Monday, December 22, 2008


It's been a frantic day at Chez the old kitchen but of's Craft Day on I was popping backwards and forwards to the TV and I have a confession to make... I have been really really naughty.....and buying stuff..... from Rosemary Merry's 11.00 hour.....more stuff from WeRMemory Keepers and then even more stuff when Becks was on at 1.00pm and hey I still have the American Crafts Hour and then Papermania at 10.00pm.
Now hubby isn't the least bit interested in crafting.....and there is no way he would sit and watch hours and hours of I have been watching through in the front room which is all decorated and looking very festive and Christmassy......but there seemed to be something missing.....what could it be......of course..the gorgeous MR FROSTY..... so hubby was dispatched off to find him.
Isn't he just the cutest.....and covered from head to toe in delicious Glamour Dust....he shimmers and sparkles in the lights of the Christmas Tree and how could I have forgotten him.....he stands about 3' tall so he lives all year round out in the garage wrapped in a couple of bin liners.   Before I became addicted to all things papercrafts....I had my own ceramic studio and this gorgeous guy was definitely my best seller.
Now I need to dash off  and look out some goodies for tomorrow's Give-Away No 3......and here are all the names from Give-Aways 1 and 2 going forward to the final the bowl going to be big enough?
Each week the entries will be added to the bowl until we have the final Big Blog Candy Fest Give-Away and just think folks if you enter each will have 6 chances of winning the final prize.
See you all tomorrow when Give-Away No 3 will be now to have a rummage..then put the kettle on and settle down for my fave American Crafts......Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Kath he is adorable. We used to have a ceramic place here on the island but the girl gavi it up. I bought a bag of that glammer dust from her when she was selling off the stock. Andy curses me every time I use it as you will know it goes everywhere but it is the best. How exciting please show us some of your other makes too!

  2. Awww Mr Frosty is adorable, I'm in love! Naughty you, spending all that money! Can't wait till tomorrow! Jillix

  3. He's awesome Kath xxx My jaw dropped though when I read that you used to have your own ceramics studio. Why? Cos so did I!! Can you believe that!! I KNEW we had some sort of connection. I still have loads of moulds etc but my beloved kiln went long ago sadly. I still miss the feel of the clay on my hands even now. That's why I started the card as an outlet for my creative thingy. Well you have a fantastic crimbo Mrs. Speak soon, big hugs and love ya loads xxxxxx

  4. oh he is a cutie!
    we used to have a 3 foot Santa in a hospice I worked in and the housekeeper used to move him around the you never knew where he would pop up next! It did make me jump a few times to come down the stairs and he woudl be looking up at you!!!

    much love Tina xx

  5. Mr Frosty is Fab Kath! every home should have one! lol cant wait for your candy its so exciting!

    Emma xxx

  6. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! I didn't realise it was craft day today! *sob*

    Love Mr Frosty he is fab fabby fabness!

  7. Wow I love Mr Frosty Kath - he is totally adorable. Are you sure you're never going to make any more ???
    you sound incredibly well organised - I managed to wangle working from home today so managed to get out and about to the shops this afternoon though sadly I did therefore have to work at my PC til 7pm ... bright side is i didn't spend any dish on QVC LOL!! Enjoy your new stash (as if you'd ever get through the satsh you've won already LOL!) - hope you ahve a great Christmas
    Pauline x

  8. Wow Mr Frosty is a cool dude indeed!
    And bloomin' H*ll - I have totally forgotten about Craft Day - can't believe I have done it again - Double Grrrr!!
    Too busy making flamin' cards!!! LOL
    Night Night

  9. Oh, I love Mr. Frosty! The colors on him are fantastic!

  10. He's a cutey - he look kind of whimsical! Have yourself a fab Christmas Kath! PS Hope you got my email thanking you VERY MUCH for Mr Croc who arrived safe and sound!

  11. Hi kath,
    lovely blog! How can I partecipate to the Big Blog Candy Fest Give-Away??

    Hugs, elisabetta

  12. I'm with Jozza and completely missed the whole thing......... still at least I can 'do' the January sales!


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