Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sneaky Peek Time

Morning's Sneaky Peek Thursday again and the weather man got it wrong overnight's raining and the snow that we had has now turned to a mushy mess....yuck.

Penny Black Saturday.......
Tag You're It.........
I struggled with my DT stuff this mojo just seems to have gone and left me ....can't blame it really..after all those Christmas's probably gone off somewhere calm and relaxing for a wee bit of a holiday...but hey could have left a note to let me know when he will be back.
And talking of holidays...I am off to London tomorrow for a girly weekend with my Sis and Niece...a belated birthday treat.....soooo.... looking forward to it but hey don't have any clothes to pack...they are all in the ironing pile so off to put the kettle on and get stuck in. 
I have scheduled my "Tag You're It" and "Penny Black" posts for Friday and Saturday...fingers crossed it never know with Mr Blogger....I don't know what his problem is at the moment...but he really is a pain in the butt........relax..... I am too busy to have a full scale rant today.....
Will catch up with you all when I get back on Sunday evening.......happy crafting in the meantime.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Hope you have a fantastic weekend in London you lucky lady!! Dont pack an excuse to buy! Sneaky peaks look great!

    Look forward to hearing all the gossip from your girly weekend..look out comes Kath!

  2. Hi Kath
    Hope you have a lovely time...
    Go and see the show 'Wicked' if you get a chance, it's amazing!
    Gayle x

  3. Hi Kath, have a fabulous weekend in London. Its piddling down here today too so bring a brolly! lol. joey x

  4. Have a fantastic time away Kath, I bet the time away will bring Mr Mojo running back with his tail between his legs!


    Amanda xxx

  5. Oh you really are a naughty girl teasing us all like this... look forward to seeing the finished creations...

    Make sure you have a fab time in London & we want all the details upon your return.

    Happy travels
    Lorraine xxx

  6. You must have a wonderful time in London with your family. Hugs from Desire

  7. Have a fantastic time in London Kath! Debbie x

  8. we have had rain instead if snow too, but it has then frozen and made black ice!
    Have a really lovely time in London!
    Enjoy and see you when you come back!

    lots of love

  9. Have a super time Kath, catch up Sunday!

  10. Wow what a treat, hope your going to catch a show!!
    Sneaky peeks look fab as always cant wait for TYI tommorrow it's the highlight of my week at the moment hee hee!!

    have a great time !

    Emma xxx


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