Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at Chez Kath

Christmas Day was a fairly lazy affair this year at Chez Kath, just Hubby..No 1 Son..Me  and "The Budster". It was great not having the mad scramble of cooking for loads of folks but I did miss having my special little fellas here. Managed to resist the temptation to open pressies until about 10.00am and then of course "The Budster" took over, I'm sure he has a parcel fetish-it was bedlam until every one had been opened.

It's Mine and I ain't sharing.........
And then on Saturday my special little fellas came to see if Santa had left anything for them at Grandma's House and it was more frantic parcel opening....
Need any help Oliver?
Well another Christmas come and gone in a flash and we are now fast approaching the end of another year....2009 beckons and I wonder what that will bring, who knows, just have to wait and see.  Holidays over and back to work - DT challenge stuff to do and some personal birthday cards.
Catch up with you all later.....Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Ohh bless Buddy - he looks like he is having a fine old time. Bet he loved the paper as much as his prezzies. And the boys as well - ohh they are growing up Kath xxxx Gald you all had a fab time xxxxx

  2. lol our Ty opens his presents like the budster! never seeen it before! your little fellas look like they got some lovely bits...
    Happy New Year to you Kath and yours, hope its a good one xx

  3. Looks like the boys and Buddy had fun opening up their pressies!!

    Love the photo of him looking over the wee mans shoulder!

    Much love Tina x

  4. Such gorgeous pictures Kath :) Boxing day was our mad-house day, but such good fun!
    All three boys look like they enjoyed their presents!!

    Carol x

  5. Aww gorgeous photos Kath
    The Bud is just a bit gentle furry giant - he looks very protective in the second last photo - it's just adorable!
    The furry ones just love paper don't they!!


  6. Looks like Buddy had a wonderful Christmas.

  7. Those are great pictures! My pooch opened his new toy Christmas morning and didn't show much interest in it until the next day! He gets a new "baby" every year, which is basically anything with a squeaky in it! Buddy seems to be really liking his gift!

  8. Aw `Fantastic` photos Kath....Thats what makes Christmas sooo special...priceless moments and piccies for sure....Your grandchildren are beautiful:)
    Budster looks just as exited to be joining in with all the fun!!!!
    Have a great Evening:)~x~

  9. Looks like a fun time was had by all - especially Buddy! My little guys just go and hide in the clothes closet till it's all over, but the little ones make up for it. We had a hit with a Thomas set this year too! Happy New Year! Stay warm and safe. ~chris

  10. Hey Kath, do me a favour? can ya get yourself an email subscrition service like feedblitz or feedburner? I love your blog but can't check back on yours and all my other fav's everyday. With this service, (apparently easy to set up though I admit DH did it for me), I and anyone else who finds it convenient, can get an email every time you post new fun stuff! thanks!

  11. Budster looks like he had almost if not more fun opening his pressies than the
    Fabby photos Kath.. looks like you had a wonderful day and your special little fella's look adorable :D
    Chris xx

  12. Hi KAth
    Glad you had a great day ..looks like you all had a lot of fun
    Pauline x


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