Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Fiskars Cutie

Hi to all my lovely bloggy's the Furry Boy here....I haven't forgotten about my little just have to be patient for a little while longer because I have to share these cute pics of a little lady who recently sent my Mum an e-mail....."I WANT TO BE A FISKARS DEMONSTRATOR".
Let me introduce you to my little friend Lily who just happened to be playing with the Fiskars Bowmaker with her Grandma Anne who comes to visit me in the cubbyhole from time to time and hey prepare to be gobsmacked folks.....

 I know what to do Grandma
 Easy Peasy
 It's looking good
Wow Lily.....where did you get that hat?

Now for the gobsmacking bit....Lily is only 2 and a smidge and as Craig would say

Watch out Mum....someone is after your job. Well folks it's time for my morning stroll followed by a few zzz's but I promise I will be back later today for my SPLASH THE STASH MOMENT.
Big Hugs & Furry Snuggles

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Penny Black Saturday Challenge....Week 129

Morning's Saturday and time for another challenge over at Penny Black Saturday and if you are reading this it means that Mr Blogger has been an excellent chap and done what he has been told for once....if not well me scheduling this post has been a waste of time.
The challenge this week is...
which means that you can use ONE COLOUR or shades of that colour

Two fabulous tutorials for you this week from the very talented Promarker Queen and Letraset Product Coach Debbi.....just pop over to Penny Black Saturday and click on the link
Sadly this is Debbi's last week with us but I am sure you will join me in saying a huge thank you for the time and effort she has put into these tutorials...for sharing her wonderful talent and lots of hints and tips for using Promarkers with us all.

And we have a very special bumper prize for one lucky winner who will be chosen at random and announced next Saturday

15% off lifetime discount voucher to use at this wonderful online Aladdin's cave filled to the brim with all our favourite Penny Blacks

4 Rolls of Ribbon of the winner's choice

and from Letraset

the 6 colours that Debbi used this week in her Monochrome Tutorial

and here's my effort using gentle with me I am still learning

Background created with Hero Arts Large Plaid Pattern design block
stamped in Versamark and embossed with White Detail Embossing Powder and then inked with fast becoming my favourite Distress Ink.....Pumice Stone
Image: Penny Black.....1657K....Ode to Joy
Snowflakes....Sizzix Die
Pearls...Hobby House
Ribbon...Simply Create
Sentiment....Craftwork Cards

I'll be home on Tuesday so will be popping over to catch up with all your creations for this week's challenge and I do believe you will have the pleasure of the Furry Boy's company tomorrow.....he has been left in sole charge of the cubbyhole and between you and I suspect he may be planning another "clean out some of Mum's stash" session.
In the meantime Happy Crafting
Hugs Kath xxx

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Black Friday

Morning's Black Friday...traditionally a day of mega mega sales on this side of the pond....when lots of folks take time off work to start their Christmas Shopping in other words... a mad shopping frenzy.....
so we will be up bright and early although 5.00am is a tad too bright and early and hitting all our favourite stores.....crikey if we think our stores are busy around about Christmas I can only imagine what like it will be here.  First stop will be Michaels armed with my crafty discount vouchers to hopefully find some bargains and hey I will be looking out for some cool crafty stuff for a give-away when I get back.....then onto Macys and FAO Schwarz where I hope to pick up some Christmas pressies for the grandkiddies and being big kids at heart....we are going to have a ball in here....

I have a sneaky feeling it's going to be a tiring day and the feet will be protesting madly but nothing that a lovely dinner...a few glasses of wine whilst soaking the feet in a hot tub won't cure and off to bed to recharge the batteries for another fun New York style day tomorrow.
but more LOTV goodies to share.....

Catch up with you all tomorrow over at Penny Black Saturday for another fab challenge....a wonderful double whammy tutorial from the lovely Debbi and a mega mega prize for one lucky winner.
Hugs Kath xxx

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Morning's Thanksgiving Day here in the USA....a very special holiday for our cousins across the pond and boy do they know how to celebrate holidays so we will be joining in the fun....well it would be rude not to and who doesn't like a good party. First stop of the day will be to get ourselves a good vantage point to watch the spectacular Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade......fingers crossed I am not stuck behind lots of tall folks and can get some half decent pics.

looking forward to having a yummy Thanksgiving dinner and a stroll around town soaking up the atmosphere and joining in the holiday celebrations....and I have some more crafty stuff to share....some more cuties with these gorgeous Cute Squares from Lily Of The Valley that I bought at the SECC.....20 in a pack for £2.50 or 5 packs for £10 and although I used 2 images on each card to add a bit of 3D dimension....still have enough left to make another 6 cards from each pack ....great value and so easy to whip up some last minute Christmas cards.

LOTV Cutie Squares....James The Bear At Christmas
Kraft Card
Sizzix Die Snowflakes
finished with a flittering of glitter

Tomorrow is another special day in the USA when all the stores open at 5.00am so catch up with you then to tell you all about it.
Hugs Kath xxx

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's on our Workdesk Wednesday

Morning to all my lovely bloggy's your bundle of golden deliciousness...just to let you all know I am on the mend and fighting the urge to have a good old scratch.    If Mum was here we would be showing you what's on our workdesk today but the cubbyhole is well and truly deserted and Mum has run off with the we can 't play along today with the lovely Julia over at WOYWW not that I am much good with cameras anyway but hey I'm a whizz kid with the old computer and have been left strict instructions to show you the a gift card and envelope Mum made with her yummy Craftwork Cards DT goodies....and it was all my fault that she wasn't able to make more better do as I'm told to get back in the good books and fingers crossed I don't mess it all up.

Envelop Templates...Elegant
Papers: Ice Cream Parlour
Template...Birds 'n' Trees
Sentiment....In Circles Christmas

I take my hat off to all you bloggy girls....I'm exhausted waiting for Mr Blogger to upload these now in serious need of a power snooze because I didn't sleep too good last night....well it ain't the same sleeping in a big bed without my Mum to snuggle up to...but no point in moaning...another 5 lonely nights to go.  But now that she is thousands of miles away...I think it would be quite safe for me to go into rummage mode and get some goodies looked out for my give-away.  So cubbyhole here I come and then it's head down and catch up on some zzz's.
Big Hugs & Furry Snuggles

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Morning folks....yes the old multiple alarm trick worked and in the words of the song...."I'm leaving on a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again"....well I do actually but not thinking of that right this minute.    By the time you are reading this I will be at 35,000 feet en route to Heathrow after my silly o'clock check in so I may well have nodded off by now.....and hey may be flying over where you live right about now. Just enough time for some real duty free shopping before we board our BA flight to Newark.....arriving at 1.25pm US time and looking forward to lunch New York style.   I'm so excited...can you tell.....have been anticipating visiting my most favourite city in the world all year and now can't wait to get there and become a New Yorker for one whole week....I feel another frenzy coming this time.
Where we will rest our weary heads for the next 6 nights....and believe me folks once you have trotted the New York sidewalks and done the whole shopping don't need are well and truly asleep the second your head hits the pillow

And just when you thought you were going to getting rid of this old chatterbox and have a peaceful Cubbyhole Free Week....not on your nelly.  I am coming up for my third blogaversary soon and correct me if I'm wrong but so far I have managed a post every day....well this is the diary of the everyday life of a crafter after all and I have no intention of breaking that habit.  I have oodles and oodles of stuff to share with you all after the crafting frenzy last week so look out for some scheduled posts if Mr Blogger is not in trantrum mode...pop back tomorrow....The Furry Boy has his Bloggy Hat on and if his behaviour hasn't improved....a T Shirt too.
Toodle oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: thanks to all those who saved me from being carted off for interrogation and as  knitting is out of the question....a good book will just have to do to pass the time.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Here I Come....Ready or Not.....

Morning folks....the last workshop for 2010 is done and dusted and it's time to hang up my crafty apron for a much needed's a little bit frantic here with last minute stuff...the antics of you know who and another dash to the vet didn't exactly go down a storm...he is heading for his bum being permanently parked on the naughty step....but I am almost good to go....a bit of ironing to do and then get the suitcase packed...travelling light so that I have plenty space in there for the odd purchase or two...crafty and otherwise.
Checking and double checking the really important stuff.....

Next job on the list is a quick tidy up of the cubbyhole after a hectic crafting frenzy...time to shut up shop and hey no crafting for a whole week but I do have some quick and easy cards to share with you.....great for the kiddies.   My Christmas Card box is filling up nicely....could this be the year that I don't have to buy some sneaky last minute M&S cards.

Not really a decoupage person...but these super quick pop out cuties from the Nitwits "Joyful Hearts" Collection were so adorable I couldn't resist....perfect for those quick and easy cards and let's face it we need all the help we can get in the run up to Christmas.
It will be off to bed early tonight but will I be able to sleep....we have a 4.30am check in tomorrow multiple alarm clocks will be ringing their heads off at silly o'clock and you are not getting rid of this old crafter so easily...after my week of manic crafting I have lots to share so watch this space.  
Hugs Kath xxx

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Under the weather and in big trouble......

Morning to all my lovely bloggy buddies....I've been a bit under the weather.....well it started off with a bit of an itch at the beginning of the week and hey girls you know if you've got an itch you just can't help yourself you just gotta scratch it.   I'd been having a good old sneaky scratch everytime I went out to the garden well away from Mum's prying eyes because before you know she would be investigating to see if I have fleas or the if with my noble parentage I would allow such creatures to reside in my coat....perish the thought.   But I took the scratching a bit too far and ended up with my back covered in blood.....enough said I am quickly in transit to the vet who by the way is just the nicest lady and with impeccable taste too...greeting me with her usual "Hello Gorgeous".  After a thorough MOT from the Doggy Doc....but what checking my ears teeth heart and temperature.....not very dignified I tell you...has to do with my itch I don't know but it turns out I may have picked up a thorn and in my efforts to get rid of the blighter ended up with a huge red raw sore.
After an antibiotic and steroid injection...cream for Mum to rub on twice a day and a few treats for being a brave's time to go home but first we have to pay the bill.....oops the cubbyhole stash purse is now lighter by £65.  No National Health Service for us dogs but hey the upside is we don't have to wait days to see the doc...a quick phone call and 20 minutes later I am trotting in for my consultation.....being a dog has it's advantages or so I thought.
We've had another sick boy in the cubbyhole.. Mr Dyson hasn't been feeling too well his food and very lethargic and after much whispering behind my back with the Dyson Doc.....Mum tells me it is all my fault....he was suffering big time from eating all that hair....between you and me folks I think he's just a greedy sod eating everything in his path and all that paper...sticky stuff and goodness knows what from the cubbyhole can't do his digestive system any favours.  We are round about the same age but his MOT was free because he came with a 5 year at this moment in time he is definitely the blue-eyed boy....unlike me who is in deep doodahs.
BECAUSE... I've been very naughty...while Mum was in the shower yesterday morning I just couldn't resist a good old scratch.....crikey blood everywhere and we are back to square one....another visit to the vet and more medication...let me tell you Mum is now having a major grumph....another £72 out of the crafty stash she decided to take drastic action and I've been forced to wear one of Dad's T undignified.
and the evidence of another scratchy session is there for everyone to see...I'll be in big trouble again.....well it's so darned itchy what's a boy to do but I definitely need to keep a low profile...head well under the radar stuff for the next few days so no way will I be uttering one little word of complaint about these pesky sticky pads.

But I have a little secret and I know it's safe with all you lovely you all know Mum is deserting the cubbyhole for a trip away and guess who will be having another root around for some crafty stash to give-away but I have to wait until she's off to have a bit of a power snooze...need to conserve all my energy for my Cubbyhole Rummage.....see you all soon.
Big Hugs and Furry Snuggles

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Penny Black Saturday Challenge....Week 128

Morning's Saturday and time for another challenge over at Penny Black Saturday and crikey where are the weeks going...before we know we will rushing headlong towards you know don't even mention the C word until at least the beginning of next month.    Fabulous response to last week's challenge and I loved seeing all your fabulous cards made with your favourite things.....great job everyone.
The challenge this week is a fabulous sketch from our lovely teamie Pauline and I know how you all love a have lots of fun with this one

and can't believe we are into our third week of the fabulous tutorials from the lovely Debbi...Promarker Queen and Product Coach for Letraset.....hope you are enjoying them as much as I am and like me picking up some hints and tips.

We have two fabulous prizes this week for one lucky winner who will be chosen at random and announced next Saturday

from our lovely teamie Carole

"You are The Bestest"

and from Letraset 

the six colours that Debbi has used in her tutorial

Papers: Magnolia
Image: Penny Black 2521K - Snowy
Snowflake: Sizzix Die
Martha Stewart Border Punch
Sentiment: Craftwork Cards
Gems: Hero Arts

Look forward to seeing what you all create this week but I will be missing in action for most of next week so apologies in advance for not being able to visit you all.
Happy Crafting
Hugs Kath xxx

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sneaky peeks and a question.....

Morning folks and for those of you who have already seen this post and left a comment....on Monday I think it are not going doolally.....I was scheduling some posts as you do and must have published instead of saving...blame the hectic crafty schedule and the list of stuff still to do or we could just blame that awkward sod Mr Blogger....I won't tell if you don't.
So onto the all important question and going off on a completely different tangent. Knitting is making a bit comeback and I've seen some patterns for gorgeous chunky cardigans knitted up really quickly with chunky wool and huge needles.     What better way to wile away the hours on the long flight across the Atlantic and hey I might have a few additions to the wardrobe by the time I arrive in the USA...  BUT will I be allowed through security with knitting needles albeit the big thick plastic jobs or will I be stripped of my offensive weapons and hauled off for interrogation suspected of being a senior citizen terrorist who might just go beserk on board stabbing everyone in sight as I rush down the aisle to storm the cockpit.  What do you think...still got time for a quick trip to town and stock up on supplies. In the meantime I leave you with some sneaky peeks of things to come.....

Catch up with you all tomorrow for a fab challenge over at Penny Black Saturday...another wonderful tutorial from our lovely guest designer Debbi and some yummy prizes.
Hugs Kath xxx

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pink Ladies

Morning folks.....time for some pics from my Crafting Day on Sunday with the lovely Pink Ladies from Simply Create.....mind you I very nearly didn't make it because of an idiot driver with the brains of a gnat.  Lovely bright Sunday morning and I am enjoying a leisurely drive on a traffic free but winding road when suddenly there's a car hurtling towards me on the wrong side of road overtaking two cyclists on a blind foot hit the floor and I am heading for the nearest ditch ...frankly I didn't fancy being hit head on one little bit....but lady luck was obviously on my side as he just scraped past me pinging my wing mirror into the bargain. There but for the grace of god another 3 innocent road users become road fatality statistics all because of a very selfish moron behind the wheel of a car. Hubby said "did you get his registration"...oh yeah with a ditch fast approaching and the probability of me ending upside down hanging from my seat belt...I think I had more pressing things on my survival and not missing out on my Pink Ladies Day.
Thankfully from there on in it was great fun starting off with lots of chit chat and coffee with old friends and new. Then it was time for the lovely and very talented Moira from Revamp to give us all a demo on how to make your own lampshades....

great step by step demo by simple when you know how...kits are available to buy from Revamp and with all the gorgeous fabrics out there...matching curtains and lampshades spring to mind. I have a little idea running around in my head for a personalised crafty shade for the cubbyhole but not before Christmas I hasten to this space.
After a yummy lunch it was time for the workshops to get going...the super talented Anne was teaching a sewing workshop making this fabulous patchwork shabby chic cushion with a chenille technique on the centre panel...
isn't it gorgeous...another project running around in my head...two cushions and a panel for my bed...crikey when am I going to find time for all these home make-overs and I was so gutted that I couldn't join these happy stitchers...
because for the third and definitely the final time...I was teaching my Snowflake Hanger and Cracker Box workshop and well done to all the lovely snowflakers who joined me...almost all were stamping embossing and distress ink virgins but they all stepped up to the plate and did a great job...
it's a standing joke at Simply Create that my workshops always run over time...probably because of Mrs Chatterbox with the big mouth...who ME...hey who's watching the clock when you're having fun but this time I cracked the whip...kept my mouth shut and we crossed the line with time to spare...well done girls. And I am mightily relieved that this project is now yesterday's news...been consigned to the annals of history forever and on it's way to the crafty bin in the sky.
Have you noticed my Timmie Sleep Countdown is now into double figures...oh yes only 98 more sleeps until I am finally crafting with the King of Distress...the Prince of Grunge...the Master himself and for someone who is always praying for more hours in a this case forget that old moan...wish I could click my fingers and it was here. Catch up with you all tomorrow for a sneaky peek and a question I hope someone can help me with.
Hugs Kath xxx

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday

Morning's Wednesday and time to play along with Julia and all those WOYWW crafters who very kindly allow us to have a good old snoop around their crafty what's on my workdesk today.....lots of boring stuff....the bare bones of this crafty job....prepping make and take kits for 70 odd crafters who will be coming along to a Christmas Craft Night at The Papeterie tomorrow evening...6.30-9.30pm...oh yes it's last minute Annie at work again....but I also have my school marm hat on listen up.....

Scoring and folding......
so many folks at the SECC told me that they love their Fiskars Trimmer...have dispensed with their scoring board and are now using the cutting groove in the trimmer to score their cards....that's fine if you are using the scoring blade designed for the trimmer.  It's just as well I was seated for the real  MAMMA MIA moments that followed...crikey it was enough to give me the fatal heebeegeebies when they told me what they were using to score...ranging from the blades of scissors...a stylus or a dried up biro.  This is a real NO...NO......because over time you will deepen and widen the cutting groove and the chances of cutting a nice clean straight edge will be gone so either get yourselves a Fiskars Scoring blade or just use a scoring board.....PLEASE
it's a bit of a mind numbing job but hey ho someone has to do it so it's on with my favourite cup topped up and before you know it's onto the next stage.....chopping with my trusty X-Cut guillotine....a true work horse coming up for his tenth birthday and still cutting as sharp as the day he took up residence in the cubbyhole.

Then the crafty conveyor belt moved on to the snowflake fest department....die cut glittered and set out to dry

before you know that's another task done and dusted and because we are doing scrapling make and takes....I now have 140 odd card blanks all ready for slipping into their cello bags ready for the next crafting frenzy.

The crafty clock is on less than a week I will be setting off for NYC...the crafty list of things to do doesn't seem to be getting any shorter but hey that's life in the cubbyhole....deadline seems to be my middle name and don't tell anyone but I work better under pressure and the ideas just seem to flow when I have my back against the wall and am skidding in by the seat of my pants....thank goodness us girls are great at multi-tasking.
Next to be ticked off the list is the gorgeous DT bundle of Craftwork Card goodies Julie gave me at the SECC....loving the envelope templates and have lots of ideas running around my head for those....more DT stuff to finish off and posts to schedule.   The making of the cards is the easy's the photography..editing and blog post writing that takes the time...anyone fancy being my new media bed and board...unlimited access to my cubbyhole stash and lots of snuggles from The Furry Boy...applications in writing please to the cubbyhole.
Just one more make and take kit to finish instead of sitting here blethering I'd better get my skates on.
And the good news is Mr Dyson is back to full health and eating his way greedily through all the rubbish left over from kitting and the trillion and one hairs that The Furry Boy releases into the atmosphere in one day.
Surprise surprise the media frenzy is in full swing.....nothing in the news for the next few weeks but the Royal Wedding.....don't get me wrong I am absolutely delighted for William and Kate....but can't the media learn lessons from the past and give them some breathing space.
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx