Friday, November 5, 2010

Glitter glitter everywhere

Morning to all my lovely bloggy buddies out's your handsome bundle of golden deliciousness and I have a little problem this morning because there is.....


in my case that's one and the same

The Crafty Girl has been in glitter mode and boy am I looking a sparkly boy this morning.....more glitter on me than on the snowflakes....

not the best look when you're a big macho Goldie and what are my morning stroll buddies going to think.  For goodness sake how many snowflakes does one girl need.....going by the chilly mornings here we could have zillions of the real thing pretty soon....has she decided to change the habits of a lifetime and be organised with the Christmas card making this year.
I thought I was safe the other night snoozing on the sofa as far away from the glittery session in the cubbyhole as I could manage but Oh Nooooo.....she decides to join me and watch The Apprentice at the same how do I rid myself of my bling overcoat.....shaking doesn't seem to do the there a De-blinger out there..or do I have to take myself off to the safety of the kitchen which seems to be the only NO GLITTER ALLOWED area in the house. But I have an idea......a good old roll in something mega smelly might just do the trick or will I be pushing my luck a little bit too far.....what do you think
But time to get onto the important stuff.....
the winner of my Tim Holtz Goodie Give-Away is....

If you get in touch Lyn....we can arrange to get your prize to you
Have you noticed something folks since Mum returned from the mention of little old me at all on the blog ....not a word... not even the littlest toot and me that does all the hard work around here....well it's pay back time....if you have a problem with unwanted guests or just want to scare the crap out of any potential burglars and don't have a brave guard dog like me.....stick this on your door....
guaranteed to scare the blighters off and Mum I think you've wasted your money on all the anti wrinkle creams...polyfilla would have been cheaper...sorry girls but obviously not everyone is as photogenic as moi......crikey will I be in big doo das now.   Tonight is Bonfire night....oh dear I don't like those loud bangs and whistley fireworks one little fact I am really scared....let's hope they are only for the one night and if you are going to be having a firework display....please be careful....we don't want anyone getting hurt.
Big Bloggy Hugs & Snuggles


  1. Oh Buddy, I just love your post, they make me laugh so much! Poor you, having all that glitter on your beautiful coat. Tell your Mum she has to brush that all out for you. Congrats to your lucky winner.
    Hope you have a wonderful day and tell your Mum you need a lot more blog time! lol Big hugs Anesha

  2. lol, I love this post, thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning :) I do love your glittered snowflake really prety!

    Off to the NEC tomorrow hope to come back with some fab goodies!

    Big Hugs Jo xxx

  3. Buddy you always bring a smile to my face! Give your mom a big hug when you see her!


  4. A de-blinger! I hope not, the world is such a brighter prettier place with bling! Great post Buddy, hope those fireworks do not scare you too much :-) x

    I can't believe I won!! OH Buddy you have made my day, my week, my year! I never win anything :) Thank you so much and hope you manage to get rid of that glitter it can be such a pest!
    Lyn x

  6. Brilliant Buddy. Congrats to the winner. Think you should make your mum stay in the cubbyhole with the glitter, lol x

  7. Buddy - you should write a book - it would be a best seller ;-)

    Love Lynda xxx

  8. Oh Buddy so I understand you, I'm Sonia's black cat and when she uses the glitter I always become sparkling, lucky me I do not go out.
    Hug to your mum

  9. Glad to see you back blogging Buddy, snuggle into your Mum tonight when the fireworks are going off... tell your Mum from me, congratulations for getting 1,000 followers!

  10. goodness me - is there enough snowflakes now?
    congratulations on winning the candy Lyn
    have a great day

  11. Oh Buddy, you poor dear! Your coat is so gorgeous, but I'm sure the glitter improves
    Congrats to Lyn!

  12. Hello Glitter Bud - ask Mum to take you to the grooming parlour for a wash and blow dry - Haggis loves to go (then straight back in the mud when he gets home ....)we're off to the NEC tomorrow, hoping to have a great time and a huge shop!!

  13. Oh Buddy, you might set a new trend with your glitter coat. but yes it can be a bit of a bummer to get rid of. Here we also have fireworks tonight, but we are also having some heavy showers, so that will put a damper on some of it. Hope your Mum gives you lots of attention this weekend, Big hugs to you both

  14. Hee hee Anesha has beaten me to it.I was going to say the same thing.Buddy,you do have me falling off me chair laughing.Bet you love being all blinged really lol.Gorgeous snowflakes,love the pic of your mum and her crafty mates.Huggles to all.xxxxx

  15. Buddy, I think you have done it. You wanted to get the glitter out of your coat? Well, I think that crack about scaring off burglars just landed you in hot water! But, still, I'm laughing over here across the pond!

  16. Oh Buddy - Don't you know all your friends on the doggie walk are thinking you must be extremely special to have this 'sparkle' about you.
    Congrats to Lyn for winning your generous giveaway you must have made her day with your whinsome ways.

  17. dont roll in the manky stuff Buddy!! It drives the mum's mad! And you wont like it when they get mad....

    much love Poppy & Bella xx

  18. Buddy I do love it when you take over Mum's blog! I don't know Buddy, I think you would be very handsome with the additional shine to add to your golden deliciousness! Congrats to the lucky winner of your Timmie candy. That crack about the pollyfilla might have gotten you in the deep doo!