Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Back

Morning all my lovely bloggy buddies...I'm back and boy oh boy what a great 4 days at the SECC...very very busy from the word go and we had two very special visitors before the doors opened on the first day.....
our lovely boss Severine from Fiskars France giving a special demo for the glamorous Glitter Girls 
my cubbyhole for 4 days
 my lovely buddy Debbi holding the fort on the Fiskars Stand
and the star of the show was this little guy...the Squeeze Punch Bird sold out by Thursday lunchtime and when another flock flew in from France on Friday they too sold out within half an apologies to all those crafters who were disappointed
all my samples were destined for the NECC next week but sadly some were stolen from the stand on Friday including this one...shame on you whoever you are...
And the best bit of the show for me is meeting all the lovely folks who stop by to say hello...not going to even try to name you all but you know who you are and I love you all loads. And it was great to catch up with Sue Julie & Laura from Craftwork Cards...Keith from Fantastic Ribbons...Karen who was demo-ing for Cardcraft Plus...the lovely Mrs Sugar Nellie Karen and her right hand girl finally meet my lovely Penny Black Saturday and Simply Create teamie Liz....Angela from Angel Crafts....the lovely girls from Art and Craft for all their support...a special mention for my new best buddy the lovely Margaret who makes samples for Flowersoft and a special thank you to Alison for the gorgeous scones...Gayle and Liz for the yummy chocs and to my lovely bloggy buddy who bought me a pack of pokey tools because I was lost without mine.
But the biggest thank you must go to my lovely Fiskars mate Lorraine who kept me going for 4 days...what a team and to my bestest buddies Debbi and Anne who came on Saturday and stayed over...we had the best fun...they are fabulous company and we laughed until we ached....apologies to the folks in adjoining rooms for all the hilarity...oh boy did we rock Room 116 at the Crowne Plaza...three in a bed and the little one said...roll over and thank goodness for that extra hour in bed.

But all good things come to an end and before we know it's time to go home...had a real fun journey home with my lovely buddies Anne...Debbi...Carol and Aud and apologies to all the poor souls on the 5.45 train from Queen Street to Aberdeen...they must have thought they were on the train journey from hell with 5 mad crafters.   
Big thank you to everyone who made my SECC experience an absolute blast and so much fun....and how did the feet hold up...not even a twinge thanks to my fabulous M&S slippers which were greatly admired by the way...the only aches and pains were a sore side from laughing so much. Batten down the hatches Sue and Julie...we are now planning a crafty girly trip to the GNPE in Harrogate in March.
And what did I buy...well to be honest not a lot...too busy having fun but will be back tomorrow to the meantime my gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness and I are off for our morning stroll and then it's back to the day job...kitting for my workshop at Simply Create on Saturday and catching up with a million and one other things that have crept onto the crafty schedule while I was away.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Morning Kath
    Glad you had a ball and met up with all those fabulous people. What a pity that someone pinched those samples I can't believe the cheek of some people!! Not surprised the bird sold so quickly I fell in love with him when you showed me him. Hope to catch up with you soon
    Lyn x

  2. morning kath!! sounds like you had a wonderful time hun and i bet buddy was pleased to see you when you got home too! so sorry to hear about your sample cards hun, some people are just blooming rotten,bet it was your gorgeous card that made the birdy punch such a sell out! huge hugs Lou xxx

  3. Hi Kath and welcome home!
    Sounds like a fun filled albeit it busy 4 days!
    Shame in the person that took the card, some people!!
    Ive stayed at the Crown Plaza at Birmingham few times, lovely hotels

    mandi xx

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun Kath. Now I know why Aud and Carol didn't answer my text asking if they were on their way home. Too busy having fun in the train. Can hardly believe that anyone could steal your samples. Shame on them.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, glad to hear it. It's terrible people stole your pieces. Bet Buddy is happy to have you home. Hugs Anesha

  6. You sound like you had a really fab time, wish I could have got to the show, sorry to hear about the card being stolen, that, I don't

  7. Morning Kath! Nothing boring about that train journey! Lovely company. Piccies coming soon, serious editing needed I think!!! Carol.x

  8. Morning Kath it was lovely to meet you on Sunday.I did come back later but you were so busy.Pleased you enjoyed yourself.

    Kathleen x

  9. Hi Kath
    thank YOU for a fabulous weekend, had a super time and am definitely up for Harrogate (as long as the dates are ok)
    OMG - I look like the blooming Fiskars bouncer!!
    it's opened my eyes -rotten sods who steal stuff.
    Have a great day quine

  10. Good morning my dear friend and Fiskars buddie... seems rather strange to be in the house this morning... but as you say all good things must come to an end. As for the samples.. believe it or not.. by the time the show closed and I was doing break down there was not a sample left in sight... they had all been taken!!! Glad you girls had a tahoot on the way home.. perfect end to the day for you... unlike wee me.. 3 hours of packing boxes... phew... help build some muscle though.. lol..

    Speak to you soon my dear friend and will be nice to see your cubbyhole back to normal again.

    Love 'n' hugs
    Lorraine xxx

  11. sounds like you had a lovely fun time :-) i love the little bird punch ,, i will be keeping my eyes peeled for one of those ,, very cute :-) I can't believe someone would steal cards ,,,shame on whoever it was !!! I wonder if she will be reading your blog ?? I am just appalled !!

    I am sure Buddy was pleased to see you ,,, am sure you had a big telling off from him !! :-)

    Lols x x x

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful time ... Glad to hear you have no aches and pains but a pity about the sticky fingers ... Perhaps whoever took the samples will feel guilty and anonymously send them to the Fiskars Stand at the NEC.

    Hope it doesn't mean extra work for you if you have to reproduce all the samples.

    Suze x

  13. Awwww I bet Buddy was glad to see his mum back home. So glad you had a fantastic time and I am so excited you're coming down to Harrogate in March - hope we can meet up again. Shame on that person who stole your card - hope their fingers drop off lol.

    Love Lynda xxx

  14. Sounds like a fabulous time, Kath! (except for the thief!) That is my favorite kind of ache! The one you get from laughing!! It hurts so good! Welcome home!

  15. Hi Kath, it was lovely to have a chat yesterday. I still need to get in among my new stash as I had to do a very quick card earlier. My own fault, I should have had it made sooner!

    Can't believe someone stole one of your samples. I can understand why they would love it but not why they would steal it!

    Would you believe I never saw Anne again and still not said hello to Debbi. Only saw the top of her head through the crowd watching her demo! And I couldn't believe that some of our friends from the bus were speaking to Carol and Aud! Not sure how they figured out that Carol knew me!!

    Hope you're having a more restful time today.

    Kat xx

  16. Hi Kath, glad you had a fabulous time! Shame on that person for pinching those samples! Thats disgusting. Means more work for the NEC next week - that really sucks!

  17. Hi Kath

    We are glad to have you back. Glad to hear that you had a fab time at SECC meeting lots of old friends and new!

    I can't believe that someone stole some of your samples (well actually I can because they are damn gorgeous) - no seriously stealing is not right and double shame on the person who took them.

    Hope you've had lots of cuddles with the furry boy and I bet he was so pleased to have you home - I know he was looking forward to it!



  18. Glad you had a fab time Kath and as you say, shame on whoever took your samples - we're off to the NEC at the weekend to have a look at those new punches and if you're going to Harrogate in March we'll probably see you there - Buddy will be glad to have you back! Mary

  19. It sounds a blast Kath, bummer about the samples though - you shouldn't make such fab fantastic stuff, then nobody would be nicking it. I reckon TH was there and secretly nicked them.....
    en xx

  20. Hi Kath
    It was great meeting you at the Crowne Plaza and the SECC. It was the first time my sister Dorothy and I had been to the show there. Wow! it was super! Even more so for meeting you and Lorraine. We will be at Harrogate in March so we can have a cig together!
    "your new best buddie" Margaret


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