Sunday, December 28, 2008

What am I up to to-day

What am I up to to-day....well you may ask.....a-ripping and a-tearing and not my fave crafty kind of ripping and tearing....OH NO.....thought I would make a start on all the entries for Blog Candy No 3 and not leave it until the last minute like I did last week....over 100 entries already....why...oh...why....didn't I choose to do Random Generator....a slight error of thinks...

30 done....just another 70 or so to do......
Hubby is hard at work on the make-over of the cubby hole....just as well you can't hear the ***  *** words....cover your ears Buddy!!!! and it is chaos....and it didn't exactly help his mood when I informed him I have my DT stuff to get finished for the middle of the week and BIL's birthday card for Tuesday morning so I really need him to be finished now....oops.....more *** *** words.    He's got the easy job...I then have to get all the stuff back onto the shelves and if you are like me.....there will lots of moving around until I get everything in the right place. 

It will give me another large work area and lots of storage space underneath for the stuff that just seems to arrive at my door from time to time......or is it just another area to clutter up...and an excuse to buy more stuff.....will keep you posted if it ever gets to crack the whip and get the worker going or I may be paying my local card shop another visit.   Hope to have some stuff to share tomorrow...well what do you think.....will it ever be finished?    Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Hope you get your work area done soon! Need to tidy my craft room yet again can just about find space to stand!:-)

  2. Heheheh! I've already tidied up my workspace (dining table) and it was a bit of a shock as to how much stuff I have... still room for a bit more eheheheh!!

  3. oooh lovely!
    and yes I would have to take ages to sort all the stuff before I could get crafting again!
    am tidy and ready to get crafting in mine. First time in ages!

    good luck with the draw!

  4. I'll never get my room all cleared up - great that you're getting some more storage! ~chris

  5. It's always fun to let them know that there are deadlines they weren't anticipating right in the middle of a project! LOL! I'm sure it will be a great finished product! I can't wait to see it!

  6. ROFL... well I will say this you've got patience girl..HEAPS more than me... I'd have given up by now tearing up those tiny pieces of paper.
    Just think how many cards you could have made..the time it must've taken
    Lovin' your new cubby hole and I'm sure you will get it finished in time... jealous too cos I could do with some of that space :D
    Chris xx

  7. I bet it gets done (maybe)! I'm in the middle of packing up all of the Christmas crafty this-and-thats. It's a real mess right now!

  8. Hpe you get it sorted soon Kath, I just LOVE reading your blog, think you are a star!!! Happy NEw YEar, Jules xx

  9. lol@ you ripping & tearing all those bits of paper.
    im so jealous of your new cubby hole,ive still to find a new craft space in my house,had a new dining table for xmas...and im not allowed to craft on so if its alright by you,can you send your hubby round once finished so he can help me cant wait to see what it looks like after you put all your new craft things in it.good luck with the ripping & tearing.ive still got my figers crossed.
    happy new year2009 to you & your family
    hugs clare xx

  10. Oh My Kath ...lovin those**** words rofpsml......
    I do hope all calm has resumed in the Stewart Household...and things are nearly back to an orderfly manner now!!!!
    Just keep tellin him....It will Be worth it when it`s done !!!!(for you of course)
    `Thanks` for the lovely b`day wishes `gorgeous` Lady...Hey I must weigh an extra stone with all that cake crisps sasauge rolls and food that I`v indulged in......all foods that I shouldnt eat!!! ...what the heck....
    Have a great Tuesday!!:)~X~

  11. Hope your crafty space gets sorted soon and you don't get too more **** words from your hubby.
    Funny about items arriving at your door...happens to me too, this morning in fact...Lol
    Emma x


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