Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ooh Yummy Christmas Cake

Life is slowly returning to normal at Chez Kath....well as near to normal as it ever gets here.....woke up to a picture postcard winter wonderland....what a perfect day to bake my Christmas decided to do my DT stuff working at the kitchen table all snug and cosy whilst the cake was baking away in the oven....put on a Christmas CD and settled down to work....let me tell you the smell was driving me insane.......even The Budster was lying right next to the oven dreaming like only dogs do....can't imagine what he could smell....his sense of smell being hundreds of times more powerful than mine.  I love any kind of fruit cake and especially love the rich dark bridal type of Christmas Cake but the family don' about 25 years ago I found this recipe for a Golden Christmas Cake in a magazine and have been making it ever is absolutely delish and it disappears like "snaw aff a dyke" as we say in this neck of the woods...(translation....snow off a wall).   Well enough wittering let's get on with the important is the recipe for all you Christmas Cake Lovers out there...and if you give it a try.....let me know what you think.....

12 oz. Self Raising Flour
1 level tsp. Mixed Spice
1/2 level tsp. Nutmeg
6oz. Caster Sugar
1lb.1oz. Sultanas
2oz. Glace Cherries
4oz. Mixed Peel
(if you don't like peel, leave it out and add more cherries)
2 Large or 3 Medium Eggs
6oz. Margarine ( I prefer to use Stork)
9 tbsps. Milk
1 tsp. Almond Essence
Sieve Flour, Nutmeg and Mixed Spice together into a bowl.  Add all the remaining ingredients and beat together with wooden spoon (too much like hard work...I do mine in the food mixer) until mixture is well combined and has a soft dropping consistency.
Cook for 1.1/2  to 2 hours...Oven 325F......170C or 150C for a fan oven
If the cake is beginning to get too brown on the top...I cover it with greaseproof paper.
Test with a knife and if the knife comes out clean...your cake is ready.
I like to cover the outside of my baking tin with brown paper....just the type you use to wrap a parcel...I find that it prevents the outside of the cake becoming overcooked before the middle is ready.
All set for the oven - check out the sticky finger thinks I have already been dipping in the bowl....well the cook has to have a taste.....
And the best bit cleaning every last scrummy morsel from the bowl...believe me if my tongue was long would be right in there.
I know someone who's tongue would definitely do the job.....but he ain't getting any....he's not into sharing. scrummylicious Golden Christmas Cake.....just marzipan and icing to do.....but I need to get this out of temptation's way pretty quick..I have been known to have been tempted in the past and ended up having to make another cake....absolutely no willpower when it comes to cake.
Catch up with you all later.......Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Oh God I am drooling looking at that cake - I can almost smell it. My mum used to make the most wonderful ones (she did wedding cakes etc) - I haven't dared have a go yet so always end up at Mr Marks and Mr Spencer for mine lol xxx Well I might just have a bash at your recipe Mrs K - will let ya know and thanks for sharing xxxx

  2. Oh boy I aint no cook but perhaps this year that will change & I will try your recipe as your baked cake looks simply delicious.... oh my belly wants a piece now....

    Big hugs & kisses
    Lorraine xxx

  3. oooohhhh yummmmmm you are seriously testing my dieters resolve here Mrs!!! Good job the pc doesn't have smellovision or else I'd be a gonner!! I love Xmas cake and yours looks fandabbidosy :)


    Amanda xxx

  4. oh my word Kath, i am salivating as we speak....mmmmmmm yummy..
    no one likes Christmas cake in our house except me, so i end up going with out...but..i'm going to copy your recipe and may have a go and make a right pig of myself...mmmm..
    thanks for sharing hun.
    glad to hear that you are feeling better. hugs rachxx

  5. GOsh this looks divine, I am going to try it this weekend, do you think I would be able to add some chopped nuts and walnuts?? I like them in Christmas cake. THanks Jules

  6. Hi Kath, thanks for coming back to me so quickly regarding the nuts!!!! I wanted to say I have been reading your blog for ages, I love checking in on you and your creations!! Bet you are glad you have got all the orders out of the way!!! Jules

  7. Hi Kath, oh this looks yummy !! I can almost smell the aroma coming from my pc, lol
    So you are a lady of many talents !!! My nan used to bake alot of yummy cakes - I do miss them, I just dont have the time, wish I did - I love baking !!

  8. Hi Kath, I had a couple of days to catch up on your blog. Thanks for making my smile. Your cake looks delicious. I do have a countdown calendar on top of my blog but I don't really look at it. Christmas is not about what you eat or what you will wear in our house but just being together so we choose food we like, guests we like and wear what we like. I do have to brave the stores but I'll survive.
    I like your PBSC card. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    I'll stop rambling now and read some more blogs. Don't feel like crafting.

  9. Kath I wasn't feeling too christmasy until I saw your cake it reminded me of being at my nan's at christmas........I used to have such a lovely time.............. thanks for jogging my memory!

    Emma xxx

  10. Oh My God - it looks good enough to eat!!!! LOL
    Well I was Rofliiiing!! at "The Snaw' Aff A Dyke"
    My old supervisor (Eeee! it sounds funny me saying that now - it's only been a month since I left) used to say that all the time about the sweets and cakes folks used to bring in to eat, by the time he got up for his tea - the were all gone!!!