Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pink Ladies

Morning folks.....time for some pics from my Crafting Day on Sunday with the lovely Pink Ladies from Simply Create.....mind you I very nearly didn't make it because of an idiot driver with the brains of a gnat.  Lovely bright Sunday morning and I am enjoying a leisurely drive on a traffic free but winding road when suddenly there's a car hurtling towards me on the wrong side of road overtaking two cyclists on a blind foot hit the floor and I am heading for the nearest ditch ...frankly I didn't fancy being hit head on one little bit....but lady luck was obviously on my side as he just scraped past me pinging my wing mirror into the bargain. There but for the grace of god another 3 innocent road users become road fatality statistics all because of a very selfish moron behind the wheel of a car. Hubby said "did you get his registration"...oh yeah with a ditch fast approaching and the probability of me ending upside down hanging from my seat belt...I think I had more pressing things on my survival and not missing out on my Pink Ladies Day.
Thankfully from there on in it was great fun starting off with lots of chit chat and coffee with old friends and new. Then it was time for the lovely and very talented Moira from Revamp to give us all a demo on how to make your own lampshades....

great step by step demo by simple when you know how...kits are available to buy from Revamp and with all the gorgeous fabrics out there...matching curtains and lampshades spring to mind. I have a little idea running around in my head for a personalised crafty shade for the cubbyhole but not before Christmas I hasten to this space.
After a yummy lunch it was time for the workshops to get going...the super talented Anne was teaching a sewing workshop making this fabulous patchwork shabby chic cushion with a chenille technique on the centre panel...
isn't it gorgeous...another project running around in my head...two cushions and a panel for my bed...crikey when am I going to find time for all these home make-overs and I was so gutted that I couldn't join these happy stitchers...
because for the third and definitely the final time...I was teaching my Snowflake Hanger and Cracker Box workshop and well done to all the lovely snowflakers who joined me...almost all were stamping embossing and distress ink virgins but they all stepped up to the plate and did a great job...
it's a standing joke at Simply Create that my workshops always run over time...probably because of Mrs Chatterbox with the big mouth...who ME...hey who's watching the clock when you're having fun but this time I cracked the whip...kept my mouth shut and we crossed the line with time to spare...well done girls. And I am mightily relieved that this project is now yesterday's news...been consigned to the annals of history forever and on it's way to the crafty bin in the sky.
Have you noticed my Timmie Sleep Countdown is now into double figures...oh yes only 98 more sleeps until I am finally crafting with the King of Distress...the Prince of Grunge...the Master himself and for someone who is always praying for more hours in a this case forget that old moan...wish I could click my fingers and it was here. Catch up with you all tomorrow for a sneaky peek and a question I hope someone can help me with.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. So glad you weren't injured by that idiot driver, Kath! Love those pretty lampshades! While I'm getting ready for a good night's sleep... you have a wonderful morning! Hugs!

  2. Hi Kath, wauw what a pretty things, I love the pillow so nice with the roses.
    You were very lucky.
    Havea nice day, Ageeth

  3. Hi Kath, glad to hear you are ok. What wonderful projects bet everyone had lots of fun. Hope Buddy is ok and tell him we need more photos!:) Hugs Anesha

  4. Glad you escaped from the nut on the road Kath, and the photos show you all had funxxx

  5. Boy someone was looking after you. very lucky you wasn't hurt.Love the gorgeous makes wish I was nearer. Have a great day. Hugs x ChrisB

  6. You have such fun! Love seeing your shares - almost as good as being there! Hugs, Kath!

  7. Gosh Kath lucky you and the car weren't hurt. You must have got a real fright though. Looks like everyone had a great time at the Pink Ladies. One day I'll get there lol!

    Kat xx

  8. OMG,Kath just seen this post.i am sooo glad and i can imagine so are you and your family,that you are alright.How horrible for you,makes my blood boil morons like that.
    Love your snowflake creation.Glad you all had a good time.Cuddles for the Big Furry

  9. Hi Kath

    Thank goodness you were OK (and the cyclists), good job you were paying attention to the road!

    Loving those lampshades and cushions, wish I knew how to thread up a sewing machine let alone use one lol!

    Sarah x

  10. Firstly, Im so pleased you were safe after your 'close shave' on the road. Impatience is just a disaster waiting to happen!

    What a fab set of photos Kath, thanks so much for sharing them all with us, I'd have loved to have been able to attend both of those classes. There's just nothing at all like it here in Southampton.

    It was a real trip down memory lane seeing the lampshades, I remembered thoroughly enjoying needlecraft classes at school - possibly coz it was the only thing I was actually good at:/ Im looking forward to seeing your festive shade!

    Keryn x


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