Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Home

Well the traveller has returned but hey I don't yet know if I am still in one piece...slept like a log last night but woke up this morning and feel as though I have been trampled underfoot...what a great weekend...went to see "The Sound of Music"...shopped until we dropped...non stop eating and a few drinkies along the way...did all the touristy things and walked and walked and walked...thank heavens for M&S Footgloves...the credit card took a bit of a hammering and hey I didn't come across ONE CRAFT SHOP...
Our posh pad in Kensington....but why did it have to be on the third floor...a bit of a killer on the old legs
the touristy bit...hoping to get invited in for a coffee at Betty's but she wasn't at home
the little friend we met in Green Park
retail therapy - London style                                          out on the town
back home
We had a ball in London but...and it's a great BIG BUT...the hustle and bustle...everyone is in such a time to pass the time of day...everyone just minding their own's feels so good to be back to my little quiet corner of the to walk The Budster now...a little chat here and there with folk I will meet on the noise...OH IT IS SO GOOD TO BE HOME.
Will be trying to catch up with what you have all been doing today. 
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hi Kath, glad you had a good time! its always lovely to be back home! hustle and bustle that made me lol, thats why i am a homebody in london, dont go into town unless I have too! and want to move away lol, nothing goes slow here! I wish it would!. Theres one craft shop in london! ONE! lol, no wonder online ordering gets a good bashing from me! enjoy your week. joey xxx

  2. sounds like you had a fab and busy weekend!
    Think it was a bit off of Betty to be out when she must have known you were in town!!
    I can't stand all thoses folk , too busy, and if you say hello to anyone they think you are a nutter!'s actually now my fave game I ever have to go!
    bet Buddy missed you....and wait....NO CRAFT SHOPS!!!!! * sigh*

  3. nice to see you home Kath, glad to hear you enjoyed yourself :)


    Amanda xx

  4. Yaaay - the Wonderer returns - Sounds like you had a ball down there, my feet would have been in tatters - they are at the best of times anyway!!
    Lovin' the posh pad - looks great..
    Bet The Buster was glad to see you back!
    See ya back here soon!!!


  5. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your birthday treat! And the Sound of music too, bet that was fab.... one of my favourite films. In fact, watched it yesterday while I was tucked up with my duvet feeling miserable. Detox from crafting too, good for you managing to resist. Hope your legs recover soon. Hugs, Lainy xx

  6. Great to have you back with us all my lovely & sure sounds like you girls had a fab time in London... oh I do miss it as I aint visited for about 3 years now.

    Big hugs
    Lorraine xxx

  7. Kath wow sounds like you had a great time! You know the ol' adage "there's no place like home!" xx

  8. Hi Kath - Oooh sounds like you had a fabulous time in the big smoke. :) :) Your piccies are fabulous. :) :) Good to have you back in your own wee corner of the world...I agree London is soo busy and no-one has time for anyone in the city. :)


  9. Welcome back! London is on my list of places to visit someday! Hey, thanks for emailing the instructions on the "here" bit. It worked splendidly for me!

  10. Sounds like you had a fab weekend!
    I can only apologise for our lack of craft shops here in the big smoke...thank goodness for the internet! lol
    Helen x

  11. Oh my Kath you came down my way, and you weren't that far from a craft shop it's called blade rubber and is around covent garden!!!


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