Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shapecutter Hints and Tips

Morning's obvious from all the e-mails in my Inbox that lots of you are struggling to use your Fiskars Shapecutter.....have you given up and tossed it to the back of your crafty drawer. You are not alone folks....if my lovely Fiskars buddy Lorraine and I had a pound for every time we have heard "I have one of those and it doesn't work" at the SECC we would be sunning ourselves at the swimming pool of our villa in the South of France with a cocktail in one hand and a mega bank balance in the fear not help is at hand...the Fiskars Cavalry have just ridden into town.  I was going to do a step-by-step tutorial but hey there is an excellent video on the Fiskars Website HERE ....but here are my personal hints and tips to make your Shapecutter Experience successful

1.  The orange disc is the freehand cutter and must be removed to use the Shapecutter Templates
 2.  Always store the Shapecutter back on the plastic base when not in that you don't damage your workspace or the blade
 3.  A Fiskars Cutting Mat is essential because it is specially formulated to allow the blade to glide over the just won't work with any other cutting mat especially the green variety as the blade will dig in and make cutting almost impossible.  And very important...make sure that you can read the Fiskars Logo on the template because if you try and use it the wrong way round you may damage your blade or indeed crack your template.
4.  Pull the Shapecutter towards you on the cutting mat which will align the blade in the correct cutting position and then place the Shapecutter on the template with the blade snug up against the edge...
Using only enough pressure for the base plate to sit on the template...let the Shapecutter do the work and you will end up with one perfectly cut circle

 This is the bit where I am sticking my neck out and may find my P45 landing on the doormat.  In the Fiskars video they mention altering the pressure of the blade when cutting paper or card by swivelling the knob on the top of the Shapecutter and that the maximum weight of card should be 210gsm....well you all know me by now....I am not a "stick by the rules" girl.  I never alter the pressure of the blade because I find that this way works best for me.   You should see the shape release first time round if you are working on paper...but 9 times out of 10 I am working with 300gsm cardstock (oops) I just keep going round the shape until it releases...perhaps twice or even three times.  Voila one perfectly cut circle....done in a few seconds....don't get me wrong I love my Cricut and Big Shot but this little fella is quick and easy and perfect if you just want one shape.

A question we are asked all the long do the blades last?  Well folks that is like the 24 million dollar long is a piece of string?....all depends how often you use your Shapecutter and the type of paper or cardstock you are cutting......but replacement blades are inexpensive...come in packs of two and are available from most craft stores.
Hope this might help you become best friends with your Shapecutter.    And do you think if I ask nicely the Fiskars Cavalry might ride out of the sunset to lend a hand with my Fiskars Project which isn't going well at all.
Will catch up with you all tomorrow to share my New Years Resolution.....oh yeah been there before I hear you say...but this time I am determined to stick to it come hell or high water.
Hugs Kath xxx


janette.tay said...

Good luck with that New Year Resolution, all the very best to you and yours for 2011 - thanks for keeping us all entertained with your blog news - start the day with a cup of tea and your blogxx

Pumpy said...

Hi u two, I have never really got the hang of this Shapecutter, I have a circle and always make a messup of the operation. I will take a link and then when I have time come back to complete my lesson. Like I did with the snowflake. Keep Well and warm all of you and best wishes for 2011. Lovies. xx

Kirsti said...

Mine is in a box in the garage with lots of other 'stuff' to either go on ebay or give away if that fails..heehee

Hope you have a wonderful New Year Kath and will see you soon...lots of love, Kirsti xxx

Viviana Jara (Chile) said...

Hi!!! I´m from Chile. I like to visit your cards are pretty.
Best regards.

Christine B. said...

Hi Kath, Good luck with your project see you tomorrow. Hugs x ChrisB

Jacee said...

Hiya Kath, just popped in to wish you and buddy all the best for the New Year!!
Hugs Jacee

Anonymous said...

Hhm, I'll have another go with mine but i always end up with a 98% perfect circle with a little kink at the start/finish point! I always have to cover that bit with some flowers or bling on a card as it's really noticeable! I'll have a look at the video too.