Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Hi's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness and I am looking even more gorgeous than is my favourite day of the week....yes it's lazy Sunday.... the day that I get a special Furminator treatment....what on earth I hear you ask....for all you girls out there it's the doggy version of a spa day....a massage and having your hair cut and blow dried all rolled into one....makes me feel like a NEW BOY.    It's a dog comb but not any old dog's the bees knees at getting rid of all that underfluff that us Goldies have and boy oh boy it's so relaxing.....all I have to do is lie down close my eyes and Mum does all the work.

 and this huge bundle of fluff is headed for the bin instead of all over Mum's trousers or the that's me in the good books again

But you didn't pop across to hear about my beauty're waiting to hear if you are the winner of my little give-away...before we cut to the chase I have to say a big doggy thank you for all your lovely comments and NO...I am not in the doghouse....well that makes a change...Mum has finally come to her senses and agrees that we need to have a declutter and I will be back later in the week with more stash clearing goodies.
But time to stop faffing around.....the winner is....


If you e-mail your address to MUM ( I will make sure she pops your goodies in the mail as soon as. What's on the agenda today...Mum's marooned in the cubbyhole surrounded by Christmas stuff and covered in I'm keeping well out of harm's to find a quiet spot and have a power's a dog's life right enough see you all laterand have a fun day everyone
and oops nearly forgot....
sleeps until Mum jets off to meet someone very special....wonder if I would be allowed to go. 


  1. Hi ya Buddy,
    you look gorgeous after your beauty treatment, enjoy your relaxing day, hope mum has fun with the glitter, catch you later, great post, sue,xx

  2. Morning you big bundle of lovelyness. I hope your going to help your Mum tidy up after all her lovely crafting. Congratulations Sue. Have a good day Kath. Hugs x ChrisB

  3. Nothing wrong with a bit of beautifying yourself Budster, just remember to rescue mum if she has glitter overload and can't get out the cubbyhole.

  4. hard work staying as handsome as you are !!!
    enjoy your sunday Buddy
    love teen & co x

  5. Enjoy your lazzy Sunday and hope you have the full range of treatments ;-) I could do with one of those!!

    Glad you aren't in the dog house but could I borrow you as I seriously need a decluttering session too!!

    Sarah x

  6. Enjoy your day Buddy!!!!!!! You deserve it for being so lovely.

  7. OOoooo you look mega chilled Buddy!
    My MIL has a rough collie (also called Buddy) and she used to spin his fluff and then knit with it! Yeuch!! When Lucy was wee she would never go near the spinning wheel incase she pricked her finger like Sleeping Beauty!lol
    Enjoy your Sunday x

  8. Hi Buddy, looks like you are having a perfect day. You are looking handsome as every!! Congrats to the winner and hope your mum gets to have some fun today. Hugs Anesha

  9. And don't you look nice after your lovely brush. My lovely chocolate Maddy needs to get her furminator out and have a nice brush too I can see her hair floating about the hall and conservatory. Hope her Dad takes the hint. Hope Mum has a nice productive day in the cubbyhole.

    Kat xx

  10. Hiya Buddy!!!
    I'm jumping up and down like a mad march Hare!!!!!
    I am delighted to have won your candy thank you so much you handsome Budster you!!!
    sending lots of warm fuzzy doggie wuzzles to you
    Suzie QX
    off to email mum!

  11. So nice that you make your mum happy by enjoying all the brushing she does. Your look wonderful by the way.

    Max my cat has the same brush and I know he feels the same way about it.

    Congratulations to Sue!
    Enjoy your nap!
    Hugs back to you,

  12. Wow... a bundle of fun! Great post.

  13. Well, I'm guessing, Buddy old chap, that next week's furminator session will be slightly glitter enhanced. No good staying out the way, it just happens!

  14. Oh Buddy you certainly know how to charm us all.You are so handsome.Hope you enjoyed your snooze and that mum has managed to de glitter herself lol.Huggly

  15. Congratulations to the winner! You could make a new dog with the hair, lol!

  16. I just adore Buddy!! He is so so cute and i just want to cuddle up to him!! That brush looks great.
    I have a jack russell with soft but wire hair, that sticks in everything!! She hates being brushed though and the tail goes between her legs. Buddy sounds so well behaved and chilled out!


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