Monday, December 1, 2008

Ding Dong Merrily On High

Ding Dong and yes I am high...I think I must have put my Mrs Grumpy knickers on this morning ...well this may be a comfy sofa and a cuppa bit of a if your sitting comfortably....I shall begin......WHY is it that everywhere you turn at the moment.....there are reminders.......24 Shopping Days to many  Posting Days to Christmas....honestly why are we constantly treated like children or doddery old women.   Everbody knows that today is December 1st and everybody knows that Christmas Day is December has been celebrated on that day all over the world for hundreds of why every year do they feel the need to keep reminding us... it doesn't take a lot of working out....simple subtraction...25 minus 1 = 24 and if like haven't started your shopping or your posting...ain't even started the writing yet......I don't need reminded how disorganised I am this year ...thank you very much.
Grump Number 2  is from now on in every publication you open....there will be a countdown to Christmas Menu Planner.....give me strength.....telling me what I should be doing minute by minute in the run up to preparing the Christmas 4.00pm on Christmas Eve....I should start preparing my 6.00pm I should be making my mulled 8.00pm I should be roasting my chestnuts by an open fire to make my stuffing.....give me a break....been doing it for nigh on 40 years matey and had no complaints so far.   I swear that they just drag out the same article every year...tart it up a fills a couple of pages....but why do they care if my Christmas Meal is a success or not....they won't have to eat it.
I was reading somewhere that folk are going to be paying upwards of £100 for their Christmas bird this year....WHAT....for the ugliest bird on the planet with that long scrawny neck...maybe he is going to be GOLD BASTED instead of the usual BUTTER BASTED...sorry folks  but this lady won't be paying that kinda dosh just for a few slices of turkey and all the left overs that you are sick to the teeth of come the end of December.....NO...NO...NO.....for a good number of years I have bought a Turkey waste....carving is a doddle....and the best fighting to get a huge bird in his tin foil blanket into the oven and out again without doing your back serious injury.
Now Grump Number 3 is again with the mags......WHAT THE HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST SHOULD BE WEARING ON CHRISTMAS DAY.....pleeease.......if you think for one minute I am skipping the light fandango around the kitchen with roasty tatties in one hand and a jug of gravy in the other in one of those strapless, backless...up to my bum concoctions.....wearing the highest and flimsiest of strappy shoes.....NO WAY........trousers and a nice top and hey where have you heard it SLIPPERS.......because everybody knows if the cook ain't happy.....ain't nobody gonna be happy.
So chill out folks.....ignore all these super organised your own thing and I'm sure your Christmas will be just the same as mine.....stressful.......tiring..........but FABULOUS.....DING DONG....

And another's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.....don't you just love that M & S ad
with Take That....sorry I am getting off the point.......a big thank you to my bloggy buddies Dawn & Suzanne for thinking of me for this's very much appreciated coming from two such lovely talented girls.

and because it's nearly's only 24 days away now don't ya know (sorry that was a bit below the belt) I am awarding this to all my DT Mates.. everybody on my blog roll.....and all my followers....lovely folks that you if you ain't already
got it ..grab it for your blog with all my love........Kath xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Kath
    So so true, we have a local advert about a shopping mall in Norwich " for your convenience we are now open later 6 days a week until 7pm & 10pmon Thursdays" HOWS THAT CONVIENIENT IF YOU WORK IN SAID MALL & YOU STILL HAVE TO ORGANISE YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS. It fills me with rage every time I hear the advert, I work in retail, thankfully not in that mall but nevertheless I know how hard Christmas is in retail.

    Happy Crafting

    PS in 23 days all the shops will be shut & it wont matter then if we bought it or not ( that's why I love Christmas eve when the shops have closed.

  2. Oh Kath...
    That did make me laugh...I went to Glasgow for some Christmas shopping yesterday, but I bought things for me instead!!! I just couldn't 'get with it' think I will stay in today and just do it all online!!!
    Gayle x

  3. Ha ha ha! Oh my goodness, just as I started writing this, someone on the telly said 'just 24 days to christmas!!' you can't escape! I just read Lisa's comment too, my christmas working hours shoot through the roof before christmas 'to be conveinient for everyone else!' Oh well, I still love it! Well done on your award! xx

  4. Kath you make me feel so much better, you've done all my moaning for me, so I don't have too.

    I used to work in retail, no longer thank goodness, and you you meet the grumpiest people at xmas time, I hated it. Now I have my little grandaughter I love it. especially this year also as we are going to my daughter's and she is cooking this year. hip hip horay. Ding Dong, anyway take a chill pill and enjoy the rest f your day.

  5. hehehe funnily enough I am in the same mood today.............could do with a good fight to make me feel better lmao

    it's bad enough that the kids are hyper about it but the media are a pain in the proverbial.............toy adverts every 10 seconds and on every other page, santas list is a mile long these dsays gggrrrrr

    hope you have a good day hun



  6. Morning Mama Kath!!!
    Weeellll that was a rant and a half - True all true - I think most folks don't pay any heed to the mag articles,mind you Kath since I stopped working I can't even figure out where in the week I am never mind the day - I've got my furry countdown goin' on and I bloody need it I can tell ya!! Sat last night saying 30 days hath Sept, Oct, Nov what date is it today - Good God tomorrow is the 1st - I swear I'm loosing it!!
    Not a present bought and still have to get stuff posted abroad too - Och! I'm fed up already your Mrs Grumpy and I'm Miss Grumpy pants!!!

    Have a good day now!!!

    Heaps of Hugs

  7. Know exactly what you mean my love and I'm in the same boat as you... no presents bought, no cards made, not a single thing prepped for crimbo but do I care, I think not. As you say no matter what you do it all works out in the end...

    Let the countdown begin...
    Lorraine xxx

  8. Well mrs grumpy pants, i am feeling the same way about christmas but i do have one good thing to look forward to im off to portugal for 2 weeks we fly on the 21st and come back on the 4th Jan



  9. "If you think for one minute I am skipping the light fandango around the kitchen with roasty tatties in one hand and a jug of gravy in the other in one of those strapless, backless...up to my bum concoctions.....wearing the highest and flimsiest of strappy shoes"

    Oh my, laugh..............I nearly wet myself! You did make me chuckle with this one lol!

    Glad you like the Award!

    Hugs Suze x

  10. Oh Kath! I nearly wet myself reading your blog!What a hoot!Thank goodness it's only once a year eh?!!

  11. I wholeheartedly agree with you Kath! I love the M&S ad too...speaking of M&S, i order all my food from their Christmas food to order catalogue, it's all prepared just ready to pop in the oven, so no messing!! even the dessert comes in a table ready bowl! Passion Fruit & Mango Syllabub this year, but i do buy a pud as well for those that prefer it! Now some people would say this is very lazy....but it means i'm not prepping veg for hours and on Christmas morning i can enjoy it with the others, instead of being tied to the kitchen!! ;-D

    Carol x

  12. oh Kath you do make me laugh! but, I must say that I totally agree with you...xx

  13. hahahahaha did you enjoy writing that as much I enjoyed reading it???? Very well put I say too!!!! X

  14. Hiya hun and thanks for the welcome back and NO I certainly won't be overdoing it.... have had enough of being poorly just like yourself :D
    Glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humour...roflmao!! OMG I can't breathe after reading your post missus... you are a star and so right too.
    All the hype for one day and I'm not a killjoy but I like to do it MY way too... usually that means running out for pressies on Christmas eve, chasing the mince round the pan on Christmas day and sleeping for the rest of the holidays.... ok so I'm kidding... well I think I
    Chris xx

  15. oh Kath hahahahaha i am sorry i know it grumpy knickers but you did make me laugh with your post! i didnt realise i was reading it out loud, hubby was laughing too hehe. spot on there with the reminders, i refuse to buy any mags in december for the same old same old, I likes that m&s ad lol.hope tomoz is a blissful day remember it will be 23 days to christmas then lol. sorry hehe.x

  16. I know this drives me nuts too! Some of the shops started putting up Xmas decs at the end of October!!!

    for the first time in almost 16 years me and Andrew have told all family that we are staying at home this year, just us two!
    It's hasn't gone down well......

    and me...I always cook in my slippers!
    lots of love

  17. Love it. I'm so over Christmas already. When did it stop being fun and become a chore?

  18. Flipping heck Kath, you've got me in stitches! Especially the Christmas Day attire bit!!! You are so TRUE! I'm a vegetarian but will have to do a turkey for everyone else (crown of course), and I shall definately be in my slippers! Great Post, still chuckling yet! xx

  19. Hi Kath, Like others the Christmas clothes bit really made me laugh. It reminded me of the year my husband was doing the basting with a good shirt on and splashed it with fat. I try not to get stressed and cook dinner as best I can. If its not right, tough luck. It can't be that bad though because they come back to me year after year. Also have a turkey crown which is so much easier. My neighbours bought a huge expensive Turkey last year and ended up throwing most of it away as they hadn't cooked it long enough. I was able to save the day with my Turkey crown, and didn't end up with any leftovers.

  20. Hi, I had a great laugh especially the bit on christmas dress. I always have a Turkey crown and try not to get stressed over the dinner. After all its not really that hard. Just a spruced up roast.

  21. Now once again you've made me laugh. I totally agree with all three points ... no high heels in the kitche for me as well. Hugs from Desire

  22. Oh my bloggy friend you are the bestest lol. You make me giggle them the family thinks I've lost me marbles. I stopped buying those mags for that very reason I decided long ago that the money would be far better spent on craft stash. So now heres a thing are you asking santa for new slippers this year :) We just buy a crown too saves so much hassle. Even better this year my in laws are taking us out :) :) :)

  23. Oh Kath, I have missed your banter.. been so busy with xmas stuff grr bahhumbug, not had time to do my usual blog hopping, you have made me giggle today, catching up on your posts.. and Im not even thinking how many more days to go ! lol.. Have to totally agree with slippers !


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