Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's on my Workdesk.....Take 2

Morning folks from a chilly and wet North East of Scotland...the weather this week has just been too awful for words but it's meant that The Furry Boy and his Crafty Mum have been marooned in the cubbyhole catching up with all those crafty jobs...having fun decorating the wooden tile from yesterday. The downside is once I start a project the old Mastermind motto rears it's head...."I've started so I'll finish" so it was stupid o'clock last night when I decided to call a halt and couldn't summon the energy to tidy up or even scrub my messy fingers before falling into bed. Those of you who visit regularly know I like to start the morning with an ultra tidy/all stash tidied away not a great start to the day.....

Wouldn't it be more sensible to tidy stuff away as I go along instead my workspace just gets smaller and smaller and before you know I am working on a postage stamp so it's time for a massive tidy before I can start another crafty day but several cuppas may be required before I think of tackling that task and where I hear you ask is my crafty helper...well he has retreated to the safety of the family room and has his "do you think if I ignore her she will go away and leave me in peace" face on.
A sneaky peek or two of the project so far.....

Off to put the kettle on and ponder the error of my ways.....catch up with you all tomorrow to share the finished tile.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Goodmorning Kath, I know what you mean, it takes me longer to tidy up than make something. All the room looks a wreck when I've been crafting. Your project looks wonderful, I'll be back later to see the finished article. Have a great day. Give Buddy a cuddle from me. Hugs x ChrisB

  2. Kath if my desk looked as tidy as yours I would be over the moon! Beautiful photo of Buddy, thank you. Big hug from me. Anesha :)

  3. Morning Kath, Buddy's pose is a picture. Westies are a dab hand at it if left too long without mum! Looking foreward to seeing the finished board, the sneak peak looks gorgeous. hugsCarolxx

  4. Thats still tidy by most people's point of view. I know what you mean by your workspace getting smaller and I'm always losing things.

    Love the look of that tile, can't wait to see the finished article.

    The weather here is awful too. Wind and rain.

    Have a good day. Stay warm and cosy.

    Big Hugs Carol xx

  5. Gosh Kath - you must have been tired last night. It's awful whem you see the mess the next day, but honestly that's not bad by my standards. Looking forward to seeing the finished tile.
    Happy crafting and wrap up well for your jaunt with buddy boy.

  6. I like to try to tidy but I usually still work in a small space! Love the look of your sneaky peek.

    Looks ok outside now but when I took Maddy out first thing it was awful. We could hardly stand and she turned to come back without me saying anything! Just in the last wee while she's really tottery. But it doesn't help when the vet tells you chocolate Labs are worth with joint problems than yellow or black. Not what you want to hear when you've had your doggie for over ten years!

    Kat xx

  7. Lol, I work on a postage stamp all the time. Your card looks lovely in such natural colours, I always feel the need to do holly in green but it looks lovely on your creation!

  8. Hi Kath.I have about a 12" square to work on lol,the right hand side of my desk is a big pile of lord knows what,it just gets bigger n bigger lol.Keep meaning to have blitz but haven't got the time really.Look at that Buddy,how could you not love that face lol.Love that cushion,gorgeous colours would make a great backing paper too hee hee.Hugs n cuddles for the Budster.xxxx

  9. I can see a clear square inch of space on that desk, enough, surely, to be finishing off those projects. The sneaky peeks are too tantalising - will have to pop back and see how your doing tomorrow. Regards, Elizabeth

  10. what a beautiful project. love the swirl from Hero Arts. Looks like you have a wonderful collection of toys from Hero Arts and a great crafting season ahead.