Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Big "C" Word

Morning All
A real lazy day yesterday ....a bit of washing and the usual domestic stuff after 3 days of hubby being left home alone...some blog hopping...can't believe I go away for three days and you all go into a crafting frenzy...struggling to keep up with you all.
I've now gone from Card Mode to Christmas...The Big "C" Word Mode....well that's not strictly true ..am still just thinking about Christmas..and it's quite scary....there ain't a lot of days left before the big chubby man in the red suit starts climbing down everybody's chimney.....am I panicking....YES..YES..YES. The Christmas Cake is made....so how does Coffee and Cake sound for Christmas Dinner...to be honest give me a couple of bowls of Scotch Broth and a big slab of cake and I'd be happy....why every year do we stuff our faces until our bodies are fit to burst....."Oh I couldn't eat another thing" and then a couple of hours later....we are all sparawled on the sofas watching the DVD's we got in our stockings and start all over again with the nibbles and the choccies....surprise....surprise we then wonder why our digestive system goes into meltdown for the next week.
I have always been a "rushin at the last minute gal"  but every year up to now by Christmas Eve I am sitting with my feet up sipping a glass of wine and stuffing myself silly with mince pies and wondering what all the fuss was about.   Let's hope this year is no different.
For anyone of a nervous disposition....please look away now....I don't want to be responsible for any of you collapsing with shock but I am now off to M&S to buy some Christmas Cards......shock horror.....I know I feel so guilty but time has just run out on me this year....there is no way I can make all my cards before Christmas......unless you are all prepared to wait until Christmas 2009.
Have some personal birthday cards to make today and once they are done and dusted...hoping to get my card for 2Sketches4You done.    Catch up with you all later......Hugs Kath xxxxxx

P.S. A little reminder......last day to be in with a chance of winning my Blog Fest Candy Give-Away.
Just a few days to go before "BIG NEWS".


  1. Right Mrs...
    You're driving me nuts with the 'BIG NEWS' thing...I've even tried insider sources, but she's not spilling the beans either!!! Bloody infuriating the pair of you....Glad you had a lovely time in London (even if you did see 'The Sound Of Music', I told you Wicked, not some crap about Austians during the war, Dawny P would have loved that)
    Gayle x

  2. i know what you mean Kath i have to buy mine this year too. Naughty step for the pair of us this year lol.


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