Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I don't bee..lieve it......and we have a WINNER

Morning folks....I don't believe it and neither will you.....but remember that stinky old cold that I had at the beginning of December.....well it's back.....what a up this morning and my nose is completely choked up again......just when I am getting myself back into crafting mode again...let's hope it doesn't last as long this time because the shelving is finished and I am almost done putting everything back....oh what a nightmare that is....but I have been ruthless and had a good clear out of stuff that hasn't seen the light of day for years....just wish I could be as ruthless with the old wardrobe.  Hope to get some pics today of my new organised crafting space that is....if it ever gets daylight....I hate these "dark when you wake up" days....and "dark when you go to bed" with " not much daylight in between" days and it has suddenly dawned on me this is the last day of 2008....don't know about you but I have totally lost track of the date or what day of the week it is.
On to the important stuff of the day....enough waffling on from me......I suppose you are all raring to know the winner of Blog Candy Fest Give-Away No 3.......what a response this week....157 entries....wowee and

The Winner is........

Taffy Crafty's Creations

Congratulations Clare and if you e-mail me your address, one box choc full of goodies will be on its way to you in the New Year.  All the names from this draw have now been added to the Big Blog Candy Fest Bowl and it's filling up nicely, in fact, may have to look for a bigger bowl.   Will be back on Sunday with Big Blog Candy Fest Give-Away No 4.........and this one will have a little will just have to wait and see.    Off to get my DT stuff done and dusted before's Hogmanay and the New Year is fast's 10 months since I started my blog and where has time gone...each year just seems to fly now.   Catch up with you all later but in the meantime.....
Wishing you all a very Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful 2009
and as we say in this part of the country
Cue Music Maestro
"A Guid New Year to Ane and A"
If you promise to be good....I will sing you the whole song tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxxxx
P.S. I get the impression that Clare is mightily happy about her win.....the pleasure is all mine and hope you have lots of fun playing with your goodies.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 Sketches4You - Sketch 16

It's great to be back in the world of challenges again......and the sketch this week on 2 Sketches4You is from Laura..... and fabby cards as always from Laura and the DT........I needed to make a birthday card last night for my BIL who is celebrating a rather special birthday today....yes skidding in by the seat of my pants once again...but I have an excuse...hubby was beavering away at the shelving in my cubbyhole and it took me ages to find the stash I needed.
Luckily my latest purchase was on top of one of the boxes and it's perfect for male cards but you must excuse the strange angle of the pic......only way I could get a half decent one without picking up lots of glare.
Papers: Basic Grey Granola Collection
Hearts cut with Cricut George & Basic Shapes
Alphabet: Scrabble Letters
Numbers: American Crafts Thickers
Hope to be back later with pics of the finished shelving.....hubby's job is's just a case of me getting everything back in place.....and that bit is always a nightmare.....
BUT....before I go dashing off to deliver said card and pressie ......special Birthday Hugs & Kisses for the one and only QUEEN of CRAFT...the gorgeous TERRIE B.....naughty...naughty...girl....kept that one a bit of a secret...didn't you Mrs B.  Hope you had a lovely day Terrie with all your family.
Catch up with you all later....Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What am I up to to-day

What am I up to to-day....well you may ask.....a-ripping and a-tearing and not my fave crafty kind of ripping and tearing....OH NO.....thought I would make a start on all the entries for Blog Candy No 3 and not leave it until the last minute like I did last week....over 100 entries already....why...oh...why....didn't I choose to do Random Generator....a slight error of thinks...

30 done....just another 70 or so to do......
Hubby is hard at work on the make-over of the cubby hole....just as well you can't hear the ***  *** words....cover your ears Buddy!!!! and it is chaos....and it didn't exactly help his mood when I informed him I have my DT stuff to get finished for the middle of the week and BIL's birthday card for Tuesday morning so I really need him to be finished now....oops.....more *** *** words.    He's got the easy job...I then have to get all the stuff back onto the shelves and if you are like me.....there will lots of moving around until I get everything in the right place. 

It will give me another large work area and lots of storage space underneath for the stuff that just seems to arrive at my door from time to time......or is it just another area to clutter up...and an excuse to buy more stuff.....will keep you posted if it ever gets to crack the whip and get the worker going or I may be paying my local card shop another visit.   Hope to have some stuff to share tomorrow...well what do you think.....will it ever be finished?    Hugs Kath xxxxxxx

Christmas at Chez Kath

Christmas Day was a fairly lazy affair this year at Chez Kath, just Hubby..No 1 Son..Me  and "The Budster". It was great not having the mad scramble of cooking for loads of folks but I did miss having my special little fellas here. Managed to resist the temptation to open pressies until about 10.00am and then of course "The Budster" took over, I'm sure he has a parcel fetish-it was bedlam until every one had been opened.

It's Mine and I ain't sharing.........
And then on Saturday my special little fellas came to see if Santa had left anything for them at Grandma's House and it was more frantic parcel opening....
Need any help Oliver?
Well another Christmas come and gone in a flash and we are now fast approaching the end of another year....2009 beckons and I wonder what that will bring, who knows, just have to wait and see.  Holidays over and back to work - DT challenge stuff to do and some personal birthday cards.
Catch up with you all later.....Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Big SALE and another award

Hi Folks
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas......lots of fabby pressies and yummy yummy food but can't quite believe that it's over for another year after all the frantic rushing around.   Just a quickie off to get myself all dressed up in my Santa's two little fellas are coming today for the Chrissy pressies that Santa leaves at Grandmas.
And guess what FUNKY HAND  have a SALE starting today and running until Saturday 3rd January .....yes......a great chance to grab some bargains....10% off everything.....CD's...downloads and paper don't have to queue or be trampled by the crowds....all done from the comfort of your own home.....make yourself a cuppa and browse 'til your heart's content.

Just had to share this fabulous award I got from the mega-talented and hilarious Chris.....thank you so much... but I don't know whether to take this as a compliment or not.

OK I put my hands up to being a chatterbox and if you know will know how appropriate this is....but I make no apologies 'cos it's better than being an old grumpy face......don't know how many times I have travelled on trains and planes with the most miserable faced folk on the planet and it's obvious they have no wish to chat......your loss folks.....'cos I could keep you amused for the whole journey without pausing for breath.   So I am very proud to have gotten this award....thanks Chris.....from one gabby lady to another!!
Don't seem to be any rules with this one for passing it I am awarding it to all the "chatterboxes" out know who you are.
Need to get back in crafting mode BIL has a special birthday coming up and I haven't made the card yet.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


HI Folks.....I have been hopping briefly on and off my blog in the last few days in between getting foody stuff prepared, last minute wrapping and giving Chez Kath a good old swirl around with duster and broom and lo and behold.....I  just noticed I now have 112  followers.....crikey blow me down....where did you all suddenly come from.....but I'm not complaining it's lovely to know there is someone out there listening and I ain't talking to myself.....'cos at my age that could be a bit of a worry.
I am truly gobsmacked by all the folk who visit me and leave such bloggy love........I appreciate each and every comment and love you all to's like a big BLOGGY FAMILY....I have had such good fun since I started this blogging malarkey.... a couple of months short of a year and will never forget my son's face when I told him I had a blog....."Mum.....a can't even text on your mobile phone".......well what do you know sonny...this old gal has embraced technology big time.
And a big THANK YOU for all the beautiful hand-made cards I received from my bloggy special to receive cards from such talented and lovely folk......will treasure them always and the sentiment and love in which they were sent.....Oh I am full of emulsion again!!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love and that all your Christmas dreams come true.....whether you  are a "feet up in your slippers watching the TV type of gal" or a "paint the town red gal"  and that the New Year brings you happiness. 
OK just one more sleep and the big fat guy in the red suit will be paying you a visit
Lots of Love from your bloggy buds....
Kath & "The Budster"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little slip up = big delay

Morning folks.....just when you think all is going according to plan.....a little slip puts the well oiled machine that is Chez Kath into panic mode.   Got all my cleaning finished yesterday.....we are looking all spicky span.....managed to watch some of Craft Day and had a little spend.....OK....maybe more than a little spend....but who's's Christmas.   Pleased as punch with meself...another well organised Christmas.....well shouldn't have been so cocky...literally brought back down to earth with a bump.    Dashed off to the old cubby hole to get Give-Away No 3 organised and take a piccie......when disaster struck ........trod on one of Buddy's tennis balls (fortunate there that I added the word "tennis" don't you think)....which felt like sliding on a banana skin and did a gymnastic manoeuvre that would have won me an Olympic Gold Medal....... landed rather uncermoniously on my bum....which has plenty of no damage there but I think I sprained my ankle.    Hobbled back indoors and hubby's face was a picture.....panic stricken probably at the thought of having to cook the Christmas Dinner.    Be thankful for small gods if I had broken my would have been beans on toast and a fried egg for Christmas Dinner.   But somebody up there is on my side and it's feels almost back to normal this morning.... or the ice packs and the elastic bandage did the trick.....just a little setback in the Christmas timetable....but one I could have done it's ever onward.....and the dodgy leg will just have to try and keep up.....need to go off this morning and deliver some Chrissy pressies and pick up the grub for the big day and then hopefully if no other disasters befall me....I will be back late afternoon with Give-Away No 3.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Monday, December 22, 2008


It's been a frantic day at Chez the old kitchen but of's Craft Day on I was popping backwards and forwards to the TV and I have a confession to make... I have been really really naughty.....and buying stuff..... from Rosemary Merry's 11.00 hour.....more stuff from WeRMemory Keepers and then even more stuff when Becks was on at 1.00pm and hey I still have the American Crafts Hour and then Papermania at 10.00pm.
Now hubby isn't the least bit interested in crafting.....and there is no way he would sit and watch hours and hours of I have been watching through in the front room which is all decorated and looking very festive and Christmassy......but there seemed to be something missing.....what could it be......of course..the gorgeous MR FROSTY..... so hubby was dispatched off to find him.
Isn't he just the cutest.....and covered from head to toe in delicious Glamour Dust....he shimmers and sparkles in the lights of the Christmas Tree and how could I have forgotten him.....he stands about 3' tall so he lives all year round out in the garage wrapped in a couple of bin liners.   Before I became addicted to all things papercrafts....I had my own ceramic studio and this gorgeous guy was definitely my best seller.
Now I need to dash off  and look out some goodies for tomorrow's Give-Away No 3......and here are all the names from Give-Aways 1 and 2 going forward to the final the bowl going to be big enough?
Each week the entries will be added to the bowl until we have the final Big Blog Candy Fest Give-Away and just think folks if you enter each will have 6 chances of winning the final prize.
See you all tomorrow when Give-Away No 3 will be now to have a rummage..then put the kettle on and settle down for my fave American Crafts......Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


Oh crikey only 3 more sleeps until the BIG I think I am fairly organised...but it's all those pesky little things that still need doing.   I am a definite list girl and as I tick the jobs off the list..I seem to be adding more on the other feels like two steps forward and four back...roll on Christmas Eve...the shops are shut and hey if I've forgotten something...then TOUGH.
Still have to hand deliver a pile of cards...neighbours and friends who are only a stone's throw away but it has to be a bit of a cloak and dagger operation under cover of darkness...don't want them to see the door and it's "OH COME IN FOR A COFFEE" and a couple of hours later...I've delivered only the one card.
Up with the lark yesterday morning...iced the Christmas Cake, made soup for the big day which will be popped into the freezer and taken out the night before...all before my special little fellas arrived. While Oliver went for his after lunch nap..Brodie...Granda...Buddy and Grandma all took off for the forest...a very bracing walk was real brass monkey weather...chilly...chilly even for us hardy North East of Scotland folks.

These two had great fun together...Brodie always asks if he can have Buddy's whistle but Buddy never ventures far from Brodie but Brodie blows it anyway...over and over again..."Excuse Me Mum...give me a break...take that sodding thing off him."
And Brodie follows wherever Buddy's great to see kids out in the fresh air enjoying nature and brings back wonderful memories of my childhood...the horses and dogs that were my best friends...animals give such conditional love...never judging or criticising and always there to lick away your touches my heart to see the bond developing between these two...THEY ARE GONNA BE GREAT BUDDIES as long as Brodie doesn't get the whistle.
This is going to be a "clean the kitchen" kinda day...but I will be having more than my fair share of coffee breaks and nipping off to watch "you know what" on TV and no the old credit card a bit of a bashing...when it comes to the 9pm hour...Oh I know...but I can't help it...can never have enough of American Crafts and their scrummy Thickers. Catch up with you all tomorrow when I will be back with Give-Away No 3...oops that's something else I need to add to that darned list.    
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hi Folks
What a great response to Give-Away No 2 and lots of you obviously wanted to win this one....102 TO BE EXACT but unfortunately there were quite a number of folks who didn't bother to read the rules and didn't put a link on their blog....sorry but your names were not entered into the's only fair to all the folks who did take the trouble to link back.

And the winner is........

Debz lives not a million miles away from me and perhaps we can meet up in the week between Christmas and New Year and I can hand over the prize in person.......wouldn't that be fab.... it would mean I get to meet another of my bloggy buds....but if you are is no problem for me to mail it.....just send me your address.

Will be back on Tuesday with details of


Hope you are all up to speed now with the preparations for the BIG DAY because.......
QVC are having a Craft Day tomorrow
who's bright idea was that......must be a man and therefore having nothing to do at all with organising the family Christmas...don't ya think.      I am fairly organised now but certainly won't have time to sit and watch hours of crafty programmes......but will find time from somewhere to watch........
 Rosemary Merry at 11.00am.....3.00pm.....6.00pm.....
WeRMemory Keepers....1.00pm
and of course will be glued to the box at
9.00pm for one whole hour of AMERICAN CRAFTS....
well you know I just love their ribbons and Thickers
My two special fellas are coming for lunch today and tomorrow I need to finish off the big clean....well the house has to be spick and span for SANTA popping down the chimney and then it's on to the food.
It never ends.......does it girls......and all for one day.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxxx

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Penny Black Saturday Challenge Week 28

Morning Everybody
Great response to last week's challenge....and fabulous creations from everyone.....this will be our last Penny Black Saturday challenge for 2008......hey the Design Team are definitely going to need the week off to recover from all their excesses at Christmas.

The challenge this week on Penny Black Saturday is.......

This week's challenge worked out perfectly for me.....I wish that I could have made each and everyone of you lovely PB fans a card....but hey.....time wasn't on my side so instead I used the challenge to make a concertina or accordion card and am sending Christmas Wishes to you all with a BIG THANK YOU for all your support over the year.....we really do appreciate it and love seeing what you create with these fabulous stamps.
Papers: My Mind's Eye...Be Merry Collection
Images: Penny Black...Christmas Critters Clear Stamps
and my favourite PB stamp......Royal Mail
Alphabets: Scrapwork Colour Rubz Font Folder....Red
Adorn-It "Tiny Whoopsy Red
And the prize this week..for one lucky winner chosen at random is...a fabulous CD from "Funky Hand".....18 colour collections...over 500 backing papers, alphabets and sentiment backers.
All that is left for me to say is......"I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...enjoy spending time with the ones you love....hope Santa brings you lots of yummy pressies (preferably crafty ones) and that everything you wish for comes true".   I have had a ball on the Penny Black Saturday DT this year and am looking forward to seeing you all again on 3rd January for our first challenge of 2009.
Looking forward to see what you create for this week's challenge and the winner of the prize will be posted next Saturday on the PBSC pop on over.....who knows....IT MIGHT BE YOU.
Lots of Love Kath xxxxxx

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tag You're It Challenge - Week 38

Morning Taggers
Well Christmas is looming fast....can't believe it's less than a week now and thank you so much to all you serious tag makers who took time out of your hectic Christmas schedule to join us last week and fabulous tags they were too for the colour challenge.
The challenge this week on Tag You're It is from my lovely team mate and fellow North-East chum...the very talented Dawn.....who has chosen.....surprise....surprise
                                                                  SECRET SANTA
I must admit I was a little bit baffled by this one but basically it's open to your own is the same idea as buying a Secret Santa gift for someone.....taking into account their interests or hobbies or perhaps bad habits.....just go with the flow folks and I'm sure they will all be fabulous.

This one is for all you girlies out there who love SHOPPING.
Papers & Image:  Pink Petticoat
Ribbon & Gems from my stash
Sentiment: computer generated
This will be the last challenge of the year on Tag You're It.....don't know about you folks but the Design Team are definitely going to need some time off to recover from the excesses of Christmas....and as our challenge this week is Secret Santa....we asked the big jolly man in the red suit if he had anything in his sack for one lucky winner who will be chosen at random on Friday 27th.......and he duly obliged......THANK YOU SANTA!!!!
This fabulous CD from "Funky Hand"
27 Christmas Themed Designs
Bonus page of tags.
Just think you will be mega organised for next year and can have all your papers printed off and cards made well before last minute hassle.......well that's the theory......I am so lucky to be on the "Funky Hand" Design Team and have all the CD's... so what is my excuse!!!
On behalf of the "Tag You're It" Team can I thank you all for your support over the last year..we truly appreciate it and we hope you will be back joining us again for the first challenge on January 2nd.....mind you Dawn and I may not have recovered from Hogmanay....but that's another story.
I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year....hope Santa is good to you and that everything you wish for comes true.
Will be popping over to your blogs to see what you have come up with for "Secret Santa" and remember to pop over to the TYI blog on Friday when the winner of the prize will be announced.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Sneaky Peak Thursday

Morning folks............yes it's Sneaky Peak Thursday and this will be my last DT stuff for 2008 for both Penny Black Saturday and Tag You're It......yes we are having a week off next week.....well I think that we may need it to recover from the excesses of Christmas....don't you think.

And the very....very....very last 2 Christmas Cards I am making this year for the special little fellas in my life

Papers: Nitwit Collections....Home Spun Holidays
Image: Stamps Away...Reindeer
Snowflakes cut with Quickcutz
Alphabet: Scrapwork Color Rubz Font Folder
I am definitely not making any more cards.....not even one from Betty "Her Royal Maj" could persuade me to dip into my "all things Christmassy stash" again....well on saying that there is maybe someone who could persuade me.....but I think the chances of getting a card from he who is KING...the LEGEND himself...the one and only HIS MAJESTY TIM rather slim.....more chance of winning the old lottery.....but I would love to know who is on his Christmas Card List.
Back tomorrow for Tag You're It and there is a fabulous prize from Santa's sack for one lucky winner chosen at random......Hugs Kath xxxxx

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2 Sketches4You Sketch 15

The challenge this week on 2 Sketches4You is a sketch from Laura and what a fab sketch it is too......great cards from Laura and the DT as always...I so look forward to their reveal on Mondays....a great start to the week. I have struggled in the past month to do any challenges but this is definitely one that I try not to miss and this week I just had to use the scrummylicious papers and embellies from the December kit from My Creative Scrapbook......jammed pack full of gorgeousness.
Not your traditional Christmas colour palette but I love it.
Papers: My Mind's Eye....Be Merry Collection
"Sweet Sprinkles"
"Oh Christmas Tree"
Ribbon & Journal Punch out from kit
Wording Stickers.....Brenda Pinnick
Decided to flip the sketch this week and cut out some trees from the paper and popped them onto 3D Foam pads...a little bit of faux stitching to finish off.....back tomorrow with some sneaky peeks (Yes it's Sneak Peak Thursday again) and the very.. very.. very ..last 2 Christmas cards I am making this year.


Morning blogging buds....
Just when you think everything is going according to all goes horribly wrong and boy is Kath in
major rant mode this morning and who is to blame.....well the high and mighty TESCO.....
As you know I got all the important stuff yesterday and after walking The Budster....decided to take a trip down the road to my local let's make it plain from the start....I ain't a big fan of this particular retailer....but it's get the tins of scrummy delicious chocs.....Celebrations and the like...a couple of weeks back they were £4.00 and hey presto now they are £5.00......well it's Christmas don't you know and this from the caring supermarket "Every Little Helps"....well yes a £1.00 per tin is going to help your profits matey....daylight robbery is what it is called but that's not what upset me.
My Sis and I are big fans of Licquorice Allsorts and every year I give her a huge tin for Christmas  so that she can feed her addiction for at least a few days into the New Year....and sometimes...they don't even last that long.  Could I find Licquorice Allsorts in we can't be the only people on the planet who like these scrummy little delights....up hill and down dale....nowhere to be found.    Eventually found some guy in a suit who looked stupid enough to work for Tesco and enquired very politely......"No.... people don't buy them".......No matey....if you don't have them on sale......people can't buy them".    I can't believe an organisation the size of Tesco can't even find a little teeny portion of a shelf to stock a dozen tins of LA's.   So now the panic search is on.....I think I got them in Woolworth's last year.....but there ain't much point in trying there I am now on a mission....scouring the length and breadth of the country for these blighters.....just when I thought it was all going so well .....It's called Christmas and it happens every year.
Back later with my 2Sketches4You Card.....too dark at the mo to take a piccie...Hugs...Kath xxxxx

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I dooo....not beeelieve it....

I don't believe this.....I have just had an e-mail from Simply Cards & Papercrafts checking that the four boxes have arrived safely and to say that the last 2 boxes have been sent off today.....OMG.....I think I may have to move much more stuff can there be.....never mind folks this just means lots more blog candy.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx

Christmas Countdown

Morning All
The Christmas countdown seems to be going to plan and that's a worry..because I am usually skidding along by the seat of my pants to get everything are done, dusted and posted....the tree is up and decorated.....hubby did it all....whooooo.hoooo....the first time in 38 years of Christmases together....I will confess that I did do a bit of a tweak this morning but we ain't gonna tell him that and I think this could be his contribution to Christmas from now on......because he seems to do precious little else.....cake still to be marzipaned and iced.....Wednesday maybe......OH I NEED TO MAKE A LIST OF THINGS TO DO....

And as promised here are some pics of my prize from "Simply Cards & Papercrafts".......yes 3 huge boxes filled to the brim with stuff and the Craft Robo and where on earth am I going to put it all....
The contents of just one box
It's like being let loose in a craft shop although I haven't really had time to have a good rummage around in all the boxes...perfect job for a cold snowy day in the New Year and I fear the cubby hole is going to need lots more storage to store this delicious bundle of stash.
I am off to M&S this morning to get my pressie shopping done and I ain't coming home until it's if you don't hear from me for a couple of'll know where I am.....wandering round my favourite store like a demented woman clutching the all important gift list.
If all goes according to plan.....and that's a big IF....hope to be home early afternoon and get stuck into my DT stuff for this week and then my card for 2Sketches4You and I thought I might use December Kit from...........My Creative Scrapbook and it is absolutely yummy...gorgeous glittery snowflakes and...wait for it....white glittered chipboard alphabets and the papers are MY MIND'S EYE....OH CRAFTY HEAVEN.
Well off I go armed with the all important list.....wish me lots of luck......Hugs Kath xxxxxx
P.S. Yeeeee.haaaa...pressie shopping completed.....just the little packs of chocs and sweeties to get now.....and it was a breeze.....M&S wasn't too crowded and not too bad queues at the tills....I so admire those girlies behind the tills......I worked in retail management for a lot of years and hey I take my hat off to them.....been there....done the T Shirt. Off to walk the Budster....have some lunch and then I feel some crafting coming on.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Award from the Birthday Girl

It's Awards Time Again......time for the party frock and the high heeled shoes and isn't this the cutest award...very elegant lady with her pooch and so far removed from The Budster and His Mum...with no stretch of the imagination could you call us elegant....he is the biggest hooligan Golden Retriever ever to be born and me......well in my red boots covered in old jeans...a fleece and waterproof jacket...not quite the latest look.

Dawny P ...the special birthday girl received this award recently and is it any wonder.....HER BLOG IS FABULOUS and she has decided to award it to all the people who visit her blog and leave comments....well I have to put my hands up for that one....I not only visit her blog.....I virtually stalk it.....pop across every morning to see what hilarious antics she has been up to and I am never disappointed.... YOU ROCK MRS.
Now I should be awarding this to five people......come on....are you having a laugh....which five do I Dawny I am awarding it to all my blog stalkers and you know who you are!!
The Rules are that you have to link back to the person who gave it to you
and if you wish to choose five must also link back to them
and let them know that you have given them the award. must list on your blog 5 things you are addicted to......yikes.....

Licquorice Allsorts
Stinky Cheese.....the stronger the better
Tim Holtz and have you been following his 12 Tags of Christmas...fabuuuuulous.
Challenge Blogs....although I have been a bit remiss lately
Anything remotely connected with this delicious card making malarkey
Bit boring ain't I.
Back tomorrow with the latest news on my Christmas Countdown.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx
PS I have also received this from the lovely Alison......thanks for thinking of Alison was my very first visitor at the SECC and I know why she gave me this reminded her of my oh so elegant look  at the SECC.....a vision in black with my Asda slippers......NOT !!!!   Pop on over and pay Alison a visit......she is definitely one of my bestest bloggy buddies and hey she just happens to make a rather fabulous card or two.

Happy Birthday to a Special Friend

Cue Music.......

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Dawny
Happy Birthday to You.....
Yes folks a very special lady is celebrating her 50th Birthday today...the one and only Dawny P
She mentioned on her blog she was coming up for her half century....well a little bit of advice Dawny...I would just stick with gods.....half a century makes you sound ancient
and can't be "THE OLD FART" that's me......
Never mind ain't so bad......and think about'll never be as old as me
Dawny and I have never met.....hopefully someday we will but I count this very special lady as a true friend...we only got to know each other through our blogs but she is my kinda gal and I feel as though I have known her forever.   She lights up my life with her down to earth humour and her hilarious stories often having me rushing to the loo before I wet myself and of course her cardmaking is just "par excellence"....a true princess of crafting and such a kind and generous lady.
Hopefully she will have received her card by now....but hey you never know with
"Royal Snail Mail".
Happy Birthday Sweetie
Enjoy your Special Day
Love you Loads
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blog Candy Fest Give-Away No 2

Hi Folks
Back again with the second give-away in my Blog Candy Fest and this is one you don't want to miss

Fiskars 30cm Portable Trimmer with spare blade
suitable for cutting your 12 x 12 papers
Fiskars Cutting Mat...use the reverse for a Work Mat
Fiskars Scissors
Fiskars are the leaders in the Craft Industry for cutting tools and I've been a big fan of Fiskars products long before I started demonstrating for them....I know it's sad but I adore their scissors....nothing on the market to touch scissors are always covered with sticky gunge...I'm afraid I'm not very good at cleaning them...but they cut organza ribbon perfect every time.......just can't live without them.
All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this candy is.....
1. Leave a comment on this post
2. Put a link to this post on your blog
3. Give-away will close at midnight on Saturday 20 December
and winner will be announced on Sunday 21st
I have decided to make it a little bit more interesting......there are going to be 5 Give-Aways for the next 5 weeks and each time you leave a comment your name will be put in the hat for that week and a winner chosen at random......but I am going to carry forward all the names from all 5 draws and on Week 6 which is going to be a bumper Blog Candy.....the names from all 6 give-aways will be thrown into the if you leave a comment on all have 6 chances of winning and it is going to be a bumper bumper prize.
Off to put my feet up for an hour or so...have a relax with the Sunday crosswords.....while hubby puts up the tree.....let's see if he can do it all on his own.....and then hopefully finish off the cards for all my craft buddies. Catch up with you all later. Hugs Kath XXXXXX
P.S. To answer Tina's question about her will only work with the Fiskars Cutting Mat....not the other green type of if she wins the blog candy....hey ho...she will be Shape Cutting like a pro. Shame on the craft long would it have taken to give her a little demo. If you don't win Tina....I will send you a craft mat.....loads of the blighters kicking around here.
And at this moment.....I am busy eating my hat.....the tree is up and the lights are on.  Let's see how he gets on with the baubles.

Happy Birthday JOZZA

It's a special day Funky Hand Team Mate...the super talented and lovely Jozza is celebrating her birthday......cue music......

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Joz
Happy Birthday to You

Jozza is the life and soul of the Funky Hand DT blog.... I love her wicked sense of humour and greatly admire her cardmaking talents.....she will have to give me some advice as she is an old hand at the magazine stuff having had several commissions recently....need to give the old gal some tips Joz.
Sorry I forgot to take a pic of Jozza's card......skidding by the seat of my pants at the last minute to get it in the post.....story of my life at the mo.......hope it arrived in time.
Have a wonderful day JOZ and hope you are being spoilt rotten....
breakfast in bed and great big birthday kisses from the girls
Lots of Love
Kath xxxxxx

Back later with Give-Away No 2 in my Blog Candy Fest and this is one not to be missed.....

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I've been neglecting my bloggy duties tonight.....been sitting watching the X Factor Final and yahoooooooo..."I'm so Excited" favourite gal has won....."WELL DONE ALEX"......I've loved her from the very first show and what a show tonight.....I was in bits when she sang "Silent Night" and her duet with Beyonce was out of this world......I think we have a superstar in the making.....look out Leona.
Off to do a bit of blog hopping and catching up on some comments......back tomorrow with Birthday Wishes for a very special gal and my Blog Candy Fest Give-Away No 2.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx

Penny Black Saturday Challenge Week 27

Hi Folks
It's Saturday again and time for another challenge on Penny Black Saturday.
Great response last week to Beth's sketch......well it was a fab sketch and you all excelled yourselves with fabulous cards. I know that, just like me, you are all feeling a bit frazzled by all the hectic rushing around preparing for Christmas and just want to say that we do appreciate you taking time out to join in the challenges.

The challenge this week is a

3 Flowers; 2 Papers and 1 Ribbon

Apologies for the poor pic.....I am so fed up of these dark hardly gets light with the weather at the are so going to hate me for this....but I am praying for least we will get lots of bright sparkly light for taking pics.
  • Papers: K & Co. 6" x 6" Pad
  • The other paper is just white and then inked...hope that's allowed what am I saying of's allowed...we make the rules
  • Punch: Martha Stewart Doily Lace Edge Punch
  • Image: Penny Black
  • Flowers & Brads: Poppicrafts
  • Ribbon: American Crafts
  • Sentiment: Doodlebug All Mixed Up
Have a little confession to make.....I published this post in error yesterday morning and a few of you may have got a heads up on this one......was hoping that nobody would have noticed but the blog stalkers who pay me a visit on a regular basis certainly did......and thanks to Alison for sending me an e-mail confirming that I am indeed a numptie.
I think your gonna love this one and can't wait to pay you all a visit and see what you have created.
Happy Crafting Everyone......Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Friday, December 12, 2008

"Hey Big Spender"

Hi Folks
Chez Kath has had a wee bit of a Christmas make-over... I am visiting all your festive blogs and thinking I need to get in the Christmas mood and give the old blog a bit of a tart I popped over to Shabby Shoppe and purchased myself some blogwear...was a bit embarrassed when it came to checkout.....the princely sum of 1.88$ and when it went through converted to £1.30...."Hey Big Spender"... don't you just wish us gals could get a make-over for that kinda money.....gee I would be first in the queue. Here I am faffing about on the computer with a make-over...wouldn't you think I had better things to do. I'll have you know I sat and wrote all my Christmas cards tonight ...oh boy is that a chore and a half....yes the ones I bought from M&S ...and they will be sent on their way tomorrow....the Christmas countdown seems to be going to plan.....and tomorrow and Sunday I shall be back in my little cubby-hole making some personal Christmas Cards for my crafty friends and special cutie ones for the special fellas in my life.
Off to my nice cosy snuggly bed.....the wind is howling....the rain is lashing against the windows...and snow forecast over the weekend......NO...NO...NO.....not until I get into town on Monday morning to do my Christmas Pressie Shopping.
Back tomorrow with Penny Black Saturday...sleep tight....pleasant dreams...Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Tag You're It Challenge - Week 37

Morning Taggers
Fabulous response last week to Carol's challenge.....triangular tags... and you all created the most stunning tags....well done everybody and a big welcome to all the new taggers who joined in...we hope to see you again.
The challenge this week on Tag You're It is a colour challenge set by the super talented Sarah and is one of my favourite colour combos......

Brown and Aqua
Bazzill Card Stock
Papers: Craftwork Cards....Enchanted Collection
Sentiment: Craftwork Cards....Circle Happy Birthday
Alphabet: American Crafts Thickers
Ribbon from a box of chocs long since eaten
Can't wait to see what you create this week.....I know they are all going to be fabulous and hey we are all a little frazzled and extra busy at this time of year with the Christmas preparations so a big thank you to you all for taking the time to join us.  Happy Tag Making....
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa's Been

Morning Folks
What a week this is gonna be... firstly can I just say a great big thank you for all your lovely sweet comments on my "BIG NEWS"....made me a little bit's extra special coming from all my lovely bloggy buddies and I love you all..xxxx
Well that was yesterday and they say fame is fleeting so today it's back to the  normal routine.....still more cards to do before I can get stuck into my Christmas Cards but made a mega decision last night....Christmas is going to come around whether I am ready or what's the point of getting in a big tizzz.......I am so not gonna be a grumpy knickers for the next few should be fun and laughter all the way.....well what's the alternative..a Christmas Nervous Breakdown......let's see how long it lasts before panic takes over again.

Are you sure Christmas hasn't arrived already because it certainly feels like it here.....parcels galore....
Santa hasn't forgotten little old me.....or rather me hasn't forgotten little old me....I always treat myself to a little Christmas pressie and it arrived yesterday's my little reward for all the hard work with the Christmas Card Orders and this old gal needs a little pampering in her old age.
Scrummylicious goodies from the one and only.....Liz Earle and as always.... beautifully packaged....feel a little bit guilty seeing as I haven't even thought about pressies for other folk but how could I resist this when as an extra bonus.. this came free.....perfect little travel size bottles of Liz Earle Heaven in a gorgeous gift bag.
And then parcels keep arriving from SC&P....4 huge boxes in all wouldn't believe the stuff they crammed into these aladdin's cave of stash...enough to open a craft shop...will post piccies later. 
A little card to share with you all......for a couple who are leaving Aberdeen to go and work it just had to have a Scottish theme ( are off to pastures new)
And after all the excitement of yesterday......The Budster isn't impressed by my fancy new title....after all I'm just HIS MUM!!!!   It's business as usual......MUM crafting.......THE BUDSTER.....sleeping.
Back tomorrow with my tag for this week's challenge on Tag You're It.....better get my skates on.....haven't even made it no Sneaky Peek Thursday this week ...catch up with you all later...Hugs Kath xxxxxxx