Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Buddy's Christmas Give-Aways

Christmas Give-away announced
Morning to all my lovely bloggy friends.....thank you for all your lovely comments....I can tell you all have such excellent taste and are a real cool can be in my gang any time.....but on to the important stuff.

The winner of the Stampin Up Christmas Goodie Parcel is.........

if you e-mail Mum... with your address....she will get your goodies off in the post

Now I am taking a big risk here because my Mum loves My Mind's Eye but I only snaffled some of the papers and die cuts.....did leave her some to play with....and let me tell you girls....flattery works everytime so after all your lovely comments last time....I am pushing the boat out with 2 give-aways today...oh yes you can tell I am accustomed to living dangerously.....

My Mind's Eye..... Bloom & Grow
Papers....Die Cut Flowers & Leaves
Fibres and Buttons

My Mind's Eye.....Wild Asparagus
same as above

You know the drill by now folks.... just leave a little comment here and I will choose 2 winners on Friday when I post the next goodie give-away.....this is becoming a full time occupation folks.....crikey how can one person have collected so much crafty stuff....just as well my Dad never ventures in here.....blimey we could sell off this stuff and be living a champagne lifestyle...sunning ourselves in the South of France or make a bit dent in the National Debt.
Mum is off this morning to watch Brodie's Nativity Play...and considering he is playing the part of a shepherd....I thought I might be asked to play the sheepdog...apparently not....NO DOGS ALLOWED...think they are being the Laurence Olivier of the dog world and such a celebrity now..... I'm afraid Mum doesn't agree and I am being left home alone it's off to catch some ZZZ's on the old king size.  Mum will be back tomorrow with a challenge card and some more Christmas cards to feast your eyes on........ see you all on Friday


HoneyB said...

Morning Buddy. Hope your mum enjoys the nativity and she's not too disappointed that you're not getting a starring role :) Thank you so much for the chance to win these lovely goodies

scrappyjacky said...

Hi delighted to win this pack of goodies.....many,many thanks.And a very merry xmas to you from 'Be Quiet' and 'Vet's Pension Plan'....who both think it's a disgrace you can't grace the Nativity play.

Ruthie said...

Morning Buddy - word of warning...make sure you wipe your paws before heading for the King Size - nothing gives the game away faster than pawprints on the pillow. Well, except for drool that is, but I just know that you wouldnt drool in your sleep.
Just be grateful you dont have to go to the nativity - there wont be a dry eye in the house - all those people (yep dads too) weeping and wailing, wiping their eyes on your fur, dropping used tissues where you are going to be walking!

Anyho - have a good zzzzzz


Cheri Howard said...

Ooooh, Buddy! You're turning into a regular 007 of the canine kind - dangerous is only the half of it! If your mum kicks you out for stealing from her stash, you can come to my house! =D

ribenaruby said...

Hi Buddy, not enterin the giveaway as I've already won something from your mum, but like to say what a clever dog you are to collect all the items for these prizes and how good natured you are, wish i had a pet like you!

Clare (Littlebear) said...

Hello Buddy,
Don't worry about being left at home, think of the lovely uninterupted sleep you can have!
Your Mum will tell you all about it when she gets home.
Thank you for snaffling more goodies to give away, you are a good doggie!
Pats on the head and tummy tickles from Clare x

Jackie said...

Morning Buddy
Raiding mummy's goodies again are we? Thank goodness for that you generous little fella. I think I love MME as much as your mum does so it would have a very good home.


Diane said...

Hello Buddy
Thanks for gathering some fabulous candy from your Mum for us all to have a chance to win. We will all be able to make some fantistic cards with the candy, along with some inspiration from your Mums cards.
Diane x

Anonymous said...

YAY Buddy!, Congrats Jackie!

Christa said...

wow buddy another candy and from my favorite papers mme oww ihope you pick me thank you for the chance to win xx christa

The House that Linc & Lou are building!! said...

Hey Buddy,

I am a beginner in this world and I have to say that I find your blog really interesting and inspiriring . . . Now I'm just waiting for my creativity to arrive so I can get started!!

Keep up the great work! : )

Arty Party NI said...

Oh buddy you are being really naughty, but I love it. If you want to come over here I could get you a job being a sheep dog in joes nativity, just don't be going near the trees as it's kids dressed up. Catch you soon Karen xox

tracy said...

Oooh Buddy I hope you don't get into big trouble I hope you know what your doing with it being your mummy's favourite paper.
It very genourous of you to offer two giveaway today.
merry christmas and what is on your christmas list this year?
tracy x

Moni said...

Gorgeous candy,thanks for the chance! Hugs,Moni

Stamps and Paper said...

Hi Buddy..well I hope your mum knows you've been in her cupboards again!!
Thank for giving us another chance to win.


Peggy said...

Hi Buddy,

You are being really naughty ...your mummy's favourite paper!!!
But you will make 2 people verrrrrry happy !!!

Thanks for the chance,

Peggy xx

Sonja said...

Gorgeous candy,thanks for the chance.

Hugs Sonja

Anesha said...

Hi Buddy, imagine not being allowed to go to the play! Never mind bet you will have a great time rest. Have a great day! Hugs Anesha

loftylass said...

Hi there Buddy .... gosh you are living dangerously aren't you. Well I suppose in your eyes 'she who must be obeyed' won't miss a little more, will she. Enjoy your snooze whilst it's quiet.

Crafting Andy said...

Wow Buddy, I just love both these MME sets. I think you're gonna be in big trouble for this one. But hey - we all love you.
Hugz Andrea Reid.xx

Crafty Cat said...

No dogs allowed! thats canine descrimination!! I'm sure you'd be a star on stage. xxx Carol

JanJay said...

Thanks Buddy for sniffing out some more fab stash!

Jan xx

scrapperjulia said...

Thanks for the chance to win My Minds Eye stuff, Buddy!

SannaS said...

Oh Buddy, you should have been the sheepdog!!! You would have been great! =)
Hugs, SannaS

Sue said...

Me thinks this going to your head Buddy - Mum might not be too pleased giving away her stash........thanks anyway hahaha

* Shaz * said...

morning Buddy Ruby here!! hope your mom enjoys the nativity deffo a big mistake you not getting the starring role, i'm home alone today too.. my moms off shopping again hope she brings me back a juicy bone from the butchers, thanks for the chance of winning such lovely goodies xx

Anonymous said...

Hope Mammy has a fab time at bRodies play!!!!!!
Have a lovely Day :)xxx

Suzanne said...

Hey Buddy. Thanks for looking out some more of your mum's goodies...they look fab. Hope I'm picked, lol!
Enjoy your wee snooze
Suzanne x

LAMINDY said...

Congrats Jackie!
Buddy: Thanks for the new chance! Hugs for Kath!

Sandra said...

Thanks for the fun Buddy!

Lexi said...

morning Buddy (rubs behind ears) thanks again for a chance to win your scrumy candy

Hugs Lexi xxx

weewiccababe said...

afternoon Buddy, hope you had a fine nap this morning
Pepsi sends kissies and lots of bum wiggling (apparently that means she likes you lol)
What a disgrace that Brodie's school won't allow you to play the sheepdog - tut

Debs said...

Good afternoon Buddy - hope you have had the bestest snooze and hope Mum enjoyed the Nativity. Thanks for raiding Mum's cubby hole and finding such gorgeous papers and stuff - I won't tell if you don't!!
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Debs xx

Saskia said...

Hello Buddy,

Wow...this is indeed a full time job! Thanks for being so kind!

Big hug, Saskia :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Buddy, are you turning into a Stealth Dog?? For some reason I have the theme tune to Mission Impossible playing in my head now. And don't worry about mum going out without you, you've got all of us to keep you company. Enjoy your snooze, I'll have dinner ready for when you wake up.


Jo said...

Hi Buddy, you've made a fantastic choice today from your mums stash, these are my fav papers, and as today is my birthday perhaps I will be lucky!!! Thanks for the chance. Make sure you get enough zzzzz's. Hugs Jo x

cardsgalore said...

Thanks again Buddy for the chance to win some more goodies. xx

Lin said...

Oh Buddy, you are so good to find these lovely goodies in your Mum's stash! PLEASE don't tell Dad about what else is in there!! Enjoy your nap this morning!!

Toucan Scraps said...

hello again Buddy. I hope the Nativity play is a great success. See you Friday

Helen said...

Wow...more fabby goodies Buddy! I love MME too...hope you don't get into too much trouble for pinching these! ;0)
It's such a shame you weren't allowed a part in Brodie's of the schools I work in is doing 'Cats' for it's Christmas play next week...maybe you could come and shake that up! lol
Helen x

Serendipity Stamping said...

Oh Buddy, you are a mischieveous little fellow and having such a good time playing Santa for all of us. Enjoy you hours along, sometimes those are the best times. By the way who is going to the post to mail all these goodies out?

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Oh, Buddy! Are yo usure you don't know me??? MME is my favorite line of goodies! Please pick me!!! Becky G.

PS - if you ever decide to move to the States, you have a place with me!

iReneM said...

Oh, Buddy, you are a rascal...I hope you had a lovely nap this morning and didn't get into bother.
I love spotty paper and that Wild Asparagus is good enough to eat hahaha


Jo said...

Buddy, you're very good at this blog candy thing. I have a black lab named Jake ... he doesn't quite get my crafting obsession and is always snooping around my craft room looking for something to chew ... maybe you can give him some pointers!

Jo xx

Tracy said...

Oooo your so generous Buddy, giving all your mum's stash away.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Diamond Doll said...

Hiya Buddy,I do hope you don,t get in trouble giving all this yummy My minds eye goodies away but i guess you,ll get away with it being loved as you do.Enjoy the peace and quiet this afo.
Woof Woof
Trish (-:

Pauline C said...

Morning Buddy
Wow what a wonderful candy - thankyou - but hope you have left mum plenty to play with ... we wouldn't want her creativity drying uo for lack of supplies would we lol??
Pauline x

~ Ali ~ said...

Poor old buddy leaving you home are getting really good at this blogging milarcy Budster. Fab giveaways too.

Dolly said...

Hey Buddy can't believe Mum wants to part with her fave MME papers. You could be heading for trouble with this give-away. :)xx

Tatanky said...

Great to read you again Buddy ! I'm sure you'll make a wonderful sheep dog but maybe next time ;) thanks for the chance to win these lovely goodies.

Dawn said...

Hiya Buddy Boy!!
you are so clever with all these candy giveaways...
What a great mum you've got letting you use her MME papers...

Hope you had a lazy doggy day!!


Dawn said...

Hiya Buddy Boy!!
you are so clever with all these candy giveaways...
What a great mum you've got letting you use her MME papers...

Hope you had a lazy doggy day!!


connie said...

Congrats Jackie! it is a shame that we collect so much stuff......thanks for sharing.

Lorraine said...

Sorry that you couldn't go to the nativity play but at least Kath got to go so she can tell you how good it was.

Ivolina said...

Dear Buddy,
Thank you very much for a chance to win this lovely gift.

coops said...

oh buddy, what fab candy but i really hope you don`t get in trouble with your the mme range and would love to be in with a chance to i think you`d better go find your mum, try to look coops.xx

Iris said...

Buddy, I think you would have made a handsome addition to the Nativity play. Thanks for offering such lovely candy. I would love to win. Iris Soscia

Kat said...

Wow Buddy great candy. You really are getting into this giveaway lark. Pity about the Nativity Play - I think you would have been perfect in it. But hey ho teacher knows best LOL!!

Kat xx

Rufus said...

Really Buddy you got the best part of that deal. Much better to be home snoozing in the king size bed ~ didn't Mum get you a feather bed recently? If you'd been in the play all those people would have been all over you. You know how tiring that is!

Hope Mum doesn't catch you sneaking all of this stuff out of the cubbyhole. You really are living dangerously to make off with 2 lots of her fav MME! Hope you pick me, I love the Wild Asparagus! I'm sure Mum had a good time at the play and you had a good snooze. Thanks!

Trine Anette said...

Good morning Buddy. Your a real swell guy/dog. I think my little Rambo would agree with me when I say you're one sneaky operator..

Craftyanny said...

I won't twll if you don't Buddy!
Anne x

Lorraine A said...

This is my first visit to your blog Buddy ,, you have quite a place here :-)
It's better you stay in and keep warm ,, sunuggled up on mum's bed !! :-)

Lols x x x

Ann Rosie said...

Oh now Buddy - be careful my gorgeous friend - we don't want you ending up in the Doghouse!! because you've plundered Mum's MME papers - LOL!!!! But mind you if she has a much stash as you say - and from a personal viewing I know that she has rather a lot - she might not miss just little bits and pieces taken now and then.
Just don't make your giveaways too heavy, I don't want you getting too tired having to carry them all the way to the post office on your own.
Hugs and kisses you gorgeous lump.

crafty creations said...

Hiya Buddy and thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous prizes. Hope your mum enjoyed the nativity and told you all about it

Hugs Hilda

Crafty Dawn said...

Fabby give aways Buddy, kisses from Dita too xxx

Love Dawn xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hi Buddy,

It's too bad you missed the Nativity play, Buddy. You would have been the star. But you are the star of this giveaway, that's for sure.

caz3007 said...

Hope you dont get into trouble Buddy when your mum finds out you are giving her stash away

Marion said...

Hi Buddy,
It's a crying shame you didn't get to star in the nativity play. They don't know what they are missing. Thanks for taking on this role for your Mum, you have chosen the candy well. Would love to be in the draw.

Lynn said...

Hello again Buddy,
I love MME, hope your mum doesn't mind you giving her stach away ( I won't tell her if you don't). Thanks for giving us the chance to win some lovely candy,

Lynn x

Sally said...

Hi Buddy,
I am so sorry that you couldn't be in the play, but you know how PEOPLE can be. Rules, rules and more rules. If it is any consolation you can come to the States and meet my granddogdher. Her name is Dottie and such a joy too. She is a shepherd and so much fun. I call her "Princess-Licks-A-Lot" because she is not happy until she licks every inch of your hands, hoping for a treat, which she always gets. I'm such a push-over. Thanks for a chance to win some of your mom's stash. She certainly has some lovely things you have chosed to be up for winning.

Blankiefinder said...

Buddy, it is such a relief to see that my dog is not the only one who talks!! So sorry they wouldn't let you join in the play. My doggy is never allowed to join in with her brother and sister's sports teams, it is so unfair!

Lyneen said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG BUDDY!!!!!! I am sitting her ROFL.... have a great day!


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