Monday, December 21, 2009

Back to Boring Old Me

Morning folks.....can you believe we are only days away now...before we know it will be Christmas Eve and we will all be tucked up in bed waiting for that lovely man in the red suit to pop down our chimneys and leave lots of lovely Christmas parcels.....and talking of Christmas Eve......don't forget to get your name in the hat for BUDDY'S BUMPER GIVE-AWAY......he is fair tuckered out after his week of blogging and give-aways but he is lapping up all the attention....but in the absence of the furry are left with boring old me and I have no crafty stuff to show.....the cubbyhole has been commandeered by the CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAPPING DEPARTMENT at Chez Kath....the crafty department has shut up shop until January.
I am a real Christmas person.....have always loved Christmas...probably because I am just a big kid at heart and when I had my own ceramic studio....the house was decorated like Harrods Christmas Shop....I have cut back a bit but I still have my favourites that come out every let me introduce you to some of my  Christmas Buddies.....

MR FROSTY.....who stands 3' high in his stocking soles

and who could resist this cute face

It doesn't show up in the photos.....but he is head to toe.....wall to wall.....Mr Glamour Dust and he sparkles and twinkles in the lights from the Christmas Tree and his smaller brother......

who is every bit as cute

Well that's it for today folks......the christmas pressie stuff is all done and dusted....I gatecrashed M&S at 9.00am yesterday morning and was home by 10.30 .....just the cooking stuff to nail now for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.......I ordered all my Christmas Day goodies from M&S but it appears I have been volunteered for Boxing Day a whole other menu to plan and's going to be a skidding in by the seat of my pants Christmas I fear.... can't believe how disorganised I have been this year....note to self....must do better next year.
And my little Christmas present to myself.......I have had a little spend at "The Glitter Pot"....they have all the new 2010 Hero Arts stamps in stock could I resist.....well it's Christmas don't you know and if you can't treat yourself at Christmas.
We are still trudging through the snow here and it's snowing heavily again this morning.....A little bit of information for all those weather is December which means it's winter and yes there is the possibility we might have what's with all this severe weather stuff.....and what is it with this country...the slightest fall of snow and the transport system goes into meltdown.     Us folks in the North East of Scotland get this every year and even with prior weather warnings....the Roads Department of our local council always seem to be caught unawares and car journeys become slippy sliding adventures.  So if you're out and about driving.....take care....snow can turn roads into death traps......driving home in a snowstorm....the lights and wipers on your car are useless......crawling along at a snails pace in the tracks of the car in front just following his so scary.    So the motto is folks....unless your journey is absolutely safe and don't travel.
Well it's time for The Budster and I to set off for our slippy slidey all wrapped up like Michelin Man  and His Nibs chomping at the bit to get out there and have fun......and then home to a welcome cuppa and get stuck into all that cooking.   Catch up with you all later.
Hugs Kath & Buddy xxxxx


  1. Morning KAth!

    wheee love your snowman and love Buddy's Santa Hat the old snow dog!!
    I'm terrified on the roads but my dad kindly offered to take me to work today!! Yaaay!! It's no fun I can tell ya!!

    Have a good day


  2. He is gorgeous, not as nice as Buddy, but cute as can be. You are going to be one busy woman over christmas by the sounds of things! Happy christmas Kath.

  3. Morning Kath

    Aren't your snowmen wonderful - it's a good job they're not displayed outside cos I can think of a little naughty elf who would persuade them that they need a little holiday!
    And Buddy in that hat! - well what can I say - gorgeousness personified!!! Mine won't even sit still long enough for a decent photo never mind adorning them with any Christmas deccies.
    Hope you and Buddy had a safe walk in the wintry weather - Max won't even look outside in weather like this unless he's absolutely desparate and would quite happily hibernate all winter if I could find nappies to fit him.
    Speak to you before the big day!

  4. awwww gorgeous snowmen, love them! doesn't it make you laugh when England get a couple of inches of snow the place comes to a standstill and it makes the news lol. I totally's December it snows get over it lol

    In case I don't get back I hope you and the family have a lovely Christmas Kath


    Amanda xxx

  5. Snowman is adorable not as adorable as Buddy mind you! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and special hug to Buddy. Anesha :-)

  6. Hi Kath...
    Your decorations are `gorgeous`
    in case I dont get over...
    `Merry Christmas` to you and yours have the best time ever..lots of love big((((hugs)))))and woofs for Buddy:)xxx

  7. Hi Kath,
    Love the snowmen, they are my favorite wintertime decoration. Know what you mean about cooking. I just found out yesterday that I am having the family for Christmas Eve. Have to get my skates on and hit the store so I can start my cooking. LOL...
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours. Give Buddy an extra treat for me.

  8. Love your snowmen. I bet Buddy loves a good play in the snow.

  9. Kath, Love these wonderful snowmen- such a talent! Have a wonderful Christmas-enjoy!

  10. Love, love, love your snowmen!! I have a collection, too and love bringing them out at this time of year! My wish for a white Christmas finally came true this weekend; while we didn't get piles of it, there's enough to make it look like it should at this time of year!! Merry Christmas, Kath and to your sweet Buddy, too!

  11. Happy Christmas to you and yours Kath - enjoy.... Thank you for all the inspiration(and laughs!)you have given us over the past year. I love your snowmen, I've just been unwrapping mine (such a pleasure to see them again) tree is up and dressed and now I'm ready for a rest - no baking for me until New Year. Know what you mean about the snow.....
    God bless.

  12. Hi Kath ! I'll like to take this chance to wish you a very Merrry Christmas and a wonderful 2010. Thanks so much for all your inspiration and all the morning laughs when I read your posts.

    Feliz Navidad all the way from Mexico.

    Thanks so much.

  13. Wow your Frosty brothers are stunning! Such cheery chappies and so dashing too! Lucky you!

    Have a fab time at xmas!

    Keryn :D

  14. Such cute snowman Kath and love how you've made them "twinkle".

    Wishing you and your family a truely magical Christmas and wonderous New Year,


  15. you are anything BUT boring Kath :)
    love your snowmen, they are beautiful - are there no end to your talents?
    will have to go have a nosey at the Glitter Pot now methinks
    ciao for now

  16. What cute snowmen Kath. I love them. I have left the decorations to my husband. He's done the tree ok but the rest...! I keep getting a pathetic "it's what to put out?" which I am ignoring as I am working every day this week. Found some naff stuff tonight so he managed to put it back wherever he found it!
    Have a lovely Christmas Kath and all the best to you and yours including, of course, Buddy.

    Kat xx

  17. Just popped over to wish you and the family a very very happy and peaceful Christmas Kath, the snowmen are adorable.
    biggest hugs
    En xx

  18. how cute Kath
    have a wonderful Christmas
    Hugs AllisonX