Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Countdown

Morning All
The Christmas countdown seems to be going to plan and that's a worry..because I am usually skidding along by the seat of my pants to get everything finished....cards are done, dusted and posted....the tree is up and decorated.....hubby did it all....whooooo.hoooo....the first time in 38 years of Christmases together....I will confess that I did do a bit of a tweak this morning but we ain't gonna tell him that and I think this could be his contribution to Christmas from now on......because he seems to do precious little else.....cake still to be marzipaned and iced.....Wednesday maybe......OH I NEED TO MAKE A LIST OF THINGS TO DO....

And as promised here are some pics of my prize from "Simply Cards & Papercrafts".......yes 3 huge boxes filled to the brim with stuff and the Craft Robo and where on earth am I going to put it all....
The contents of just one box
It's like being let loose in a craft shop although I haven't really had time to have a good rummage around in all the boxes...perfect job for a cold snowy day in the New Year and I fear the cubby hole is going to need lots more storage to store this delicious bundle of stash.
I am off to M&S this morning to get my pressie shopping done and I ain't coming home until it's finished...so if you don't hear from me for a couple of days.....you'll know where I am.....wandering round my favourite store like a demented woman clutching the all important gift list.
If all goes according to plan.....and that's a big IF....hope to be home early afternoon and get stuck into my DT stuff for this week and then my card for 2Sketches4You and I thought I might use this...........my December Kit from...........My Creative Scrapbook and it is absolutely yummy...gorgeous glittery snowflakes and...wait for it....white glittered chipboard alphabets and the papers are MY MIND'S EYE....OH CRAFTY HEAVEN.
Well off I go armed with the all important list.....wish me lots of luck......Hugs Kath xxxxxx
P.S. Yeeeee.haaaa...pressie shopping completed.....just the little packs of chocs and sweeties to get now.....and it was a breeze.....M&S wasn't too crowded and not too bad queues at the tills....I so admire those girlies behind the tills......I worked in retail management for a lot of years and hey I take my hat off to them.....been there....done it.....got the T Shirt. Off to walk the Budster....have some lunch and then I feel some crafting coming on.


Pearl said...

OMG , Kath ! Now that is what we call a prize !!! woot ! woot ! congrats on that awesome win !

Gayle said...

Mornin' Kath

Good luch with the M&S thing...I'm heading there too today! If your stuck for some storage for your goodies, I have a spare corner you can borrow! Can't promise you'd ever get anything back, but you could try!!!
Gayle x

Paula's ponderings said...

Fabulous prize!! Got my copy of the mag at the weekend and was so proud to see you in there!! Oh and good luck with the shopping - tree looks great too!

Joey said...

wow Kath, christmas has certainly come early in your house! all of that stuff enjoy! and well deserved!. hope m&s isnt too much hassle today. joey xxx

Macpurp said...

good luck with M&S...stick to the plan,
don't get diverted and wear comfy shoes!!!

The tree is bonnie! I out mine up two days ago and there is still not one dec on it at all !

now as for that prize!!! WOooooooooooW!
love n hugs xxx

Allison said...

my that's a lot of goodies, it will take for ever to find out everything you actually have but very well deserved and I hop you enjoy

Ali Watson said...

"Didn't He Do Well?" as Brucie would say. Tree looks great Kath. Look at that stash, well done you. Glad you managed to get all you wanted. Andy has gone with a list to the mainland today, I wasn't allowed to go. Have a fun day crafting.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow `Granny Kath` Your tree is absolutly `gorgeous` in all it`s splendour....
`Wow` That is defiantely some prize..Enjoy every last bit!!!you s sooo deserve it cos your `Fabulous`
Have fun hitting those shops...:)~X~

mudmaven said...

WOWZA - great prize. Me thinks you can have lots of crafty fun with all that loot! You are an inspiration - haven't yet started with the shopping and now have a bit more confidence that it can be done. Had the grandbabies do our tree this year and that is going to be our new tradition. Looks like your DH did a good job! ~chris

Cassie said...

Now THAT is a Major Award! I'm so happy for you! Your hubby did a great job on the tree!

Tip Top said...

OMG!!!! Just look at the size of those boxes - and they are CRAMMED full!!! Lucky lucky you!!!!!

Well done with the crimbo shopping - I worked in food retail for 10 years - 7 in a store so been there and got the t-shirt too!!!

~Emma~ said...

I am so NOT jealous!!! LOL! Oh Kath its going to take you forever to look through it all!

Rach said...

a beautiful tree Kath and lots and lots of fabulous goodies. well done you!
hugs rachxx

Carol Plume said...

oh my Kath - what wonderful looking stash - enjoy your rummage!!

glad to hear you got back safely from the shops too....it can be manic this time of year can't it xx

Dawn said...

Love the "hubby" tree !! LOL - at least you've got one!!
OH-MY-GOD!!! that prize is unbelievable - Kath I would have had it ALL out by now - such restraint!! You're gonna need a lock up to keep that lot in!!!
AND well done on the shopping , how great must it feel to have it all done.......

I have actually done my tag this week and it's only Tuesday!!!
p.s thanks for the fabby card - c'est magnifique!!

Sam said...

Good grief!!! That is one heck of a prize!! You are going to love going through all those boxes and playing with everything I am sure!! I wouldn't know where to begin!!

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Oh Kath!
If that lot had turned up on my doorstep i think i may have passed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and would have had to be revived by the delivery driver..you lucky thing cant wait to see what you do with it all

loves and bloggy hugs Emma xxx

Helen said...

Wow!!! What a fantastic prize!!!!
...would you like a lodger???? lol!
Helen x

Chris said...

Oh what a helpful hubby and we won't tell him you tweaked the tree...lol DG decorated mine for the first time and I daren't move a thing because he would be sooooo upset... but it's driving me bananas!!
Woweeee all those fab goodies and you so deserve every one Kath... hope you get time to have a good mooch through them soon :D
Still balking at finishing my Xmas shopping but yours didn't sound so bad...maybe tomorrow.... I will go brave the crowds :D
Chris xx