Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Time to Remember

Morning folks....life is rather hectic here at the moment but I just had to find time to join in the challenge this week over at Daring Cardmakers

The poppy became the symbol of remembrance as they were the only living thing that survived the bloody battles of Flanders during the First World War.

Kraft Cardstock
Hero Arts: 
CL449 Delicate Blossoms
S4878 Old Letter Writing
C3085 Tiny Dots
CL140 Thinking of You
Hero Arts Ribbon Lace CH231
Fiskars Border Punch...Apron Lace

I believe that we should never ever forget the ultimate sacrifice made by millions of men and women in the name of peace and freedom and it makes me so angry to see the disgusting behaviour of those Muslim fanatics burning poppies at the Armistice service in London. They obviously hate this country..it's people...it's culture and traditions but why do they live here...because of our right to freedom of speech....in their own country they would be executed as traitors of the state for such behaviour and what really gets my goat the majority of them are either students being educated at our expense or are on benefits paid for by you and me.  It's high time our namby pamby government booted these sickos and their like back to whence they came and if the Human Rights brigade have a problem with that.....well they can go too.
Catch up with you all tomorrow over at WOYWW
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: by the way folks my trusty friend Mr Dyson isn't feeling very well today and we await a home visit from the Dyson Doc as we speak...let's hope he is on the mend soon or I am in deep doodah.   Just got a little tweet over at Hero Arts Twitter.....HERE and HERE


  1. Gorgeous card, Kath and I TOTALLY agree with everything you said!

  2. superb card ! I'm a fan of poppies !!! great job,
    greetings from belgium,

  3. Beautiful card Kath.I also agree with everything you said.
    Can i ask where you get Kraft card please?

  4. Beautiful card and beautiful words to honour our fallen heroes, hope the dyson doc does the jobxxxx

  5. Absolutely love, love your card Kath, poppies are a symbol 'never to forget'. Totally agree with you on your posting today, have a good day! Ruby x

  6. Hi Kath Your card is fantastic. I love those flowers.
    You sound realy upset and thats something I onderstand very well. I hope your anger is only for those muslim fanatic and not for the hole group of muslims.
    I think there are extimist every where and in every religio The only thing to do is to go in debate. Anger never solved anything it only leeds to war. I have traveled through Syria and Lebanon, and they also hate extremists. They are ordinary people with ordinary families who want to live in peace.
    I hope you understand wath I mean. I send you a big hug and lots of love Marja

  7. Here, here Kate agree totally with all of your todays comments. I too wonder why if the UK is so bad why do these extemists stay in our country and if they're so bothered about their countryman why don't they go back and fight for them.........simple answer the're COWARDS.

  8. Beautiful Card Kath!

    I agree with what you say Kath,
    Pity they can't put all these people on a island with a huge wall around it and let them get on with it.

    Hope you anger has now subsised now we have put the world to rights.

    Hope Mr Dyson get better soon.

    Big Hugs Carolxx

  9. Stunning card Kath and agree with what you said. Hope Buddy is having a good day and huge hugs. Anesha

  10. Hi Kath, well speak your mind! I can't help feeling what you say is right, it all makes my blood boil.
    Love your card the poppies are beautiful and a very unusual colour combination.
    Hope Mr Dyson makes a fast recovery and you can get on with your day unhindered:0) xxx

  11. Good Morning Kath, I hope you are well :)
    Your card is fabulous as always, those beautiful poopies almost jump off the card.....stunning!!
    Love to you all and a big hug for Buddy too x x

    Carol xxx

  12. It really is a beautiful card Kath - thanks for joining in with our Remembrance Dare this week and I totally agree with everything you say too - it's about time these people respected our Country and if they don't like it 'get out'.

    Love Lynda xxx

  13. Morning Kath, a beautiful card. We should never forget. I agree totally with what you said. Have a good Day hope you get Mr. Dyson fixed. Hugs x ChrisB

  14. Hello
    I get to your blog and I must say that I loved
    I'll be your follower ^ _ ^
    I have to thank the steps the steps that shared
    thanks and hugs

  15. LOVE your card, Kath, a lovely tribute - wonderful reds. Bravo to you for speaking your mind......this pc stuff has taken over the world and it's time for some common sense to return!! Big hugs!

  16. Absolutely stunning card, I really love it.

  17. This is absolutley beautiful a perfect card for Rememberance. Hugs Suzie x

  18. The horrors of WW1 were perpetrated by so called Christians upon so called Christians. Beautiful card Kath. BettyXXX

  19. Wow - A beautiful card. Just love the background of dots and text.

  20. Hi Kath
    Love your cards and wholeheartedly agree with your comments.
    Here in Newcastle we dont have Christmas lights incase they offend! We have a Winter Festival! What about the offence that causes me? The PC brigade need to come down off their cloud and step into the real world.
    Lots of love Margaret (FlowerSoft)

  21. This is a gorgeous card Kath, It's very sad the way the country is now.

  22. Kath, I love this, the poppys are beautiful and so perfect for this time.

  23. Hi ya Kath
    i luv poppies this is totally stunning hun, i would have this framed on my wall,i totally agree with you Kath why do we let people stay who slag us of, then give them plenty of benifits to boot, send them home, then see what they have to say!see you 2moro hun, sue,x

  24. This is a beautiful, beautiful card Kath. Thank you for sharing it

  25. Hi Kath

    Stunning card, love the vibrant colours of the poppies and such a beautiful meaning behind all the tragedy.

    As for what you wrote about the burning of the poppies from those extremists, you are totally right! As you know I am Muslim and proud, I am also British and proud. However those morons who were so disrespectful do not represent me or my beliefs at ALL! They are a disgrace and I hate that those d***heads get to represent Muslims in such a bad light! I wore my poppy, my husband wore a poppy, my kids wore a poppy and we all respected the 2 minutes silence as did all the Muslims I know!!

    I will not apologise for them as they are not from me and I am not from them, I just pray that their fate delivers to them what they wished for on the brave soldiers who have fought and lost their lives.

    My own Father fought in the Gulf war when he was in the RAF. My best friends son lost most of his intestines when he was shot in Afghanistan, these are the real people who we should be remembering on this day, not those intent on spreading hate and lies.

    Sarah x

  26. Forgot to say I hope Mr Dyson managed to fix the problem!

    Sarah x

  27. WOW WOW WOW Kath I am in awe of this card it is amazing, I love poppies!!! and I absolutely agree with all that you said!.x

  28. Beautiful card Kath , and yes we should always remember 'cos without their bravery we would not have the lives we lead now xxx

  29. This is a lovely card! The poppy turned out beautifully. I remember the poppies on Veteran's Day growing up here in the States, as volunteers and veteran's accepted donations and received a poppy on many of the downtown streets. Didn't make any difference if it was a child giving a penny or someone giving a dollar or two, it was the thought and the gesture that counted back then. I don't believe many cities do it any more

  30. Kath,

    This card is so beautiful and so elegant!

    Lovely to see your work at Daring Cardmakers! Thanks for joining us!

    Sweet greetings, Saskia
    (guest designer)