Monday, December 14, 2009


Morning folks....I am hijacking my own blog....before the furry bundle who is beginning to take over....arrives to do his give-away....what a night last night.....emotional or what.....was doing the happy happy dance when  the gorgeous Geordie Joe won the X Factor....and I will be hot footing it on Wednesday to buy his single.....and I got tickets for my birthday to the X Factor Live Tour in March.....oooh...I can't heart was in my mouth waiting for the result and it couldn't have happened to a nicer lad.....I was in bits when he won....old softie that I fabulous to see someone fulfilling their dream.
And then it was time to watch the Susan Boyle story....and oh yes I was crying a river the whole way through....and in the words of the lady herself..."for a wee wifie fae Blackburn....she didn't half scrub up well.....a true superstar and such a lovely unassuming person.....I loved when she met Donny Osmond and the two of them giggling on the sofa was deserves to live their dream more.....I hope her life brings her love...happiness and peace...and if you haven't already bought her don't know what you're missing........GOD BLESS HER.
Hugs Kath xxx


Clare (Littlebear) said...

I think we had a similar evening. I really enjoyed the X-Factor final, the best one yet and I was in tears for half of it. Well done Joe!!
Clare x

coops said...

hiya kath, i like you was so pleased that joe won, he has the most beautiful voice.luv coops.xx

tracy said...

I couldn't agree more it couldn't of happened to a nicer lady.
and well done Joe I was on the edge of my seat praying Ollie didn't win.
tracy x

loftylass said...

I felt the same Kath - talk about a wet weekend!!!

Sally said...

I have not watched the x-factor, but I do love Susan Boyle and I wish her nothing but happiness. Such a magnificent voice and wonderful person.

Unfading Spring said...

I agree totally with you Kath son great telly last nigh.

Buying Susan Boyle for Hubby for Christmas, and Michael Buble for me.

Big Hugs Carol x

Crafty Dawn said...

I taped SB, will watch with tissues in hand and also watched the x factor. but NEXT sat with the final of Strickly Come Dancing will be the. I weep every week! lol So sad that Alie & Brian went this week Sky plus is fab I don't miss any of my week end oh what I will do now it all finishing is beyond me lol

Love Dawn xx


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