue and inks play havoc with the old nails.... but... the big problem is shoes.   9 hours on your feet for 4 days and believe me, the old feet feel like puddings and there is no way my trusty old Timberlands can go to Glasgow......although they are mega comfy..and feel as though you are wearing gloves on your feet .....they are just too tatty now.   I bought them in Macy's in NYC 4 years ago....the bargain of the century ..£50 in this country.....25 dollars in the US but they were reduced by 50% in Macy's Thanksgiving Sale....the rate of exchange was 2 dollars to the £ they cost me £12.50.....why didn't I buy 4 pairs... oh that wonderful thing....hindsight.
I am toying with the idea of just wearing my slippers...I will be behind a stand....nobody will see my feet and who cares....if my feet are happy SO AM I.  So if you are coming to the show and you see an old bird in black shuffling along in her slippers going to get a coffee.........THAT'S ME.....
Some crafty stuff to pack, my trusty pokey tool (can't craft without it);  my Fiskars scissors...oh I know I will be surrounded by Fiskars scissors but isn't it strange how you get used to your own...although they will need a good clean before I leave (another job to do).....anything I have forgotten I can buy after all I am going to a craft show ..and of course, you can't go to a craft show and not buy anything!!! 
Apparently Sugar Nellies are going to be there.....and they will have their brand new stamps.."Soft Centres" and they are gorgeous....hoping to snaffle some before the show opens on Thursday but we have a team brief at 9.00am... well in my book brief means SHORT so keep it short and sweet folks and leave me time to go get my Sugar Nellies.....because I just know they are going to fly.
I have scheduled a post for tomorrow with some more SECC samples naughty am I making you wait and of course, my DT stuff for Tag You're It on Friday and Penny Black on Saturday.   This blogging is becoming a bit of an addiction and I know that I will be missing you all and can't wait to get back and catch up with all your bloggy news.
Well ta..ra...for now....if I don't see you at the show....I will be back on Sunday with lots of news and hopefully some piccies to show.   Love Kath xxxxxx


  1. Ohhhhhh how exciting, I hope you have a fab time in between the working.....

    Mrs W x

  2. Ohh I soooo wish I lived nearer cos I would love to come along Kath. One day maybe!!! Cant wait to see the new SN stuff. And heyyy there's nowt wrong with wearing your slippers lol xx. There is a demonstator out there - cant remember her name (sorry) who always wears pink fluffy slippers. So I say you go for it. Have a great show and see you when you get back. Will miss you loads but tons of love and hugs,xxxxxx

  3. Enjoy the show on your comfy slippers and I hope you get your crafty paws on some Sugar Nellies. Warm regards

  4. Have a safe journey down Kath, will pop by and say Hello tomorrow. Can't wait to see your samples and demos. Oh yeah and save some SN for me! aren't they adorable.

  5. See you there Kath!
    Gayle x

  6. have fun! don't work too hard!
    was speaking to Karen from sugar nelies the other day and she was getting already to go to SECC.

    I can't wait to get my hands on the new doggie next week hopefully if there are any left!


  7. Ooh, good luck - it sounds like so much fun! If I wasn't about 500 miles away I'd come along! xx

  8. How FUN -- Have a great time!!

  9. Break out those slippers and have a fab time ;)

  10. You paint a lovely picture Kath - a "black bird" in slippers LOL!!!
    Hope they're not those big furry things with ears or 'owt!!!!
    Anyway have a great time - wish I was going but unfortunately I can't...

    See you soon