Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hogmanay Mixed Bag

Hi Folks.....yes it's Hogmanay in this part of the world and what am I doing today.....well a real mixed bag....woke up this morning to this view from the cubbyhole window.....yes a fresh fall of snow last night and a word of warning.....this post is very pic heavy so it may be a good idea to get yourself a cuppa and your bum into a comfy seat.....
and this baby ain't going nowhere so it's time to get Shanks' pony out and a brisk walk to M&S to get my last minute stuff for tomorrow's New Year's Dinner
home for a welcome cup of coffee and then get stuck in to my two favourite "C" s.......
CRAFTING and COOKING....and if you haven't had your lunch yet......look away now......
Big pan of Tattie soup which will be ready anytime now.....yummy eaten with oatcakes
sealing and browning the Roast Beef all ready for the oven
and while that's cooking it's time to get crafting...last minute request for a 90th birthday card...all pink and flowery and Sis is coming to pick it up...she may well get here but will she get home again

and just when I thought life couldn't get any more very patient postie arrived with my American Craft goodies from QVC...gorgeous fabric Thickers and yummy rub-ons
I am planning on coming back at midnight to welcome in the bells with you all but the way the day is going... may need matchsticks to keep my eyes open...the old traditions of Hogmanay...first footing all your neighbours and friends...a drink and something to eat in each house and then onto the next one are dying out...let's face it folks...any Friday or Saturday night now is Hogmanay in our city centres.
Off now to make a challenge card for Papertake Weekly and then a snuggle with my furry bundle of golden deliciousness on the sofa...see ya later
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Bah Humbug.....New Year Resolutions

Morning folks.....the last day of 2009 and tomorrow we will all wake up to a brand new decade......can you believe it is 10 years since the Millenium and those scare stories that all computers would crash at the stroke of midnight...all aircraft would fall out of the sky and basically the world would come to an end....makes you wonder if they are the same folks who are waving the doom and gloom banner about global warming.
And of's time to think about your New Year Resolutions....are you intending making I don't think I'll bother......never have much success keeping them for long and willpower in the crafty department has never been one of my strong no point in kidding myself I am going on a stash diet in 2010.... because the minute some gorgeous new papers or stamps take my eye....well my resolve will just go down the pan and then I am riddled with guilt....well at least until the new stash arrives and by then I am past caring.....I know I suffer from this terrible incurable addiction and I just have to learn to live with's hard but it helps to know that I am not alone.....there are lots of you out there battling the same problem so when those guilt feelings threaten to overwhelm you...just say a little prayer.....

grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can 
and the wisdom to know the difference

I may even now take myself off to the online sales now that my confession is out of the way
happy crafty shopping
will be back later with a card or two and then.......
"The Budster" and I will be back later tonight with our wee dram and shortbread
to bring in the bells
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Brrrrr......and some sneaky peeks

Morning folks.....greetings from the frozen north......heavy snowfall last night and it's bitterly cold.....the temperatures are plummeting...  -9 last night  and apparently at Braemar which is about 40 miles from was you think they've got the wrong end of the stick with this global warming feels more like we are heading for another Ice Age.    More snow forecast for the rest of the week and it's not going to be melting anytime soon with these sub zero temperatures.....I think we are in for a long winter.....perhaps it's time to just go to bed now and hibernate until Spring.
And the sneaky peeks are back......a sign that crafty life is returning to normal after the Christmas frenzy...

Was intending going out today to deliver my BIL's birthday pressie.....but the fresh snowfall has put paid to that it's a day of crafty hibernation in the cubbyhole with my bundle of golden deliciousness fast asleep and snoring at my feet.......time for a coffee...and a little anybody else having the same problem....I know the date is the 30th but I have no earthly idea what day of the week it is......weird....I had to check on the kitchen I will catch up with you all tomorrow which is THURSDAY....right.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Be Careful

Morning folks and yes I am back in the crafty swing again......DT stuff done and dusted...what a relief because I thought my mojo had gone off on his Christmas holidays and forgotten to come back....either that or he was stuck in the Channel tunnel......and what a palaver that was.....trains breaking down because it's the wrong kind of snow and all those poor folks stranded for hours.....why does this country of ours come to a complete standstill....because it has snowed.
My dear old Mum always used to say....."Be careful what you wish for" and it's so true......the thought of a White Christmas is magical but the reality is far from it......oh yes it is lovely looking out to the winter wonderland ....

as long as you don't have to go anywhere.....I had a nightmare journey home from delivering the Christmas presents to my sister......stuck behind a lorry in a snowstorm....10 miles an hour all the way home....never got out of second gear and even then the car was all over the place.....almost slid into oncoming traffic several times....nearly home and then lost traction coming up the hill.... the car started to slide backwards and behind me was.....a bus.....a real fingers crossed and praying moment until the tyres gripped and I was heading up hill again.    I am too old to live dangerously and don't do scary.... so that was it.....from then on in I was using Shanks' Pony.....made don't know how many trips on foot to our local M&S Food Store to get the rest of the Christmas time wasting because it would have just been one trip in the car.
And then come Christmas Eve....the big freeze set in.....minus 7..8..9 degrees and the winter wonderland now resembles a rock hard frozen lunar landscape although it is beautiful.....the snow is deep and crisp and looks as though it has been sprinkled with oodles of Glamour Dust....but walking is a nightmare...not a speck of grit in sight....even The Budster has been slipping and sliding...he has four feet and doesn't have so far to fall.

 And my poor feathered friends....feeders have to be refilled and the ice broken on their water bowl every morning.....and they need lots of fatty foods to keep them going in this harsh weather

and the table on the patio...where I take lots of my card pics has about 8" of snow on the photography studio is out of commission for the foreseeable future

and just when you think it's an ideal time to snuggle up on the sofa and watch TV.....the TV schedule on Christmas Day and Boxing Day was absolute crap.......films that we have all seen umpteen times and...soaps...soaps and more soaps.....not one decent thing to watch...and it's looks as though it's no better for the New Year holidays either.....but I did enjoy the Top Gear Special on Sunday night.....absolutely hilarious but with scary moments too....but I bet they will inundated with complaints about taking Viagra to combat altitude sickness.
The good thing about winter will soon be time for one of my favourite programmes to return to our screens.....oh yes Dancing on Ice with Mr Sex on Skates.....Daniel.....can't wait.
Well off to get stuck into some crafting while the old creative juices are flowing....may even manage to fit in a challenge or two...catch up with you all later.....keep cosy and warm and if you have to travel out and careful.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 in Cards

Morning folks.....yes we are fast approaching a new year and while I was tidying out some files on the computer and saving lots of pics to disks ready for all those scrapbooks I am meaning to do when I get a spare day or two....wishful thinking I fear......I thought it might be fun to post some of my favourite cards from for each month.  
Penny Black "Whispers" 3377K

My Mind's Eye Papers

Penny Black "Whispers" 3377K

Hero Arts... CL290 Printed Flowers

Hero Arts.. K4912 Card Art Flower Thank You

Hero Arts... CL322 Artistic Borders
S4878 Old Letter Writing

Hero Arts... CL338 - Be Yourself

Polka Doodles...Candy Doodles CD
Freddies Stackers

Hero Arts... CL338 Be Yourself

Hero Arts..... CL338 Be Yourself

Penny Black..Christmas Critters Clear Stamp Set

Penny Black...Christmas Critters Clear Stamp Set

And surprise surprise.....almost all Hero Arts or Penny Black.....why don't you join in the fun and post your favourite cards for 2009.....leave me a comment here so I can come take a peek.
Hugs Kath xxxxx
Edited to answer Jose's question...the stamp used in January and March is Penny Black "Whispers"  3377K      Have had lots of e-mails asking about the stamps I used on these cards....have now added the info to each card.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Been and Gone

Morning's been and gone once again...the last two days just flew in a frenzy of parcel opening...festive food feasting and lots of making merry...can't quite believe it after all those weeks of dashing around like a mad thing...leaves you feeling a bit deflated which is more than can be said for the old waistline...I feel like a beached know that bloated feeling and why do I always think that maybe one more chocolate will make me feel better. The guests have gone home...the fridge is decidedly emptier and peace is restored to Chez Kath...flat out on the sofa last night watching crap on the TV with just the Christmas tree lights and lo and behold....did I drop bet I did.
I got lots of fabulous gifts...none of them surprise there but the best part of Christmas for me is watching the excitement as my gorgeous fellas get stuck into opening their parcels and nobody gets more excited than my bundle of golden deliciousness...he got so much stuff he didn't know what to do...the hyper Christmas dog.......

After two days of non-stop cooking eating and fun...I'm having a real me day today...lazing around in my jammies on the sofa reading the Sunday newspapers and goodness knows what's for tea tonight...think we may just be having left over this and that. It's back to work tomorrow...DT stuff to get done and dusted and then before we know we are heading for 2010...oh no more feasting and frolicking...catch up with you all later.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

Morning folks....blimey it's Christmas Eve...can you believe it and the shops will soon be closed....thank goodness for that....if I've forgotten anything...we will just have to do without.....I seem to have done nothing but shop and cook over the last few days......The Budster has taken up residence in the kitchen....even when he is snoozing his nose is twitching.....must admit the smells were getting to me too...and of course the cook has to have a little taste of everything....but he's in a bit of a huff because he is not allowed anywhere near the parcels under the tree....oh yes...he has been known in the past to sneak in there and get definitely out of bounds until Christmas morning when the room will be filled with the remnants of his ripping fetish.  Can't quite believe after all the panicking and running around like a headless chicken that everything is at last done and dusted........although I did have to burn the midnight oil it will be off to bed early tonight...all snuggled up and cosy and hopefully fast asleep before Santa comes a-calling.
Fingers crossed the weather doesn't get any worse......if the folks coming to share our Christmas Table don't arrive...crikey we will be eating turkey and sprouts well into January.

And the winner of Buddy's Bumper Give-Away is.......

(Crafty Cat)

if you e-mail me ( with your address I will get your bumper box of goodies off in the post next all that is left to say is.........


and a big thank you to all my lovely teamies and our bloggy buddies for the beautiful cards and good wishes and to all the lovely folks who have visited my blog this year and left comments.....I really do appreciate you taking the time.  I hope you all have a wonderful happy and fun Christmas with those you love.....enjoy all the fabulous food and worry about the diet later.....and that Santa brings you lots of crafting goodies.
The cubbyhole is looking a bit bare now that all the Christmas stuff has been tidied away....and it's time to close the door until after Christmas although I am itching to play with my new Hero Arts stamps which arrived from The Glitter Pot yesterday....but to be honest I am well and truly crafted I am resisting the urge and am off to put my feet up with a coffee and a mince pie or two and watch the new Harry Potter movie on DVD.......winding down for Christmas when I intend to laze around as much as I can.
lots of love and big bloggy hugs

and me

Monday, December 21, 2009

Back to Boring Old Me

Morning folks.....can you believe we are only days away now...before we know it will be Christmas Eve and we will all be tucked up in bed waiting for that lovely man in the red suit to pop down our chimneys and leave lots of lovely Christmas parcels.....and talking of Christmas Eve......don't forget to get your name in the hat for BUDDY'S BUMPER GIVE-AWAY......he is fair tuckered out after his week of blogging and give-aways but he is lapping up all the attention....but in the absence of the furry are left with boring old me and I have no crafty stuff to show.....the cubbyhole has been commandeered by the CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAPPING DEPARTMENT at Chez Kath....the crafty department has shut up shop until January.
I am a real Christmas person.....have always loved Christmas...probably because I am just a big kid at heart and when I had my own ceramic studio....the house was decorated like Harrods Christmas Shop....I have cut back a bit but I still have my favourites that come out every let me introduce you to some of my  Christmas Buddies.....

MR FROSTY.....who stands 3' high in his stocking soles

and who could resist this cute face

It doesn't show up in the photos.....but he is head to toe.....wall to wall.....Mr Glamour Dust and he sparkles and twinkles in the lights from the Christmas Tree and his smaller brother......

who is every bit as cute

Well that's it for today folks......the christmas pressie stuff is all done and dusted....I gatecrashed M&S at 9.00am yesterday morning and was home by 10.30 .....just the cooking stuff to nail now for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.......I ordered all my Christmas Day goodies from M&S but it appears I have been volunteered for Boxing Day a whole other menu to plan and's going to be a skidding in by the seat of my pants Christmas I fear.... can't believe how disorganised I have been this year....note to self....must do better next year.
And my little Christmas present to myself.......I have had a little spend at "The Glitter Pot"....they have all the new 2010 Hero Arts stamps in stock could I resist.....well it's Christmas don't you know and if you can't treat yourself at Christmas.
We are still trudging through the snow here and it's snowing heavily again this morning.....A little bit of information for all those weather is December which means it's winter and yes there is the possibility we might have what's with all this severe weather stuff.....and what is it with this country...the slightest fall of snow and the transport system goes into meltdown.     Us folks in the North East of Scotland get this every year and even with prior weather warnings....the Roads Department of our local council always seem to be caught unawares and car journeys become slippy sliding adventures.  So if you're out and about driving.....take care....snow can turn roads into death traps......driving home in a snowstorm....the lights and wipers on your car are useless......crawling along at a snails pace in the tracks of the car in front just following his so scary.    So the motto is folks....unless your journey is absolutely safe and don't travel.
Well it's time for The Budster and I to set off for our slippy slidey all wrapped up like Michelin Man  and His Nibs chomping at the bit to get out there and have fun......and then home to a welcome cuppa and get stuck into all that cooking.   Catch up with you all later.
Hugs Kath & Buddy xxxxx

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Penny Black Saturday Challenge...Week 80

Morning folks and yes it's Saturday and that means time for another challenge from Penny Black Saturday.
This will be our last challenge for this year....we are having a week off next week but will be back on 2nd January all refreshed and raring to go.....well that is the theory and depends on whether or not we have over indulged at Hogmanay.
Big thank you to all those who took time out from the mayhem of their Christmas preparations to enter last week's challenge and as always stunning cards from you all.

The challenge this week is


Papers: Fancy Pants...Christmas Magic
Image: Penny Black..."Happy and Cool"
Snowflake Charms
Sizzlits...Flowers Leaves and Branches Die
and oodles of Glamour Dust

I'm afraid a real simple one from me this week....I am totally Christmas carded out....Mr Mojo has run off for a well earned rest....and I may just join him

And we have a fabulous prize this week from our brand new sponsor...the lovely Kerry at

£10 voucher for one lucky winner to spend at the online shop
which is full to bursting with lots and lots of gorgeous flowers for your crafting projects

and for each and every one of our lovely Penny Black fans
Kerry is offering 10% discount for life
just enter code....Penny Black.... at the checkout
how cool is that.....

Can't wait to see what you all create this week and look forward to paying you all a visit.
Wishing you all  a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Hope you wake on Christmas morning to find some Penny Black goodies in your stocking
Lots of  Love
Kath xxxxxx

Friday, December 18, 2009

Buddy's Bumper Give-Away

Morning folks...yes it's your doggie version of Santa Claus here.....and one week today...the big fat man in the red suit will have been and hopefully left me some Christmas parcels...all of them edible with a bit of luck.    Little did I know when Mum said this morning that I could be Santa today that I would have to wear this silly red hat...but bribery works everytime and I managed to gobble loads of treats before she managed to snap this one....oh yes....I'm not just a pretty face.

The winners of my two Wednesday give-aways are
and you know what you do girls.....e-mail Mum ( with your address and she will get your goodies off in the post......mind you she may have to trudge through the snow to get there

And now it's time for the last of my GOODIE GIVE-AWAYS......I am so sad because I have really enjoyed sharing some goodies with you and giving Mum's cubbyhole a real good clear out at the same time.....but no doubt....she will have loads of new stuff in mind and be cluttering it all up again...that's crafters for you.......and what's in the much stuff.....I may have to sit on it to get it closed.




But.......I have a big favour to ask all my lovely bloggy buds...because you girls are a whizz at the old pressie buying...what can I get my Mum for Dad doesn't have a clue in the crafty department....what's hot in the crafty world....what is next year's must-have.....or should I get something not leave me a comment here with your suggestion and I will choose the lucky winner on Christmas Eve.

Big Christmas Hugs

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Me...just for a change

Morning's looking decidedly wintry this's been this is the start of winter...yes it's me for a change and I am still here running around like a headless chicken trying to get all those Christmas jobs done...cake is baked but still has to be marzipaned and iced...hopefully over the weekend
Not a lot of crafty stuff going on but I did manage to make some tags for kiddywinks Christmas presents.
Don't know if you have noticed but I haven't had a rant for ages...the old girl must be getting soft in her old age but yesterday sent my rant levels through the roof...couldn't upload any pics to my blog...Mr Blogger up to his old tricks again I thought but turns out I have used up all the 1GB free storage in my Google account and I need to upgrade...another 20GB for $5.75...£3.74 in our problem I thought...entered all my details but my M&S Credit Card wouldn't work...tried 3 times and each time it was rejected...blimey there is no way I am up to my limit or I blinking well better run and hide now. Contacted M&S Customer Services and lo and behold...they have done it again...oh yes £3.74 is a suspicious amount so they blocked it. I suppose I should be grateful that they are vigilant but do they honestly think that if somebody has got access to my credit card...they are only going to spend £3.74...give me a break folks.   After endless security questions...when was the last time I used my card and what for...don't they know I have difficulty remembering what I did 10 minutes ago...eventually got it sorted out and we are back in business with the piccie uploading but it was a whole morning wasted in the mad dash to get Christmas organised. Don't you just love technology...great but only when it works.
"The Budster" will be back tomorrow with the winner of his give-away and another one...this time a bumper box of goodies... am beginning to think I may have no stash left but am not too worried...what a great excuse to have a crafty splurge after Christmas and hey I think I had better make it a hefty amount...just in case M&S are up to their old tricks again...well must dash...still got my Penny Black Saturday card to make for this week.
Big Hugs Kath xxx

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Buddy's Goodie Give-Aways

Give-Away announced
Morning's your furry bundle of golden deliciousness once again......busy busy day know how it is....all those pesky Christmas preparations so let's cut to the chase......the winner of Monday's Give-Away is......

(Diamond Doll)

and you know the drill by now Trish.....e-mail the crafty and she will get your goodies off in the mail.

I have 2 lots of stuff to give away today
lots of summery papers....die and envelopes
and a rubber stamp......BIRTHDAY in this one

and LOVE in this one

And you all know what you have to do....just leave me a little comment and I will be back on Friday with the winning names and oh yes....another give-away.

Apparently we are having a bake-a-thon today.....the Christmas cake and lots of yummy treats for Christmas....I won't be doing the baking but I will be on standby just in case anything escapes and falls on the will be catching up on my snoozing with one eye open.
Will be back on Friday with the last of my Goodie Give-Aways....this will be a bit of a bumper one...and I have a big favour to ask all my lovely bloggy that's got you all of a twitter hasn't it....catch up with you all bright and early on Friday morning.
Big Hugs