Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Be Careful

Morning folks and yes I am back in the crafty swing again......DT stuff done and dusted...what a relief because I thought my mojo had gone off on his Christmas holidays and forgotten to come back....either that or he was stuck in the Channel tunnel......and what a palaver that was.....trains breaking down because it's the wrong kind of snow and all those poor folks stranded for hours.....why does this country of ours come to a complete standstill....because it has snowed.
My dear old Mum always used to say....."Be careful what you wish for" and it's so true......the thought of a White Christmas is magical but the reality is far from it......oh yes it is lovely looking out to the winter wonderland ....

as long as you don't have to go anywhere.....I had a nightmare journey home from delivering the Christmas presents to my sister......stuck behind a lorry in a snowstorm....10 miles an hour all the way home....never got out of second gear and even then the car was all over the place.....almost slid into oncoming traffic several times....nearly home and then lost traction coming up the hill.... the car started to slide backwards and behind me was.....a bus.....a real fingers crossed and praying moment until the tyres gripped and I was heading up hill again.    I am too old to live dangerously and don't do scary.... so that was it.....from then on in I was using Shanks' Pony.....made don't know how many trips on foot to our local M&S Food Store to get the rest of the Christmas food.....so time wasting because it would have just been one trip in the car.
And then come Christmas Eve....the big freeze set in.....minus 7..8..9 degrees and the winter wonderland now resembles a rock hard frozen lunar landscape although it is beautiful.....the snow is deep and crisp and looks as though it has been sprinkled with oodles of Glamour Dust....but walking is a nightmare...not a speck of grit in sight....even The Budster has been slipping and sliding...he has four feet and doesn't have so far to fall.

 And my poor feathered friends....feeders have to be refilled and the ice broken on their water bowl every morning.....and they need lots of fatty foods to keep them going in this harsh weather

and the table on the patio...where I take lots of my card pics has about 8" of snow on top...so the photography studio is out of commission for the foreseeable future

and just when you think it's an ideal time to snuggle up on the sofa and watch TV.....the TV schedule on Christmas Day and Boxing Day was absolute crap.......films that we have all seen umpteen times and...soaps...soaps and more soaps.....not one decent thing to watch...and it's looks as though it's no better for the New Year holidays either.....but I did enjoy the Top Gear Special on Sunday night.....absolutely hilarious but with scary moments too....but I bet they will inundated with complaints about taking Viagra to combat altitude sickness.
The good thing about winter is....it will soon be time for one of my favourite programmes to return to our screens.....oh yes Dancing on Ice with Mr Sex on Skates.....Daniel.....can't wait.
Well off to get stuck into some crafting while the old creative juices are flowing....may even manage to fit in a challenge or two...catch up with you all later.....keep cosy and warm and if you have to travel out and about.....be careful.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Oh Wow, what a blanket of ice!

    You're right the idea of snow is probably more appealing than the actual thing.

    I've never been in snow, but I could imagine how horrible it would be to drive it.

    Have Fun & Take Care

  2. I think the lack of gritters is disgraceful this year - don't suppose it helped that the city comandeered a lot of the shire's gritters last week. My car has been out of the drive once since the 21st December. There's no way its going anywhere in the near future because the ice is a couple of inches thick and my car is useless at the best of times.
    never mind - great excuse to get some crafting done eh
    have a great day Kath

  3. Morning Kath - what beautiful photo's. We had a couple of sprinklings here - we never get much being on the coast :(
    However, having heard the forecast for the coming week we are ALL s'posed to be with a 12" covering soon!!! Even us in South Wales!
    That means we wont be able to find bread or milk in any shops for love nor money!!!

    Glad you've got back into the swing with your DT projects - can't wait to see them :) I'll have to go and find my mojo too - want to make some Thank You cards and a few New Year cards, don't usually do New Year ones but missed a few Christmas :0

    Take care
    Carol x

  4. Gorgeous pics Kath, it always amazes me how something so pretty can be so dangerous! Like you say it's fine if you don't have to drive through it.... It's all gone here in Bedford thank goodness, but they are threatening more to come!!
    Looking forward to seeing your new stuff....must get on with something today! too many days of doing nothing is not good :)
    keep safe & warm my lovely...speak soon

    Carol x x x

  5. Hiya Kathy!
    Long time no "see" - sounds like you had a wonderful christmas with your fellas - totally agree with you with regard to the telly!! diabolical!
    You always have the weather worse than us and I can't believe that your roads weren't in better shape - it is scarey when you lose control, especially with a bus behind you - so, don't blame you for walking, but, around here some pavements were worse than the roads, so do take care.
    Wishing you and all your family a lovely and peaceful 2010! take care xx

  6. We still have snow here (not the nice white crisp snow any more, the stuff in my garden is white but solid and and the stuff on the pavements has turned to brown dirty slush). The access road at the side of my house is like an ice rink.... would be alright if Daniel was out there with his skates on!!! I LOVE Dancing on Ice too and have tickets to go and see the DOI tour show again this year.

    Sarah x

  7. Yes lovely pictures Kath, not much snow here in the midlands. I agree about the tv schedule its bann absolute rubbish this year havent watched one programme yet its all so boring.

    Take care

  8. Wow looks like you had similair weather to us then! Luckily ours is slowly melting now, the road in my little village were like an ice rink! lol
    Btw thanks for telling me about Divine Inspirations, I didn't know I'd been featured! lol

  9. hi kath
    i love the pics..it makes it looks so dreamy.. but with havin 4 dogs to walk its turnin into a nightmare now... i have been over the total of 4 times now... and the dogs are slippin and sliding all over the place 2.. you got so worried abou them breakin a limb of 2... as it would cost sooo much.. easier if i go down... atleast i have the nhs ... lol... lets hope the snow/ice goes soon... it was nice to start with.. but causin 2 much hassel now.. hate to think of all the old people who can not get anywhere.. or have no one to help them out...
    off 2 get some more of my mams new year calander done.. as surprise for her...

  10. Kath what lovely piccies, I can't believe you have so much snow and it is so cold up there!! All it has done is rain here, everything is so mucky and the light is so poor, yuk, soon be spring!! Have a good day. hugs Jo x

  11. Oh Kath I'm so glad you´re ok after that terrible moment on your car it must be so scary. I lived in Switerzerland for a year and the snow could be a real nightmare. I'm back to México and here the weather is cold in the mornings but by midday we have sun and some 18-20 C so it´s really nice at the moment. Take care !

  12. Wish you a Happy New Year.
    hugs Piaxx

  13. Wow thats alot of snow! It looks so beautiful, but only when your not driving in it then it looks scary.. stay indoors and craft! LOL Admire the beauty though. Happy New Year!

  14. Hehehe! We loved the Top Gear special too and no doubt complaints about the cutting down of jungle trees too!

  15. Know what you mean about the telly and the snow Kath. We live in the country and our little back road is not wide enough for 2 cars - ever! Then there is the steep little hill leading down to the main Aberdeen to Peterhead road - very scary! Not to mention that in our drive and aroung the house has so many tracks it is just pure ice. Still just another 2 days to go to work and then I'm off till next Tuesday. Relief!!

    Kat xx

  16. Glad to know that you and Buddy are safe and sound. I thought my photography shop was the only one out of commission. LOL.

  17. Hi Kath honey!

    Sounds like you have had a mare with the weather hun we had lots of lovely snowman making snow on cristmas eve but soon turned to sheet ice on boxing day lol and most of it is still here poor Jack fell on the ice we had last monday and cut his knee 4 hours in casualty lol thats kids for you ha ha...they wont be told....

    hope you have had a lovely christmas hun and I look forward to your 2010 creations

    P.s wasnt sure if you would know but Amanda (scotspanda) is in labour and seems fine for moment as she was regularly up dating her facebook status up until a few hours ago:)

  18. Oh my, what a heap of snow you have. I am sure glad that you did not have any nasty mishaps while out in that white stuff. I was admiring your collection of cards from this past year and they are all fabulous. Looking forward to what you will bring us this next year.

    I also wanted to let you know that I am giving away some holiday blog candy. If you are interested, drop by and sign up I also wanted to let you know that I am giving away some holiday blog candy. If you are interested, I hope you will drop by and sign up HERE..
    Hugs, Karen

  19. I love your snowy photos. We had quite the snowstorm where I live as well. You are so right. It is beautiful until you need to go somewhere, and shoveling out is not much fun!

    Happy New Year!


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