Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hero Arts Pairing Up Challenge

Morning folks....I really didn't think I would have anything to post today but my lovely buddy Agata over at the Hero Arts Flickr Group came to the rescue.   Agata and I were paired up together for the Hero Arts Pairing Challenge and when she sent me a Flickr mail late yesterday afternoon to say that her third and final card was ready....that was my problem solved...well almost... I still had to make my card.

isn't this gift bag absolutely gorgeous using the beautiful Hero Arts
Poetic Petals Image....

we had decided to use the Emboss Resist Technique which I love because it's another chance to get well and truly inky with my favourite Distress Inks and luckily my desk was covered with loads of Hero Arts Christmas Stamps and Timmie's Distress here is my "rushing at the last minute" fact I was in such a hurry to get a pic in what little daylight was left that I forgot to glitter my snowflake....a snowflake without glitter....oh the shame....that is almost as much of a sin as naked buttons

Hero Arts: Fabulous Flourish
Music Background
Sentiment: Merry Christmas Trees
Lace...cord and thread from Simply Create
Self Adhesive Gems from my stash
TH Distress Ink....Dusty Concord

I have a big dilemma which is driving me crackers...obviously I had to remove the lens cap from the camera before I could take this pic but where did I put it...I have turned the cubbyhole upside down....emptied the bin....pulled my storage units away from the wall and believe me that almost killed me...I've looked high and low and it's nowhere to be found..disappeared off the face of the planet.....and NO the Furry Boy hasn't eaten where the heck IS IT?????  One of life's little mysteries right enough.   My lovely bloggy buddy Anne is popping round this morning for a coffee....little does she know she will be on a "down on her hands and knees mission" to find the elusive Lens Cap before any coffee is served.
I know I promised you all a tutorial on the Poinsettia Christmas Hanger BUT I haven't had time to get it all put together.....big apologies folks but for anyone who is interested here is the template for the leaf shape in the meantime.

and you will need a 5" circle to place all the leaf shapes onto...
a little reminder of what it looked like....if you want to give it a go...and the red leaves are used flat

and what on earth is Mr Blogger playing at...throwing his toys out of the pram last week and preventing me from leaving comments with his Error 503 message....he seems to have got fed up of that one but now he is on a go slow uploading pics.....if it isn't one thing with that awkward sod it's another.   So while the going is good I spent last night with coffee and choccy digestives for company visiting some of my bloggy buddies over at WOYWW before he throws another spanner in the works.....nothing like a good snoop around other folks' workspaces....and before I forget it's only.....
sleeps and counting....
Catch up with you all tomorrow for a sneaky peek
Hugs Kath xxx

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday

Morning folks...crikey it's Wednesday once again and time to join in the fun over at WOYWW....well technically I am cheating a bit this week and entering under false pretences because I can't share what's on my workdesk today.....all stuff for my demo day on Saturday at Simply Create and it isn't just on my's taken over all the surfaces in the cubbyhole and The Furry Boy may well have a point...the old cubby seems to have shrunk considerably over the last week....but please don't sympathise with him....he's just being a grumph because nine times out of ten my crafty partner deserts his post and can be found stretched out on the sofa in the family room snoring his head off.   I am loving reading your fun comments about a cure for this lovely addiction of mine...let me just say at the moment I'm definitely in the "ain't no cure" camp and who says I am even looking for a cure...not me for sure.
But we can't have a post without  any pics..... so for all the impatient crafters who are coming along on Saturday and can't wait and for all you nosey parkers out are sneaky peeks of some of my Hero Arts Christmas Tim Holtz Style Demo cards.

And I haven't minded being marooned in the cubbyhole for the last week because the weather here has been dire.....rainy...windy and very cold and boy oh boy the nights are drawing in.     One more day should see the demo stuff done and dusted and then lo and behold my box of goodies should be arriving soon from Fiskars...more demo stuff to do....and blimey my life is ruled by countdown sleeps at the moment....only 
sleeps until 4 days of Fiskars Fun at the SECC
sleeps until I am jetting off to NYC for a lovely 6 night Thanksgiving break and we will be there for Black no doubt I will be invading Michaels and The Ink Pad and the old credit card will be smoking.  We are also meeting up with my lovely Funky Hand teamie Enfys and her hubby Mike who will be celebrating a special birthday and not forgetting
sleeps until the big day with TH and of course in between is Christmas but lots to do so better cut out the chatting and get on with the job in hand.
Catch you all later
Hugs Kath xxx

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HELP.....It's Not Working

Morning's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness and believe me I am definitely not a happy bunny.....for starters I didn't get even the tiniest morsel of that yummy steak pie and here I am trying to do my best to declutter the cubbyhole and what does Mum go and do....well folks you don't need a degree in rocket science to make an educated guess that my little plan isn't working...but more about that in a minute.
I'm like a dog with a bone and I definitely ain't going to give up on my here's another bunch of goodies up for grabs.....

Bo Bunny Papers
Huge sheet of Bo Bunny Stickers
Stampin Up.....Happy Moments Stamp Set 
Ribbons and flowers

And here's my dilemma....when we had our heart to heart chat about the cubbyhole bursting at the seams I suggested we had a bit of a clear-out....."brilliant idea" she said when all the time she was planning her next crafty spend.....she is not on this doggy's wavelength at all....has she no thought for my safety in the workplace.....I am fed up of being tripped over and aroused from my slumbers when stuff lands on my head.....and sure as night is day guess what turned up at the cubbyhole yesterday.....YES MORE BLINKING Timmie Holtz stuff that she just had to have.
But what's a boy to's a real "farting against thunder"....."hitting my head off a stone wall" situation and I am at my wit's there no cure for this crafty obsession with Tim Holtz parcels.   I just hope that all my lovely bloggy buds can help me out......leave me a comment here with your suggestion as to how I can stop my Mum's addiction to this stuff and my parcel of goodies will be winging it's way to the person that comes up with the best solution.     Get your thinking caps on have until midnight on  Sunday 3 October to come up with the cure.  To be honest I don't blame my Mum...between you and I she is absolutely besotted by this Tim Holtz it's all his fault and apparently this is who my Mum is meeting up with in only......
well I may just have something to say about that....I think he should high tail it over here right now and face the music...see how he likes being squashed up in the cubbyhole amongst all his clutter.  Off to try and catch a bit of a kip....with one eye open for falling debris.....see you all later

Monday, September 27, 2010

Well I Never

Morning crafty stuff to share today....I am knee deep in stuff for my demo day on Saturday at Simply Create...glittered up to the eyeballs and fingers so inky I may just have to send The Furry Boy to do the shopping  with a note stuck in his collar......but must share my recent "well I never" moment.
You all know I am a big fan of all things Ranger and Tim Holtz in particular and I absolutely CANNOT craft without my trusty non-stick craft mat which sits permanently on my workdesk but little did I know how versatile my little friend was and how he would save my bacon so to speak.  The weather here has been so darned chilly that I decided the other night to make some hearty comfort food...a good old fashioned steak pie but big flour...oh yes the busy crafter lady who also doubles as the cook around here and has a list of other job titles a mile long had forgotten to stock up the store cupboard again....and if you've ever been caught short you will know that rolling out pastry without a dusting of flour is a disaster waiting to gooey mess welded to the work surface.    Suddenly I was hit by a bolt of TH inspiration......would my little friend do the trick......
In a word.....YESSSSSSSS......result one Timmie Fantastic Pie
with new tatties
green beans and chappit neeps (translation....mashed turnip or swede)
and thanks to the wonderful NSM.....grub's up right on time and can I just point out this is hubby's portion....mine would be about half of that

I did have a little moment of panic as I tucked into my yummy pie.....did I clean the mat properly or will this be the world's first Altered Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink poisonous if taken by mouth....oh dear I hope not but too late now I've started and I intend to finish.    Obviously not.....if I am relating the tale of my super versatile friend I survived the night with no ill effects but I think I missed a trick here....why didn't I run the pastry through one of Tim's fabulous Embossing Folders before wouldn't that have been great could start a whole new trend in pie making and Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver take note.....don't go pinching my idea....remember folks you saw it here first.
OK folks enough waffling for one day.....a million and one crafty things to do before the end of the week so no more time for experimental pie making Tim Holtz style....guess who will be back tomorrow for another of his stash clearing goodie give-aways and he isn't best pleased with his old Mum.
The countdown continues......only
more sleeps until my TH play date
Hugs Kath xxx

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Hi's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness and I am looking even more gorgeous than is my favourite day of the week....yes it's lazy Sunday.... the day that I get a special Furminator treatment....what on earth I hear you ask....for all you girls out there it's the doggy version of a spa day....a massage and having your hair cut and blow dried all rolled into one....makes me feel like a NEW BOY.    It's a dog comb but not any old dog's the bees knees at getting rid of all that underfluff that us Goldies have and boy oh boy it's so relaxing.....all I have to do is lie down close my eyes and Mum does all the work.

 and this huge bundle of fluff is headed for the bin instead of all over Mum's trousers or the that's me in the good books again

But you didn't pop across to hear about my beauty're waiting to hear if you are the winner of my little give-away...before we cut to the chase I have to say a big doggy thank you for all your lovely comments and NO...I am not in the doghouse....well that makes a change...Mum has finally come to her senses and agrees that we need to have a declutter and I will be back later in the week with more stash clearing goodies.
But time to stop faffing around.....the winner is....


If you e-mail your address to MUM ( I will make sure she pops your goodies in the mail as soon as. What's on the agenda today...Mum's marooned in the cubbyhole surrounded by Christmas stuff and covered in I'm keeping well out of harm's to find a quiet spot and have a power's a dog's life right enough see you all laterand have a fun day everyone
and oops nearly forgot....
sleeps until Mum jets off to meet someone very special....wonder if I would be allowed to go. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Penny Black Saturday Challenge....Week 120

Morning folks....before you know Saturday is here and it's time for another challenge over at Penny Black Saturday.    We had a wonderful response to last week's challenge and lots of fabulous cards following Joey's sketch....big thank you to everyone who joined in the fun and a special thank you to our lovely guest designer...Kathy Racoosin for joining our happy little band of Penny Black lovers and sharing her fabulous inspiration with us all.
Sadly we are saying goodbye this week to our lovely teamie Janneke....we are so sorry to see her go but she wants to devote more time to her other hobby which is photography and we wish her all the best for the future and a big thank you for all the fabulous inspiration you have shared with us and for your contribution to the team.
But it's time to move on to this week's challenge and hope you will forgive us all for wishing for an...

(fat chance if the weather this week has been anything to go by...we can but dream)

Background created with TH Distress Inks...Scattered Straw...Wild Honey & Fired Brick
overstamped with icons from Penny Black: Salutations
Image: Penny Black....Sweet Catch
Ribbon: Fantastic Ribbons
Sentiment: TH Adage Tickets
Flowers: Prima
Brad from stash

And if my memory serves me right....didn't we used to have glorious weather in September away back in the good old days..evening barbecues and sitting outside until it got dark..relaxing with friends over a bottle of wine or two..oh happy days.  Here we are at the last weekend in September and I suppose it's too much to hope for some warm sunny weather....if the chilly winds and wet weather here are anything to go by Autumn has arrived and Winter isn't far behind.
We have 3 fabulous prizes this week for some lucky winners who will be chosen at random and announced next Saturday.....pop over to Penny Black Saturday for the details and check out who were last week's lucky winners....who knows it may just be you.
The Budster and I are off for our morning stroll......he's OK with his built in wrap around super toasty coat but I will have to resort to the Michelin Man doggy walking gear.     The Super Insulated Furry Boy will be back tomorrow to announce the winner of his little only have until midnight tonight to enter and just in case you thought I had forgotten.....
it's only.....
sleeps until the big day.

Can't wait to see all your fabulous creations this week and will be popping by to pay you all a visit.
Happy Crafting
Hugs Kath xxx

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cardvaarks Challenge

Morning folks....well this is a first for me....never got round to entering the Caardvarks Challenge before but the challenge this week is being sponsored by one of my favourite stamp companies....yes the wonderful

so I just had to find time to join in

The challenge is to make a.....
"NEW" Clean and Simple stamped card
well you know me folks...this is right up my street.....I love clean and simple

Kraft Paper
Hero Arts: CL 459 Merry Christmas Trees
Ribbon...button and twine from stash
Snowflakes: Martha Stewart Punch
Hero Arts: Self Adhesive Gems

and there are some fantastic Hero Arts stamp sets to be pop on over and join in the fun.

Off to get my DT card for tomorrow made....oh yes skidding in by the seat of my pants once again and then I must get stuck into cards for my demo day a week tomorrow at Simply Create.....left it a bit last minute but hey ho I always work better if I am down to the wire and here's hoping I am not tempting it looks like it's going to be a busy busy busy weekend.  Catch up with you all tomorrow for another fab challenge over at Penny Black Saturday.
For all those who left a comment or e-mailed about the Poinsettia Wall Hanging....I will try and put a tutorial together and share with you all next week.
And just in case you've forgotten.....only
more sleeps until my play date with "Timmie Tantastic"
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: to answer Anne's question.....the coffee pot is always on in the cubbyhole and visitors are always welcome

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Simply Create DT

Morning long last I've managed to play with my Simply Create DT kit instead of just opening the box and looking at it......yummy Echo Park Papers and a huge sheet of stickers from the "Everybody Loves Christmas" collection ..buttons... ribbons and a Hero Arts Christmas's what I made...

Poinsettia Wall Hanging
a great excuse to use this huge red button which measures 5cm across

cute Hero Arts Snowy House

would you believe that there are quite a few Sticker Snobs out there...oh yes I have had lots of folks over the years say to me that it's not proper card making if you use stickers....what utter tosh and although I am first and foremost a stamper....don't discount the humble's a great way of getting ahead of the game and making some quick and easy cuties....ideal if you do craft fetes and of course perfect for making my favourite scraplings.....

and I still have loads left over to play with but not today....I'm having a "cut loose and have fun day"...taking a little trip out to my favourite craft store just to deliver my DT stuff you understand and to meet up with my favourite bloggy buds Anne and Debbi for a coffee and a fancy piece....loads of chat of a crafty nature no doubt and of course a little bit of a crafty spend.
more sleeps until I am in the same room as you know who!!!
Catch up with you all tomorrow....Hugs Kath xxx

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's on Mum's Workdesk today

Morning all my lovely bloggy's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness...Mum is a tad busy this what's new and the cubbyhole is knee deep in Christmas papers...stamps and those horrid little 3D sticky blighters that get everywhere including all over me.   So you're stuck with me today and it's time to join in the fun over at WOYWW.....I can't wait to have a mooch around in everybody else's crafty space...I bet they won't be half as messy as here.
So what's on Mum's workdesk today.....just a little something that I managed to root out of her stash....well a guy's gotta try and have a bit of a tidy up occasionally so I have a little parcel of goodies looking for a new home.

Stampin Up Trendy Trees Stamp Set
Papers and Kraft Card to match
Ribbons Buttons and charms

And you gotta help me out here folks...I am on a mission to declutter the cubbyhole so all you have to do is leave me a comment here before Saturday at midnight and I will choose one lucky bloggy bud on Sunday .....keep your eyes and ears open folks I ain't done by a long shot...this place needs a major sort out and maybe then I can find a space to curl up for a few quiet zzzzzzz's without paper sticking to my feet...things falling on my head and being showered in do I explain that to my macho doggy mates.
Oops better not strict instructions to tell you that it is only....
sleeps now....absolutely not a clue what that is all about.
Hugs and Snuggles

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Morning folks.....I am toot...tooting from the rooftops about a brand new challenge with a fabulous prize over at The Ribbon Girl Blog
The challenge is to create a project with the main colour focus of black orange and white and all you have to do to enter is pop across to The Ribbon Girl Blog and use the Inlinkz Button to link your entry so we can come visit you....the link will close on Sunday October 3rd (midnight UK time) and the winner will be randomly selected.    And the prize which will be winging it's way to the lucky winner.....a fabulous box of goodies....gorgeous ribbons....twine and those cute little envelopes.

and here is what I made.....

   Papers: Basic Grey Ambrosia Collection
Image.....What A Hoot...
Leaves: Hero Arts...Scattered Leaves
Flowers: WeRMK
Pearls: Hobby House
Sentiment: Alpha Rub-ons
Ribbon and buttons: The Ribbon Girl
And just look at that pesky pearl trying to make his escape...may just  have to fasten these boys down in future with a dot of Super Tacky Glue.  So it's your turn now.....can't wait to see what you all create and will be popping over to pay you all a visit.
Today is going to be busy busy....and I do believe that THE FURRY BOY will be popping on tomorrow..he's been having a root around in my stash again so sounds like there may be a give-away or two coming your way and just in case you think I have's only.....
sleeps...heading in the right direction but not nearly fast enough for my liking
Hugs Kath xxx

Monday, September 20, 2010

Daring Cardmakers Challenge

Morning folks....well it's been a dreary cold and wet weekend here in the North East of Scotland and apart from a visit on Saturday to see the grandkiddies I've spent most of my time holed up in the cubbyhole trying to tick some more crafty stuff off that never ending list....but hey a girl needs a bit of relaxation and fun and in my book that means making a challenge card or two.
The challenge this week over at Daring Cardmakers has been set by my lovely bloggy bud and Funky Hand teamie Kathy and she wants to see the main elements of the card being things that fly flutter hover or waft about there "up there in the sky" so a perfect excuse to use one of my favourite Hero Arts Clear Stamp Sets..


Hero Arts: Dots and Flowers Design Block
Old Letter Writing
Butterflies: Antique Engravings
Sentiment: Thinking Of You
Pearls: Hobby House
And talking of pearls I have just noticed that another of the little blighters has escaped on it's way to the photographic posh.....I don't think's the windowsill in the old cubbyhole which gets great natural light all day.  
Have you noticed how much the nights are drawing in and it will soon be time for the clocks to change again. I love the cold wintry nights and like nothing better than snuggling up with my bundle of golden deliciousness...the wind howling outside and my nose stuck in a good book.  I am a big fan of anything Thriller or Mystery and particularly like John Grisham....Patricia Cornwell and Karin Slaughter but having read Paul O'Grady's first autobiography...."At My Mother's Knee" which was hysterical I just had to get this one.....

and if it is half as good.....I will be a great read.   Love his style of just get the feeling that you are sitting in a comfy armchair across the fireside from Paul and he is telling you his life story....I could hear his voice all the way through the book and I guarantee you will split your sides laughing.....just as well I am only a few steps away from the bedtime reading for the next week sorted.   And before you ask that is not a pic of Buddy on my bedside's my last bundle of golden deliciousness....the sweetest boy Ben who died four years ago and I still miss him every day.    He was my constant companion when I ran my ceramic business sleeping under the table while I worked...a real character and loved by all who came to classes probably because they all spoiled him rotten with treats....he was so obedient and didn't have one hooligan bone in his body unlike the resident furry boy but just like children you never get two the same and I love my current bundle of furriness every bit as much.   See you all tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add....oops forgot to mention it's only

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hero Arts Pairing Up Challenge

Morning folks....time to share Card Numero Dos for the Hero Arts Pairing Challenge with my Hero Arts Flickr buddy...the lovely talented Agata and boy oh boy was this one a struggle....lots of binned efforts before I settled for one which I have to say I am not entirely happy with but I'm sure you will agree things don't always go according to plan in this card making malarkey.
We decided to go with the gorgeous Wild Flower Garden Cling Stamp this time and here is the gorgeous card that Agata made.....

and from me.....

Hero Arts: Wild Flower Garden
Antique Engravings
Sentiment: Thinking Of You
Ribbon from stash
Pearls from Hobby House
Distress Inks...Scattered Straw...Wild Honey....Brushed Corduroy

Once I had stamped embossed and coloured my mat.....I was struggling to find something I liked for my background so in desperation I just ran Timmie's fabulous Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink Pad over the linen cardstock picking up the detail and as if making the card wasn't bad enough.....getting a half decent pic in this grey and dismal weather was another marathon and just to add insult to injury I notice that one of the little pearls on the butterfly body must have popped off on it's jaunt around the house and garden and just noticed my mat is looking a little skewiff....well just tilt your head slightly and it should look straight.
Will be back tomorrow but with goodness knows what.....depends if Mr Mojo decides to play ball and just another...
sleeps to go....blimey if I am excited now what am I going to be like when it's down to the magic number ONE
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: well blow me over with a feather....what do I card disaster just got a little tweet over at Hero Arts on Twitter

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Penny Black Saturday Challenge...Week 119

Morning's Saturday and time for another challenge over at Penny Black Saturday.....big thank you to all the lovely folks who joined in last week's challenge and it was great to welcome lots of new faces.    We really do appreciate you all joining in the fun with your gorgeous cards.   So pop over and check out the lucky winner chosen at random who will soon be having a crafty spend at 1-2-3 Stitch with their $20 voucher.

The challenge this week is a fab sketch from our lovely teamie JOEY

Papers: WeRMK...White Out Collection
Image: Penny Black...Mice Day
Buttons: Basic Grey
Ribbon: Fantastic Ribbons
Sentiment: Craftwork Cards In Circle Sentiments

and I must have had my "desperately in need of a clean" specs on when I did this could I miss the great big circle slap in the middle and what possessed me to make it a square but my lovely teamie LIZ came up with the perfect answer to my dilemma...A SQUARE IS JUST A CIRCLE WITH now you know.
But now it's time to share our fabulous exciting news.....we have a very very special guest joining us today over at Penny Black Saturday....the lovely and very talented Kathy Racoosin....from the Penny Black Design pop over and give Kathy a great big Penny Black Saturday welcome and a visit to her blog is a must.....lots of gorgeous inspiration.

And the prizes this week for 2 lucky winners who will be chosen at random and announced next Saturday

a stamp or stamp set of the winner's choice from
the 2010 Halloween Catalogue which you can browse HERE

and from 
our lovely teamie CAROLE

Carolling Penguins...40-034

and did you know that Penny Black have a brand new pay a visit click can also find them over on Facebook and Twitter and for lots of Penny Black inspiration pop over to the Gallery HERE
Can't wait to see all your beautiful creations this week with Joey's sketch....I will be popping over to pay you all a visit and as the weather this weekend doesn't look too's a great excuse to stay cosy and warm having fun with your Penny Blacks.   
more sleeps until the big day.
Catch up with you all tomorrow for the second instalment of our Hero Arts Pairing Challenge.
Hugs Kath xxx