Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Morning 2010 draws to a close you are probably wondering just like me.....where did the year go and as we look back over the last 12 months remembering all the fun and laughter times and the sad times....our thoughts turn to making some changes for the better in our lives....oh yes the dreaded New Year resolutions....are you intending making any......I never have much success keeping them for long and willpower in the crafty stash department has never been one of my strong points so no point in kidding myself I will be on a stash diet in 2011 because the minute some gorgeous new papers or stamps take my eye....well my resolve will just go down the pan and then I am riddled with guilt....well at least until the new stash arrives and by then I am past caring.....I know I suffer from this terrible incurable addiction and I just have to learn to live with's hard but it helps to know that I am not alone.....there are lots of you out there battling the same problem so when those guilt feelings threaten to overwhelm you...just say a little prayer...
grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference
It feels so good to get that confession out of the way but I do have another crafty related problem that I need to address and that is impulse buying.   I bought this MME calendar kit away back at the beginning of 2010 with the best of intentions in the world of making a calendar for the cubbyhole.

I am one of the world's fanatical list life is ruled by calendars...lists and umpteen notebooks strewn around the house..a diary and a notebook in my handbag and since it's lay my soul bare time even one by my sad is that and yes you've guessed right....the calendar was shoved in the "Things To Do" box and forgotten.

But hey things are about to change and I know it's going to be a bit of a faff because I will have to change the days to fit in with 2011 but my New Year Resolution is to make this ruddy calendar if it kills me with photos from each month of the year and hey January is done....

Will this be the first time in history I have kept a New Year's Resolution or will I fall by the wayside...only time will tell.  I am off to transfer all the family and friends birthdays to my new calendars and notebooks and fingers crossed that mind numbing job will send me scuttling back to the cubbyhole raring to go.  
Tonight is Hogmanay....a time for all us Scots to reflect on the year that is almost over and to toast the new one to come.....a time of great celebration so The Budster and I will be back at midnight to see in the bells with you all and the good news is all this impulse buying has given The Furry Boy lots of goodies to pop into his "Buddy Give-Away" he'll see you all bright and early on the first day of 2011 with the loot from his rummage around the cubbyhole and oh boy has he had one mighty rummage.
Hugs Kath xxx

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shapecutter Hints and Tips

Morning's obvious from all the e-mails in my Inbox that lots of you are struggling to use your Fiskars Shapecutter.....have you given up and tossed it to the back of your crafty drawer. You are not alone folks....if my lovely Fiskars buddy Lorraine and I had a pound for every time we have heard "I have one of those and it doesn't work" at the SECC we would be sunning ourselves at the swimming pool of our villa in the South of France with a cocktail in one hand and a mega bank balance in the fear not help is at hand...the Fiskars Cavalry have just ridden into town.  I was going to do a step-by-step tutorial but hey there is an excellent video on the Fiskars Website HERE ....but here are my personal hints and tips to make your Shapecutter Experience successful

1.  The orange disc is the freehand cutter and must be removed to use the Shapecutter Templates
 2.  Always store the Shapecutter back on the plastic base when not in that you don't damage your workspace or the blade
 3.  A Fiskars Cutting Mat is essential because it is specially formulated to allow the blade to glide over the just won't work with any other cutting mat especially the green variety as the blade will dig in and make cutting almost impossible.  And very important...make sure that you can read the Fiskars Logo on the template because if you try and use it the wrong way round you may damage your blade or indeed crack your template.
4.  Pull the Shapecutter towards you on the cutting mat which will align the blade in the correct cutting position and then place the Shapecutter on the template with the blade snug up against the edge...
Using only enough pressure for the base plate to sit on the template...let the Shapecutter do the work and you will end up with one perfectly cut circle

 This is the bit where I am sticking my neck out and may find my P45 landing on the doormat.  In the Fiskars video they mention altering the pressure of the blade when cutting paper or card by swivelling the knob on the top of the Shapecutter and that the maximum weight of card should be 210gsm....well you all know me by now....I am not a "stick by the rules" girl.  I never alter the pressure of the blade because I find that this way works best for me.   You should see the shape release first time round if you are working on paper...but 9 times out of 10 I am working with 300gsm cardstock (oops) I just keep going round the shape until it releases...perhaps twice or even three times.  Voila one perfectly cut circle....done in a few seconds....don't get me wrong I love my Cricut and Big Shot but this little fella is quick and easy and perfect if you just want one shape.

A question we are asked all the long do the blades last?  Well folks that is like the 24 million dollar long is a piece of string?....all depends how often you use your Shapecutter and the type of paper or cardstock you are cutting......but replacement blades are inexpensive...come in packs of two and are available from most craft stores.
Hope this might help you become best friends with your Shapecutter.    And do you think if I ask nicely the Fiskars Cavalry might ride out of the sunset to lend a hand with my Fiskars Project which isn't going well at all.
Will catch up with you all tomorrow to share my New Years Resolution.....oh yeah been there before I hear you say...but this time I am determined to stick to it come hell or high water.
Hugs Kath xxx

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday

Morning folks...I'm back in the cubbyhole and haven't got out of first gear yet....still not feeling too good but putting a brave face on it between all the coughing and spluttering....totally confused about what day of the week it is but after a quick check of the calendar...hey it's Wednesday and you know what that's time to share with all the lovely crafters over at WOYWW....what's on my workdesk today.

look what arrived in the cubbyhole just in time for Christmas....

the fabulous first-ever CD Rom from Craftwork Cards featuring 34 unique craft projects from the mega talented girls on the Design Team....a real must have folks....guaranteed to inspire your passion for all the gorgeous products from  Craftwork Cards.....all for just £ can BUY IT HERE I've had great fun browsing with a cuppa....loads of inspiration and fabulous ideas to kick start your after Christmas crafting.
I definitely need something to kick start the old crafty brain and as per usual it's going to be a skidding in by the seat of my pants effort....a training project to do for Fiskars by the end of this week using these.....

and there is not even one little idea roaming around in my befuddled head...Mr Mojo hasn't returned from his Christmas holidays and The Furry Boy is still recovering from his overload of turkey it looks as though I'm on my own...time to put the kettle on and hope that I am struck by a lightning bolt of crafty inspiration sooner rather than later. I haven't forgotten about the give-away....The Furry Boy will be having a root around in the cubbyhole once he manages to drag himself from his cosy's a dog's life right enough.

Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: to answer Marion's comment....I hope that you are not trying to use the Shape Cutter templates on your Shapeboss....the two just don't go together.   The Shape Cutter will only work on the Fiskars Cutting Mat and the Shapeboss is intended for embossing only with the Shapeboss stencils.   If you are still having problems with your Shapecutter Marion....e-mail me and I will try to help.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bah Humbug Indeed

Morning folks....Christmas has come and gone and it was lovely to share the grandkiddies excitement of opening the pressies that Santa left at Grandma's.....yes all the expected diners managed to get here despite the weather and I am now surviving on the left overs but I am left feeling like Mrs Misery and probably just like you am wondering what all the fuss was about...weeks of running around like a headless chicken = 2 days of stuffing our faces silly...the not so happy Bank Manager....could this be the start of the Grumpy Old Woman stage of my life.   The real reason for the doom and gloom I suspect is a recent invitation to join the "Feeling Sorry For Myself" Club....wasn't aware that I accepted but it would appear that like it or not I am now a fully fledged member and have been awarded an aching head...sore neck...racking cough and what did I do to qualify for the gold membership benefits of sore eyes and aching teeth....yes the one present you don't want to get in your stocking....the Christmas Virus has arrived in the cubbyhole.  Not thinking for one minute that I am alone and that this is the most exclusive club in the world so to all my fellow sufferers including my lovely buddy Anne....I am toasting you all with hot lemony drinks spiced up with painkillers while snuggling my hot water bottle until we can figure out how to unsubscribe.
Hasn't the TV been rubbish over Christmas but I did find one little gem which could become my new snuggle up on the sofa addiction...Upstairs Downstairs is back....oh how I loved the old version of this classic with Hudson and Rose but this latest version could turn out to be a whole lot spicier and just when you think it can't get any better...Dancing on Ice will be back on our screens on 9th January.....can't wait to see who the gorgeous Dan The Man is partnered with this time round.
Can you tell I am feeling chirpier already....could this be enough to blow away the Christmas doom and gloom cobwebs....

yes folks.....the chocolate Cubbyhole Stash mountain just got a whole lot bigger and on the weather front we seem to be getting a bit of a it's not all bad news at the cubbyhole.  Take care and stay warm my friends...I am off to boil the kettle for yet another "feel sorry for myself" hot drink
Hugs Kath xxx

Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 in Cards

Morning folks.....hope you all had a lovely happy and peaceful Christmas....that Santa popped down your chimney with lots of gorgeous presents and unlike me you didn't stuff yourself silly with food....hasn't quite sunk in yet that it has been and gone for another year and in a few days time we will be celebrating and stuffing our faces all over again.
Time to resurrect an idea from last year....this may become a Christmas Cubbyhole Tradition....yes I am going to share my favourite cards from 2010... two for each month because "Mrs Can't Make Her Mind Up" found it a bit hard to choose just one....time to grab a cuppa...park your bum on a comfy sofa because it's a bit of a photo fest....













and for those of you who are regular surprises that nearly all my favourites are using either Hero Arts or Penny Black's beautiful stamps.  Why don't you join in the fun....leave me a comment with a link to your blog... I would love to see your fabulous favourites from 2010.
I will be back to work tomorrow in the cubbyhole...bah humbug....a last minute Fiskars project to get done before the end of the year and I've had a little clear out in the cubbyhole to make way for my new look out for a Post Christmas Give-Away coming soon.
Hugs Kath xxx

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

Morning folks from the chilly North East of Scotland....-8 this morning and with more snow forecast over the weekend but hey it's Christmas Eve...can you believe after all the dashing around like a headless chicken it's finally here....I seem to have done nothing but shop and cook for the last week and the cupboards fridge and freezer are groaning with enough rations to feed a small army. We will be off to bed early tonight...all snuggled up and cosy and hopefully fast asleep before Santa comes a-calling.

and a big thank you to all my lovely teamies and our bloggy buddies for the beautiful cards and good wishes and to all the lovely folks who have visited my blog this year and left comments....we love to hear from you.  I hope you all have a wonderful happy and fun Christmas with those you love...enjoy all the fabulous food and worry about the diet later and that Santa brings you all that you wish for.

lots of love and big bloggy hugs

Buddy & Me

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa's Been.....

Morning folks...surprise surprise Santa has arrived early at the cubbyhole.....I never get crafting goodies in my stocking on Christmas morning.....well hubby doesn't have a clue about anything crafty which is a bit of a surprise seeing as he is surrounded by the stuff all year round.    So each year I send my letter to that cuddly guy in the red suit and lo and behold I must have been good because he arranged for my friendly postie to deliver my little Christmas treat....yes my Christmas present to's been a busy old year and it's my way of rewarding myself for all the blood sweat and tears of cubbyhole deadlines.   Do you get the impression I am trying to justify my crafty "splash the cash" I feel I heck as like.

And this year it was delicious rubber that took my fancy.....
gorgeous sentiments from Lily Of The Valley
and a treat wouldn't be a treat if I didn't feed my Hero Arts addiction with lots of their gorgeous new 2011 collection
and what every girl wants to find in her Christmas stocking....
a little something from Tim Holtz
With the weather the way it is here our guests for Christmas and Boxing Day Dinners may not make it and as per usual the TV will be repeats soaps or just plain old rubbish and I may just be tempted to take myself off to the cubbyhole for a play.   Hey tomorrow is Christmas Eve folks....can you believe it....I hope that Santa is his usual organised self and that he has some yummy crafty goodies on his sleigh especially for you.
Hugs Kath xxx

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday

Morning's Wednesday and in 3 days time the big day will be here but first another important day in the crafty's time to join all the lovely crafters over at WOYWW and artistic licence has been brought into play this morning because technically my workdesk today is the kitchen worktop groaning under all the food I've been slaving over since the weekend and if you are feeling peckish...better look away now if not...get yourselves a cuppa...a comfy sofa and chill out....

more stock for the freezer and the Ham and Roast Beef all ready for carving
must admit to having one or two tastes of this delicious smoked ham....
willpower and food just don't go they?
they don't call us Scots thrifty for no reason....nothing goes to waste in this house...the left overs will be used to make stock for tomorrow's huge pot of lentil soup and then the bone will be handed over to the Furry Boy for a final chew....
but we are feeling ever so slightly cream crackered.... this cooking malarkey is tiring work.....much harder than anything the cubbyhole can throw at us so after our morning stroll it's time for the kitchen dog to have a snooze
while I sit and relax for 5 minutes with a welcome mug of Hot Chocolate....
The kitchen has a permanent resident at the moment...even although the oven is going great guns...right by my side through thick and thin with his" Look At Me....I'm Starving" expression so typical of goldies 
such dedication to duty deserves a tasty morsel or two....wouldn't you agree
but there is always a  crafty job to do and while the oven is working it's magic with the Meat Loaves...we are off to the cubbyhole to fix E-Z mount to these beauties...
Crafting and cooking are my two passions and I think it was Winston Churchill who said...."when you find a job you will never have to work again"...he was right about the crafting not so sure about the cooking job and guess who turned up at the cubbyhole this morning....yes Santa dressed up as my lovely postie with some Christmas Cheer.....will share tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx