Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I don't bee..lieve it......and we have a WINNER

Morning folks....I don't believe it and neither will you.....but remember that stinky old cold that I had at the beginning of December.....well it's back.....what a up this morning and my nose is completely choked up again......just when I am getting myself back into crafting mode again...let's hope it doesn't last as long this time because the shelving is finished and I am almost done putting everything back....oh what a nightmare that is....but I have been ruthless and had a good clear out of stuff that hasn't seen the light of day for years....just wish I could be as ruthless with the old wardrobe.  Hope to get some pics today of my new organised crafting space that is....if it ever gets daylight....I hate these "dark when you wake up" days....and "dark when you go to bed" with " not much daylight in between" days and it has suddenly dawned on me this is the last day of 2008....don't know about you but I have totally lost track of the date or what day of the week it is.
On to the important stuff of the day....enough waffling on from me......I suppose you are all raring to know the winner of Blog Candy Fest Give-Away No 3.......what a response this week....157 entries....wowee and

The Winner is........

Taffy Crafty's Creations

Congratulations Clare and if you e-mail me your address, one box choc full of goodies will be on its way to you in the New Year.  All the names from this draw have now been added to the Big Blog Candy Fest Bowl and it's filling up nicely, in fact, may have to look for a bigger bowl.   Will be back on Sunday with Big Blog Candy Fest Give-Away No 4.........and this one will have a little will just have to wait and see.    Off to get my DT stuff done and dusted before's Hogmanay and the New Year is fast's 10 months since I started my blog and where has time gone...each year just seems to fly now.   Catch up with you all later but in the meantime.....
Wishing you all a very Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful 2009
and as we say in this part of the country
Cue Music Maestro
"A Guid New Year to Ane and A"
If you promise to be good....I will sing you the whole song tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxxxx
P.S. I get the impression that Clare is mightily happy about her win.....the pleasure is all mine and hope you have lots of fun playing with your goodies.


  1. OOhhh well done Claire - lucky lucky you and what a great start to a New Year!!

  2. Congratulations Clare. Wishing you all the very best, health, wealth and happiness to you and yours Kath from me and mine. Heres to 2009!!!

  3. Big congrats to lucky Clare & I'm sure that will get her new year off to a fantastic start.

    Oh Kath you poor soul I do hope your cold clears quickly this time lucky for you it's Hogmanay so a good reason to have a tipple or two to blow away those bugs.

    Happy New Year when it arrives my lovely & here's to a fantastic 2009.

    Big hugs
    Lorraine xxx

  4. Congrats Clare!.x

    Hi Kath wishing you a fabulous New Year. love

  5. Well Done Clare!
    Aww Kath hope your cold disappears soon - a few hot toddys and it will run for the hills!! (Hopefully)
    Can't believe 2008 finishes tonight either!
    I wake up each day and try to remember which day of the week I'm on!!
    Have a great NY and look forward to loads more of your wit, humour and creations in '09!!!


  6. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG...i cant believe it..i cant believe it..ive just stop dancing round the room,kids and hubby asking are you sure its me,omg kath i cant believe it,just showed hubby your section on winning card designer of 2008 in the mag..and he nice is that,you kath are giving someone the chance to win some of your lovely prizes...and when i scroll up the page on your blog,and showed him my name..OMG..even he was dancing round the room with
    sorry to bable on..but ive never won anything on that scale before...and i can asure you,ill be waiting for that postman every day from now..and those lovely things..will defo be used,and not put to one side.thank you from the bottom of my heart,your such a lovely/kind lady.
    and what a great start to a new year.
    hugs from me xxx
    off to email you now,after ive gone for a fag,to carm to early to have a

  7. ohhh Kath,
    hope that you shake the dreaded cold..snuggle up and keep warm. wishing you a happy new year hun. hugs rachxxx
    oh congrats to Claire on winning your candyxxx

  8. Well done to Clare, sounds like she's very chuffed!!
    Sorry to hear about the cold returning Kath, have a wee dram' i'm sure that will help :)
    Have a very 'Happy & Healthy New Year'.....loving the new's nice to see you... to see you nice ;-D

    Carol x

  9. well done to Clare I know she will make good use of the goodies
    Hope that cold doesn't hang about too long
    Have a guid New Year and wrap up warm for your first footing- I know.... drink your cold into oblivion then the pain of the hangover will out weigh the sniffles!!!!

  10. Well done Clare, I think I would be jumping up and down too. Thanks again for doing these giveaways and hope your cold doesn't last too long this time. Debs x

  11. Big `Well Done` to Clare...and Well Mrs Kath Stewart .What can I say?????
    Many many `thanks` for the beautiful card you sent me:)I am truly grateful for sure ...I will treasure it...`Thankyou` and sincerest `thanks` for the lovely words of comfort on my blog!!!!
    I just felt at that time I needed to air my feelings now thats off my I would like to
    send you and yours a `Happy and Healthy New Year`Have a fabulous time....You really lovely `Lady` your a gem!!!!
    lots of love to the little dinkies...Big(((hugs))))

  12. i would just like to say(i hope kath don't a MASSIVE thanks to all of you for your "congrats on my lovely win" im still in shock..and yes kath im mightily happy and over the moon,with my thanks allison..yes i will defo make good use with them.allison knows me
    thanks once you all loads clare xx

    sending get well hugs to you hun xxx ((((kath)))
    and another happy new year to you xxx lol

    love clare xxx

  13. well done Clare!

    what a lovely generous blogger you are!
    wishing you and yours and Buddy a wonderful 2009!!!


  14. Well done Clare xxx Lucky thing :)))

    Ohhh Kath, I'm sorry that rotten flippin snotbaggy cold has come back. What a complete pain in the you know what that is!! Well get plenty or rest of lots of hot toddies and hopefuuly it will go soon. I've heard it comes back but hopefully not like the first time. It really is a very nasty and stubborn strain this one. Happy New Year to you my lovley friend xxxx

  15. Yay Clare!!!! Congratulations! That was a lot of fun reading your comment. Enjoy!!!

    Kath, I hope you kick that cold in the behind really soon! Happy New Year, and Best Wishes for 2009!