Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lock Me Up and Throw Away The Key

Morning folks...if you are having a down in the dumps Sunday or the weather is not exactly sunny and bright...why don't you make yourself a cheery cuppa....pull up a chair and have a giggle at my expense.... I have a big confession to make....I definitely think I have lost the plot and need locking up for my own safety or at least to save my won't believe what I got up to on Friday....I can hardly believe it either.
walked into the cubbyhole and in a moment of complete and utter madness decided that the shelves filled with lots of bits and bobs were annoying my happiness....a cluttered mess and this is where it all went pear shaped...Miss Neat Freak decided they had to I set about emptying everything onto the floor and demolishing the place
by lunchtime I was having serious doubts....what have I got myself into but once you start you have to finish and spurred on by endless cups of coffee and with trusty Phillips screwdriver in hand I set about getting order restored.....after the whole blinking day and much bad words my new bits and bobs corner is now up and running and I rather like it......phew thank goodness for that....
but there is a slight problem and I forbid you to laugh.....I now have two walls peppered with I get out the polyfilla or just create some art canvas to cover up the devastation and I am trying to ignore the diabolical ribbon storage which needs serious replanning.
I have been inundated with e-mails this weekend from all my lovely bloggy buds giving me a heads up on some faberoonie news and they are wondering why I haven't been shouting it from the rooftops.....oh yes the Lord Timmie of All Things Holtziness is coming to the UK to do some workshops.    My reason for keeping quiet is entirely lovely bloggy bud Carol and I are hoping to attend and I just know that every Timmie fan in the UK will be logging online on Monday at 8pm so keep your fingers and toes crossed that we are successful.  Newport Pagnell isn't the easiest of places to get to from the North East of Scotland....but I have sussed out flights to Luton airport and the lovely Carol has offered me 2 nights accommodation....she is so kind and it would be wonderful to meet up with her again and spend some time together playing along with TH... the most inspirational of all crafters.......a dream come true and something that would make this old girl very very happy indeed.   I can hardly bear the waiting and if we are lucky enough to get will hear me hooping and a-hollering no matter where you are on this planet.
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


Ann Rosie said...

Mmmm - the ribbon problem. Do you have a little alcove in the room where you can put in a few of these expandable net curtain holders - you could then thread all the reels on. Or perhaps your creativity goes as far as fashioning something from some offcuts of wood and a few wooden poles?

Lia said...

For the ribbon you can use ................( o i do not know the englisch word ) we call it "dakgoot" its a halfpipe under the roof.

Do you understand my Englishc? Owh its so bad. I'am sorry !!!

loves from Holland

Loopylou!! said...

romfl kath!!!! it does look rather fab though hun...maybe a few strips of ribbon could do a good hole covering job!!!!!! good luck in your quest to see lord timmie hun!! hugs Lou xxxxx

Pamela said...

Your blogging never fails to make me smile Kath so this one was no different!!
If you haven't worked it out yet, Lia from Holland is referring to guttering. I've seen it used over on the Crafty Storage blog and it might help cover some of those holes at the same time.
Good luck with the TH workshops.

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Kath,

Saw this pic of your wonderful room through the blog of Bianca. Maybe I have a tip for you for an easy way to hide the holes, I had the same problem and bought a wall sticker to put over them and it looks perfect! I have a lovely decoration on my wall and the holes are underneath and if I ever decide to put the boards up again, no problem! ;-)


Christine B. said...

Morning Kath your shelves look good. Hope your succesful with getting a place on TH workshops. Good luck with the holes. Hugs x CHrisB

The Ribbon Girls said...

Hi Kath - the cubbyhole looks good to me - good luck and hope you get to see TH - I stood right next to him when he did a demo at the NEC a few years ago! You can get a shelf unit (I think it's actually a shelf for displaying pictures or photos on, you just prop them up so they don't slip off) in Ikea which is black, sort of 'U' shaped, the up-sides are not too high, say one inch, and the ribbon reels sit perfectly and look very neat

Paddington fan said...

Morning Kath,
Your blog always makes me grin - thank you!! How about one of those big canvas prints of a photo of Mr Buddy to cover the holes!! Alternatively, if you get to see Lord Tim (fingers and toes crossed!!) you could put up a piccy of the two of you!! That must be inspirational, love Jacky xx

mustavcoffee said...

Hi Kath, that was a day well spent it looks magnificent, shame about the holes but I'm sure you'll think of something:)
I guess it's going to be a real scrum on Monday evening and I think there are going to be a lot of disappointed people. I hope that we're not in that unhappy lot!!!!
Enjoy your Sunday:) xxx

Kerryn said...

LOL that was a funny read!! I would dream of your craft room!
I love your new shelving area and think that you need to get the pollyfilla out now lol

weewiccababe said...

oh my God, what have you done????
I know exactly what you can do with that wall..... hang all the yummy creations you make with Tim!!
I'm keeping everything crossed that you get tickets Kath

Anne said...

Am keeping everything crossed for you to get to Tim's Workshop -- Wish I could TAG along but no doubt you can bring me a Timmytastic Tag creation back !! Was remembering too with everyone yesterday.
Anne xxx

Julia said...

You do make me chuckle Kath! I didn't know TH was coming to town! Newport Pagnell is two minutes up the road from me - you are always welcome to stay here ;0) xx

Katy said...

LOL just the sort of thing I would do! I think some art to cover up your holes would look lovely :)

Kat said...

Goodness Kath you're really on a roll with all this tidying this week. I could do with a bit of tidying here but all I've managed to do is get rid of stuff. In spite of all the stuff I took to the charity shop on Monday I filled another 2 bags from my Christmas stash.

Fingers crossed you manage to get to Tim's workshops. What an experience that would be!

Kat xx

Sue said...

Hi ya kath
lol fabulous post hun, ya craftroom looks fab, as for the holes, get more shelevs! lol.
Oh hope you get to see sir tim hun, sue,x

Kirsti said...

Wow you have been busy Kath...if there is any going spare chuck it my way - always room for more crafty have been de-cluttering this weekend - took TEN binliners of crap (toys) to the skip today so now I have a very empty room save for the sofa bed and the wardrobe - I even took the storage unit down to my wee craft room and it is now filled with all the bits I didn't have storage for before that just sat on the floor in brown paper bags!!! Very liberating!!! Catch up soon...Kirsti xxx

Tracy said...

I really do hope you get on Tims workshop, got my fingers crossed for you Kath.
To cover your holes, get Sir Tim to sign what ever you make in his workshop and frame and hang over the holes.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Rufus said...

You do make me smile! Anytime you want to come have a go at my room, just let me know! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get in to see Sir Tim of Holtzyness. Which ever way it works I dare say we'll hear ya!

Lee said...

Hi Kath.You are soooo funny,really cheer up my day lol.You should have been a commedian.I mean that in the nicest possible way.xxCuddles to the budster x

Anonymous said...

Lord, you are a glutton for punishment! Can you string a pole or curtain wire under one of the shelves and hang the ribbon there?

Can't believe Lord TH is coming to Newport Pagnell, not exactly the center of the universe is it? Also can't believe he's coming to the town where I used to live.... pity I don't still live there! Good luck getting the tickets.


Susan said...

Well Kath, did you manage to get tickets then? Hope you did. Susan x


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