Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hi Folks
What a great response to Give-Away No 2 and lots of you obviously wanted to win this one....102 TO BE EXACT but unfortunately there were quite a number of folks who didn't bother to read the rules and didn't put a link on their blog....sorry but your names were not entered into the's only fair to all the folks who did take the trouble to link back.

And the winner is........

Debz lives not a million miles away from me and perhaps we can meet up in the week between Christmas and New Year and I can hand over the prize in person.......wouldn't that be fab.... it would mean I get to meet another of my bloggy buds....but if you are is no problem for me to mail it.....just send me your address.

Will be back on Tuesday with details of


Hope you are all up to speed now with the preparations for the BIG DAY because.......
QVC are having a Craft Day tomorrow
who's bright idea was that......must be a man and therefore having nothing to do at all with organising the family Christmas...don't ya think.      I am fairly organised now but certainly won't have time to sit and watch hours of crafty programmes......but will find time from somewhere to watch........
 Rosemary Merry at 11.00am.....3.00pm.....6.00pm.....
WeRMemory Keepers....1.00pm
and of course will be glued to the box at
9.00pm for one whole hour of AMERICAN CRAFTS....
well you know I just love their ribbons and Thickers
My two special fellas are coming for lunch today and tomorrow I need to finish off the big clean....well the house has to be spick and span for SANTA popping down the chimney and then it's on to the food.
It never ends.......does it girls......and all for one day.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxxx


  1. well done to Debz!
    Thanks Kath for posting QVC stuff, have stuck a few in the sky + to tape.
    Have a lovely time with you we lads.

  2. Congratulations Debz and many thanks to you Kath for giving away this fab candy. At work tomorrow 8 - 7.30 so will miss most of QVC but will try to catch some sneaky peaks via internet. I'll be back on Tuesday to check out Giveaway No 3. Debs x

  3. Congratulations Debz! Kath I hope that the two of you get to meet in person, that would be so much fun! I will have time to watch QVC, as my family is delaying the 2nd longest family day of the year until the Saturday AFTER Christmas! I won't be busy with the final touches until later in the week!

    Enjoy your company and lunch today!

  4. Well Done Debz!
    Sounds like your almost ready then Kath!
    Off to do some cleaning myself now!! Grr!


  5. Congratulations Debz!
    When you've finished cleaning your place Kath would you like to pop down and do mine? I just can't be bothered!! HeHe!
    Anice xx

  6. Hey Kath...why don't you, Dawn, Debz, Tina and me all meet up in the New Year? We could meet up in Aberdeen and hit the I wasn't going to mention the papermill...LOL!

  7. Congratulations to Debbi, she's a deserved winner. One of my blogging buddies too!

  8. Congratulations to Debz :D It would be nice if you could give her her prize in person... hope you get to meet up :D
    Hey... totally not on this planet me... cos I just noticed you got a new Brill it is too :D
    Have a fab time with your special fellas :D
    Chris xx

  9. I have no idea how i missed this earlier - maybe its cos I'm just tooooooooooooo excited about xmas.
    Would love to meet up with you. And anyone else who's up for it. And the Papeterie works for me.
    If its after the 29th hopefully my other half will be home and i can arrive kid free lol
    thankyou so much Kath xxx


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