Monday, December 6, 2010

Daring Cardmakers Challenge

Morning folks.....I've had a twiddling the old thumbs and slowly cracking up kind of a weekend but more of that in a mo.....I managed to get a card made for this month's birthstone challenge over at Daring Cardmakers...crikey it's been ages since I had time to play along and it's my favourite kind of card....lots of white space.....really quick and simple but great for the mass Christmas production line.

This month's birthstone is....
"If cold December gave you birth
The month of snow and ice and mirth
Place on your hand a turquoise blue
Success will bless whate'er you do."

Hero Arts....K5107 Screen Shadow
Sentiment...Hero Arts...CL462 Magic of Christmas
Distress Ink....Broken China
Gems.....Hero Arts
Cord from Simply Create

and check out the cool prize from Flourish With A Bling

The cubbyhole has turned into a madhouse.....a bit of a saga so it may be a good idea to make yourselves a cuppa and find a comfy sofa before I pour my heart out to you you ever have the feeling that you are losing your marbles...that perhaps you are going a little bit doo lally or does this just happen to it my age or have I upset someone.   I received a last minute commission from Fiskars hours before I left for NYC deadline last as soon as I got back I set to work and to my surprise it all went swimmingly...I told you I work better when my back is up against the the swish of a coo's tail the projects were completed....photographed...instructions written and duly e-mailed....isn't technology wonderful.   Now I have to send the originals off in the post...well that's easier said than of the blighters has gone AWOL...nowhere to be found....disappeared off the face of the's an 8" x 8" scrapbook layout so it's not exactly a teeny tiny item....but I'm darned if I can find it despite doing that old trick of where did I last see it....if it wasn't for the photographic evidence I would wonder if it was all a figment of my imagination.
And just when you think it can't get any worse I have another last minute commission (what other kind are there) to do for the Fiskars 2011 Catalogue...deadline today...4 projects to make with a fabulous new piece of kit (and no I can't tell you what it is's top secret) they sent me a video link and I coudn't wait to get my hands on it and have a I worked my socks off last week to clear my workdesk ready for the goodies arriving but the parcel couriered to arrive last Wednesday hasn't turned up yet probably due to the "bring the whole country to a standstill" weather we've been having and not even this old crafter who has been there...seen it...done it and got the T Shirt can conjure up 4 projects out of thin air with nothing to work with.
Well I could take myself off to bed....snuggle under the duvet and have a nervous breakdown but I've got a better idea....put the kettle on...look out a Michael Buble CD...let's face it folks life could be considerably worse if Wagner hadn't been voted off X I'm off to have a little play until the missing goodies turn up....and the magic word is CHILL....
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: hi folks just noticed that the "W" in the word Wonder hasn't stamped a little crafty tip...take a black fine liner pen to fill in the outline.....all sorted and no-one will ever know


kathleen said...

Morning Kath and Buddy.Well with the weather you have you certainly will be able to Chill.Pleased to see you don't get your knickers in a twist.
Have a good day and i hopr your goodies arrive soon.

Kathleen x

ursula Uphof said...

Enjoy the chill,not the outdoor one. Good luck when your parcel arrives, it will be full steam ahead. warm wishes

Saskia said...


Lovely to see your beautiful work at daring cardmakers!!!! Thanks for joining us!

Sweet greetings, Saskia :)
(guest designer)

Wiccababe said...

as you say Kath, there's no point getting bent out of shape about the missing parcel.
No idea what you could've done with the layout though lol
gorgeous card - less is definitely more
have a great day

janette.tay said...

Gorgeous card, you are a tonic Kathx

Ribbon Girl said...

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON - oh dear Kath, hope you find your layout also hope Buddy hasn't er 'given it away .........?' have you looked in your rubbish bin - that's usually where my 'lost' items are to be found. Best of luck with your project once the courier arrives with the goodies for you, Mary x

nnalorac said...

Oooo Michael Buble a definite must Kath, you'll be all weak at the knees, hey, dvd even better,mmmn, maybe not, nothing would get done in the cubbyhole! Love the card as always. Carolxx

Unknown said...

Hi Kath its beautiful !
Ageeth x

Minami said...

The card is lovely. I lvoe the contrast on the turqoise on white, they go so well together.

As for your stressful time, i hope everything works out for you and that the item you are waiting for will turn up today

Lynda said...

A stunning card Kath - that turquoise just pops straight out - love it! Thanks for joining in with us at Daring Cardmakers. Hope you find your project very soon. I'm always losing stuff - try the most inappropriate place and you may find it lol. You weren't taking a picture of it out in the snow and it's got buried - just a thought!

Love Lynda xxx

Christine B. said...

Hi Kath and Buddy. Lovely card. Hope your managing to chill ok. Have you looked in your scrapbook pages?. I have lost things and they have never reappeared. I have a huge black hole in my craft room. Hope your parcel turns up soon. Good Luck Hugs x ChrisB

Lin said...

Oh, yes, I've been glad to see I'm not alone. Good thing is, everything always sorts itself out. You'll find that layout and all will be well. I'm sure that as I'm writing this, your package has arrived and you're off and running!

Kathy said...

What a beautiful card for our turquoise birthstone challenge, Kath
I hope by now you've found the missing project....

Kathy Rogers said...

You want snow, well here's mine. Thankfully its melting now, but I see you got more. I'm so over it now.

Anne said...

Really COOL card Kath !!
Look for something else and the elusive project will appear !
Keep cosy
Anne xxx

Kat said...

What a great quick card Kath. Love this colour. I think I'll need to do some of that kind soon. I need to make a Sympathy card before any more Christmas cards since I prevaricated about making it last night. BTW have you tried asking Buddy where the missing layout is?

Kat xx

BethanyR said...

Beautiful card! Yes there are times in life where the best thing to do is CHILL....I "lost" one of my cricut cartridges last year and just about had to take apart my craftroom piece by piece to find it as I knew it was there! Finally found it plugged into my machine!

Laila said...

Oh, I love your card. Though it's very "simple" it really stands out. Love the colours :O)
Hugs Laila

Rein said...

Lovely winter card,
Thanks for joining us at DCM.