Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank you Royal Mail

Morning folks....winter has returned with a least another 6" or 7" here over the weekend but it's Christmas Countdown time so we were up bright and early this morning to get started on the Christmas Cook Fest....have decided to keep my options wide open...making loads of home made soup today...stocking up the freezer with lots of winter warming yumminess...that's Plan B in the "Beat The Weather" Christmas Strategy....Plan A will be put into action tomorrow but first I just have to say a big big thank you to Royal Mail and our local posties.....these poor guys come in for a lot of stick from us impatient customers but they are working their socks off at the moment to get the parcels of Christmas cheer delivered in very difficult conditions.....I don't fancy trudging around in this stuff all day.

yes my Amazon parcels have arrived.....I could have kissed Mr Postie when I saw him ploughing his way down the driveway with my Christmas goodies and the more observant of you will notice a little something from Craft prizes for guessing that is for me....well after being marooned in the cubbyhole for nearly 2 weeks and with more bad weather to come....I am going a little bit stir crazy so what better way is there to alleviate the symptoms but have a bit of a crafty online spend...all under the disguise of MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO ME!!!   One or two more still to arrive and then I will come clean and share what Santa brought this year.
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


Kirsti said...

Yes well done to them Kath...we had post delivered yesterday!! Only waiting for 2 non essential things now! Take care and stay warm... Kirsti xx

Ribbon Girl said...

We had parcels delivered yesterday too - Thanks to Royal Mail! hope my sausage casings turn up before Christmas! Oh Buddy I wish Haggis would sit still long enough to keep a Santa Hat on - you are even more handsome than usual!

weewiccababe said...

I emailed Royal Mail about the sterling job my postie has done in this weather.
stay safe and warm Kath

ursula Uphof said...

Good to hear that your pressies are arriving on time. Have fun with them, good luck with the menu planning and stay warm. No problem here, Christmas eve, traditional roast and Christmas day relaxing with cold meats, yummy salads and ice cream cake. Warm wishes

Anne said...

Have fun with all your Santa to you pressies ---mmmm wonder what they are -- look forward to your reveal !!!
Keep cosy and see you soonest
Anne xxx

Christine B. said...

Hi Kath, glad to see your presents to you got through. I have two to come yet. We had 6" of snow Friday night and it's still here and extremely cold. Keep warm , looking forward to your reveal. Hugs to you and Buddy. xxChrisB

Jacee said...

Thats great Kath, I'm so pleased your parcel arrived.

Kat said...

Lucky you Kath, I haven't seen my postie since last Wednesday! I don't blame him at all as the roads round here are horrendous. Lucky to have a farm next door and he does what he can but the annoying bit is someone else is being paid to clear the road with a tractor and snowplough. But if the snowplough has been past and there are drifts in the middle of the road what does that show. Looks to me as if the snowplough has not been anywhere near the ground. But how lucky am I? I've managed to get to work every day even if my boss doesn't appreciate what a struggle it is.

Parcels look interesting! I love getting a parcel from Craft Obsessions it always comes so quickly.

Speaking of posties I'm never sure who has the worst job at this time of year the postie or the counter staff. Least the postie hasn't got customers deaving him all the time!!

Kat xx

Lynda said...

Glad you got your parcels Kath especially the crafting one! I still haven't received the one you sent me a couple of weeks ago - there's still a huge backlog at the sorting office apparently but I will let you know as soon as I get it! Keep safe and warm.

Love Lynda xxx

Sarah A said...

Good old Roayl Mail, those poor posties always get such a hard time but who else would risk life and limb to bring our crafty goodies?? Love Craft Obsessions- their customer service is amazing!
Sarah x

Serendipity Stamping said...

Christmas presents to ourselves, isn't it wonderful We always get exactly what we want. Can't wait to see what you got yourself. What did you get Buddy? Promise I won't tell.


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