Friday, December 18, 2009

Buddy's Bumper Give-Away

Morning folks...yes it's your doggie version of Santa Claus here.....and one week today...the big fat man in the red suit will have been and hopefully left me some Christmas parcels...all of them edible with a bit of luck.    Little did I know when Mum said this morning that I could be Santa today that I would have to wear this silly red hat...but bribery works everytime and I managed to gobble loads of treats before she managed to snap this one....oh yes....I'm not just a pretty face.

The winners of my two Wednesday give-aways are
and you know what you do girls.....e-mail Mum ( with your address and she will get your goodies off in the post......mind you she may have to trudge through the snow to get there

And now it's time for the last of my GOODIE GIVE-AWAYS......I am so sad because I have really enjoyed sharing some goodies with you and giving Mum's cubbyhole a real good clear out at the same time.....but no doubt....she will have loads of new stuff in mind and be cluttering it all up again...that's crafters for you.......and what's in the much stuff.....I may have to sit on it to get it closed.




But.......I have a big favour to ask all my lovely bloggy buds...because you girls are a whizz at the old pressie buying...what can I get my Mum for Dad doesn't have a clue in the crafty department....what's hot in the crafty world....what is next year's must-have.....or should I get something not leave me a comment here with your suggestion and I will choose the lucky winner on Christmas Eve.

Big Christmas Hugs


  1. Oh Buddy you are so adorable wearing your Santa hat. I do know that your Mummy was talking about investing in some Copic pens so maybe your Daddy could buy her a kit or 2 for Christmas. She would absolutely adore them as they are great and come in loads of different shades/colours. I've got my fingers crossed that Santa brings you lots of yummie things for you to chew on next Friday. xoxo Karen

  2. Buddy you are so adorable wearing your Santa hat!
    Fantastic give-away!

    Kari :-)

  3. Hi!
    Yes you are so adorable in your Santa hat.Sweet.
    Yhank you for this candy
    Greetings from Poland

  4. Oh Bubby your look adorable in your santa hat and think the big fat man in the red suit may have a little competition with you, lol
    Your mummy is so generous with all these lovely goodies. I think as mummy works so hard all year round your daddy should buy her a weekend break in a spa..lots of pampering and all.
    Hope your enjoying the snow, Moly & lucy had lots of fun when they woke up to snow this morning...getting up to mischief as always.
    Big hugs to you all
    Tracie, Molly & Lucy xxx

  5. I hope you didn't have to keep that red hat on for too long! doesnt do anything for your hair do does it :)
    Now as for this pressie for your Mum, maybe a nice bottle of single malt, she has to keep in the Christmas spirit!

  6. Buddy is so cute!
    happy holiday.
    Thank you for a freat give-away!

  7. You can't get much more Christmassy than that, what a lovely photo. I hope it stays for the festivities!
    More fantastic goodies, way to go Buddy ;) xxx

  8. Buddie you look fabby! VCant believe Mum got you into the hat! How cute, could just snuggle up to you!

    I think that dad should get mum some copics or promarkers - can never have too many. I am getting a big bite this year (no I know its not new!)...or if daddy is feeling generous, why not try for a robo cutter?????

    Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance to win - and thank Mum for ploughing through the snow to post the goodies - make sure you stay in tucked up nice and warm - or wear booties!


  9. Awww....Buddy you look adorable! We make Cassie wear reindeer antlers at Christmas! lol
    More fabulous thinks you're giving Santa a run for his money! Thanks for the chance to win Buddy!
    Helen x

  10. You were real handsome in your red hat and another great candy :)

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  12. Buddy you look so cute in that hat but I can see by your face your not into cute. Thanks for the chance of winning another lot of mums goodies. Have a lovely Christmas and I hope you get some turkey dinner.

    Now as for a pressie I think you should give your mum what my boys give me, they wake me up on Christmas morning with some big wet sloppy kisses - money can't by that! Jackie

  13. Buddy - you look wonderful in your red santa hat - I want to come and give you a big hug!!! Will you deliver the goodies yourself if I win them???? (wearing the hat of course!).
    Now there's a dilemma - what to get Mum? - us crafty ladies can be a problem in the old present department when there are no other crafters in the house, and your mum certainly deserves to be treated to something special. I've asked the Big Man in red for James Martin (not just the cook book but the gorgeous man himself, no less!) in my stocking on Christmas morning. So since you've sorted out the crafty candy for mum's bloggy buds I think you should now concentrate those doggy brain cells on some serious eye candy for your mum - just not James Martin please!!!!

  14. Oh Buddy I think I am in 'love' handsome you look in your are such a kind chapapie sorties out goodies to giveaway to us crafting buddies.
    Now what to give your mum....a nice bottle of brandy to keep her warm in this cold weather and a maybe some crafty gift vouchers so she can select any new 'hot' products.


  15. Hi Buddy, love that hat! Maybe Mum would like a gift voucher for one of her favourite craft shops ie Simply Create at Alford or one of her favourite online stores. After you have done such a good job of clearing out her craft cubby she's bound to need some new stash LOL!!

    Thanks for another chance to win some goodies.

    Kat xx

  16. Buddy, what can I say -- you certainly are so much more than a pretty face to be worried about your Mum -- your pretty smart 'cause you for sure know which side your bread is buttered on! For Christmas, I think your Mum would adore one of those red hats just like yours so she can play dress up with you whilst crafting to keep her ears warm. It might be a good idea, though to fill that hat with lots of great new craft supplies -- with all kinds of colors, shapers, and bows. Merry Christmas!

  17. Waw so fab giveaway, so love to win it! Hugs,moni

  18. you look so cute Buddy
    would love a chance to win the fab blog candy xx

  19. Morning buddy my lovely (rubs behind ears)
    Again gorgeous candy you do spoil us and how cute do you look!
    Mum has certainly used a whole bunch of card candy making all those christmas cards this year maybe a refill of those? and if mum doesn't have one...a cricut or that 'slice' looks cute :D me personally i'm after cricut or at the very least some nesties and promarkers lol will have to see what santa brings hehe

    Hugs Lexi xxx

  20. Oh Buddy you look fantastic with that hat on. You need it in this weather cause its so cold here! I think you dad should play it safe and get some vouchers for the lovely Simply Create in Alford I think Jacqui will be getting some more lovely things in in the new year. Thanks for the chance to win
    Lyn x

  21. Buddy, you look soooo cute!! thanks so much for sharing again! I think your mum would love to have some more copics (just like I do haha can never get enough) or design papers (same story as the copics) ribbon, lace, nestabilities (think its all the same story haha) hugs for your mum and a rub behind your ear for you! xx Marley

  22. You look GOOD!!! Thanks again for the chance! =)
    Hugs, SannaS

  23. Buddy,
    You look so handsome in you Santa hat. Really you do. It's terrible the things we humans make you go through just because we think it's cute. Our Dottie has to wear a big red bow and she hates it.

    As far as Christmas goes, I think Copics are all the rage right now. I love mine. (hubby is getting me some more for Christmas, I think). A nice weekend get away would be great too! How about a generous gift card to her favorite crafting store with a box of choccies.

    Hope Santa brings you some nice chewies too! I know he will you've been far too good this year.

    Thanks for another chance to win some of your mom's stash

  24. Oh Buddy how cute do you look? Red is really yr colour lol

    Love the wintery scene it snowed all night here too its lovely!

    Your Mum has you what else does she need?

    Love Dawn & Dita xx

  25. Hiya Buddy and oh how cute you look in that hat !!!!!

    I think the fat man in the red suit should bring your mum oodles of hugs, giggles and kindness - she gives them to everyone else. Maybe a pack of copics and a nestie or 6 wouldn't go amiss either.

    Have a great weekend and stay safe and warm x Hilda

  26. You look wonderful in your Santa hat, Buddy! Since your Mum seems to have a lot of crafting stuff, I would tell Dad to give her a day of pampering! Do the housework and laundry and give her a back rub! Thanks for the chance to win the goodies!

  27. Hey Buddy. Wow! What a huge giveaway - so generous of your mum. I think that she would love a crafty weekend away with her close crafty friends. Maybe also some copics or promarkers as she has mentioned giving them a go.
    Thanks for the chance to win
    Suzanne x

  28. Hi Buddy - you look so adorable! Thanks for the opp! Hmmm- something new in the crafting world that Mum doesn't have...that may be a bit of a problem.... How about a magnetic mat to hold things straight while fussing? Haven't tried it myself but it does seem intriguing.... BTW Dad- have you checked her wish lists at her fav online stores?

  29. Wow Buddy your being rather generous today! Loving your Santa Hat, you look adorable!
    As for the prezzie hmmmm I'd have to say maybe some Copic Pens? It's the only thing I can think of your Mum hasn't already got! lol
    Happy Christmas!

  30. wow iam speechless hugs for you and mum xx christa

  31. Oh Buddy you look so sweet (sorry handsome!) in your hat. I'm sure some lovely doggy cuddles would go down really well this christmas!

  32. Wow love the Chrimbo hat Buddy - how perfect when you are playing Santa Claus!!
    Thanks so much for this fab chance to win .. I would love to be in the draw :-)
    Pauline x

  33. What a lovely load of stash you are giving away today Buddy. And dont you look cute in your santa hat.

    As to a pressie for your mum, I dont know if she has a die cutter, but I love my cuttlebug and the embossing folders especially.

    Have a great xmas and dont eat all your xmas pressies all at once.

    Caz xxx

  34. WOW! Buddy you are generous!
    Have a great weekend!

  35. Buddy you look absolutely adorable in that hat and I'd love to find you in my stocking on Christmas morning. As for your lovely mum, high on my wish list this year is a Scor-Pal, maybe she'd like one too? Failing that, shower her with love and kisses to let her know she's truly appreciated.


  36. Love that you sit still for that hat Buddy! Our Betty and Cooper would not any of that! What a tresure chest of goodies you are offering today - would love to dive into that! Hugs...Kris

  37. Sweet Giveaway Buddy. I'm new to crafting all out so I still have a bunch of tools to buy. But on this years wishlist I have a Fiskars Rotary Cutter and Fiskars Paper Trimmer. Another thing that is on my wishlist that I probably won't be able to get for another year is a huge cutting mat. Hope you can find her something cause Christmas is just around the corner. LOL
    Wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
    Thanks for the chance.
    XXX Rosalee

  38. Hi Buddy,
    You look very gorgeous in your santa hat, I think you should get your mummy gift vouchers for her favourite shop could even be her favourite place to buy her craft items, then she will get what she really likes.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  39. Awwww Buddy; may I say how handsome you look in your Santa Hat. We tried to put one on Bert (our Clumber Spaniel) but he kept trying to eat it! Maybe I should have employed more treats! I think your Dad should buy your mum an I-Top so she can make her own brads.

    Have a great Christmas won't you.

    Lauren x

  40. You look so handsome in your Santa hat and what a great giveaway.
    I think Copics would be a great gift, a Scor-pal or new Nestabilities would be useful too.

  41. OH WOW, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.i have only just come online today and wow i won some of your yummy candy, my first ever and don`t you look adorable in your santa hat, well worth all those wow i`m so excited, thanks so much buddy.better go and email your

  42. Buddy, I think you should wear a hat more brings out your beautiful eyes! Here's my suggestion for your Mum's present - a trip to the Caribbean or somewhere warm with beautiful blue waters. By the look of that picture under yours, she would love it about now!! What d'ya think?

  43. In regards to a crafty pressie, Martha Stewart has some great Border Punches out! Specifically the Picket Fence one, its on my wishlist! teehee! But I'm a big sucker for Border Punchies!

    And Buddy you look oh so cute in your Santa Hat!!!

  44. Buddy you look like you should take your reindeer and sleigh to carry mum to the post office so she stays warm and dry whilst getting there surrounded by your christmas magic, well you certainly look the part of santa and think how many treats you could get for that party trick.

    Pressie for mum, well dad could take her round the local craft shop and just let her buy whatever she wants or he could stay dry and do the same on the net but that way it wouldn't be a suprise would it but she would get what she wants. For an alternative to crafty things she could be pampered or better still, I don't know how things go in your kitchen on christmas day but if its not usual practice dad could prepare all the veg , cook the dinner, wash all the dishes and put them away and take mum a drink while she sits watching tv or playing with her grand children. A complete christmas day off being totally carried around just like most men do at christmas. I'm sure you'd get to help too but then you could just continue to give mum your love and support as you always do. Hope you all have a wonderful christmas and if mum gets cold going to the post office get her a nice warm drink and a cuddle buddy style to warm her up on her return from her errand for you thanks and merry christmas Julye

  45. Awww buddy your defo in the christmas mood now santa hat suits you!!! maybe you could get a job at debanhams to help with the pennies for your mums christmas pressies lol :-)))

    Pressie for mum, pink making memories slice if she hasn't got one! they're fab!! or prima flowers a lady can never have too many flowers,

    oooo buddy i know! a pefect crimbo pressie, how about you ask dad to help you make a cute photo frame for your mum and have him print the piccy of you with the santa hat on for inside the frame, i'm sure mum would love that to bits!!!!

    Have fun choosing! and have a lovely cristmas buddy! love to your mum & dad too!

    Carlyann xxx

  46. Buddy, I think you look better than the Big Man himself in that festive hat of your….but that was inevitable!

    Hope all that snow in your neck of the woods doesn’t make your paws too cold.

    Happy Christmas

  47. Thanks you Buddy... so many beautiful goodies...;-) I wish you and your mom a happy weekend...

  48. Oh Buddy you look so adorable, what to come and send some time in Cambridgeshire? You should get your Mum the new Xyron Creatopia for Christmas. Bet she will love it. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and your mummy and daddy too. Hugs Anesha xxx

  49. Hiaya Buddy, what a fab snowy picture, i bet your glad your inside and wearing your Santa Hat LOL
    Trish (-:

  50. Buddy you're soooo sweet and cute with that Santa hat. This prize is suggestion for your mum's Christmas present would be a really nice and warm cardigan and some winter crocs the ones with the felt interior so her feet will keep warm this winter.

  51. Hello Budster!
    What a Christmas star you are, very dashing in your new hat! I'm sure you will be treated to another great christmas this year by your Mum!

    Dad: present wise I would suggest one of the new Martha Stewart deep edge border punches and maybe even the Punch Around the Page Set by MS. They are very versatile and extremely moorish so beware of what you might start!

    Thank you for the chance to be in with a chance to win your beautiful candy!

    Keryn :D

  52. lovely looking goodies there.

    Has Mum discovered digi-stamps yet? They don't fill up the cupboards so much. Digital Delights (my fav digi-stamp shop) has a 50% off sale on everything this week - so Dad could bless her with twice as many.

  53. Wow, wonderful Goodies, thanks so much for the great chance.......


  54. Buddy you are such a honey in that hat. Maybe Mum would like some copics as they are very popular at the moment. Thanks for the chance to won a fabulous blog candy giveaway.

  55. Hi Buddy

    Cute hat and some more fab giveaways.
    Now present for Mum - what do you get the lady that has everything!!!
    How about some real candy in a nice big box with a lovely big ribbon around it!!?

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Fantastic New Year.

    Hugs Ali x

  56. Definitely Copics. It would take a lifetime to collect them all, but you have to start somewhere, right? ;o)

    I have to say, Buddy, that hat is very becoming. Becoming what I'm not sure, but looks very nice. ;o)

    Chris xx

  57. Hi Buddy, you are so cute in your Santa hat - you should get your mum a gift voucher for her favourite craft shop so she can go mad in the new year sales and fill up her cubby hole again. Thank you for the chance of winning again. Suzie x

  58. Hi Buddie. you look so good in that hat, it really suits you, it wouldn't look good on every breed of dog!! How about some Copic pens for your Mum, I just love mine and I don't think your mum uses them at the moment, just an idea. Anyway another fab give away, at this rate your mum is going to have to restock the whole of the Cubby hole!! Hugs Jo x

  59. love your little Santa dogger.
    As to what to get mom...I got mine a nice fluffy house coat and some slippers to match.
    I will leave my name and hope I win.
    Such nice nice gifts!

  60. how cute are you in your Santa hat!
    what about some nice snuggly slippers for your mum and a big doggy mug so she can make a big cuppa coffee while she is blogging

  61. waw adorable picture, buddy looks so good whit the hat ,i ll try to make one and put on my baby hamster, =D, thanks for the chance to wint,
    enjoy your week,
    bigsssss hugs

  62. Hi Buddy you look so fetching in that hat and I love the snowy pic,hope your tootsies didn't get too cold. I think your mum would definitely appreciate some copics or Promarkers for Christmas.
    Debs xx

  63. Lookin good in your festive hat buddy, hope your lookin forward to it all? Hugs Andrea

  64. Buddy you can be my Christmas pin up any time in that hat!

    Sooty said he would probably do it for treats but Alfie said no way Jose!

    Cazzy xx

  65. Buddy you look so cute in that Santa hat! I think your mom might like copic markers ~ they are my favorite thing to color with, and perhaps the airbrush system to go with them (something on my wish list). Thanks for the chance to win these fabulous goodies :)

  66. Buddy you may not like the Santa hat much, but I've gotta tell you that you look very handsome in it! As for pressies for Mum ~ the latest thing seems to be Copic or Promarkers. I don't have either, but everybody else seems too! The safest thing would be a gift certificate to her fav store. That way she can get what her heart desires! Maybe a little pampering thrown in for good measure? You've hit all my hot buttons on your mega candy, flourish papers, teddy bears, bling, oh my! Thanks for the chance and I hope that Santa brings you lots of goodies.
    Hugs and ear scruffles,

  67. Hi buddy,
    you are one lovely santa, lol can i foster you for a couple of weeks, you could have all the treats you want ( well nearly all) mustn't spoil you too much.
    Hope you have a great christmas with lots of goodies

  68. get her the lifestyle crafts letterpress set. :)

  69. Have a Very Happy Christmas Buddy, Mum and Dad.......looks like you might be having a white Christmas so stay warm!!!!

  70. LOVE THE HAT ... you should wear one more often. Thanks for picking me to receive one of your Wednesday give-aways ... I will email your mum with my address.
    Now ... prezzies for your mum ... as others have said she hasn't got any Promarkers so that may be a good idea, or what about something warm to wear for when you go on your daily walks. A gift voucher for her favourite craft shop would probably be very welcome too. Definately think you should get this picture of you framed so that she can put it on her craft room wall.
    Hope you all have a lovely christmas and best wishes for the new year too.

    Lynn x

  71. Oh! how gorgeous do you look.....wish i looked that good in a hat ....what can you buy for a lovely lady who has

  72. Oh, Santa, ummmm, I mean Buddy! I think you should get Kath a brand new studio makeover with lots of organizational storage, tons of workspace, and a brand new, gorgeous, comfy doggie bed just for you! Hey, you deserve something new, too!

    Merry Christmas to all! Becky G.

  73. Oh Buddy, you are just too cute :) I wish for you lots of bones and chew toys! For mum, there are so many new papers out on the market that she might like! Have fun shopping for mum and happy Howl-i-days to you! Muah!

  74. aw Buddy - how handsome are you in that santa hat!! don't think Pepsi will let me do that to her no matter how many treats I try and bribe her with lol

    well I don't think you would go wrong if you chose any of Tim Holtz's crafty stuff, or even the man himself for your mum's xmas ;)

    have a great xmas Kath, Buddy and Kath's hubby

  75. WOW!!!
    Fantastic give-away!
    Thanks Kath, Buddy!
    Merry Christmas...

  76. Oh Buddy you look so ...... I think you have had just about enough of this Christmas spirit malarky,but because your mum is so special, tell your dad that the Xyron Creatopia is one of the new toys on the block and is multi functional to boot!!! You are going to need a big box for all the lovely goodies you have snaffled to give away...happy packing then have a lovely relaxing Christmas.
    Hugs and tickles.

  77. Buddy--I love your hat! Can't wait to see the rest of your outfit. LOL.

    As for Mum's present, I think Dad should take her on vacation and give her a little pampering. Course it wouldn't hurt to take her shopping for crafty goodies on vacay! :)

  78. you in the Santa hat!! Thanks for the chance at some wonderful goodies.

    As for the gift...a nice gift card for a spa day along with one for Mum's favorite craft store!!!

    Happy Holidays!


  79. You look extra specially handsome in your hat, Buddy :-

    Maybe your mum would like a 'papmper day' to relax after all the excitement of Christmas and to recover from having a near bare craft room :-)
    If you think she would like crafty things, copics are very nice and I'm sure she has said she would like some.


  80. My smallest is not sure he likes you in the hat he prefers you looking natural! As to what new crafty things should be got I'm a little out of ideas and your mum has such a lot over lovely things, thought personally I can never get enough fabric (even for cards and the like) and a needle felting machine makes the most wonderful one-off fabrics.. or more simply just some needle felting needles, thought do be careful they are wickedly sharp!

  81. Glad to see another doggy wearing a Santa hat! I'll have to show my pup your photo, convince her that it really is in fashion :)

    Hmm, for what to get your mom for Christmas... I know what I have asked for- Distress inks, and Rock Candy crackle paint... maybe she would like those?

  82. Oh Buddy you look so cute in the Santa hat, thanks for the chance to win some more lovely goodies, you and your Mum are being very generous. Why dont you buy your Mum a new Mug (with a photo picture of you on it) and then she can enjoy cups of tea or coffee whilst she is papercrafting and look at your photo at the same time.
    Merry Christmas to you both
    Love Diane xxx

  83. HI Buddy--what a great giveaway. I love going over your blog. You are an inspiration to this new scrapper. Merry Christmas. kh

  84. How dashing you look in that Santa hat, Buddy! You are the image of Santa Paws, alright! =D

    You know, your mum is always going on about those hunky guys she sees on television. Being the connected fellow that you are now that you're famous, maybe you can manage to get her a "date" with one of them! lol Or if they're all busy, maybe just a piccie of them with an autograph?

    Merry Christ-paws, Buddy!

  85. Dear Buddy, I am always amazed how you are able to sneek in behind your Mam's back to share such lovely give-aways with us. Mmm ... I thinka non-crafty item might just surprise your lovable Mam.

  86. meraviglioso... con questo cappellino natalizio... come fantastici sono i premi di questo giveaway... spero di vincerli...

  87. how about a gift voucher for your fav craft store.

  88. Oh Buddy you look so cute in that santa hat. How about getting Mum some vouchers from that craft shop she visits every now and again.

  89. THIS WOULD BE MY CHRISTMS GIFT,SO PLESE PCK ME BUDDDY.And as always,I am not beneath bribery, (bacon strips ,dog biscuits,belly rub)just name your fav.

  90. Awww Buddy ya big cuddly doggy!!
    You look damned fine in that hat!!

    Well I know Mum likes her Fancy Pants!!! so maybe some new papers and of course Hero Arts anything!!!
    Me? well I'm fancying a MM SLice but will have to speak to the banker for that one!!!

    Hugs Buddy


  91. Merry Christmas!
    Buddy - I am sure your Mum would love all the new Distress Inks from Tim Holtz - I know I would - not that I have the full set of the orginals yet!
    Have a great Christmas and keep warm!

  92. Wow Buddy you are very handsome in that outfit.
    A voucher for some new shoes, and a flight to the US to visit the annual CHA show to stock up on the latest products.
    Have a happy christmas and a healthy new year.

  93. Thanks once again Buddy for getting your paws on some more fab giveaways. Merry Christmas to you and your Mum. xx

  94. I have been buying my Mum some crafting basics, she just started a year ago. It will wind Dad up if nothing else but she will get a bumper box of goodies that I have bought in various sales thoughout the year.
    Dad is more difficult but I have bought him an Alan Titchmarsh book, Shirley Bassey's new album and I am giving him a Help for Heros mug to go with that.
    For your Mum - if she is into crafting she will love something crafty. The Creatopia is the new hot gadget, but I think there are better ways to spend your dosh.

    Cazzy x

  95. Buddy you have outdone yourself this time, thank you so much for the chance to win such fabby goodies.
    I think your Mum would love some of those nice new Martha Stewart punches, the deep ones. I know that this is what I am hoping for. But whatever you decide to get her she will love.
    Max x

  96. Buddy,

    You make an adorable Santa. That hat really compliments your hair.

    I think your mum would love anything you put under the tree, but if you have a lot of money, get her a Yudo and she'll be making you personalized sweaters and the little ones personalized tees.

    If you don't have that much money, maybe Dad will help, or go for a set of Copics.

  97. Buddy you look gorgeous in that hat! I think Santa should ask you to lead his sleigh!

    I would imagine you have already got Mum something - uless you're like most other males that is! sorry!!!

    She'll love anything that you get her - as long as it's not something you've bought just cos YOU want to play with it ;)

    Merry Christmas Buddy & Kath xxx

    Carol x

  98. Hi Buddy you look so cute in your red hat, wish I had a dog just like you!
    How about a gift certificate for you Mum for her fave craft store, then she can choose exactly what she would like

  99. Well, I think your lovely Mum would really like a lifesized cut out of Mr T Holtz and that will put a smile on her face and a spring in her step every morning.

    Failing that, I'd go with a big hug as that is free and can be given at any time. And it doesn't need wrapping!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Kath, and hope it is relaxing and not too kitchen based!!

  100. What lovely goodys Buddy!I hope you and your hardworking mum have a wonderful Christmas.
    Fi x

  101. Morning Buddy, what more could your Mum ask for when shes already got a glamorous and helpful assistant like you? Have a wonderful Christmas both of you, eat drink and be merry - but not too merry Buddy.
    Sue xx

  102. Have a Merry Christmas Buddy!
    Think Mum might like some nestabilities....if she has a machine to cut them with...if not best get one of those too!

  103. Oh Buddy you still look cute in your hat. I posted this once, but do not see it, so cyborghost must have taken it off somewhere. You have been such a little helper to your Mum this year, so I hope you get lots of little treats (and I know you will). Thank Mum for doing all the hard work for you!!

  104. Hi Buddy, you gorgeous thing you, I know what Mom would love for Christmas is a first class air ticket for the both of you to come and visit me in South Africa. Will give you a good time.
    Have a Merry Christmas you and your family. Lovies xxx


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