Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I dooo....not beeelieve it....

I don't believe this.....I have just had an e-mail from Simply Cards & Papercrafts checking that the four boxes have arrived safely and to say that the last 2 boxes have been sent off today.....OMG.....I think I may have to move house......how much more stuff can there be.....never mind folks this just means lots more blog candy.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. WOW! Lucky duck you! Finding places for goodies is a good kind of problem. ~chris

  2. Yay!!! More boxes for you!!! How much fun you must be having!

  3. Oh, you lucky, lucky thing!
    Make sure you keep some for yourself though lol!

    Suze x

  4. Told ya...plenty of room here, but you've no chance of getting anything back!!!
    Gayle x

  5. lmao haha you know where I am if you wanna share some!! xxx

  6. Lol laughing at Gayle. You'll find space, if all else fails there is always the floor lol. I've left you a wee something on me blog.

  7. wow how many santas do you know, coz his elves sure have been busy this year, much deserved though may I add, have a fab time opening up yet another two boxes of crafty magic..........

    Emma xxx

  8. ROFL... I find it difficult enough to find room to hide Christmas presents... finding room for all those goodies will be a task in itself.
    Think your hubby might find his side of the wardrobe being full of crafty stuff instead of things to wear...lol
    Chris xx

  9. Well you need to do something on those cold wintery nights (besides crafting of course) might be worth asking how much mores to come and get hubby building an extension for you ;)

  10. Hehehehe!!! Make the boxes into little houses for the boys!


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