Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's looking a lot like Christmas

We survived our day of tree decorating and the boys did a great job although most of the baubles were positioned on the lower half of the tree but after a little moving around......everyone was happy

and of course His Nibs had to check it all out

job well done ....followed by a yummy lunch and a fun afternoon playing with the Wii.

And this very proud Grandma has to give her gorgeous grandson a great big massive toot....this was our Christmas card from Brodie and Oliver....the design on the front is Brodie's artwork which was chosen to be made up into packs of cards to be sold to raise funds for his primary school through the "Arts Projects for  Schools Group"...well how proud am I....bursting in fact....a little chip off the old block perhaps.
That's it for today folks....and that gorgeous furry bundle will be back tomorrow with more give-aways.
Hugs Kath xxxxx


weewiccababe said...

oh wow - a chip off the old block indeed, what a cute design.
and your xmas tree looks gorgeous

Clare (Littlebear) said...

Well done boys, the tree looks beautiful, and Brodie you have designed a super card, what a talented boy you are are.
Clare x

Anonymous said...

Awesome Tree!!!

And I love the handprint Santa!

Helen said...

Wow fab card - love the hand print beard!
Gorgeous tree too Kath!
Helen x

Scrappymax said...

Super tree Kath and even super designer, well done Brodie. He is definitely a chip off the old block.
Max x

Artyjen said...

Well done Brodie!

Lynda said...

Brodie's card is a true work of art. Well done! The tree looks gorgeous too Kath - didn't they do a great job?

Love Lynda xxx

Suzanne said...

Well done Brodie. Card is fabulous and you deserve to have it made into packs. Your gran will have to put them up on her blog for sale
Suzanne x

Toucan Scraps said...

fabby tree

Anonymous said...

Aw `Gorgeous` tree Kath..the boys did fab!!!!:)x..Oliver and Brodies card is `the best` way to go def a chip off the old block!!!!and `Thankou` soooooooooo much for my most `beautiful` card..I love love it!!!!Lotsa love Kath...
Have a lovely Day:)xxxx

sueincanada said...

Great looking tree and a fabulous card from the boys. I must say that I love your blog and enjoy reading about the doggie adventures.

Craftyanny said...

How clever is Brodie Kath??? What a fab idea to use his hand print as Santa's beard!!! He's definitely taking after his Grandma:)
Anne x

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful card Brodie designed, you have every right to be proud, you should be shouting it from the rooftops!


Kim Piggott said...

Oh Kath couldn't you eat them they are adorable! So very talented too this is brilliant!
kim x

Jo said...

Hi Kath what a fantastic tree, they made a lovely job of it and the Christmas card is fab, you must be so proud of him!! Hugs Jo x

Tatanky said...

Lovely tree I like to see Buddy checking it out. And congratulations to Brodie very nice card just like grandma.

Dolly said...

The tree looks gorgeous Kath and it sure looks like Brodie takes after his Grandma :)xx

Kat said...

Kath you must be so proud of Brodie. What a clever boy he is and definitely a chip off the old block. Well done Brodie.

Kat xx

Rufus said...

Way to go Brodie! Def. a chip off the 'ole block. The tree looks great. Not to much chaos or mayhem to be seen. You must be one proud Grandma!

Tracey said...

Stunning card, lucky you. Your tree looks lovely too.

I am just enjoying my coffee whilst catching up on your blog. My day doesnt start properly until I have read what you have been doing. Thank you for all the inspiration you have given me


scotspanda said...

fab pics kath, the boys certainly look like they are having fun. Lily and Ian put the tree up this year as I just don't have the energy! (and for the first time ever the enthusiasm)

they made a fab job of it lol


Amanda xxx

Gibmiss said...

What a gorgeous tree Kath and the boys look as if they are enjoying... pics are so clear what camera have you got



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