Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HELP.....It's Not Working

Morning Everybody.....it's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness and believe me I am definitely not a happy bunny.....for starters I didn't get even the tiniest morsel of that yummy steak pie and here I am trying to do my best to declutter the cubbyhole and what does Mum go and do....well folks you don't need a degree in rocket science to make an educated guess that my little plan isn't working...but more about that in a minute.
I'm like a dog with a bone and I definitely ain't going to give up on my mission....so here's another bunch of goodies up for grabs.....

Bo Bunny Papers
Huge sheet of Bo Bunny Stickers
Stampin Up.....Happy Moments Stamp Set 
Ribbons and flowers

And here's my dilemma....when we had our heart to heart chat about the cubbyhole bursting at the seams I suggested we had a bit of a clear-out....."brilliant idea" she said when all the time she was planning her next crafty spend.....she is not on this doggy's wavelength at all....has she no thought for my safety in the workplace.....I am fed up of being tripped over and aroused from my slumbers when stuff lands on my head.....and sure as night is day guess what turned up at the cubbyhole yesterday.....YES MORE BLINKING PARCELS....new Timmie Holtz stuff that she just had to have.
But what's a boy to do....it's a real "farting against thunder"....."hitting my head off a stone wall" situation and I am at my wit's end.....is there no cure for this crafty obsession with Tim Holtz parcels.   I just hope that all my lovely bloggy buds can help me out......leave me a comment here with your suggestion as to how I can stop my Mum's addiction to this stuff and my parcel of goodies will be winging it's way to the person that comes up with the best solution.     Get your thinking caps on folks....you have until midnight on  Sunday 3 October to come up with the cure.  To be honest I don't blame my Mum...between you and I she is absolutely besotted by this Tim Holtz guy....so it's all his fault and apparently this is who my Mum is meeting up with in only......
well I may just have something to say about that....I think he should high tail it over here right now and face the music...see how he likes being squashed up in the cubbyhole amongst all his clutter.  Off to try and catch a bit of a kip....with one eye open for falling debris.....see you all later


Stamps and Paper said...

HI Buddy - I know just how your mum feels but I think she ought to start up a C.A club, Crafters Anonymous that way all the members could bring in their 'extra stash' and then they could swap this way no more money would be spent but you would have new crafting goodies to play with....but on the other hand we dont want to put the poor posties out of a job do we....

Hugs Anne

Ribbon Girl said...

Buddy you should take her plastic card away (but I bet she's memorised the details) - you could move down here but our west highland white terrorist wouldn't be too happy! Buddy - have you tried crafting yourself - you know what they say - if you can't beat them - JOIN THEM! I know you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you don't sound very old to me ... Mary

Squirrel x said...

Oh Buddy,mate, you really are up against it there! Perhaps the use of a judiciously placed chew/nibble on something might get the hint across ...... Hugs, Sxx

Carol D said...

Oh dear Buddy. I afraid there is no cure, maybe you could hide her purse.
But keep up the good work, though I think you have a neverending job there, sounds like there's more coming in then going out.

can't believe you didn't get any of that lovely steak pie surely Mum and Dad didn't eat it all by themselves.

Big Hugs Carol xx

scrappyjacky said...

I think the only way to get her attention off the crafty stuff....would need to be very extreme......you may need to feign a life threatening decline....to get all her attention on you.....instead of on looking at new craft stash!!

Sarpreet said...

hi Buddy, just popped up on here before I flew, your post made me smile - craftannonymous sounds like a good idea to me Anne! such gorgeous goodies.

Rosietoes said...

Hi there young man! I'm afraid there is no cure that has as yet been discovered for the Lord Timmy addiction.
Perhaps it's a case of letting sleeping dogs lie and giving you a little more space so that you can avoid the overspill of goodness in the cubby hole.
Maybe if Mum ordered a special tasty treat with each parcel you would look forward to them arriving instead of dreading it and your beautiful bushy tail would wag with anticipation and delight.
Hope it works out Buddy.

Edna x

The Fairy said...

Hi there Buddy, we have a little dog of the same name, what a small world. Aaww you poor thing, the thing is Buddy your mum is addicted to craft shopping and she needs some help with it. Can I suggest that I put myself forward to be your mum's "craft addict buddy" (I'm not trying to replace you Buddy, no way but I think you could do with a little help here. Your mum needs to keep spending on new craft goodies as this is the best cure to try and get it out of her system As a craft addict buddy, my main role is to make your life more comfortable and safe (no more things crashing down on your head)and the best way I can help you and your mum is to offer to take all your mum's new stash and keep it for myself, a sacrifice I know but that's what buddy's are all about. Chin up Buddy and hugs to you and your mum xxx

Dragonlady said...

Hi Buddy,

I'm just jealous, your Mum is so lucky getting Tim Holtz stuff - there are a lot of people addicted to him.
You could start being destructive with her goodies, chewing the odd storage box or its contents - but no that may back fire and you could be banned from the cubbyhole.
You could growl at the postie when he is about to deliver a new parcel?
But it could take something more drastic - surgically remove her credit card!!!

Good luck Hugs Ali x

weewiccababe said...

sorry Buddy, there is no cure - it's terminal. and I fear you may be taking in a lodger, she may well just kidnap an unsuspecting Mr Holtz and smuggle him home with her :)

Suzanne said...

Annes sounds like a good plan - however, I am afraid Debs is right...watch out Mr Holtz and Buddy...just let her be! You have no wish to see her when she is having withdrawal symptons if you try and stop her, lol
Suzanne x

paperpapier said...

I agreed with Stamps and Paper..start a Crafter Stash Swap..a win-win situation for all parties.

Kirsti said...

OMG Buddy - how can your mother contemplate giving this gorgeous stash away - I LOVE IT!!!...Kirsti xxx

Kat said...

Sorry to say this Buddy but I agree with some of the others that there is no known cure for this affliction. I think the only thing you can do is encourage Mum to recycle her stash and failing that to do it yourself. As for the the stuff landing on you when you're snoozing the only thing you can do is choose very carefully where you lie down. Maybe you'd be safer lying on a chair or sofa out of harm's way.

Take care Buddy,

Kat xx

nnalorac said...

Hey Buddy, look on the bright side! I'm sure your lovely mummy wouldn't swap you for the world if it came down to choosing Timmie verses Buddy! Luv the goodies your kindly giving away! nnalorac.xx

Julia Dunnit said...

No cure Buddy, but can I recommend you start chasing the Postman in the old tradition? That might get a few unpacking of parcel sessions sorted!

Ann Rosie said...

Oh Buddy - what a dilemma. How can I possibly give you any idea how to stop your mum's crafty purchases when the cubby hole is already probably bursting at the seams - it's just something that we crafters are destined to do - spend, spend, spend on more delicious goodies. I've had a severe talking to myself many times to no avail.

I can only suggest that you find yourself a little crash helmet to wear when keeping mum company in the cubby hole. Maybe it could have a little hourly treat dispenser attached!!

Hugs Ann

Stampersue said...

Hiya Buddy - Your post made me laugh - you have my sympathy old lad! My mistress has a similar problem - we tried everything even cutting up her card but she was just so upset - going through boxes and boxes of tissues. The only way to stop her crying was to give her a new card. Sorry mate there is no known cure - you'll just have to live with it.

Blogged by Max the Cat for his mistress - Stampersue X

Linda said...

Oh Budddy I am going to read all the comment because I have the same problem my cat Max is sleeping in a shelf these days to avoid fall stuff. I like the Crafters Anonymous idea. But you know if the bills are paid and food is on the table, I say we have to help the economy. Right
Sorry Buddy I am no help but I sure would love to take that stuff off your hands.

kathleen said...

Hi Buddy i think you are hitting your head against a brick wall if you expect you Mum to stop buying.You have no chance mate.Just grin and bear it.

Kathleen x

Pinkcoke said...

Hi Buddy this is a serious case needing systematic rules: the no. of items coming into the house (either gifted or bought!) must be at least 10% less than the no. leaving! (again gifted or sold) That way the stockpiles should only ever decrease!

I also suggest making a chart to record the no.s each week and maybe if she's really good- there can be a treat once in a while! (only one mind...or this system could be ruined!)

Good luck and best wishes!

Kelly Massman said...

Buddy, I think you need to lay out some ground rules. Be firm but sweet! I know you can be sweet, because how could you not be sweet with that adorable face! Your lady MUST make at least 20 projects before she can buy anything (except adhesive)! If she buys one more thing before the 20 projects are completed, she'll just have to have another giveaway (and she'll have to pick her favorite collection)! I think that will work! Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

Sally said...

Hi Buddy,
I don't think you can cure your mum...First of all she has to "want" to be cured and that just isn't going to happen...I know, I'm a crafter too, but I can tell you...you need to tell her each time she gets a new parcel then you get a new pouch of top of the line doggy treats! That way when the crafty bits are falling on your head they won't hurt so much and in your slumbers you can be dreaming of your next new on the market doggy treat. Good Luck Buddy...I think you're gonna need it...she's in way too deep! LOL

jules said...

Hi Buddy.... what good ideas so far ... i think she should be happy you haven't moved out old man. Just bear with it cos there isnt a lot anyone can do.. just keep your paws crossed she gets the message and cuts down on the new stuff ...... good luck buddy
hugs jules xx

Alex said...

Buddy, there is no known cure for crafters i'm afraid, I tried, but after a year I fell of the wagon!!! Hmmm drastic actions are required me thinks, how about introducing a new puppy, or even worse how about encouraging her to take up stamp collecting, at least then if anything falls on to you, it will just flutter!!! lol A loving the idea of Crafters Anonymous, Anne got in there before most of us on that one lol x

Christine B. said...

Hi Buddy I'm sorry to say your on a loser. I've not heard of a crafter that as given up spending ever. What you need to do is send Lord Timmie a doggie e- mail and ask him to send doggie treats out with every purchase of his products. You could snooze and dream of all those lovely parcels arriving. Carry on helping your Mum with the clear out the goodies are lovely. Hugs x ChrisB

Sue said...

Hi Buddy
lol fabulous post again, the only thing you can do to stop mummy spending is to go and buy it all for her, then she wouldnt need to spend her pennies, there would be no parcels getting in your way!!!

Must say the pie looked bloody gorgeous fancy not sharing with you, wicked mummy!!!
See you 2moro, sue,xx

Dawn said...

ROFL - Buddy I'm afraid your mum was lost to the crafty stuff a long time ago and ain't no coming back from that! BUT you could try chewing up her credit card, putting your paws over her eyes when she's on that square box thingy or how about tying her to her chair and taping up her hands, if all else fails just head for the hills Buddy - nothing else for it and when Tim Holtz reaches our shores batten down the hatches and just zzzz it out on your favourite sofa - it'll all be over soon but beware 'cos mum will never be the same again ..... ROFL!!

Furry hugs


Anne said...

Hi Buddy ! how naughty of your mum not letting you have a taste of the Timitized steak pie !!!And as for the Cubbyhole bursting ay the seams ----- Check mum's jeans 'cos did she eat pie ??? He he !!
Crafty Mum's Rule !!! So There's No Stopping Them Shopping , But as long as there's a few tasty doggie morsels amongst the shopping -- who cares !!
Love and wags Muffin and Freebie ---
Woofles !!!!!!!!!

Kelli said...

Buddy, I'm getting my mum to type this, I don't have opposable thumbs and my paws are too big for the keyboard.
Every once in awhile mum goes through her piles of scrapping stuff and puts the stuff she never uses in a box. Then she takes pictures of it and posts it on her blog, on Facebook, etc. and be darned if it doesn't sell right away. She's happy with this, it means some other crafty person gets new to her stuff, and mom gets some more money to buy more stuff. Not sure about that logic, but it means I don't lose my spot on the floor.
Mum tries to follow a rule, 'if you buy something new, you have to get rid of something old'. Seems likes a good idea!
Mum has also been known to donate stuff to the school for the scrapbooker's club.
Sincerely, Linus, the other scrappy Golden boy.

Wrightboysmum said...

I have been having a right giggle at the suggestions Buddy. I have none to add other than tell her to get your doggy treats sent at the same time and you'll be happy. Bribery is aways a good plan lol. You could always threaten to drool Sir Tim to death if no treats arrive :-).

HazelQ said...

Hi Buddy, sorry to hear about your mum addiction, i think you should hide her credit cards for a few days or weeks lol but you know your mum is being very generous by giving a job to the posties right?
Thank you for sharing this beautiful stash :)
Hazel Q.

Sandra said...

oh Buddy, story of my life ... wish I could help ... you can head over to my place - we may have a bit more room - my daughter would cater to your every need - and you can help me sort out my room!
Thanks for the laugh!

Rufus said...

Buddy, I have to tell you that I laughed at your post today. Not that I don't think you've got a serious problem, I do! We can't have you getting conked in the head by falling craft goodies. However, I have to agree with the vast majority, you are fighting a loosing battle here. Esp when it come to Lord Timmie goodies! So, the best things for you to do are
1) demand treats for every craft box that shows up at the door
2) pick a protect spot in the cubby for your naps
3) and continue to do your best to clean out the "old"
4) Anne's idea has some real merit!
Meantime, sleep with one eye open so you'll be ready to doge flying crafty goodies!
Hugs and pets,

Lynn said...

Sorry Buddy I'm on your Mums side - it's not her fault that she has this addiction. Just think of it as any other illness and sympathise rather than complain 'cos she can't help it. If it would help I could take some of the stuff off your hands, for medical reasons, so that you don't have to deal with it all by yourself. I would definately prescribe sending some of her stash to me asap 'cos we need to act quickly.

Lynn x

ginny c said...

well agree with what has been said buddy, you are in a bit of spot, perhaps you could set up a bit of play acting with the postie and not let him deliver then mum would have to p.o to collect parcels, i would also try to stop her going to a certain shop in arlsford, and all the trips she talking about today seems as if it will result in some crafty stuff winging its way to cubbyhole hugs to you buddy and mum to

Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy, I can't believe you didn't get a morsel of the yummy steak pie. As for Kath's addiction to everything Holtzy we can put a stop to the buying affliction and bestow some well earned payback for not receiving a pie crumb! You will have to go on a strict diet of cabbage, beans, brussels sprouts and turnip, then take residence under the computer desk. She won't be able to go near the computer to order any more stash. x

HoneyB said...

Hi Buddy
I really think you;re fighting a lost cause here. You could try banning those jaunts to Simply Create. That might stop a bit of the spending but I'm sure she's be very grumpy as she loves the company and giggles out there as much as the crafty stuff...lol
Thanks for the chance to win though
Lyn x

Lorraine said...

Hi Buddy, maybe you should just give up and join in, get them paws inked up and make a card. You'll be hooked lol

Anesha said...

Hi Buddy, what a situation you have going on. Want to move over here? lol
I think the only way to stop your Mum is to have her move in with Tim Holtz!:0 Have a great day. Hugs Anesha

mckinkle said...

From Poppy dog:-

Aww Buddy you know your Mum loves you soooo much more than that TH guy, after all she spends nearly all of her waking hours with you yet she only gets to see this chap in the flesh maybe less than once a year! You sure are her Top Dog even though you may be feeling a little left out at the moment. I also know how you feel as my Mum would rather be cutting and gluing rather than stroking me and Honey bun. I just cant understand it either but I have to say, deeps down I do know she loves me loads as I am spoilt rotten!

I reckon you could pop on down the road and come and visit me and my young girl Honey? We could have so much fun but the thing is Buddy, I just know that you would miss your Mum soo much that your heart would hurt, yeah, THAT much.

So instead, hows about we scrape up a plan of action to keep them all happy? We could 'borrow' that TH guy and keep him tucked up near your CubbyHole just long enough so your Mum could get over her fascination with him? Im sure we would only need to borrow him for a short while - like maybe til next Summer?
What do you reckon?

Love from Poppy and Honey xx

Anonymous said...

Buddy, Buddy, you know I love you dearly but you're not exactly the smartest blond around town are you? Let me put it to you this way.... you have a wonderful mistress who loves all things paper and ink, in fact we can say she's addicted to it all, she has a crafty blog and lots of fellow crafters came and visit it.... and here you are asking all of us, who are equally addicted by the way!, for a cure for her! You're preaching to the choir my man! Sorry to be the one to point this out to you!


Kerryn said...

LOL Buddy! I can understand your problem as my mummy is a bit mad with her stash too. I really hate the postman coming near our house, but mummy gets excited when an envelope full of crafty goodies comes through the door.
My way of trying to stop it is to lay on her lap and rest my head on her arm so she has trouble typing, but i'm only a jack russell,and you look much bigger than me, so maybe that wouldn't work.

I suggest you find her purse and hide it under a bed, or chew up her bank card.

If that doesn't work i think you will just need to accept her addiction and just put more giveaways on here to get rid of some stuff ;-)

love of waggy tails and a smell of your bum, love Millie moo moos. (my mummy is Kerryn)

Lee said...

hello Buddy.Well as lots of other crafters have already said and they are right.There is no cure.Now would you rather see your mummy happy cus she loves craftin or miserable because of withdrawel symptons and worse.We all gotta put up with stuff we not appy wiv sometimes darlin.You think about it,all those fab walks you get and all that lovely food ( ok ok not the pie i know ) n warm sofa's to lie on.Need i say more.Hugs n kisses matey.Lee xxxxx

BethanyR said...

Well I coudl make a few suggestions but it may land you in the dog house or even worse yet on the street! When your Mum is not looking you could swipe one of those boxes the lovely goodies comes in and pack it until it burst at the seams and send it on it's way...or you could be wating at the door for that parcel man and chase him right back to his truck...you could resort back to your puppy days and start chewing your way though the mess, I mean stash...but all of those ideas would just get you on her bad side and then I'm sure no steak pie for you so my suggestion would just be to find the safest place you can, snuggle on down, keep that eye open, and when you are tripped over or waken in some other "rude" way just lift your head give her those sad eyes that say I LOVE you anyways....

Kim said...

I think you should bribe the postman/delivery man NOT to deliver these parcels to your house!
I know that means all that lovely stash going unopened -heres my solution: set up RAK's for your lovely blog followers!! Win: Win!


Hi Buddy - Looks like you are really struggling with all that crafty stuff about the house!! I hope you can still find your bones to try and take you mind of your mum's stash buying addiction!
Big Hugs Fi x

Debbie said...

Hi Buddy, I'm afraid when you've been bitten by the crafting bug there's no escape. We just have to spend and play some more, good luck though. Lovely craft stash again. Many Thanks for a chance to win it. Love Debbie Johns x

Daisychain said...

Hi Buddy

No cure I'm afraid! We crafters are all the same, totally addicted to buying new stash. The only thing you can do is give away more than is coming in and find a nice safe corner for your naps. I am more than willing to help you get rid of some of the stash, so fingers crossed.

Hugs christine x


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