Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa's Been

Morning Folks
What a week this is gonna be... firstly can I just say a great big thank you for all your lovely sweet comments on my "BIG NEWS"....made me a little bit's extra special coming from all my lovely bloggy buddies and I love you all..xxxx
Well that was yesterday and they say fame is fleeting so today it's back to the  normal routine.....still more cards to do before I can get stuck into my Christmas Cards but made a mega decision last night....Christmas is going to come around whether I am ready or what's the point of getting in a big tizzz.......I am so not gonna be a grumpy knickers for the next few should be fun and laughter all the way.....well what's the alternative..a Christmas Nervous Breakdown......let's see how long it lasts before panic takes over again.

Are you sure Christmas hasn't arrived already because it certainly feels like it here.....parcels galore....
Santa hasn't forgotten little old me.....or rather me hasn't forgotten little old me....I always treat myself to a little Christmas pressie and it arrived yesterday's my little reward for all the hard work with the Christmas Card Orders and this old gal needs a little pampering in her old age.
Scrummylicious goodies from the one and only.....Liz Earle and as always.... beautifully packaged....feel a little bit guilty seeing as I haven't even thought about pressies for other folk but how could I resist this when as an extra bonus.. this came free.....perfect little travel size bottles of Liz Earle Heaven in a gorgeous gift bag.
And then parcels keep arriving from SC&P....4 huge boxes in all wouldn't believe the stuff they crammed into these aladdin's cave of stash...enough to open a craft shop...will post piccies later. 
A little card to share with you all......for a couple who are leaving Aberdeen to go and work it just had to have a Scottish theme ( are off to pastures new)
And after all the excitement of yesterday......The Budster isn't impressed by my fancy new title....after all I'm just HIS MUM!!!!   It's business as usual......MUM crafting.......THE BUDSTER.....sleeping.
Back tomorrow with my tag for this week's challenge on Tag You're It.....better get my skates on.....haven't even made it no Sneaky Peek Thursday this week ...catch up with you all later...Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. that cartoon!! well done on treating yourself, and I hope you have the most fantabulous Christmas. So looking forward to following your new "career",

  2. HHmmmm good idea to treat oneself!!

  3. He He Mrs Happy Knickers!!
    You should be with all that stash arriving - wow what a thrill unpacking it all, next time I'm over at Costco might have to stop on by, prize the back door open and sneak in under the cover of darkness!!!! So if you see a small masked like creature rummaging about in the undergrowth - you'll know it's me!!!! LOL
    Still got quite a lot of cards to do myself - didn't realise it until yesterday, not in a crafting mood today though!!!
    Aww the Budster looks so snuggly!!!



  4. I shall take the words of a wise woman and try not to stress over Christmas (I was so hoping they forgot December this year!!!)

    Lovely present for yourself :)

    Fame might be fleeting but we wont mind if you bask a bit longer!

  5. The Budster looks exactly how I feel today! I'm not crafty feeling either right now, but have cards to press on! Lovely little treat for yourself!

  6. Love the cartoon ... very good smiley reminder when panic is threatening to set in !! Good on you treating your self .. we all need a bit of pampering, eh? Sounds like you'll be opening a craft shop as a sideline .. must be very exciting as your winners' stash arrives :-)
    Pauline x

  7. Wow, Just heard your wonderful news. Congrats. Pity I cant always get the magazine here in SA.
    Enjoy your early Christmas pressie. Have fun

  8. Buddy is just adorable. i love liz Earle goodies too please do not tell me I missed a TSV. I've been writing my shop bought crimbo cards tonight, oh joy! lol. We went to mainland today and finished crimbo shopping, glad to be back home everyone was pushing and shoving DH had to stick his fist in me mouth to shut me up about manners lol. Have fun opening your goodies.

  9. Poor neglected Buddy!
    Poppy sends him a wee lick!
    She is pestering me anytime
    I go into the craft room!
    love Tina x

  10. What a lovely treat for you Kath and well deserved after all those orders,
    cant wait to see what your new 'job' lol sent you!

    Emma xxx

  11. I'm so jealous of your Liz Earle goodies! I love her products and I'm hoping Santa might have a few for me...

    Love the pic of Bud - he's so handsome (even when he's snoring hehe).

    The sheep card is fab too. Bet they loved it (the couple, not the sheep hehe).



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