Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little slip up = big delay

Morning folks.....just when you think all is going according to plan.....a little slip puts the well oiled machine that is Chez Kath into panic mode.   Got all my cleaning finished yesterday.....we are looking all spicky span.....managed to watch some of Craft Day and had a little spend.....OK....maybe more than a little spend....but who's counting...it's Christmas.   Pleased as punch with meself...another well organised Christmas.....well shouldn't have been so cocky...literally brought back down to earth with a bump.    Dashed off to the old cubby hole to get Give-Away No 3 organised and take a piccie......when disaster struck ........trod on one of Buddy's tennis balls (fortunate there that I added the word "tennis" don't you think)....which felt like sliding on a banana skin and did a gymnastic manoeuvre that would have won me an Olympic Gold Medal....... landed rather uncermoniously on my bum....which has plenty of padding....so no damage there but I think I sprained my ankle.    Hobbled back indoors and hubby's face was a picture.....panic stricken probably at the thought of having to cook the Christmas Dinner.    Be thankful for small mercies....ye gods if I had broken my leg....it would have been beans on toast and a fried egg for Christmas Dinner.   But somebody up there is on my side and it's feels almost back to normal this morning.... or the ice packs and the elastic bandage did the trick.....just a little setback in the Christmas timetable....but one I could have done without....so it's ever onward.....and the dodgy leg will just have to try and keep up.....need to go off this morning and deliver some Chrissy pressies and pick up the grub for the big day and then hopefully if no other disasters befall me....I will be back late afternoon with Give-Away No 3.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Oh noooo I can just imagine his face!! Glad to hear your ankle is a bit better now, those pesky dogs leave their stuff everywhere don't they, worse than the kids really lol

    keep your ankle relaxed today :)


    Amanda xxx

  2. Whew close shave there Mrs K!!
    Crutches and a stookie wouldn't have been the done thing you know!!! LOLGlad to hear you're up and at it today anyway!!


  3. Oh no, you do make me laugh Kath!! Hope your ankle gets better!!! Perhaps Buddy could make the dinner instead of your Hubby!!

  4. Oh Lord Kath!! Hope you are OK {{{hugs}}}. Know what you mean re panic stricken faces re the dinner!! At least you would get beans and egg which is fairly nutricious. I would not want to imagine what we would eat if that happened here. If we don't speak again, have a great crimbo xxxxxx

  5. Oh No!!!Hope your well Kath...
    Glad you didint do yourself a mischeif!!
    Have a lovely Day:)~X~

  6. Jings Kath glad you are ok. Thouroughly enjoyed craft day what I saw however was a very good girl and resisted temptation. Have a good day.

  7. Awww bless ya, did make me giggle a little when I read that, Im sorry lol Hope your ankle hasn't swollen or anything! Looking forward to seeing give-away number 3 xxx

  8. Had that been my hubby his face would've been covered in tears .... from laughing that hard, then probably followed by a look of shear panic! Hope your ankle doesn't get in the way too much. Perhaps you should give Buddy a talking to about leaving things lying about lol! Jillix

  9. hope you're ankle is better soon - I did something to my ankle the other day too - must be the weather for it. I went over on my ankle as i was going out of the house, and thought - oh terrific, home with 3 kids trashing the place and my folks are coming for lunch on xmas day. BUT its all good now - amazing what a cold compress and keeping it elevated as much as poss can do.

  10. Eeeekkkk!!! At least it was 'only' and ankle and not a crafting wrist! THAT would have been a disaster of the highest proportions!

    Hope the ankle heals and stay off the cooking sherry!! Hehehehe!!

  11. Oh my! Take good care girl! Cats, dogs, kids and hubbies all seem to leave their stuff just where we need to be walking! Take it easy! ~chris

  12. OH NO! I'm glad it's feeling better today, but take care of it! Even after it's feeling better, sometimes the mind gets used to the pain, (especially during mad dashes preparing for Christmas)! Take care!

  13. Oh my! your little blog stories are always so funny! You should write a book!! I will read it! Thanks for ginving me a big smile, when i was feeling a bit sad!

    Merry christmas,

  14. glad to hear it was ok in the end...lol@ beans and egg on toast...lol it would of been the same in this house as well...lol
    take care hun,slow down,and put your feet up.
    hugs clarex

  15. I'm envisioning hubby's face..you could've always coached him from the sidelines if he woulda had to cook dinner! Daughter did the same thing yesterday (ankle thing, not the slide of her bum thing) running UP the stairs~ thank god for ice, heating pad, bandage and Aleve!


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