Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Morning blogging buds....
Just when you think everything is going according to all goes horribly wrong and boy is Kath in
major rant mode this morning and who is to blame.....well the high and mighty TESCO.....
As you know I got all the important stuff yesterday and after walking The Budster....decided to take a trip down the road to my local let's make it plain from the start....I ain't a big fan of this particular retailer....but it's get the tins of scrummy delicious chocs.....Celebrations and the like...a couple of weeks back they were £4.00 and hey presto now they are £5.00......well it's Christmas don't you know and this from the caring supermarket "Every Little Helps"....well yes a £1.00 per tin is going to help your profits matey....daylight robbery is what it is called but that's not what upset me.
My Sis and I are big fans of Licquorice Allsorts and every year I give her a huge tin for Christmas  so that she can feed her addiction for at least a few days into the New Year....and sometimes...they don't even last that long.  Could I find Licquorice Allsorts in we can't be the only people on the planet who like these scrummy little delights....up hill and down dale....nowhere to be found.    Eventually found some guy in a suit who looked stupid enough to work for Tesco and enquired very politely......"No.... people don't buy them".......No matey....if you don't have them on sale......people can't buy them".    I can't believe an organisation the size of Tesco can't even find a little teeny portion of a shelf to stock a dozen tins of LA's.   So now the panic search is on.....I think I got them in Woolworth's last year.....but there ain't much point in trying there I am now on a mission....scouring the length and breadth of the country for these blighters.....just when I thought it was all going so well .....It's called Christmas and it happens every year.
Back later with my 2Sketches4You Card.....too dark at the mo to take a piccie...Hugs...Kath xxxxx


  1. Hi Kath M&S have big jars and tins of LA, try online and order in the store before you go. Hope you have some luck xoxo Karen

  2. I hope you gave them a good slapping. No LA? What's wrong with these people Kath? I will see if I can see any on my travels today and let you know. And I agree entirely, it's a dreadful place. We just got one opened near here and everything just tastes bland to me. It's ok for bits and bobs but not the meal stuff. Just my opinion and their enormous profits tell me that a lot of folk don't agree. But give me Sainos any day of the week. Hugs xxxx

  3. I nearly got caught out with the quality street too. I do my shopping online and I have an order being delivered on the 22nd and had added the tins at £4 each, until i noticed that the offer ran out on the 16th. They're doing a bogof on shloer, but again that runs out before my delivery too - daylight robbery!!
    Good luck with the LA's

  4. How annoying! But I have to say that I think that LA are the devils spawn so I'm afraid I have no idea where they would be available !! Sorry!! HeHe!
    Anice xx

  5. Hi Kath...........I agree with you about Tesco!
    You can go in with a list of 10 items you want and leave without 7 of them! It's happened to me countless times (would you believe I wanted baking powder, something you think they would have all the time and no one could help).

    I hate to say it but unfortunately it isn't just one Tesco it seems to be the majority of them............perhaps we should start a petition of complaint about their Stock Replenishment Computers..........they doesn't work! lol.

    Hope you manage to get your LA's.

    Hugs Suze x

  6. Oh Kath i can sympathise with you with these guys. Last Christmas DH was after a new computer game, so i searched high and low only to find it on Tesco Direct. I ordered it at beginning of Nov so i would get it in plenty time. After rediculous amounts of emails to them they kept saying will be with you next week, then another week. Eventually phoned and some poor sod got it on the other end of the phone. The service was shameful for a comapny that size. Tesco Customer services leaves much to be desired too. I wouldn't touch them with a bardge pole now. Hope you find LA somewhere!

  7. Ooer sorry you're having probs hun. Hope you find them somewhere. I can't help as LA make me gag so I never look for them lol x

  8. I don't know what LA's are, and have never heard of Tesco, but I curse them for you! If they had it last year, they should have it this year. Don't these retailers understand!

    I wish you luck!

  9. oh Kath you have me in stitches every day!!!!!
    its an atrocity!! no LA what is the world coming to ..a Bertie Bassetless one, thats what! lol look forward to the next episode of ............
    THE SEARCH FOR THE INFAMOUS LA'S starring our very own Kath......(huge audience aplause and gasps of anticipation for next installment)lol!

    Emma xxx

  10. My Mum is a LA addict and I think I'm gonna get her some from M&S when I go there at the weekend.

  11. tell me about it hun, was in Morrisons today looking for LA for hubby and none there either ..... think there is something wierd going on ..... perhaps a conspiracy


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