Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Morning 2010 draws to a close you are probably wondering just like me.....where did the year go and as we look back over the last 12 months remembering all the fun and laughter times and the sad times....our thoughts turn to making some changes for the better in our lives....oh yes the dreaded New Year resolutions....are you intending making any......I never have much success keeping them for long and willpower in the crafty stash department has never been one of my strong points so no point in kidding myself I will be on a stash diet in 2011 because the minute some gorgeous new papers or stamps take my eye....well my resolve will just go down the pan and then I am riddled with guilt....well at least until the new stash arrives and by then I am past caring.....I know I suffer from this terrible incurable addiction and I just have to learn to live with's hard but it helps to know that I am not alone.....there are lots of you out there battling the same problem so when those guilt feelings threaten to overwhelm you...just say a little prayer...
grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference
It feels so good to get that confession out of the way but I do have another crafty related problem that I need to address and that is impulse buying.   I bought this MME calendar kit away back at the beginning of 2010 with the best of intentions in the world of making a calendar for the cubbyhole.

I am one of the world's fanatical list life is ruled by calendars...lists and umpteen notebooks strewn around the house..a diary and a notebook in my handbag and since it's lay my soul bare time even one by my sad is that and yes you've guessed right....the calendar was shoved in the "Things To Do" box and forgotten.

But hey things are about to change and I know it's going to be a bit of a faff because I will have to change the days to fit in with 2011 but my New Year Resolution is to make this ruddy calendar if it kills me with photos from each month of the year and hey January is done....

Will this be the first time in history I have kept a New Year's Resolution or will I fall by the wayside...only time will tell.  I am off to transfer all the family and friends birthdays to my new calendars and notebooks and fingers crossed that mind numbing job will send me scuttling back to the cubbyhole raring to go.  
Tonight is Hogmanay....a time for all us Scots to reflect on the year that is almost over and to toast the new one to come.....a time of great celebration so The Budster and I will be back at midnight to see in the bells with you all and the good news is all this impulse buying has given The Furry Boy lots of goodies to pop into his "Buddy Give-Away" he'll see you all bright and early on the first day of 2011 with the loot from his rummage around the cubbyhole and oh boy has he had one mighty rummage.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hi Kath - I'm afraid hunny that I shall be resolving not to resolve, if you see what I mean! I never keep 'em past February anyway LOL. Thank you, and Buddy of course, for sharing your 2010 with us, it has been a joy, and here's to a happy 2011 for us all. Hugs, Sxx

  2. Morning Kath! And warm hugs for buddy it's mighty cold outside this morning, just wanted to pop by As I read ya blog most mornings after working the grave yard shift your creativity and words always cheer me up!!

    I think I'm in the same boat with impulse buying I've seen some sales online keep putting things in baskets taking them out switching websites my poor hubby's credit card!!

    I think I'll be setting some new resolutions that I hopefully will stick too!! As I won't be up midnight (joys of working nights I'll be zombie by 7pm) tonight I wish you and your family a very happy new year!!

    And a big hug to buddy!!
    Hugs carlyann xx

  3. I don't know anyone who sticks to their new year resolutions, but we all try hard so I think your wee prayer should be what we all say. If I'm not around tonight have a fab hogmany and hugs and cuddles to Buddy too and I'll be back next year for definite. Have a happy and healthy 2011 to you and yours.

  4. I don't do reolutions as I just end up breaking them lol. Have a great New Year when it comes.

  5. Like you rubbish at keeping New Year Resolutions but one that I will keep is - "before leaving for work make sure to make time for a cuppa and a look at Kath's blog"

    All the very best for 2011 Kathx

  6. Hi Kath, Once again I had a smile on my face. Thanks for your well written life story. I'm also a impulsive buyer and I will be the same in 2011. I bought a lot of things which I could use but never did. I always thought it should be this way stop:-)And it makes you feel good on sad days and even on happy days when the mailman leaves a package LOL
    I never make new year promisses, because I know I break my promiss a couple of hours later.
    The only promiss I will make is that I will visit your blog even next year........guess should be easy. Love your storys.
    I hope you will have a great end of 2010 and an even better beginning of 2011.
    Hugs Sinikka

  7. ........|___|...
    ........|000|... Happy New Year!
    ........|000|... per un anno magico.
    ..........\0/..... con affetto
    ...........||..... rosa.kreattiva
    ........._||_.... ♥¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨)

  8. Only started following your blog a few months ago Kath, but oh what a joy they are to read. Really cheers me up lots of the time. The only resolution for me this year (well next) is to lose some more weight. Hope you have a fab 2011 and look forward to seeing more of you then. Take care. x

  9. Oh Kath, I call my cubby hole my Slave Cave, makes people think I do not really want to be here!!!!! It is also bursting at the seams, with a lot of stuff I have also forgotten about and will not attempt.Empblodiery, patchwork and other bit. But one piece of embrodiery with I intend to finish this year, will post it when done!!! now you have my resolution. Every year I make the same one but never win, "Love thy neighbour" Which includes my son-in-law!!!! Shhhhhhh.
    I wish you,Buddy and your family all the best for 2011. xxxxx

  10. Loving the first page Kath but hope that January doesn't bring us more snow - had more than enough of the white stuff to do a long time!
    My resolution this year - to get someway back to how I was about ten years ago - much slimmer and much fitter - but hey that's been my resolution for about ... THE LAST TEN YEARS!!
    Happy 2011 to all.
    Love Ann

  11. Hi Kath,

    I never make New Year resolutions anymore, they only last a few hours.

    Love the calendar page, I made one a couple of years ago, and then afterwards I cut the pages out and put them in a Album. there might be some on my blog somewhere.

    Did you get my email about the Timmie tickets it's so exciting.

    Have a wonderful new year, and see you in 2011.

    Big Hugs Carol xx

  12. I never do resolutions for the new year. I even stopped smoking 17 years ago on boxing day! And as for buying craft supplies, I've become very critical in what I want and buy.
    Have a good Hogmanay. And best wishes for 2011.

  13. I'm with you on the list making - I'm obsessive! I don't think it is good to make resolutions - I call them my New Year 'hopes' and that way I don't feel guilty when I don't quite achieve them all! All good wishes to you :-)

  14. I've decided not to make any resolutions this year as i just break them too. I have decided to live by my motto ~ LIFE IS TOO SHORT...LIVE IT TO THE FULL AND ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. THIS IS NOT THE DRESS REHEARSAL.... THIS IS IT. I tragically lost a friend on the 23rd Dec he was killed after leaving his work night out and being drop off by a taxi at the side of the road a van hit him. I will be living 2011 to the full.

    To you and yours my friend i wish you all the best for 2011, hopefully see you March at SECC. Andy and my Mum both send their love too.

    Luvs ya

    Ali x

  15. First page looks gorgeous - looking forward to the rest. Hope you have a fantastic year ahead x

  16. Hi Kath, Like you there is no point making resolutions when I know I won't be able to keep them. Your first page for January looks great.
    Thanks for sharing 2010 with us, love the little stories and seeing all your fab creations. Here's to a happy 2011 for all of us.

  17. I'm not usually a resolution maker as I break them really quickly. But after receiving some bad news yesterday about my brother I plan to start living life more to the full, it is not a dress rehersal and I intend in 2011 to make every day count!!!!

    Love your blog and look forward to another year of inspiration from you.

    Karen x

  18. HAPPY NEW YEAR Kath - no resolutions will be made by me either - I have no willpower! Love the first calendar page and hope you manage the rest. Thanks for all the support and inspiration you've given throughout 2010. Wishing you, Buddy and the rest of your family Good Health and Happiness in 2011.

    Love Lynda xxx

  19. Kath, just want to say thank you for a wonderful year of blogging and inspiration. Love reading your stories, and Buddies chats too. Have a wonderful evening and see ya next year, warm wishes.

  20. Fingers crossed you manage to get the calendar done! The only resolution I have is to find a career I would like and get a job sorted doing it :) xxx

  21. ahh, as I struggle with making a purchase of items I have to have .... it is a terrible addiction!
    Happy New Year Kath, thanks for the entertainment!


  22. Happy Hogmany Kath. I wish you a great one. Love your January page and look forward to seeing the rest. I'm not making any resolutiones as I only break them. Wishing you a great 2011. Hugs x ChrisB

  23. Lovely blog post Kath! Just popped by to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! Ruby x

  24. Hi lovely lady :)
    No resolutions for me either...willpower is zero!! Love the calendar page...snow has all gone here now(hope we don't have any more)but I guess you still have plenty!
    I wish you and all of your family a very Happy & Healthy 2011 and.....hope to meet you in February! x x ;)

    Carol xxx

  25. Hi Kath. Thank you for such an inspirational year of blogging x I have been only going a few months, but loving every second. We have lots of plans for 2011, and plenty of lists on the go as well lol! Best wishes for the New Year x

  26. Love the first page of your calendar Kath. Hope we don't have too much more of the white stuff.

    Don't think I'll be making any resolutions tho I should probably make one about eating less sweeties, crisps etc.

    All the best for 2011.

    Kat xx


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